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#4 ARSH FF- A HOPE TO BE LOVED PART 54 updated (Page 53)

-Ms.Muffin- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 2:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by

you plan to make me cry?
but tht part was truly beautiful..really feel bad for shilpa...she has to go through so much...first her so-called "family" used to torture when she got a bit of happiness..its gone! :( bhai yeh amnesia kab tak rahega? i hope tht sameer doesnt bring him on the wrong path :|
yeah ArSh will live alone now, mayb a new love will blossom :D


Nikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :P

Lol i dont predict amnesia.. hhahhaha

Thank U Embarrassed

-Ms.Muffin- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 2:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by imshveta

Sorry for commenting late
You know its always difficult when people you love go far away from you, not just physically but emotionally too.
But i think whenever Armaan will remember everything he will make up for all that Shilpa is going through. I trust him on that one.

heyyyyy Shveta

Its ok dear...

Thank U Embarrassed
-Ms.Muffin- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 3:33pm | IP Logged
I know this sad track is hurtful... Sooo am gonna try end it as soon as possible :) Story will progress more now...

PART 46 :

Days passed away like this in the tension... Armaan had fully changed into his old behavior... Irresponsible, day and night partying with friends... He wanted his best to avoid Shilpa... Everyday Sameer brainwashed him speaking about his family... How they have betrayed him.. And this added more fuel into the fire.. Still there was something holding him back.. Eventhough he acted mad with his parents he couldnt be like that with her... He tried his hard but he found difficult to be rude seeing the innocence look of her.. His heart always betrayed him in this.. soo for the best he decided to stay away from her and the house...
On the other hand Shilpa became more determined after that day... She was determined not to loose her love for him... No matter how much he was away from her she knew she will always love him.. And wait for him... She decided out of his way.. But in her heart she was hurt seeing his behavior changed.. Seeing the circumstances Shilpa decided not to let Ariya meet him.. She kept Ariya in her rooom.. Eventhough Armaan got a glimpse of her She didint let Ariya meet him... Whenever Armaan saw Ariya he felt like he was seeing Young Shilpa... She was soo similar to her.. the same nature... Seeing her made him more curious.. And that made him wish to meet her...

Shilpa walks into her room and notice Ariya playing with her doll... With a smile she walks up to her..
Shilpa : Aru...  Do you like your new doll...
Ariya : ( Smiles ) Yes di... Diiiiiiiiiii.. I want water..
Shilpa : OK you wait here... I will get some water for you...
As Shilpa leaves Ariya takes up the opportunity and run out of the room... As she keeps running she bumps to Armaan...
Ariya :( with a scared look ) I am sorry.. Sorry...
Armaan bends down to her level and look at her carefully.. Yes she did resemble to Shilpa a lot... And she was beautiful just like.....  Armaan gets surprised on his thoughts... Avoiding them he looks at Ariya..
Armaan : Ohh dont be sorry..  But why are are you running...
Ariya : ( sweetly ) Shilpa didi always keep me inside the room... Soo i came out secretly...
Armaan : ( Smiles ) Aww... Btw am Armaan.... You are Ariya right...
Ariya : ( In a low voice ) I know you are Armaan baiyya.. But why did you forget me..
Armaan looked at the innocent girl infront of him.. He had no answer for her.. He himself wondered why did this happen... Heck he wanted to know what happened in his life in this year.... Ariya again tugs him..
Ariya : We love you soo much... Didi loves you a lot.. Why did you forget her.. Is she bad...
Armaan stared at her.. He had no words... But listening to her made a feeling come up in his heart..
Armaan : ( Hesitantly ) I donno what to say Ariya.. I am....
Armaan stops his talk as he sees Shilpa come towards them.. Shilpa looks at him nervously... Slowly she takes Ariya's hand...
Shilpa : Aru.. Lets go back to room...
Ariya : But di... I am bored....
Shilpa : No Aru.. lets go back to room pls.....
Armaan : Its ok.. let her stay out...
Shilpa looks up at him sadly...
Shilpa : She talks a lot.. You will get irritated... Lets go Aru i will put Cartoon for u...
Shilpa hastily walks away from Armaan who stood staring at her.. He didint know why but he felt bad hearing her words...  Still he brush off the thoughts and walk out of the house in hurry...

Billy's room :

Billy keeps walking from one side to other lost in his thoughts... He hated to see Shilpa in such  a bad condition.. And he knew its high time he do something for her.... Ananya walks in and notice him tensed...
Ananya : Billy what happen.. You look worried...
Billy : ( signs ) Yes i am... I am worried to see Shilpa's condition.. Armaan is going out of limit now...
Ananya : ( Sadly ) I know.. Even i am sad... I just donno what to do...
Billy keeps thinking for a while... then he comes up with a idea...
Billy : I have an idea... why dont we leave them both here...
Ananya : But billy...
Billy : Listen to me fully Ananya.... I guess that would be best.. lets go abroad for some time... They should be given time alone...
Ananya : Billy i guess you are right.... Why dont u call him...
Billy nods and take his phone...
Billy : Hello Armaan.. Where are you...
Armaan : Dad.. Wait i cant here you.. let me get out...
Billy waits for sometime and try to control his temper.. After several minutes Armaan speaks...
Armaan : What is it Dad...
Billy  : Are you again Partying.. I am not liking this behavior of u...
Armaan : Dad plss.... why did u call...
Billy : I just want to tell you that Me and Ananya are leaving for abroad for sometime.. Soo i want u to be regularly in home.. And you have join office...
Armaan : Dad noo wayyy... And office... I am not joining...
Billy : Yes you will.. Otherwise if you disobey me i will throw you out of the house..
Armaan : ( Stunned ) Dad.. Tell me you are joking...
Billy : No i am pretty serious.. And i mean my words... U better take them seriously... We will be leaving in today's evening flight... I hope you want dissapoint me...
Before Armaan could speak a word Billy cuts the call...

At night :

Armaan walks into the house lazily... He notice Shilpa who stood in the kitchen buxy in some chores... Slowly yet hesitantly he walks up to the kitchen... Shilpa notice Armaan.. Instantly she starts to feel nervous.. She now felt scared being close to him... She felt scared of getting hurt... In order to avoid him Shilpa starts to do her works in a fast pace... Armaan looks away from her and walk up to the refrigerator to get some water.... After some minutes of silence Armaan speaks....
Armaan : Mom and Dad... Has they left... ?
Shilpa :( In a low voice ) yes... They left two hours ago...
Armaan notice Shilpa avoiding him... He understood it... Still everything was soo confusing and awkward between them.. And now Ananya and Billy also left them alone together.. He wondered how he will get along with her... Shilpa felt her nervousness rise with each moment.. Hastily she aims to walk out of the kitchen ... But she bumps into Armaan who had the same intentions... She loose her balance but Armaan firms his grip on her waist... Shilpa gasp feeling soo close to him.. She felt all the old memories coming back in her mind.... The love she had for him was coming back again.. Armaan looked at her stunned... Surprisingly he felt the touch very comfortable.. He liked it... And being soo close to her made his heart beat rise.. he wondered what was happening to him.. There was something about her which was attracting him towards her.... Shilpa feeling her breath hitch as she feels his hot breath on her face... For a moment She close her eyes not able to look at him... Armaan's gaze drop down to her trembling lips.... For some unknown reason he felt a feeling rise in his heart.. To kiss her.... Stunned by his thoughts he quickly release her... This brings back Shilpa to the world and she stares at him in the same manner... Armaan quickly starts to walk away when he hears her voice...
Shilpa : ( Softly ) I have made dinner for you.. Plss eat something and go...
Armaan : No.. I dont want to eat...
As he starts to move Shilpa again stops him...
Shilpa : You shouldnt sleep without food...
Armaan : ( rudely ) Didint you hear me.. I dont want to eat.. Just stop eating my brain...
Shilpa looked at him scared at his outburst.. Still without saying a word she walks up to the table and starts to take away the food.... Armaan calms himself... He knew he was rude.. He looked back at Shilpa who stood silently without saying a word... Regretfully he walks back to her...
Armaan : No need to take them away.. I will eat.....
Shilpa : But u said...
Armaan : Put up the plate for me... Sooon
Shilpa nods her head and turns to go kitchen when Armaan again calls her...
Armaan : Shilpa.... I am sorry for my behavior... I will try not to repeat them.. Sorry for being rude....
He walks away leaving behind Shilpa who smiled.. Deep down her heart she still saw a hope... She knew he still had some feeling towards her...

Din chadhe Mujhe pooche Nazar
Kaun tha sapno mein raat bhar
Appka hi tha asar
Abb aap hi ho hum safar
Mohabbat Aapse
Aaquidat aapse

Mohabbat Aapse
Aaquidat aapse

Sharbati nazaron mein aap hai
Makhamali palkon ke paas hain
Aap to ehsaas hain
Aab khoob hai aur khaas hai
Mohabbat Aapse
Aaquidat aapse

Mohabbat Aapse
Aaquidat aapse

Kahin na kahin yeh dil jab aata hain
Ghadi do ghadi to tab samjhata hai
Dilon ka dilon se bhi kuch nata hai
Yeh dil dohrata hain

Mohabbat Aapse
Aaquidat aapse

Mohabbat Aapse
Aaquidat aapse

Dil ruba kehta hai aapko
Dil khuda kehta hai aapko
Har dafa yeh aapko
Kehta wafa hai aaapko
Mohabbat Aapse
Aaquidat aapse

Mohabbat Aapse
Aaquidat aapse

Note : hey guys... Plss do comment and give me your views.. will try to update more sooner now.. love u....Embarrassed

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Reserved Dancing

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Di after a LONG time!! Haiii Shilpa's determination is amazing!! I just hope ArSh are back soon!!

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yay ariya-armaan meet up .. and  her words did bothered him ....aww armaan felt she is like young shilpa so cute Embarrassed BTW hate that sameer Ouch LOL wish armaan gets his memory back soon.... and billy is such a nice father in law ....hope his idea worksTongue.......arsh alone in home Embarrassed.......can't wait for their more encounters now...Big smile  nice part...

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i hope shilpha determination get bach her old Armaan......nice part

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awesome update
loved it
loved armaan and ariya scene
hope armaans starts 2 remember soon
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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