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|~I've Got You~| Ka$h OS

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 7:20am | IP Logged

I've got you ' KaSh

Enchanting wasn't even a word that could pronounce, though those weren't even the words that a man could have sat and described the most promising the woman of his life. Manner wasn't something that came, but announced its way naturally, but was there any way he could have watched and bewitched about the woman in front of him.

The lights felt dim, though nothing was going to stop the world. The dark skies outside didn't do anything to the atmosphere inside, everything was just the way it was planned. His eyes tenderly moved to the creature in front of him, but kept it closed to her, to watch her presence awaken the room. Then casually but nevertheless slowly, he moved his eyes to take in her figure.

There she stood just a couple of feats away from him, dressed the most devilish outfit that he had witnessed. The lady was going to take his to hell. But the smile on his face didn't vanish, it kept increasing within minutes, he closed his eyes, and then opened them again, making sure that whatever he was witnessing was a sheer truth and nothing surreal. The crook smile wandered on his face, as he watched her walk towards him. Her knee length blue dress flew slightly in the air.

Her dress, blue, compelling her body softly around on another. The tight cleavage holding onto her perfectly, wondering her deepness in defining. Her eyes lowered on the ground, though the green emeralds stood out like angels from heaven, the deep eyeliner countering her eyes and then the lashes clothes around another as she took a step forwards, nearing closer towards him. Her fingers rolled over each other, as her heels clicked together, while the blue dress dazzled softly from one length side to another, making the whole room shine with the glittering shines. She looked up from underneath her eyes, and the moment she caught his eyes staring st her, she quickly pardoned her eyes back down onto the floor, until she reached right in front of him.

"Shona, my angel" he murmured softly, while her words were caught in her breath.

Shilpa, she softly looked up to see her love standing in front of her. Standing in a black pair of jeans and a beautiful blue half buttoned shirt, while the edges left hanging on the side of his of his pockets. Shilpa smiled, as she saw his nervous self, she took a deep breath and took his hand into hers.

"Hey" she whispered softly, as he looked up and pulled her closer towards him. "I missed you" her head draped around his heart.

Karan looked at his love who had softly taken over his heart; he looked around and was happy at what he reached out to be.

"Not as much as I missed you jaan" Karan muttered, as he placed his arms around her. His gentle touch sending light shivers through her, as she curled herself closer towards him. "These 3 days without you-" he heaved. "- it was like I was living on earth without any life" Karan mumbled, as he buried his head into her hair, taking in the sweet scent of freesia.

Shilpa smiled in his chest, as she looked up from the top of her eyes. She licked her lips attentively, like it was a sign of agreement. But that didn't stop there, she watched how his eyes had slipped away from her eyes to her lips, she watched how his lips had started to quiver with need, the same need that was rising through her for the past 3 days.

She shook her head, and gently pulled away from his embrace, though never leaving his sight. "So we are having our dinner here?" she smirked.

Karan rolled his eyes, but then he himself knew that her words were true. He looked around at their set, yes they were actually going to have their date in the middle of their sets. Karan smiled though, as he looked around to see the simple decoration done, but there was something else.

"No Shona, my angel" He shook his head, and took Shilpa's hand and started to walk out. "Come on" he whispered, as he took her hand and walked out of their sets, he looked back the white and red decoration that was planted in their sets. But there was something else waiting for them.

Shilpa stared at Karan, but then just smiled just for him. She slowly walked down their sets, as through a small cannel, the dark skies were wondering off. The clouds moved swiftly, letting a little of the moon to show, though the most was hidden. She slowly looked around and recognised the surrounding; it was the set of their basketball court. She looked confused at Karan, but said nothing, as he just grinned at her and stopped.

"What?" Shilpa asked, as she looked around to nothing but just a garden, she knew that the basketball court was just around the corner, but why was he stopping her.

Shilpa looked even more confused when Karan dipped into his back pocket and pulled out a blue ribbon. "Tie" he said, but then walked around her and pushed her long her to one side.

Karan came in shock with her beautiful back, he slowly dipped his head down and kissed the little of her back, but seeing her shudder under his lips was mesmerising. He took the ribbon and bounded it around her eyes; he then walked in front of her. Karan smirked as he watched her biting her lip, he knew that she wanted to say something but made no sign of movement. He gently pulled his hands around her and picked her in his arms. A little sound of surprise escaped her lips, but then she kept her hand on her mouth.

"Do you know how beautiful you look tonight?" Karan uttered, as he placed a kiss above her hand covering her mouth. "That's going to be my place to night" he whispered, as Shilpa smirked.

Suddenly Shilpa was put down; she turned to see where they were. Her eyes came in stunned with the surrounding, she looked at the once was a basketball court, but now covered with white and blue satin covered cloth, which covered each place. The net the of the basketball court, was covered with blue roses and blue butterflies, she turned her eyes up and saw how all the blue and white cloth pieces were put together in the middle, her eyes then wondering underneath it, she saw the one piece table. Sitting right in the middle of the basketball court, it was covered with a blue and white cloth, just like every other place in the room, but in the middle stood a beautiful blue candle, and beside it was a beautiful blue rose, centring it all.

Shilpa gulped and looked in awe at Karan. "I- i mean how?" her words couldn't even content the excitement and wonder in her stomach.

Karan looked at his love beside him; he slowly took her hand into his and whispered. "Don't question it Shona my angel, just enjoy the moment" he started to walk up the steps, and into the beautiful arena. Then within a sudden movement, violins started to play up.

Shilpa giggled and saw the iPod being played from the side of the court; she smiled and pulled their link hands to her lips, placing a peck on his hand. She slowly leaned into his ear and shuddered. "Thank You"

 "Anything for you" he whispered placing a kiss on the side of her shoulder, as they both started to walk towards the middle of the court. "For the young lady" he said taking the chair out for Shilpa, who just giggled and sat down.

"Wine" Karan asked, feeling unsure.

Shilpa nodded. "It's a good way to get a girl into bed, get her to drink" she laughed while Karan just smirked at her quirky behaviour.

He put the glass down beside her and leaned closer to her ear. "Darling, I don't need to get you drunk to get you into bed, because just so you know, that's where you'll be lending up tonight anyway" he placed a kiss on the hallow of her ear. "Beneath me, writhing in pleasure" he slowly took her lobe into his lips and swirled it in his tongue. "It's a promise baby"

When he slowly moved away from her, Karan saw the short breaths spitting out of Shilpa's lips, her chest heaving treasurelly, her eyes rolling back into her eyes, his words hitting her every cell.

"Karan" she sighed. "You shouldn't have said that" she opened her eyes to see a grinning face right in front of her. "You're going to pay for this mister"

Karan just smirked wider, at his wildcat in front of him. He slowly took a sip of his drink, as he watched her do the same. The moment her lips captured the sweet droplet, she was driving his mad, and she knew it.

"Tempting, Mr Grover?" she taunted it untruly. "I thought it was you who was driving me up my walls, but this happens to be a different case"

Karan shook his head, as he watched her lick the droplet from the side of her lip, then curving the entire bottom lip into the mouth. He watched as she bit her lips seductively, just testing his patience.

"Ms Anand, if you want to get through the dinner in one piece, i recommend you stop doing that" Karan demanded softly, as his eyes couldn't move the entire time.

Shilpa curved her hand around her neck and pulled herself closer, leaning into the table. "Am i succeeding Mr Grover?" she purred his name out.

"Defiantly not getting through dinner" Karan mumbled to himself more than anyone else there. "Come on; let's get this over and done with, so i can have my way with you"

Shilpa shuddered at his words, as he opened the dishes in front of her. She smiled as she took her respective food, but then watched as he did nothing.

"Feed me" he whispered, and those were the only words need.


Shilpa rolled her fingers through the strands of Karan's hair; she smiled softly at the gentle figure sleeping on her lap. She slowly lifted her hand and gently touched his face, her fingers lingering on his closed eyes, she adding soft pleasure in just messaging them. Slowly she felt his gently lips kiss her on the palm, she moved her fingers away to come in stunned with the beautiful eyes boring back into hers.

"Why is it, when i look into your eyes i find myself in a complete different place? Is it normal? How shona? The feelings that i can never say out loud, it's just phenomenal" his words caught in his throat,

No response could come out of Shilpa's mouth, she just stared at her lover, her eyes filled with admiration, her lips quivered in the slightest, though her every sense lived within him.

"Can I say I love you?" Shilpa said whispering softly, as she saw his eyes shift from her lips to her eyes.

Karan smirked and moved his palm upwards to reach and pulled her neck down, so that her breaths were just a few paces away from this. "I rather you show me"

            Shilpa leaned down and pressed her palm tightly on his cheek, as she leaned over and pressed her soft lips above hers, making light gentle kisses, but it seemed it wasn't enough for Karan. His touched became more passionate, more daring, as he flicked his tongue on her lips, begging for entrance ever so kindly. And as Shilpa moaned against those small flicks her mouth opened to his, and Karan took the advantage and kissed her thoroughly. His lips pressuring her own lips, tasting ever delicious inch of her lips, as his tongue touched her own, fire oozed through her body. Shilpa felt as if she was going to loose herself, but smiled as she kissed her way towards him. His hands gliding from her neck to her arms, to her stomach, making gentle patterns, yet taking in ever inch of her body her scent and her love

Shilpa felt his lips leave her, as she pulled back, her back hitting the cage nets. She looked down at the smirking figure, who looked at her with those passionate eyes and those sexy lips, as if he was begging for more, the need for her attention.

"You are everything I wished for and more" Karan whispered, as he kissed her fingertips, with slow motions and got a whimper out of Shilpa.

"I would say 'forever' but it sounds so clich" Shilpa giggled as Karan moved from her lap, and sat beside her.

He tugged onto Shilpa's waist and pulled her on top of him, so she was sitting with her back to his front, as she leaned into his musky scent. "No need for the word 'Forever', because I know my love for you is everlasting"

Shilpa smiled and curled herself into his lap, as she felt him kiss her on the top of her head. Yes their love will last, not for Forever, but for the eternity beyond that.


 Comment, Critise, But do give me your reviews.

Luv Swancy


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me first
Swance,hot yaar n sweet at the same time,i totally loved it
u need to write more like thisEmbarrassed

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swanz beautifully written 
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aww speechless!!
totally rockingThumbs Up
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heyyy dear,
nice OS

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amazng ff dea..
luvd it
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God swanz u dramebaaz lol nw hw dare u write criticize in da end u so so knw criticizm is so nt inda pictre evn any1 dumbheded persn wudnt criticize evn and u so knw it ok nw cuming bak to the os

gosh swanz swanz swanz yayyy god u wrote an os gosh am i dreaming
uf today is surely 1 of da mst roking days ov my life swancy wrote an os gosh
cn i say i read it like 100 times wait gosh i so tnk i lost da count evn
babes aw i so luv u luv u luv u 4 ds. god ths was beyond amazing wel i had alredy told u ur going to b a legndry writr nd i cn so c my cuming generations readng ur stories and texts in their literature nd im going 2 proudly say shez swanz my frend though no1s believng lol
i so cnt wait 4 ur kash buk
god ths was beautiful and mre beautiful and uf uve crosd it al gosh it was so sweet nd sweet ur evry word rang like sweet musc in my earz, gosh ths was hel beautiful and wow amazngly amazngly writen swanz
god i so luvd kash nw i cnt wait 4 mre gosh strt wrtng mre um so waitng
haye u drove me mad nw
luv uuu

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