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Who deserves to be called Baby's Papa?

nanditasingh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 12:04am | IP Logged
Who deserves to be called Baby's Papa?

A Storm has brewed again, not a promo , not any respective actors personal life but a article at the official site of this show that has some off us unhappy, angry & disgusted.

As for me  all the three and added to it i'm shocked too.

Shocked at the line of thought -
"Maan will realize that Geet has forgiven Dev. Dev's care for his unborn baby will touch Maan's heart, and he will stop suspecting Dev. Later, Maan will feel that he can never take Dev's place in Geet's life, as Dev is the actual father of Geet's child."
- quoted from the article.

link  -

Why if you ask me then we will have to relive the journey, that is an year old to be yet again in few words.

Maan walks into the life of a 18 year old girl Geet, when she was  all lost to the world & in need of a savior. He comes to her aid knowingly  - unknowingly & also ends up doing a great favor to her, make her realize the need to fight her own battle & not look for a savior in others.

Fight she did, she demanded her family to have Dev,  punished for having cheated -  looted her.

Dev, the man who had married her to whom she had surrender  her innocence in trust only to be left crying and pleading at the airport where he deserted her having taken away everything from her, everything. 

Yet  for long her  trust in her parents choice , in him had  not crumbled  & she had made every possible attempt to reach him fearing his well being instead.

Only to meet disappointment when the truth dawns on to her as Maan, who shows her the truth , the reason why the man she believed to be her husband had married her in the first place. Her property that he had anonymously had sold of to the highest bidder & to Geet's good luck it was Maan.

Her fight for wanting justice lands her to be locked up in the store & threatened coz to her family their name in society counted more than her dignity, her life , than her.

In such dark circumstances she is made aware of the new life breathing in her womb that she refuses to kill for their false honor  & her revolt earns her a death sentence from the hands of her brother & again a savior in Maan.

Maan a stranger who saves her from her own family & gives her a new life.

When you push something too hard it hits back to you harder; here a stronger Geet , a single mother now stands up & decides to get all of them punished who have wronged her, to begin with her family.She drops their name that was her surname as they had done to her very existence.

She ventures into a new city to make a new life for herself & her Baby.

Maan meets her again this time as his employee trying to fit into a new life, alone. From her Boss, her well wisher he soon turns into a man who loves her to death.

One who welcomes her into his home, life & heart along with her Baby.

Yes, he accepts her motherhood that the rest of the world had her tormented about, he gives her all the respect that a mother to be deserves, all the care & joy.

He gladly takes upon the responsibility of fatherhood   to her unborn Baby first even before he makes her his wife.  

The trust  & love they share does not even break with the bitter truth that the man who had left Geet at the door of hell is none other than her Maan's younger brother.

The moment he learns of the truth , true to his principles Maan breaks his ties with Dev & gets him behind the bars.

 Dadi's state of health , Dev's plea for forgiveness nor fear of society nothing stops him from seeking justice for Geet.  But his efforts fail only to learn later that NT, Dev's wife his partner in crime has him bailed out , though Dev still cried wanting punishment for his heinous sin & walks out of their life as a mark of his redemption.

With Dev having left, NT punished for her own deeds Maan & Geet finally get together in sacred bond of matrimony.

Maan brings home his bride, mother of his to be born child , both whom he holds above his own self, his life.

With happiness back into their life so comes the gloom, the dark shadow of Geet's past as Dev enters their life again & Maan in attempt to save Geet the torment of seeing the man who had cost her - her life , Maan himself lands up in hospital   & Geet is left by fate at the mercy of Dev whose blood could  bring her Maan back to her.  

Unconscious in hospital bed Maan fights for life & unknown to him Geet has to go on her knees infront of her sinner for the man she loves above everything, a man who has given her new life & is her life to her.

Dev helps her but asks her not to mention it to Maan. Though he says that but soon beaten up as stray dog lands up at their door & Dadi refuses to let go of him till he is back on his feet fit & fine.

To Maan's dismay Geet too gives in to Dadi's pleadings.
Having lost her family & everything dear to her cause of Dev she fears that Maan too will end up losing his only family, his Dadi in his attempt to save Geet from the torture of having to see Dev at their house.

Maan is angry at his helplessness as all his attempts to keep Geet happy & far from the shadow of her past seems to fail , he is sad at seeing Geet's portrayal of immunity towards Dev's presence that has him nauseated.

And Geet, she is angry at her destiny that now has her at its odds end by having kept the truth hidden from Maan of Dev being the blood donor.

Truth & trust being the foundation to their love she knows she cannot keep the truth from Maan. She also knows  the truth will shatter his whole being , he already hates himself to have Dev as his own kin. Yet she knows she owes him the truth as truth to Maan is most important as is trust.

Thats all for the story we got to see till now....

Having been witness to all this should I not be Shocked!

Maan who hates himself for the fact that a sinner like Dev is his brother;

Maan who voiced his hatred at now being a Khurana that he had earlier always felt pride of coz this name binds him to Dev;

 Maan who pleaded Geet to walk away from his life in fear that he will remind her of her dark past, of Dev;

Maan who did not think twice to get Dev punished for his evil deeds;

 Maan who did not flinch to learn that his brother was left without food & shelter;

Maan who has been witness & one in Geet's every battle that could have cost her life or make her lose her Baby;

 Maan who has looked upon her as a epitome of purity when rest of the world questioned it;

 Maan who cried in joy holding her hand at seeing the glimpse of the Baby for the first time;

Maan who has promised her that to him their Baby & she always come first than any of his own needs, joy, peace or life;

Maan who takes pride in the fatherhood that Geet gifted him  the right to ......

this man  - Maan

Can this Maan really forgive Dev for what he has done to Geet just coz he gave him blood & saved his life ?

 Dev  whom Geet has clearly not & never can forgive , but now is only grateful for coming to Maan's help. Can a man like Maan forgive him & think of him as the true father of the Baby, can he?

Baby whose existence has never mattered to Dev, Baby who has had no place even in his thoughts forget in his life or heart does it deserve a father like Dev?

Dev being the biological father only enough to earn him that right or claim to be called as that child's Papa?

Most importantly -

After all that she went through & still is suffering should Geet be shown forgiving the man who ruined her life, robbed her of her innocence ????????

Can Maan really be made, should be made to forgive Dev given all this  above & much more ????????

Is this what justice is all about to the crime, the Sin Dev committed ?????????

Answer to me is & will remain No ...Never.

(long ..i know but so has been the journey & emotions it has filled us with - so glad that you read  - thank you)


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shahiameera Groupbie

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 12:10am | IP Logged
i agree with u completelySmile

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craziekudi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 12:23am | IP Logged
nandu.. awesome post!!!!..
first where dd u find that article... taht is scary.. will maan leave geet and go!!!!!...
ur article was awesome... i think maan deserves to be baby papa... what postion does dev have in geet's heart...
i dont think he has any place in geet's heart... geet had loved only one person.. maan rt....
and dev has done something for which he shouldnt been forgiven!!!!
but due to his daadi.. he may forgive dev!!!!!!! and will that place an issue on maan geet's life....
i have no idea....
and who is this new guy!!!.. obv looked like aadi!! but how can he be aadi.. maan kjust met aadi and went to his room suddenly the phonr came in!!...

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 12:26am | IP Logged
What more can I say other than -- I agree?
Honestly, if there are new CVs coming in, should they not do their homework before making such drastic decisions and changes into a character? Maan Singh Khurana was the kind of man who would never ever dream of forgiving such a heinous crime .. let alone forgive the one who did all this to his Geet.
To think that he will feel he can never take Dev's place is so out of character .. as he should not be shown remorsing over a fact that is never going to be true. Geet and Maan have both claimed that this is their baby. Dev never had feelings for it, nor will he ever. And wasn't it Maan who had to sometimes bring Geet to saying our baby instead of mine. Was it not Maan who was hurt at Geet's mistake of claiming the baby solely as hers? How could they then show this same Maan feeling so detached from his baby .. enough to think that Dev is the rightful father?
To hell with biology in this matter because after all the events in Geet's life you just mentioned here .. you would fail to think that the baby should ever belong to Dev .. as if it ever did. It makes it harder day by day to believe that Dev is the real father .. which he wasn't, isn't, and never will be!
Hope the new CVs really think this through .. because this would be so out of character for Maan!
Great Post Nandu!

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minnie_tweetie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 12:29am | IP Logged
completely agreed di!
Maan maan maan,
nd ur ryt geet has not forgven dev, its jst that he has savd maan's lyf!
Thanks for sharing!

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Infinitedreams IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 12:30am | IP Logged
Without reading your post, i am telling you only Maan is baby's Papa, only Maan deserves this title, this place....Since first day Baby only saw Maan around him/herself, around his/her mommy.....Maan was the one who gave the life to both mom and the baby, where as Dev left the girl after use her, hadn't even thought once about her that how she was gone through....

I am telling you seriously even for once if CV's thought to show that Dev has any feeling for baby, or want Geet and baby in his life, i will kick him......

Rest comment will update later after reading your post....


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smrite IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 12:37am | IP Logged
Ofcourse only maan deserves.maans insecurity is natural.he is not doubting geets love but her sudden comfort with dev is confusing him.hope cvz don't ruin their relation n throw this dev.geet should understand maans situation also in here.

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miss_bennet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 12:40am | IP Logged
It is maan and only maan... What dev did cannot be forgiven and he has no right to be called the father of the baby..

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