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Daya's VM Center: MR VM *new* || Pg. 68 (Aug.18) (Page 29)

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 4:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rainurubal

oh oh very good and rocking vm
that means now my requestHug

Originally posted by rainurubal

awsem vm diiClap
loved it
so naturally...

chotiii haha thanks

glad u loved it

haha yes urs is the one am working on but to be honest ...have been a bit lazy i have it on pause...u noe i just want it  to be good i am taking my dont be surprised if it takes a while LOL

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 4:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Hamlet53

oooh DAYA  kya vm off !  offf! thanks hammie Embarrassed
ohhh misss Mishal so much! yup so do i ...and making this vm ...boy I was a sad girl drooling over the hotness of the man whose diff expressions kill !LOL daya what shots what expressions  gosh what have we lost!! word...i noe he is one of a kind... mishal never to be forgotton!NEVER Big smile always will remain in our dreams na ...and thoughts Embarrassed
he is sooo unbelievably  raw and ripe yet ready to be bitten into mouthwateringly!!!ok i couldnt have said it any better myself... well said ClapLOL

makes me sad what we are missing, gosh the expressions no where in the shots are they the same...that is his uniqueness he can do any expression and convey the mood sooo clearly they all tell a different story...thats what is our Mishal/Dutta ! I always fancied the lion side of him more than the gadha...! lion side of him is just HOT hehe how can u not fancy that side of him Tongue
thankyou   sweet heart for the VM xxx hammie's heart is going  At 100mph!
no thank you for reading them...haha as was mine making it
I needed to remind myself to breathe LOL

Originally posted by Hamlet53

kya boloon mein daya Cry  Clap    at loss of words it totally understandable LOL...all those countless expressions do come to Mishal natrually itz like this song was written for him lol   that's the thing!  he was an actor ,but his acting was so within his character that we never knew when we forgot the difference between real an unreal! True say yaar...completely agree he lived the character as if it were truly him...that he even managed to confuse us LOL
Thanks for the pm I , needed it otherwise It would have been over looked... no problem :) i figured i would pm those who saw the first one...heheh and loved it  ...Embarrassedyes brilliantly edited.thank you thank you EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..the last bit his looks oh do take my breath away..oh yes the ending thoses shots i had my jaws dropped ...eyes fixed on his every facial feature LOL ...i was drowning in him doin this vm seriously . gosh what a lucky man Mishal is to have sooo many souls pining for his acting and looks!i know...if only he came to see how much these fans miss him May God bless him for bringing happiness to countless.amen to that :).. xxx thankyou Daya for doing your expert bit of giving happiness to Forum FriendsHeart... no problem...if i can bring a smile to a sad face am more than happy to do it :) thanks you sooo much for the wonderful words  with much love hammie

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 4:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by *dewdrop~pearl*

Hey Dhayani...a really "hot" VM on Dutta Wink! The song suits his persona perfectly! Very well done, keep it up Clap!

aparna thanks for comments...haha yes if MR is in it has to be hot na ...we cant have it any other way... thanks again Big smile

Originally posted by starrry13

Hey Dhayani!!!Smile Firstly am really v.v.sorryOuch for being so late to ur thread.I didnt get time to visit the forum.Watched ur vms loved MR vm a loEmbarrassedt.Though both vms are beautifully made, but MR vm is soooDay DreamingGreat job!!!ClapClap will be back soon with my vm requests.Wink

Starryyy hi...omg been soo long *big hugs* hope u are well hun...
aww thanks glad u like the VMs and of course MR's VM if he is in it every1 must like na ...
hehe requests? lol sure why not...altho i was planning on stopping my VM making on TaSha ...i was making my last VM which has just turned into second and I guess if u too will be third last LOL

come around soon ...has been quite a while ..

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
so am here to comment on both ur comments LOL here we go ;)

Originally posted by prncz

That is an awesome VM Daya ,,.. truly enjoyed MR naturallythank you Embarrassed
wht a wonderful gift for Azy ,, starting with her DP and ending with her DP LOL
 lol yup MR all the way...
cant tel you how much i loved it ...
seems that everyone is at loss for words after watching him LOLLOL
no need to explain why Embarrassed
have watched it so many times Day Dreaming
hehe now now dont forgot about jiju ha
@hammie  fully agree with you heart rate also went 100 mph Embarrassed
Thansk for sharingno problemo Wink

Originally posted by prncz

RBig smile Edited yes and I am all happy to see this 'editied' word LOL
Awesome Daya , Thanks ,, for compeleting the VM ,,azy will be all dancing like mad,,,.me too ,,
haha yes i only completed it as u and azy were literally begging me in ccc LOL and u guys were literally begging lol
1 can never get enf of MR such mein and MR and dutta was a deadly combination
i noe ...u can watch that face for eternity na Embarrassed
too explosive .. no wonder all of us are still waitign to hear sme news abt him ,
hopefully he will be back on screen soon ...i hope soo at least
cme day in and out to hear abt him, to dicuss abt him
to tell him we all love you and are with you
of course...if only he could see how much we LOVE him
i mean some talk about running with  him wen they are already married...*loooks at viji...azy...raj * LOL
Raj thanks for commenting EmbarrassedBig smile

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 4:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by suhana19

Hey Dear DayaHug Hi Suhana !!! Hug
Omg what a wonderful Vm indeed and a beautiful gift to AzyWink...Hug
thank you thank you *takes bow* LOLEmbarrassed
Starting with DSP and ended with DSPDay DreamingLoved it core Heart...
Mishal Raheja have to love it TongueLOL
Definetly going in my favsThumbs UpClap  aww thank u glad u liked it soo much and i left a comment on YT as well hehe yup i saw thanks for that too Embarrassed...U rocked this Vm lol thanks again me have nothing else to sayEmbarrassedLOL ..."sigh miss him so much Cry...oh here we go...YES i MISS him SOOO much tooo Can"t wait to see him back on screen just waiting for that day...
well hoping to see more Day Dreaming...keep it up ...
yes now i have two more to do ...and then am done Big smile
Love and hugs love you tons * big hugs* ...thanks for ur comments truly love them

@i agree with hammie and raj heart is racing toDay Dreaming

hehe and me here am ready to have a heart attack making these VMs LOL

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 4:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kiran255

Dayyyaaa ! Kiraaannn ! lol we talked on FB already but lets do it again LOL ...lets talk about what this man does to you ...LOL

i want to curse you so bad :P
arrey he has such negative influence on u ...ur cursing me Tongue

you have just make me gagaaa over him !
i have not done anything...itz all him !LOLWink

i am feeling likea khatia admi ,

my teetsh out :P
eyes fixed on him and my mind is wandering all the wrong intentions :P

you are correct u have kept this post very underrated LOL wrong intentions eh ...hmmm

omg Daya ,
omg kiran ...what? lol

im breathless ,
same here

im feeling pagal
yup mee tooo

i want to die :P
hun thats already happened to me...making this vm ufff LOL

it was sheer pleasure and ys it does come to him nturally :P
right...that song was written for him Embarrassedlol

omg Daya

im so dead :)
joining me i see LOL

i so want to *** my Dutta !
Shocked u want to WHat LOL ...yes this is post is soo underrated dear kiran thank u for keeping it like that LOLLOLLOL
oh shit i want MISHAL RAHAEJAAA :(
doesnt everyone Embarrassed

i so want him
hmmm send hitman to find him for u EmbarrassedLOL
dayaaa this is driving me crazyyy :P
yup i know...our FB convo said it all ..hope u had the bestest ...
underrated dreams last night LOLTongue
thanks for commenting glad u loved point u have lost sanity LOL

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 4:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by AzMishy

N so sorry for coming here late :(
Will check it 1st thing go on my PC:)

My PC...!!!! I wants to kill some one now! errr 

OMG'.. Daya''!!!! U did a full song'..ShockedShockedLOL Congartulations'..!!!TongueTongue

LMAO that is something to recognize...i never do long songs...and i did only for request Embarrassed

Thank u thank u sooo much!!Embarrassed *muwwwahhh*!!!!Hug

 hehe anything for you Embarrassed

I don't know how to thank u '.. good no need to Tongue me sooo speechless haha MR is causing everyone to lose words voice...sanity everything LOL and cant say more too cos my mind and head is full of MR right now!!!TongueTongue i dont blame u ...mine also filled with him and only him LOL

Oh I miss HIM sooo much '.Ouch

oh me tooOuchCry sooo much ...and making this VM i was so drowned in him LOL

This he is  tooo hot to handle'.Blushing.


Kiki u r so right, only a fan wont do..Confused I will have to jet off to Antarctica to get this heat off!!Tongue lol i guess the AC she suggested did not work either...ok no prob chalo ...i will accompany u EmbarrassedWell if I go with MR of course then Maldives will be drown the next day'BlushingBlushingLOLLOL haila ...jiju jiju where are you LOLLOL

 The scenes r sooo good n I love that phone throwing scene tooo'Embarrassed hayeee hayeee omg when i saw it i was like i need to stick it in this video somewhere...uff he was looking so dashin and hot in that Blushing

Wish u had put some rain scene tooo 'BlushingBlushing[these days its all over my head'Tongue]rain scenes was there any with him?? lol i dunno

Smoke would have come inspite of wet whether'.Tongue

lmao true say...haha fire burning passed the water LOL no water can put out this fire ehh

But I loveee this n defo this is too gona go on to my BB!!!Wink

 haye haye i can already see jiju gettin jealous and calling u more pagal lol

Now this song is 24/7 on my head, obviously with all the scenes too on my head!! Blushing

aww of course he is always in our heads and night

"u takes my breeeathhh awaaayyy''''.!!!BlushingBlushing'

 Everything comes Naturally!! How true na'.Day Dreaming

No doubt this song is just suits MR to the T!!! ClapClap 

 Me going to go pagal today'. ConfusedLOLoh how i can so imagine jiju calling u that now LOL

Ohhh''.. what have u done to me Daya''''OuchLOL.[but I'm lovin it'Wink] kya re...u  asked ...i did ...and now MR having this affect on u LOL

i hope u will come up with another HOT VM with MR[Dutta] only..TongueTongue
yeah i dont think just gonna finish off the last two and am done for a while :P
Thank u sooo much  for the full versionHug
no prob my sweet loving azy ...this much i can do na
now me gonna watch this for the whole day...BlushingBlushingBlushing

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Posted: 12 June 2011 at 4:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chithoo

oooh dayaaa... dutaaa dead again...Embarrassed
simply loved the VM...and seeing so much of D just blew my mind and am now truly BREATHLESSBlushing...LOVELY JOB CHAMPThumbs UpClapStar
big hug to u and azy for making this happenHug
oohhh my spark...vijiii Hug come come...been waiting for u Embarrassed hehe ...aww glad u loved the VM...of course Mishal was in it na ...hhaha leaving everyone speechless...over the edge...breathless...lmao...that is wat he does... yes yes...azy and raj na begging me shamelessly at ccc ...LOLi swear they would've fallen at my feet if i stood before them LOLLOL

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