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FF Deewani, Chapter 28, pg 145 DISABLED (Page 21)

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 7:31am | IP Logged

nice update..... loved it, full of tasha.ewwww again supriya....... wanna see dutta's reaction to this, is he gonna agree for proposal?????????Dead........ oh naku she always surprises dutta that too good Clap .......and i agree each & evry word with her....... & yes i want roopa tai dead......sry but this is my opinion. so when dutta gonna realise that he is falling for her? when FR gonna happen? & i don't wanna see that sup..... plzzz do somthing to her. let dutta know  what she is? update soon 

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_Eternity_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 10:46am | IP Logged

lovely update and thanks for pm

kya explanation di Clap

i  think she will make dutta to accept the proposal of marryingwith supriya.
But i want dutta see fair nakku and fall in love with her  and chasing her LOL
though it is far away from current track as it seems he is in love with black nakku.

great post 
update soon

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mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 11:04am | IP Logged
hey sweetie i wud personaly go 4 option long as der is no KMH b/n tasha LS i dont mind  

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kiran255 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 12:54pm | IP Logged
Hey Tink !

A beautiful title to a very beuatiful update !
not just the fact it was just TASha tasha tasha 
make me happy deep inside but the beauty of their convo !

The way they are understanding each other !
the way she just untangles everything he has in mind !

one thing i really want to acknowledge 
the ancient story u coincide with the story ,
gives ur reader knowlege and Dutta a very good reason to think :P

it was indeed a very enjoyable update !
love their one on one with eachother !

and hayeeeeeee what the AS wants Dutta to maary that sups 
No wayyyyyyyyyyyyy !

well their was nothing not to like in ur update 
evry intersting and enjoyable !
u are making strong ground for Tasha to fall for eachother !
not just in romantic sense but also the sense when u start admiring some body !

very very nice !

you can we have option 3 :P

Naku meets her sister and then she dies 
sorry i am the person who dont like to let go !

jokes apart i will go with option B 
cuz i think in todays update 
we see how she loves and Trust Bappa 
and finding abt her sister death will give her alot of pain but we can see a new side of her whether she still trust her Bappa or not !

great update !

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 3:39pm | IP Logged
pls update soon

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tinkerbe11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 12:27pm | IP Logged
Chapter Eleven
Indecent Propsosal
Ab hum kya karenge said a scared Babi, agar woh Morey ko pata chal gaya ke Naku ko humne kidar chipaya hai, to sab anarth hojayga, she cried to Ganpat, ab to ussne apne aadmi bhi ghar aur basti ke charo taraf phehela diye hai, hum chaha kar bhi Naku ko khabar nahin kar sakte, kahin Naku ka phone na aajaye STD pe, kya pata ke Morey ke darr se kaun uski ghulami karne lage, she finished, as she looked at Sethji and began cursing him instead, and hitting him at the same time, yeh sab teri galati hai, agar tu bure kaamo mein na parta to aaj yeh din hume dekhne ko na milta, bari mushkil se maine apni bachi ko apni pichli zindagi se door kiya tha, aur ab yahan tune ek nayi mushkil paeda kardi...she taunted and carried on hitting a guilty looking Sethji, who in defense replied, mereko kya pata tha ke tune Tai ke chehre pe kaala rang lagaya tha, mujhe bhi to tabhi pata chala tha na jab uss Morey ne woh paani ki pipe lagaye thi hum pe, agar mere ko pata hota to mein Tai ki pehle madat nahin karta kya, he shouted and motioned his hand as though he were ten years older than his age, and indirectly blaming Babi for Naku's plight today. 
      Kya Malmal Morey Saab, aapse ek ladki nahin dhoondi jaati kya, woh log tereko chaska de kar apni beti ko bhaga diya, aur tu kuch nahin kar saka.....joked Chasker, maine suna tha ke police logo ke haath bohut lambe hote hai, lekin yahan to kuch aur hi dekne ko mil raha hai, he mocked further.  It's not like that answered Morey, what do you think I am a fool, I have given them the time of two months to arrange for five lakhs in cash, he smirked, now you tell me someone who hasn't even seen five thousand rupees in a lump sum, you honestly think they can arrange for five lakhs he went on praising himself of his cleverness, they can hide her for as long as they wish, because if I know better....which I do, that girl will not wait for me to torture her family, which is under my constant watch, so don't worry by the sixth month from now you will have her be escorted by yourself to Dubai, but not before I claim her first, Morey silently bargained with himself. 
     Ever since Morey had seen Nakusha ji, that day when her brother was caught stealing from a car garage, they had fallen into a small mud swamp and in order to indentify them, he ordered water to be showered on them with excessive pressure from the pipe lying nearby, and that was when he first lay eyes on the breathtaking beauty.  He had since than made numerous visits to their home, and eventually asked for her hand in marriage by some force of blackmail to which they had no choice but to give in, but than all of a sudden somehow that Babi had found out what his intentions were as regards to selling Nakusha to Dubai, where he would recieve high profit, it was usually that the girls would be delivered to Kamthipura, but in some cases of rarity that when the girls were considered to be beyond beautiful, they were saved and hidden from the eyes of others in the human trafficking business to supply them further to sheiks of Dubai, who would keep them as prized possessions, as an addition to their trophy wives.  So Morey's plan was to marry Nakusha ji, and keep her as his wife in the eyes of others lurking out there, and as the pretence of a honeymoon he would sell her after his own needs with her were satisfied, this was not normal usually, but than Morey had taken an obsessive liking in the girl.  But on the wedding day Babi refused to marry her off to him, and he simply told them he was fine with there decision leaving all the basti members shocked...but on a bargain for five lakhs in cash two months prior to their wedding date, as he knew they will not be able to comply with his deal, and if they did he'd only be five lakhs better off, and after two months have her exported anyway.  He liked to see people suffer at his hands, he liked to use the power his uniform gave him and the fear the weak would show in the form of respect, and by setting up this little alliance it just made his journey better and more fun to go along with, it gave him some kind of thrill on seeing people suffer at his hands. 
The next morning Naku and Roop had finished their Pooja at the same time whilst having little naps in between, and setting the alarm on Roop's phone to wake them up for the next edition, the house once again began to awake, and the girls were now asking for their wishes in front of Lord Shiv.  Hai Bhagwaan Baji ko mera banado....please she asked desperately but silently, while Naku asked what she's asked for everyday, that please let her find her Roopa Tai, she begged silently. 
     They had eventually offered food to some beggars nearby and broken their fast, when Roop had asked Naku, why is that girls always pray to Shiv ji for a good husband, is that what you asked for to, she asked her curiously, when Naku replied, no that is not the case, the truth is that one day Mata Parvati, Lord Shiva's consort asked him what was his favourite day, and he'd replied that it was the Shivaratri ritual that pleased him the most, and Mata Parvati had quickly spread this word to her friends and than that his is how word travelled and the world began to follow this tradition, but the reason which is most popular is that Shiv ji is the most perfect and ideal husband in every way, and this is what every girl dreams of, and therefore turn to this fast to find a husband like Lord Shiva, whilst the married keep this vrat to idolize a family just like his, but the actual fact in the matter is that while he has a temper that can destroy one within seconds, he is at the same time as soft as cotton candy which is where his name derives from 'Bholenath' who is quickly pleased, and Shivaratri being his favourite day will please him the most, and therefore whatever it is you ask for he will be sure to grant it, providing you have asked it with a pure heart and mind, she finished. 
Aye Sahib had convinced Dutta that he was to marry who ever she put her finger on, she'd given her final decision to a much reluctant Dutta, who even refused to acknowledge the existence of the word marriage, but than gave in saying I will not object to your orders Aye Sahib, for I cannot love anyone regardless, so it is you that must stay happy with your chosen Bahu, than so be it, as I will have nothing do with any such girl, he said without looking at the picture Aye Sahib tried to bring to his interest.  He couldn't allow himself to bring such dedication to any girl in his life, they were one night stands, or small love affairs, but never can he commit himself to one girl for he didn't have that kind of love in him to give, he thought as he left to meet with Baji outside, who was waiting for him in the car. 
Kalavathi, mera saamaan pack kardiya hai kya? questioned Kishore, kyun mujhe aur koi kaam nahin hai kya, she said as she were popping her large earings through her earlobes, and looked to her reflection to see their approval on her face.  He had become tired of her attitude that were growing more and more rude by the day, thank god Anay was at boarding school, had he stayed with his mother.....only the Lord above would know he would've turned out, he thought shaking his head in disapproval. 
Kishore was leaving to go to do some banking for Dutta, which he never revealed to anyone except for Baji, this is how it were to always remain, Dutta's dirty money would always be escrowed into Zurich via Kishore's contacts who would never take a direct flight there, it was very important to keep this information concealed, as no one could ever prove how much money Dutta really had, and how he was keeping the officials off his back, no one really suspected Kishore to be linked to Dutta's finances in such a big way, except of course Kalvathi, she was always more interested in the financial part of the business and often but her nose into Kishore's files, which he'd tried his level best to keep away from, but was difficult due her excessivley beyond nosy nature. 
     Kalvathi had wanted to launch her own fashion line which she had spoken to Dutta about in the past, but he simply told her that her dreams were far to eye catching and attention seeking in the eyes of the feds, who were always keeping a constants watch on him, and Kalvathi didn't want to begin on a small scale, she'd wanted to start out big...too big, which could become dangerous for Dutta, pending in legal enquiries and declaring taxes on large sums of money which he had no accounts for.  But Kala being Kala didn't want to take her brother's advice, she didn't care to understand that such practical things came with alot of legalised paperwork and contracts, he told her to start out small and expand her business slowly, as her fashion brand will become more famous and recognised and therfore it will seem as though she had an income of high earnings in a very natural and successful way, and than she could go on to import the highest quality fabrics such as pure high end silks produced in China, and animal skins which caused riots and problems in signing models who were very costly not to mention the majority that were anti fur campaigners which meant more media and public attention, but Kalvathi didn't care of such things, all she knew was she wanted to be part of the the lastest trends and fashion industry designers, she was always flicking through the high end glossy pages of the fashion magazines, observing them and thinking that she were already in the league of the luxury branded trade, she dreamed of being one of the most best and renouned international designer's and she certainly had no interest in starting small, she wanted to take the market by storm, and didn't care of the surroundings when she did so. 
Ravi had gone down in the third round, of the lightweight boxing match, which made Baji want to beat him up while he was still unconscious, and all the while made Dutta laugh at his stupidity, I mean you could see this guy was no fighter Baji, why did you put him there, he questioned, now you have to give back all the money promised to people who'd betted on this fool Ravi said Dutta still finding the situation funny, our people knew he were suppose to be going down in the seventh round, and that's why they placed their money on him he said pointing a loose finger at the agonised and purple eyed Ravi, who was now waking up to feel all pain hit him, when suddenly Baji grabbed him to attack him 'cause according to Baji he was conscious now which made it okay to hit him now, and Dutta stopped him saying leave the guy alone now for god's sake Baji, he said calmly, it's not his fault you didn't tell him that this is supposed to be a setup, the poor guy thought he was fighting for real, amused Dutta while holding a frustrated Baji back, who was now trying very hard not to knock Ravi back out.  Bhau I thought that the guy would be able to at least make it to the seventh round, if the first boxer hadn't been drink driving he woudn't be hospitalized, and I wouldn't have to get this idiot in his place, shouted Baji, I knew he would go down eventually because he was unexperienced but I didn't know he would make a fool of us and go down in the bloody third round, he said and quickly kicked Ravi in the ribs making him wince out in even more pain, when Dutta had let go of him thinking he were making his way out, and than when Dutta and the bodyguards quickly made their way to Baji to stop him from beating the little life that Ravi had in him, Baji had put his hands up like he were under arrest and said fine...fine I won't touch him, and everyone relaxed and moved away, when Baji managed to kick Ravi again in the same spot and quickly left, saying to himself yeah that's how it hurts when you go down as*h*le, he said giving orders to one of the gurds to give the money back to everyone who placed their bets on that useless Ravi. 
Main usse shaadi nahin karungi, argued Supriya with her parents, who'd told her that she'd defamed them enough now and how all their relatives saw how she were all over Dutta Bhau, and rumours had started spreading of how she slept around, she told them how she loved Ravi, and how they used Dutta to get there own fame, but when her parents had found out they didn't want to get on the bad side of Dutta, as they had heard how he killed people cold heartedly if he found out they'd betrayed him, and told Supriya that she'd better marry him as they've told Aye Sahib that they were happy with the proposal, and Aye Sahib had somehow already managed to convince her son. 
Baji was furious and shocked when Dutta had told him how he'd met with Chasker yesterday, on the way home.  Dutta explained to Baji how the whole diamond thing was a setup to lure Dutta into a trap, he'd told him do you think that Chakser would come unprotected to meet me while he was in possession of such big diamond, I mean come on, I could have flicked my fingers on his forehead like killing fly and knocked him out, joked Dutta, but than began seriously again and said, but the truth is there isn't a diamond as such, I got curious the second when Chasker spoke of the Cocaine loads to come in on our turf, because he knew that only our stuff is cleared by the customs with such ease, and told me how he wanted it to be delivered to his given location under my protection for the haulage on the roads of Ratnagiri but than what shocked me was he being a tapori and a middle man he had the nerve to go behind Anna's back and try to strike a deal with me and not only that he'd offered me the bigger part of the profits from the drug money, he finished.  Anna...said Baji, where does he fit in, he questioned looking puzzled. Yes..Anna said Dutta, you don't honestly think that Chasker could get hold of such high amounts of Cocaine by himself, he knew that the deal he'd mentioned had been offered to me before, and he knew I would find out Anna was behind it, so he thought I would eventually kill Anna and he would strike the deal from inside while Anna is alive, he let Anna think that he is working for him, but the second he dies Chasker would overtake Anna's empire, or he thought that if Anna was to kill me, than he would take over my lands, but what that fool doesn't realise is Anna is using him, and couldn't care less if he dies. 
Sudarshan was getting more and more jealous by the day, he had been trying for over seven years now to become Dutta's right hand man, but Dutta never gave him any worth.  Sudarshan was beginning to get eager, he couldn't understand how it was that Dutta was controlling his finances, he had a simple accounts where it clearly showed that he was a taxpayer and raw material exporter, he owned vineyards up North India where they grew various grape varieties which were blended with a cheap wine that was produced in the masses joint with the Maharaja of Jodhpur and exported it internationally, which is why Dutta's links were so reliable as he had legitamized businesses as well as his illegal activities, although the profits were ridiculously high from his wine business, that was only a small amount of what he'd earned, Sudarshan knew he had money stashed away in cash if only he could prove or find out where his kept his money or what he did with it before he turned into white cash by letting it enter the financial system legally, Sudarshan could use that against him to get Dutta charged with money laundering, and than while Dutta was in prison he could take over his empire.  But how could he find out, the only people that could tell him were Baji who would kill anyone within a heartbeat before letting them say even a word against Dutta, Kishore who loved Dutta too much to give any information about him, and the only other person left would be Dutta himself, so the chances were pretty slim.
Sudarshan knew that Dutta had found out about him adding extra costs on the armed materials he were bringing in for their workers, and he'd also knew that Dutta was beginning to dislike him more and more day by day, so he had to find a way of getting rid of him without Dutta knowing that he had anything to do with the situation, as Kishore had given Suds a warning given from Dutta that he'd better stop lending money to his people and giving them ridiculous interest rates that they wern't able to pay, basically the cunning Sudarshan was acting as a loanshark without Dutta's permission, and because Sudarshan knew they would come to Dutta for the money and he will eventually pay out, he would get all the profits from Dutta's pocket indirectly by putting excessive pressure on the borrowers by getting his men to use the act of violence to pay up quicker. 
When Baji had told Dutta that the girl Aye Sahib was talking of was none other than Supriya, Dutta was shocked but than eventually told Baji that if Supriya was ready to marry him than he didn't really care, 'cause no girl would want to marry me anyway knowing my nature, but than if she can keep Aye Sahib happy, than it dosen't matter to me, when Baji tried to explain to him that she is a degraded girl, he simply replied that tell me the last time you came accross a girl that isn't as cheap as Supriya, he argued, if not today Supriya, than tomorrow another girl will come with the same nature, at least I know about her already and so there wouldn't be any surpises in store for me, and besides I don't care marriage means nothing to me, Supriya knows that I will never commit myself to her, so she won't be in for any surprises when she finds out that I won't give her the place of my better half in my life. 
Okay so now you have everyone's side of the story, and what it is that everyone is after, in the either of the next two updates I think I'll be able to fit Dutta's past in.  It's abit confusing I know, 'cause I read through it quickly and lost half of it so had to type in haste, so if I've made any mistakes, forgive meD'ohEmbarrassed, I got really tired lol, it will get better after this.Big smile
I know there's no tasha in this update, but I had to get everyone's story in so you know their roles in the ff, and so that you know they're not just sitting around in my ff lol, the only one I am abit confused with is Leelavathi, not sure of her character yet but she will definately be on Kala's side but I don't think I can give her any importance lol, sorryEmbarrassed
er actually Mishez the scene you told with the piano is gonna happen, that's what things are following upto eventually.  And Kiran guess unknowingly just guessed what is gonna happen with Roopa Tai lol, you'll find out soon though, but not too soon.
And Yuvi, yeah Dutta will be angry with her FR....but, and trust me that's a big but, he won't have much of chance to express his anger lol, so let's see what you can make of that, and very nice speech in your comment btw, very true.Clap
So most of you have chosen Roopa Tai to die, which changes how Naku's FR happens, and personally I think it's better this way, and thank you for your opinionsThumbs Up
Thank you to everyone who like the last update, I really did think you guys might've not liked that chapter lol, but am glad you did, so thank you again for all your lovely comments.Big smile
Do press like if you liked this update. Wink

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Amazing post dear....really nice....a very long partClapClap

just missed little bit timeWink
upload asap....
Me firstDancing me firstDancing

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Reserved :)
haha baaji was on the roll..LOL love how he was beating Ravi up..!! Kill that "$%^&AngryLOL
ShockedSupriyaaaaaaaaa?Cry Nahiiin!
Well the kind of girl that Dutta was talking bout.. I know someone like thatEmbarrassed -- NakushaWink
Im glad Sups didnt agree as well but her parents forced herAngryOuch
Great updateeee Embarrassed Thanks for the PMBig smile

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