Random Musings: February 28, 2011

BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged
Welcome to the Random Musings thread!

Please jump in with  your views on the 
episode or the characters by posting analysis, poems,Riddles, vm's siggies, OS's or anything else you feel like!

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Some simple rules: 

1. Follow the IF code of conduct 
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3. First page will typically be for analysis, poems or anything about the reserve if you want to do that!
4. If you don't want to analyze, you can still reserve your space for your views 
5. Have fun LOL

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 October 2005
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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged
Hola folks,

Some quick thoughts on today:

Vidya & Gaurav's Bedroom

Episode started with Vidya overhearing Gaurav talking to his love. But yet again, Imli's interjection followed by Taara's shouting disrupted any hope of this track progressing today.  D'oh

Guest Bedroom

Taara's tantrum over Uttara offering her food brought everybody running in to the guest bedroom. In an attempt to calm Tara, Devyani had Brahma lead Uttara away. When she started to ask Priya to bring some food, Vidya jumped in and offered to do so while Priya then left to watch over Uttara. Ughhh....I guess now Vidya is going to be shown jumping in to do work in an attempt to create a place for herself in the Jhaakar family...Ermm.

As Brahma lead Uttara away, he consoled her and reassured her of his unflinching support. Despite how creepy he sounded just prior to noticing Priya, the conversation for most part seemed genuine...especially the line about Uttara giving him all her pain and sadness. Priya too reacted to everybody viewing SasurPig as an impeccably good person...not out of any suspicion over Brahma's intentions towards Uttara.


Unable to keep quiet, Priya confronted Brahma as he left Uttara's room and vowed to reveal the truth about his true character to everybody soon. Before SasurPig could react, Aditya interrupted them to thank Brahma for saving Uttara. When Priya expressed her point of view that they should have gone to the police with the truth, Aditya revealed the reality of Uttara and Rishabh's marriage.  This was a well done conversation but the premise it was based on did not make sense to me. When and why did Devyani share what happened with Aditya? Given how Brahma and her were trying to keep Uttara's actions hidden, this makes no sense at all. Stern Smile Also...why was Aditya shown leaving at the end of that conversation...too filmy for my tastes...D'oh

Aditya & Priya's Bedroom

While Brahma pondered on what Priya had threatened to do, she ruminated on what she had just heard about Uttara's life. Conceding that her thoughts were fundamentally right, Aditya pointed out they needed to take care of their family and more importantly fix the issues between Uttara and Taara. Aditya then proceeded to ask Priya about what she had meant to share at their Valentine's Day date. Noticing Brahma outside their bedroom, Priya asked Aditya if he trusted and loved her and when he answered in the affirmative, she promised to share everything soon. I enjoyed this sequence...even if it was a tad bit filmy in its execution.

Overall: Decent episode.
I will go with a 3 for it. I loved the acting in the Brahma - Uttara

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lonelyshadow IF-Sizzlerz

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Bharosa hai mujhpe? khud se zyada.. Pyaar kerte hu mujhse?sabse zydaa

My cents for today:
Gaurav-vidya: Mr. G is talking on phone again with the secret precious girlfriend, and here comes vidya right time today, wonder how she was unnoticed by him, he always see her from back, from far away, from showerLOL She over hears their little convo, which is a good sign for us, the track is moving ahead. Hope to see their scenes without imli, but she can't stop interruptingAngry  Gaurav is all set to eat his dinner and here is new dramaLOL the tor phor of glass.
Tara-uttara-brahma: As usual uttara is trying to make tara eat but she breaks the empty platesLOL What is with so much attitude of tara hunh? she just lost her father! Is she supposed to be like that after her most beloved one's death? Confused Fine that she hates uttara and so on, but why so much of attitude with those eye roles and facesConfused Anyway, uttara is taken outside by brahma, awesome expressions and dialogue delivery by kamyaClap the way she express and repeats again and again that tara needs food and all. Then uttara is with brahma in front of mirror, where uttara speaks her heart out, as how she believed that tara is her only reason to live, guys don't beat me. but i have to say that i like brahma in THIS scene only(i hate him otherwise) But the way he supports uttara is really commendable, we'll get to see his real intentions after ward's thoughOuch The hug was sick, giving me night mares of how and what will brahma do to our poor uttaraDead Priya came at the right time and brahma(his face was worth watchingLOL)
Priya-brahma-aditya: Priya threatening brahma again that she'll the truth soon and a bad look given by brahma and he was about to say something bad, but here comes the Savior, praising and thanking his dad for whatever he did for uttara(uggghhhhhAngry) Priya realizes how brahma has again become a hero in everyone's eyes! Then brahma goes away. Priya and aditya talk about the incident and here comes the clashes between their thoughtsDisapprove Then adi tells her what was uttara going through in that house with that creep, priya is still giving some confused expressions.
Dev-brahma: usually people have a study room, never heard that people drink in study rooms tooLOL The most boring scene of today.
Adi-priya room: Adi asks her what she was about to tell him the other day, she tries to ignore and twist the answer, but he asks again and she was saying something else(i guess) but she saw brahma coming and standing outside(creep!! who listens to a husband-wife convo like this? it could have been something else too, NO??LOL) Then she tells him that she will tell it on the right time, and she asked whether he trusted her, good reply by my jaanClap Then she asks that he loves her, awesome reply by him againClap (In your face brahma). Glad to see the little smile on adi's face after a long timeHeartDay Dreaming, love the sarcastic smile by priya.
Precap: not very interesting, But eager to see what brahma will do! Hope he gets stuck in his own game! And rather then wasting anytime thinking how to tell the truth about brahma to everyone, priya should start collecting some proof to make herself clear and believable. Otherwise, the future is so predicted.

Overall the episode was 3.5/5 for me. It was a average episode with the following on of the scenes. I guess it was necessary for the episode, they are not making things run, which is good! On the other side I love that they don't drag things much, except for V-G track, but that's moving on too.Star

P.S: jaya i'll open the thread tomorrow, but i have some net issues here so if i don't please back up for me. Thanks.Hug

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have-a-dream IF-Dazzler

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Heya frnds
Nice epi Star
-d epi began wid gaurav chit-chatin in phone wid his belovd 1,vidya cmes up by d tym n s quietly listning,sudnly imli arrives n asks vidya why she's standing dere,gaurav ends up d call,imli asks gaurav 2 eat d food alng wid vidya n goes away,gaurav ws ready 2 eat wn sudnly hears voice of tara,both gaurav n vidya goes to tara's rum where dey find tat tara has thrown d plate n s nt ready to eat ny thng n doesn't evn want to see uttara's face.uttara s in tears vn devyani asks her to leave frm dere..ssp took uttara 2 nother rum,priya says 2 devyani tat she will go wid uttara,devyani s insisting tara to eat smthng,bt tara s unwiling 2 hv nythng n wants 2 go back 2 d hostel.
-uttara s vry sad n says 2 ssp tat her daugt dnt evn want 2 c her face,n dis much haterd s jst coz she has snd her 2 d hostel,wt wil hapen wn she'l cum 2 knw bout rishab's death..she says wts d use of hr living,ssp consols her n says she shud jst thnk of tara nthng else evrythng wil b ok by d passage of tym he is always wid her,meanwhile ssp sees priya, stoping d convo he leavs saying priya to make uttara eat smthng,priya also leavs saying uttara tat she'll bring smthng 4 hr 2 eat.
-priya stops ssp n says him "u've got nothr chance 2 b'cum hero in frnt of d fam,bt soon i'll reveal ur true face",meanwhile aadi cums n starts thankin ssp 4 saving uttara,ssp says tat he'll nt let nythng hapen 2 his fam members n goes away.
-priya says to aadi tat since uttara hs dun evrythn in self offence so dis shud've been told 2 d police,it wud've been rgt thng dun,aadi tells priya about inhumanity dun by rishab 2wards uttara n says,its better 2 save 1 innocent rather dn punishng 10 guitys,priya trns into tears aftr hearing uttaras story.
-ssp s memrising priya's wrds vn devyani asks him 2 cum 2 sleep,ssp snd hr saying he'll cum,priya n aadi r in dere rum aadi asks priya wt she wntd 2 tell him on valentine ngt,ssp ws ariving thru dere rum n stops 2 listn dere talks,priya sees ssp n speaking 2 aadi,indirectly warns ssp,sayin tat vn d rgt tym wil cum she'll tell each n evrythng.FINISH
overall nice epi,gud act by all lvd watchn it.

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damon_biteme Goldie

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My take on today's episode
G&V scene- So the indications are their track will soon progress how soon we will keep guessing.  V evesdroping on  G's telephonic convo was indicating V's suspicion is just getting stronger so the truth will be unvieled soon. CV's we are waiting as eagerly as VidyaBig smile

Tara's tantrum: For people who like her pls don't be ofended she just annoys me. I don't know I find that she overdoes it but then thats my opinion. G loosing his patience and almost telling her to shush just made me laugh and i thgt the guys cldn't take it anymore since he was the one who drove her from her hostel to Rothak.LOLLOL

U and B: When U was sharing her apprehensions with B and he was consoling her I was some how trying to find out whether he was trying to make a pass at her. blame it on the initial promos. Now when P comes and sees the whole scene i was surprised she didn't interpret the whole thing differently. I mean she knows what kind of person he is. She knows tears don't stop him from mauling any woman she has the first hand exp. It would have been very natural for her to conclude that B has some ulterior motives but all she took it was an ego battle and couldn't help herself from challenging B. A intervention at that particular time was totally unecessary except for being used as a pawn in the cat and mouse game P and B are playing. I thgt the cvs are just making us  wonder as to what wld A do when the real face of B is revealed.

Although the convo between P and A did make me think a few things. How much faith does P in the legal system. Was she using the whole U's self defence POV just to convince A that there was no need of B using his position to aviod any police case against U. As this will make it easy in near future to break B's facade or she genuinly believes in the legal system.As far as A goes he made it clear in his philosphy he doesn't  mind using any means as long as the intention behind the task is good which has been consistent with his character.

The whole A and P's case in the bedroom was again highlighting the basic nature of the couple and later B evesdropping the couple's convo was P reminding him that she is an imp person in B's son's life and he is eaually eager to listen to what she has to say. Again making me wonder 'HOW WILL ADI REACT?'

Overall 3.5/ 5 for me

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lonelyshadow IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 6:22pm | IP Logged
Good take jaya, spardha and damon!Hug
@jaya, was it a decent episode?!!ROFL i mean after that creepy hugROFL
@spardha, sweety it takes a lot of time to read your takeLOL you use so much of short forms, sorry dear, i'm not really use to it, but never mind.. i still love reading itTongue
@tvdekha, agree with you! But apart from everything else in the episode, the moving on in G-V track and of cousre adi-priya scene was worth watching!

P.s: @all of you, sorry for torturing you all by different colors and my long review.LOL

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..Naina.. IF-Veteran Member

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-The Gaurav-Vidya track didn't move an inch. I think it's the CVs just letting all of us know that they haven't forgotten about that track completely LOL

-Tara's plight is understandable, and although I feel that her rude behavior with even Devyani was a stretch, I'll give it to the girl - Her dad just died and she's hating on her mother for separating her, and so everyone seems like the bad guy at this point. She will eventually grow out of it, but I do wonder how they will end up convincing her to stay.

-SSP taking Uttara out, comforting her was a good scene, Uttara actually venting out her frustrations, her sorrows, all this can only help, but not hurt. But then, SSP telling her that HE is always there for her just didn't go over too well with me. I felt that in that situation, the more proper usage would be the WE are all with you, referring to the  entire Jhaakar family. But this is obviously the beginning of the SSP-Uttara track, which I am looking forward to completely.
However, given my hatred for SSP, I did appreciate his concern, which seemed to be true and motiveless in the beginning, and his efficiency in handling the situation. I mean, I have to give it to the guy, he knows how to deal with absolutely everything.

Hm, what next? These SSP-Priya scenes just bowl me over, even the little one where SSP keeps trying to "get into the good books" of Priya in a way. But I am definitely happy with how she went after him immediately and went on that entire rant about this, the fact that she's not automatically breaking into tears seeing him.

-Eh, the Aditya-Priya truth revelation situation didn't work for me. And why the heck is everyone finding out about Uttara's truth? I thought stuff like this was something that Devyani would want to keep as a secret until the end of time, knowing her. I also did not like how Aditya just walked away because dude, Priya will probably have something to say, after such a huge revelation. Stay with her!

-SSP creeping the AdiYa conversation, oh god. =_= But I'm happy that Priya actually realized he was there, and SSP now realizes that she's actually dead serious about this entire situation, and not just throwing threats at him for fun.

Overall, it was an OK episode. I'll give it a 3.5/5 mainly because of the Uttara-SSP snippet, and the fact that Priya also knows about Rishabh's truth. As usual, acting, etc, are brilliant.

And, I can't for tomorrow :)


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