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FF Deewani, Chapter 28, pg 145 DISABLED (Page 87)

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Chapter Twenty Three
Kiss Him Goodbye
Roops had accepted her proposal from Baji live on-air, and listeners all over Mumbai had called in to wish them congrats, most people couldn't get over the fact of how romantic his proposal had been, and loved his idea, Roops couldn't believe Baji had, ...well could be so romantic, it was beyond her imagination, and she'd found out Naku was in on it too, which is why she'd put the radio on at the right time, as Baji had already speeched her up.
It had been decided that Roops and Baji will get engaged two days after Dutta's wedding, and than she would continue her education, and within two years she would be married, but this meant that Baji and Roops could now openly go out with one another, and not feel like they were cheating the family.
Roops had begged Nakusha to dance on her engagement and said that she would never forget it for the rest of her life if she did, Naku had brushed her off by saying she will see, knowing she would find some excuse eventually.
Plans for the wedding were going on for Dutta's marriage with Supriya, who was now beginning to panick as the hours inched closer, she knew Kala Tai was helping her and Ravi runaway, why... she hadn't a clue, but did she care.... no she didn't, she'd written the letter as asked by Kala and had been prepared since than, she found it quite amusing that Naku had the hots for Dutta, and thought that he wouldn't even look at her twice, even if she'd been replaced forcefully, but that wasn't her concern.
The wedding day was literally above thier heads, and Naku was still shocked as to why it was still going ahead, why hadn't Kala Tai done something by now, she started feeling scared, but when she'd asked Kala, she simply replied to her that she spoken with Supriya and everything Naku had told was a nothing but a huge misunderstanding, and in fact Supriya was a very decent girl, and she'd just been scared of something that had happened that day, and Ravi was just comforting her, that was all, she said slyly, knowing Naku would have a hard time believing it but it didn't matter things would all be clear in few hours, thought Kalavathi.
 Ab tum bas ek achi dost ki tara apne Dutta ki shaadi keliye tayaar ho jao, she told Naku, who was very reluctant, but thought that maybe Kala Tai was right, she would never let her brother be betrayed by that witch.
The day Baji had proposed to Roops, seemed like a good day to Naku, but little did she know it would end up like sour wine.
When she'd walked into her room after a chaotic long day, her bed was full of lots of different colourful bangles, glass bangles, it was like someone had purchased a whole shop of them just for her, her smile had appeared without reasoning, and than Dutta had been standing in the far corner of his room very cooly with one foot up against the wall, and arms crossed which looked like he was waiting like she'd stood him up on date, which was never fixed, thought Nakusha.
Naku... he started, I could never believe that when I say this, I'll despise the very words coming from my mouth....
      At first Naku hadn't a clue on what he was on about, but than as he spoke things became clearer....
 ...but I guess you've served me and my family long enough and it's time you're free to go, once my wedding is over, feel free to leave anytime, he said sounding upset, but before you go I want you to know one thing Naku, that next to Baji you have been one of my best friends in a long time...and I appreciate every moment spent with you, and if there's ever anything that you need my help you with, consider me first Naku, promise me that, he said.
Naku eyes were teary, she couldn't seem to find her voice, it wasn't lost, it just didn't want to be found, all she could do was nod her head in assurance and agreement, hoping she didn't give away her obvious reason for her tears, Dutta knew she was emotional, well she was a girl for god's sake...there sentences start with tears and end with tears he thought, ...but this time her tears seemed like they meant something different something more deep, maybe it was her attachment she had with his family, for the first time even he had felt a slight tinge of remorse for losing her, but why he hadn't a clue, as he left her to her state he placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder and left.
Was this it was it over, before anything had started, as she stared at the bangles he gifted her, will it be only his memories that remind her of his love that was never meant to be, she thought as she sobbed without any sound, what hurt the most was that she could never have him, but had only at one point wished she could, as her tears fell on her lips.... she cried even harder, ...Saab I wish I could tell you....I wish you could know that how hard I've been fighting to let you go, some days I make it through, and some nights I don't, I wish I could believe that there would be day you'll be mine, but when I look back why can't I regret my love for you Saab, why do I know that if fate threw me in that fire again, I would happily burn all over again.
The day had arrived, Naku had had a weird feeling, about the whole day and couldn't wait for it to be over, Naku had worn the white dress that Roops had bought for her, and even in the dark make-up she looked absolutely beautiful, she had worn her hair half up and half down, and it looked as though she was wearing eyeliner inside her waterline, which made her blue eyes stand out like they were two big blobs of water stolen from the sea reflecting the sky's colour in them.
     Dutta had told Naku to take a picture with him when he saw her, he couldn't understand why she didn't pay attention to herself more often, she was in actual fact pretty, colour clearly didn't define beauty thought Dutta as he stared at her, not missing the bangles she wore from his gifted collection, she wore the green coloured ones again ,he thought, as he released a chuckle out loud, and said 'lets hope these ones last the day', he joked carefully touching them on her wrist noticing the few little scars that had almost fully healed now, as they both stared at each other it felt like there was a invisible bridge appearing before them....
someone once said that "love could cover the greatest distances and make them seem too small, and at the same time it could make the smallest distances seem far too great"....well I think that love is probably the only traveller to overcome these distances, which one begins as a novice and becomes an expert not by force but by will, will they never knew they had....
Naku, he said, I hope that I will see you again in my life, ...pata nahin kyun, par aisa lagta hai ke yeh ek toofaan se pehle ki khamoshi hai, I feel that today I'm making one of the most wrong decisions in my life....
      Saab....aap aisa mat socho, jo bhi hota hai ache keliye hota hai, she encouraged not believeing her own words for the first time, Bappa sab keliye kuch na kuch soch kar rakhte hai Saab, aaj bhi aapki zindagi mein yeh din zaroor likha hoga...
 ...yeah I know Naku, but the truth in the whole matter is I don't love her, and today it feels like something very wrong is happening Naku, but I'm failing to see what... he said finally telling someone his feelings.
 The wedding had begun, each and every moment making Naku more tense, as they waited for the Dulhan to come at the mandap, there was a long wait.....
At first nobody thought much of it, it was common for the girl to take her time, but than there was a murmur and gasp from Ayi Sahib, Naku had a gut feeling what she'd feared had come true, but than Kala Tai had said she sorted it out...
Shub mahurat beeta ja raha hai... said the pandit finally getting impatient, when Supriya's parents had cried that Supriya was no longer in her room, an outbreak of sudden gossip had begun amongst all the guests, when Dutta stood up in alarm holding his sehra up and looking through demanding answers, but than he knew couldn't be none other than Anna, thought Dutta quickly trying to find a solution, Dutta had ordered Baji straight away to serach every corner of every town, and he wanted results within the two hours, if anyone fails to speak, than you know what to do, order Dutta.
Naku was surprised at Dutta's anger, she'd seen him angry on the first day they met, but that anger had been nothing compared to what she saw cooking up inside of him today, it was like somebody had deliberately tampered with the lion because they were foolish not to know which boundaries they'd crossed.
Baji was on it straight away, they'd done a complete search of the whole area, they found nothing, Kala had informed Ravi and Supriya that Dutta hadn't a clue about anything yet.
But what Kala didn't know was Baji had his contacts in other towns, he'd sent his men all over neighbouring towns with pictures of Supriya, and had eventually found out that she was seen on a motorbike with man of small build, and by the help of those contacts had them held captive without further delay.
Baji had called Dutta and let him know that they'd found Supriya alive, and that the informants had told him that Ravi and her happened to be eloping, together, he finished.
When Kala and Sudarshan found this out, they started dripping sweat like pigs, Suds told Kala he will handle it, and told her to keep to the plan with Naku still active, and said Ravi will be finished before Bhau gets there.
Ravi and Supriya were tied up and thrown in the back of a tattered van, with their mouths taped, and fearing for their lives. Sudarshan had told Baji and Dutta that the route they were taking had been blocked by police patrol and they would be searched if they travelled down that route, and said that he knows someone who will be able to deliver them to Patil Wadi, without anymore delay.
Dutta and Baji had for the first time believed Suds, making it easier for him, Dutta and Baji had waited in Patil Wadi eagerly, Baji couldn't wait to kill Ravi, for once he wouldn't be stopped he thought angrily.
Sudarshan was given the go ahead to take the two hostages, as they were given permission by Baji, but before Ravi and Sups were freed Suds had killed Ravi by cracking his neck from behind in a sudden movement causing him to die within the same mintue, leaving a totally shocked and scared Supriya wimpering and shivering in fear, but Sudarshan weren't finished, he flashed all his teeth and smiled at her in a very evil manner, and than took off his shirt and and screwed it up and suffocated her to death, until she'd stopped breathing, rahe ga baans, na baje gi bansuri, he said, as he stuffed their dead bodies back into his car boot, and drove towards Dutta and Baji in Patil Wadi.
Upon seeing their dead bodies Dutta had fumed, but Suds told them that Ravi had managed to escape and he had no choice but to kill him in self defence, and as for Supriya he'd given her an easy death, and saved Dutta from getting his hands dirty over her, said Suds, knowing Dutta would be angry, but it would at least save his and Kala's necks from being slaughtered.
Baji had suspected Sudarshan, but didn't want to aggravate the situation further, so stayed quite, after some time Dutta had told Baji to rid of the bodies in a way where no suspicions were raised leading straight to them, and told him to hang Ravi's body from the bridge nearby, and slit Supriya's wrists and leave her body nearby Ravi's, as this would indicate that Ravi was Sups lover who had committed suicide 'cause his love was marrying someone else, and by the time Supriya had located him he'd hung himself, and therefore her madness had caused her to slit her wrists and join him in afterlife, ...a perfect alibi.
Dutta couldn't get over the betrayal, how could he be so fooled, but than he would never know what the real story was, thanks to Sudarshan who'd killed them without proper reason.
Sudarshan had texted Kala and told her to carry out 'plan b' as 'plan a' had been executed successfully, which she had begun already, by exposing the letter left by Supriya and had caused havoc before the boys reached home.
Dutta had finally come home, but much to his surprise Naku was being questioned and flung around, when Dutta had caught her and demanded to know what was going on.
After that one thing after the next had happened so fast, that Nakusha was still shocked that why Kala Tai had accused her of helping Ravi and Supriya escape.
     When Dutta had heard this fact he couldn't believe it, or rather he didn't want to believe it, but than her worst nightmare had come true, Kala had told Dutta that she was in love with him and that's why she filled Supriya's ears against Dutta so she could sit under a ghoonghat and get married to Dutta instead, whilst Supriya and Ravi legged it, look Bhau Supriya's wrote everything in this letter, which she addressed to Nakusha and thanking her for stopping her from marrying such a creature such as yourself, finsihed Kala Tai.
For the first time Dutta couldn't think straight, he couldn't take anymore, he'd left the scene and went into his room and drowned himself with a whole bottle of Whiskey, while remembering all events that occured with Naku, more than Supriya it had been Naku's betrayal that was suddenly bothering him, did she really love him, is that why she'd spoken to him with so much authority, what he'd mistaken for her friendship, before he knew it, he'd shattered his room and the whole setting of his room which had been set for his suhaag raat, by the time he'd finished breaking each and every last item in his room, he'd fired himself up so much with hatred, that without thinking he'd gone back down to where all the drama was still carrying on.
Within and instant, Dutta had held Naku at gunpoint and asked in the most chilling and fierce voice Naku had heard yet, .....aye Naku....kya yeh, sach hai, bol...main tere muh se suna chahata hoon, bOOLL ! He shouted making Naku jump, but not run, she stared straight back at him.
Tears weren't stranger to her, but being accused of betrayal was, she hadn't wanted this, and why would Supriya write a letter based on a lie, she hadn't a clue, but if Bappa had given her her chance of confessing her love to the man she loved, than she wasn't about to back out, as she held onto the front of the barrel in place on her forehead, she closed her eyes and confessed as the tears rolled down her cheeks, ...yeh sach hai ke main aap se pyar karti hai, lekin maine kisi ko koi dokha nahin diya, aapse kab pyar hogaya main yeh bhi nahin jaanti, bas itna jaanti hai ke sirf aap ko khush dekhna chahati ti, lekin Supriya Tai aise bhaag jaye gi mujhe nahin pata ta, she paused and opened her eyes, ......Saab maine Kala Tai ko bola ta....
...but before Naku could carry on, Kala had interfered by slapping Naku arond her face hard causing her to stumble from her feet....
Dutta felt the slap echo in his ears in pain, he felt anger towards Naku, she'd betrayed him because she wanted him to love her, she was dark skinned, and because he'd treated her normal like other girls, she'd gotten big dreams of aquiring him, all of a sudden it had made sense to him, when she found out about Ravi and Sups she used the whole situation to her advantage, and he remembered Kala Tai saying that Sups had mentioned in the letter that Nakusha would have taken her place as his bride, such a well thought plan thought Dutta, causing a sudden increase in his anger levels, and without thing twice he'd gulped a big amount of Whiskey from the bottle and grabbed Nakusha and dragged her towards the mandap and lit aggravated the fire with his spirit, and threated the pandit to recite the wedding matras, which he did without further delay. 
The fire that was burning before them had been clearly provoked by Dutta, who said that this fire lit by toxins considered unpure will resemble the base of this relationship which also began from unpure and disgusted thoughts, as he dragged her around the fire and vowed to do all the opposite of everything that was being recited. 
He'd used one his hefty chunky dog chains from his neck as a mangalsutra, and carelessly filled her maang with sindoor, smearing it all over her parting messily, like it were some kind of prank. 
Kala had been shocked. The idea was not let Dutta get married to Nakusha, but to kick her out and only shatter his trust in women full stop, but when anyone had tried to intervene Dutta had clearly been ready to shoot their guts out before everyone without further delay, so therefore no one dared to speak. 
He'd grabbed her hand in force and dragged her to his room, all the while she'd just stared on not knowing if what had just happened was all real.  When Dutta reached the top of the stairs he'd told his so called guests that the wedding was now over, and if they didn't mind he had his suhaag raat to entertain in the most disgusted and sarcastic tone, and put his hands together in front of his shocked audience above his head, and left with his now wife Mrs Nakusha Sriram Patil. 
When Naku had entered the room the state of the room was not even worth describing, there wasn't a single thing that remained in it's full form, eveything had been destroyed, Dutta had asked twice more to accept her crime, but Naku had kept saying what she'd said earlier, making Dutta even more angry, and grabbed a large photo frame to throw at her in fustration, but when she'd screamed and put her hand in front of her face to protect herself from the hurt, he felt his heart skip a beat, her cry pained in his ears, he remembered the day she'd done the same thing when the truck had come at her, and he couldn't bring himself to harm her, not at that moment anyway. 
He questioned her again and again, this time he'd grabbed her wrist trying to make her speak with the fear from his words, when she'd winced in pain once again, but than Dutta realised the blood seeping through his clenched fist on her wrist, her bangles had crushed to a thousand pieces but she'd held onto her pain, ...why he thought in more fustration, ...why wern't she screaming in agony, when he noticed her front of bravery he tried to shatter her, and squeezed harder piercing each and every glass shard deeper into her delicate wrists, she'd let out a faint grasp but stopped herself by pursing her lips together and letting her tears and tense shoulders do all the work, but Dutta couldn't bear to see her in pain, even after what she'd done, why did her cries bother him so much, when Seema had screamed in fear and pain he'd loved every bit of it, in fact he'd wanted to hear more, making him batter Govind even more just so he could hear her soul crying. 
But Nakusha's cries was making his soul shiver in pain, why..... he was hating every bit of torture he put her through, but he didn't stop, he wouldn't let her know how much she'd managed to hurt this man of stone, he would make her confess her crime no matter what. 
No one had spoken to Naku for days on end, Roops never believed that Naku could be part of any betrayal, but had to keep her distance from Naku not wanting to, Baji had a gut feeling something had been very wrong in the whole situation, but for the moment had to stick by Dutta, who needed his friend more than anyone, Baji had noticed that Dutta had taken this betrayal even harder than the one Seema had brought upon him. 
Naku had no choice but to go around her chores daily, as no one was allowed to talk to her, she had been going to the market regularly to get her peace of mind from the little bit of fresh air and talking with Kaka, he was the only one that had spoken to her these days. 
When Dutta was leaving he saw Naku getting on Kaka's rikshaw, and shouted from accross the road, ...Kaka, yeh kya kar rahe ho, humare ghar ke naukaro ko rikshay se jaane keliye paise nahin milte, he said sternly, making Naku embarassed before her Kaka, and with a brave smile, she told Kaka that it's okay Kaka you don't need to feel guilty I felt like walking anyway, ...main chali jayegi she said disguising her tears with a shivering smile, which ached to cry. 
Dutta had no idea what was going through her mind, she was so good at pretending, he thought, as he stared at her holding all her tears and pain back, whilst walking away without argument, he would have no idea of how many tears were falling for him each night, and neither would he know of the endless hours she'd wasted thinking that maybe...just maybe there had been a reason Bappa had got them married in such circumstances. 
The man she'd fallen in love with had been locked away somewhere deep down inside of him, and the man that had married her was a Dutta she felt she would never know, she knew that she would never have a chance to even kiss him goodbye. 
Okay I'm gonna officially class this chapter as a two in one lol, but hey guys b4 sayin ne ting, do consider the fact that this whole Ravi/Sups fiasco and Naku/Dutta wedding did take one whole month to complete lool, ...aur maine tho phir bhi ek update mein sab likh liya....TongueLOL
Anyway, now for d real fun to begin.... I'm lukin 4rd 2 writin d next parts lol, n dw they def won't b as long as dis...LOL
tc girls, n do press like

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tinky y wont they as long as this?!?!?!Disapprove

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lool dont u want sum tm 2urslf rather den readin such long updates, n i hope u do actually comment dis tym round lol, ne way will be bak online later, gotta go make d chaptti's lool n u still reading the bottom first lol !!!!!

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Very well writte n,and I want this fast phase to continue till dutta knows nakuu innocenceWink. once again enjoyed it reading and very well writtenClap

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Thanks for the pm dear...
I hv jus completed 5 chapters..... but cd not resist the Baaji's Love is in the air so read that first...
will catch up all chapters and come back asap....
Loved the initial chapters of how Naku meets D ... n was a bit surprised on the Supriya.. Dutta romance..

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Originally posted by tinkerbe11

lool dont u want sum tm 2urslf rather den readin such long updates, n i hope u do actually comment dis tym round lol, ne way will be bak online later, gotta go make d chaptti's lool n u still reading the bottom first lol !!!!!
lol i do but kya karu...wen ffs r soo gud...jus cant help it....LOL
yh i wil coment on dis n d last update soon....stil need 2 coment on jags ff ...das 4 3 chaps of 4 hers Ouch ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. CTRL+F5 reloads the whole page.
lmao wel wa can i do lol old habits die hard hehe
aww oki

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Tinkkkkk ur update made me cry... because it actually happened n he regretted it big tym :( he doesnt even know what he's doing..
But iove how he cnt bear to see her in pain.. But then he still hurts her..
Ohhh baaji the saviour.. I really hope he looks into this.. aww no1 talking to naku :( .. she must b so lonely n wth Dutta insulted her on the road infront of kaka .. yaar yeh admi hai ya gadha.. lol..
I really cant wait for the truth to come out... ahhh this is gna so interesting now.. well ofc it was interesting before but now i cnt wait for their interaction which will b hurtful n painful but i kno for sure u will nail it..
Awesome update tink.. Continue soon :)

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res :)


Tink !!! HugHug

GREAT update ... I loved it

thank you for the fast pace move in the story

I love how Ravi-Sups is over!! Dancing

and DN wedding ....I'm excited for the next part.......

aww and omg what dutta said at the end ....poor naku

I really want to see wat u have in store for them

please yaar....jaldi update karne  *begs Embarrassed

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