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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

#Devil's Den Ek Tasveer ka Unkaha Sach#

Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 8:24am | IP Logged
First a Very happy birthday to Behzaad Khan aka Brij paaji Hugthis day gave us da OYEEEEEEEE Paaji and the precious accesories inclusing scarf,talwar etc..LOL
Rootha Maan-This is MSK he will get pissed but he won't ever think of asking a reason to Geet..and he will start acting khafaLOLbut that bed scene was amazing..there were no words but the desire and the emotions were so Perfect I loved itBig smile
Sorry Baby Ke Papa:I love it when they talk in reference to the superbabyBig smilethe note on the cupboard haha she knew he wuld open it...LOLaww I love hoW Geet knows Maan.when maan is angry he won't listen to anything so she wrote a note..then MSK wrote a chitthi too..
Insensitive NE:eRR-what the...?I mean Is she Serious..she is asking Did you make aloo parantha for your rapist?Confusedeveryone ain't despo like her...Stern Smile
Anonymous Caller: Hmmmm...Evil Smile
AYM Mode: Gawsh how difficult was it for Maan to talk to Geet on the dining table...but I guess that's just Maan he doesn't know how to weave words in sensitive moments..good that he didn't bcoz remember the Pregnancy Confession Time the dialogue tht still echoes in my mind: "Mujhe toh Laga tha ki Tum Sirf Meri Ho"ROFL
Indirect Gyaan: that was good for daadi so that she doesn't stop Geet from confessing the real truth to Maan..and this Mr.Sharma is he lyk the only Client of the Khurana Constructions and they only have one project to handle Noida ProjectROFLROFLROFL
Adi the Bumper: Everytym maan cums back their milan has to be with a bumping sessionROFL
Anonymous Khabri: Hmmmmmmm..Evil Smile Actually I don't know what to say that is why Hmmm..ROFLbut this can be err-Jun or sum new dushman or maybe Mr.Sharma trying to get revenge off MaanROFLROFLor mayube NT's Doctor..Nt might have seduced him and narrated her dukh bhari daastan so Doc fell for NT and decided to avenge Maan so he is trying create a drift between Maan and Geet thinking that NT might love me if I complete her Ichaaa..Wait I am going too Far soErmm
NE doing WAAH WAAH: Can I just do BLAH BLAH..eevryone is worried tht dev is back and he wil create problemss but naahh hamari NE maharani decides to tell everyone: "My Bhai is Mahaan he gave Khoon to my other bhai" Yeah I know I am over-reacting here to hate NE but her presence gets on my nervesAngryBtw Maan still doesn't knwo she bought a flippin company in his absence..they better show it soon..I am losing my cool..
Chikna Err-Jun: OMFG I literally went back when I saw him clean shaved..I got shocked and my sympathies with shonnu today..LOLI couldn't take my Eyes Off Err-junROFLROFLNo joke..
Bahut Nainsaafi Hai NE: LMAO the way he said Not fair NE..I culd imagine him saying "Bahut Nainsaafi hai Ne..Bhai ne Bade bhai ko khoon diya aur usse pata bhi nahi hai..ab meri baariEvil Smile"
Return Letter: See there is no problem...they trust each other they understand each other but they just can't talk to each other peacefully or even listen to each other..Communication ProblemsOuch
Pendulum Daadi: I don't get her Main Ki Karoon Daadi ka..Kabhi Saheli Kabhi Selfish Maa..
Tyaagi Dev:Main Maan aur Geet ke Beech mein Aaa rahoon..Mujhe Yahaan se Chale Jaana chahiye..If he really wanted to do that..why didn't he just leave when he heard geet say that..why did he talk to geet abt it or maybe geet is talking to him but my point is he culd have just left chupke se..He is an expert in isn't it..has been there done that so many times..wat happened now then..He ain't Positive..I am not going to believe him..
Powerful Precap: Loved it the most, the way Maan enters with the photograph and it drops from his hand he is so hurt..Ouchaww me wanna give jhappies to himHugthis ek tasveer can change Maan's thoughts but that all depends on Maan because sometimes something seen with the eyes without knowing the actual truth can create misunderstadings..I still don't think Maan will doubt geet's intentions..He will just realise something happened when he was struggling for his life..I a just keeping my fingers crossed that this track is handled well..Smile
SBS Tukka: No Comment..LOL

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 8:25am | IP Logged
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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 8:35am | IP Logged
Liked the episode. ..Today best part was the precap and MSK's million dollar expression thereThumbs Up...GC stole the show in the precap scene with a flawless depiction of anger and pain thereClapClap...DD and SS were equally good with their expressions as wellThumbs Up
About the phone blackmailer today ..doubt will go on Arjun but its none other than either Dev or his chamchaEvil SmileTongue..
Story is finally moving in right direction and speedThumbs Up
Today's episode was a filler..but what made the episode look interesting was its unpredictable factor today...

These r the points which made the episode look unpredictable and interesting

 1)Letter that was written by Geet and the letter that was written in reply by MSK...both the parties got the right letter and read it other daily soaps letter would hv gone missing or either MSK or Geet would hv got some duplicate letterLOL..
2)Who is the blackmailer calling it Arjun or Dev or some third person sent by mayb NTEvil Smile
3)The precap which leaves the viewers asking the Question what will happen now ?Cool
4)We hv lots of predictions based on articles or promos or tukkas LOLbut noone really knows whats going to happen next and how the issue will b sorted out...we dunno whether Geet will tell the truth to MSK or MSK will know it from someone else(phone blackmailer) or Dev will tell him or whatWink...We also dunno whether MSK will turn into psycho or he will b jealous or possessive or passionate or whatTongue...We dunno yet whether Dev is positive or negative or will turn negative laterEvil Smile....
So above points is making this new track very interesting and unpredictable nowThumbs Up
Things I loved today..
  • The starting scene where Geet gives the nightsuit to MSK and then both sleep on the same bedEmbarrassed ...both hv that unspoken issue within each other..still the passion was very much thereEmbarrassed...they both wanted to talk but were not finding the right words to start the conversation...
  • The morning letter scene...the words used in both the letters were perfectThumbs Up and in a way CVs hv started the communication between them via letters for nowLOLTongue...Mayb soon we will get a proper face to face communication  between them as well when both will realise that its time they talk to each other and sort out their issues rather than assuming things or listening to othersSmile; What I liked about both letters were the simple words used in themClap..So Barry did a good job with the letter dialogues hereThumbs Up;Loved how both did the confession in the letter..Geet making it clear about the hot water issue and MSK too making it clear that he is not angry on her but is angry with himself for not able to get Dev out of the ohuseOuch...So whats bothering MSK at the moment is the fact that his Gith might not b feeling comfortable in Dev's presense in the same house but I m not able to do anything because of Dadi's emotional atyaachar on meOuch and whats bothering Geet at the moment is the fact that MSK is not liking Dev's presense in the house because MSK feels that its hurting me which is not the case anymore since the guy saved my husband's life and so somewhere I don't really hold those old grudges against Dev anymore because Dev doesn't really matter to me now but I cannot tell this to MSK thanks to Dadi ka emotional atyaachar on meOuch..So here who r the culprits..Dev-Dadi and who r the victims...Maan-GeetLOL...EndResult-More drama and interesting paisa vasool suspense elementCool
  • Adi-MSK short scene in the office was cute and brings back those old office memoriesEmbarrassed
  • The unknown phone-stalker of MSK makes the viewers curious regarding who is the it Dev ka chamcha or Dev himself or Arjun ka chamcha or Arjun himself or NT ka chamcha or those goons of the politician or some new entryEvil Smile...If CVs r smart enough,then the phone-stalker should b either Dev or his chamcha to make the future story interestingTongue...
  • Arjun getting NT ka flashbacks and finally getting back to his revenge mode was an interesting it will b interesting to see his and Dev ka confrontation hereErmm...
  • Geet deciding to tell MSK the truth and Dadi too understanding Geet ka point hereThumbs Up..But I still want to see a manipulative Dadi here to make the story interestingROFLEvil Smile..but notice here,during Dadi-Geet scene,we see Dev overhearing their part but we dunno whats going in his headWink;He might deliberately go to Geet and do the saint wala drama of "I should go away from all your lives" since he knows very well that this is the time MSK will reach home after getting the stalker-phone call and those photos, so if MSK sees him and Geet together,his doubts will b confirmed especially after getting the photos from that unknown stalker which is sent by none other than Dev only maybWinkEvil Smile
  • Precap which was top-notch...the expressions given by all 3 in the precap were superb and good nail-biting stuffThumbs Up...
Turn-offs for today
  • Annie asking Geet to prepare Dev ka breakfastOuch ..Well I don't expect Annie to understand Geet ka pain fully but at least  being a woman she should know what to say and what not to say in such a situation naConfused...
  • Annie telling Dev ka ram-kahaani about his blood donation mahaanta to the likes of Romeo and Pinky who r just office colleguesConfused...I mean the main boss of the house and company is unaware of this truth but the whole office will know about itConfused...
  • Piyush with clean shave avataar looks...Thumbs Down...
Episode Rating:8.5/10...Like I said Episode is a good filler which sets a very strong base for the whole week with a good story progressThumbs Up

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49erFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 8:41am | IP Logged
Loved the episode, just by reading the update!Big smile

Frustration and not knowing the truth kills one right!LOL

Also, is it Arjun that's doing this! Angry

I still think Dev is innocent! Sleepy

One thing for sure, tight high water pants  and chappals don't go!  Especially if its presented in suit like attire!

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 8:48am | IP Logged
Res...will write some crap if i happen to watch it.... lol
Its 10.15 pm and am still stuck in office....
hungry as hell n irritated as well.... lol
god knows if i will see the epi but from what i read in live updates, epi looks interesting... and story seems to be moving....
Edited with my take....
First time I am gonna write in pointers.... hahahah
 I liked almost everything.... 
1. Maan giving Geet a silent treatment... If Maan wasnt angry with Geet and knows Geet will be troubled too, why give her the silent treatment during her difficult pregnancy??? to make her even more tensed??? well thats how ppl behave when they are angry at themselves as well... this showed it so well that Maan isnt god ...Maan isnt mahaan...he is just human..... who loves his Geet a lot....
2. Geet's way of telling Maan why she was going to the outhouse
3. The fact that Maan needs Geet even to find his clothes.... lol.... all these guys despite being independent before marriage become totally dependent on wife after marriage...taliya loa type pati.... hahahahahha
4. Geet's turmoil at having kept a secret from maan....
5. Annie - dare she ask Geet if Geet prepared breakfast for Dev as well and how dare she says she hopes all will be fine soon..... But for her its always been easy to forgive.... she doesnt think too much... she still hasnt grasped the seriousness of why arjun wants to ruin her life and inturn ruin maan's life... likewise she doesnt understand that what dev has done can never be forgiven.... n by donating blood to Maan he hasnt done anything mahaan... even strangers donate blood...n here ehsaan on geet is absolutely not there.... maan is dev's brother so its his duty to donate blood if his brother needed it.....
6. Maan's total faith that Dev is upto something and Geet isnt at fault at all
7. Daadi - she is such a pendulum..... that will bring the needed twists to the story in future...
I hope they play this track well and finally bring to fore Maan's past and his real relationship with Daadi, dev, annie and all.... coz we very well know that Dev's mom used to call maan Chote saab.... like all the other servants do... so there is definitely some back story....
What I dint like
1. Arjun's new look.... not that i liked his earlier look....
2. Romeo, Pinky and Adi seem wasted in the serial.... they need to get better screen space....
Parneet, Abhishek and Aditi are better actors than Piyush and Nikunj.... Please give them better roles and stop this AA torture on us asap.....

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ppanache IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 9:06am | IP Logged

Here goes my take....ROFL

Overall the episode was a good one!
Let's me start off with things that i did not like!
1. Arjun and his clean shaven lookShocked
2. Annie and her expressions when she and arjun are talkingConfused I still did not understand her scared look!! Care to explain her emotions...Someone...anyone...???Confused
3. Annie's comment on GEET making food for Dev!!! How crass could she get?? she knew the entire story of what Dev did to Geet and she still expects GEET to cook for him!!! Now, i know why Annie is such a pathetic character!! Angry
Scenes that i really liked..
1. Geet's letter to sweet was that...She worries about him and he worries about her..but the major hurdle...their communication style....LOLLOL Even with letters they never seem to be on the same page!!LOL
2. Geet getting his night chweet was that!!Embarrassed Both of them are hurting but one doesn't know how to bridge the gap!Ouch Felt bad for both Maan and Geet. Both of them are trying to do the best for each other but never realizing that they need to talk!!!Ouch
3. Geet the sherni is again at the forefront! She couldn't wait to know if he read the letter or not!!LOL Even before Maan could finish his breakfast she asks him about it!LOL I like that about GEET.
4. The drama element of the show is perfect! Like a symphony they are finally pulling the right strings to move the story ahead..and Me likes that!Embarrassed
5. Daadima..finally she shows some brains and supports GEET...I still think theere is something funny about Daadi...she is a complete basket case when it comes to DEV and i would like to know why??!!
6. Maan and his letter...Again both are good at writing but not at talking things out!!LOL

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shonuu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 9:10am | IP Logged
Jealousy ij the beshhht policy...HAANEvil Smile

this devilish line can take the story to an OMGish Hawt me

maaneet are married now,so cvs need a story  to keep audiences stay hooked to the show.. and this track has that  potential ... just think how will you feel if the ex-GF of your hubby or BF is with you in the same house??? wouldn't you feel bad?? or uneasy?? then y cant maan feel insecure..specially when he can see a drastic change in geet's behavior towards dev...without any logical reason..he is a human being and not the God...for me he'll think like this..

1, continue to be mahaan and feel the non-existing pain of gith.. as per his reply to the message.

2,he can give into the info fake/true by the person trying to poison his mind...and doubt on both..

3, he can simply feel insecure, and become possessive for gith.. like i will never let anyone come in between us.. Gith tum sirf meri ho types"...but more than anything i want that old selfish, passionate MSK who never thinks about others..LOLLOLLOL..

and with all this exercise he'll hurt geet by either saying something painful of by hurting her physically... and after knowing the reason .. he'll beg geet to forgive her... and for the first time we'll get to see Maan God doing something wrong...ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

ok i am very tired dont know what i have written in above.. but the real highlight of the show was a "CHIKNA ARJUN"..ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL my Gosh.. itna chikna ??ke boiled egg bhi sharma jae..ROFLROFLROFLROFL

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geet.a IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 9:26am | IP Logged

Welcome to the new writers!
Hope you do a good job :P
Big smile

The epi was really good in its dramatic element; execution as well as dialogue.
It moved the story at a good pace and yet was able to maintain the element of suspense, at least a bit.

Lets do a bit detailing shall we?
I feel like it today :)

The episode starts with Maan searching for night-suit- a source of comfort for him..for all of us,right? LOL...finally- we forget the day's work and get to sleep. Change our clothes and slip into bed to have a peaceful night of sleep.

Maan is searching for that comfort which Geet comes and gives to him.
She says it's not there where he's looking- he's looking in the wrong place and she gives it to him.

At night- We see the beloved moon...and maan and geet are trying to sleep.
Unable to communicate; unable to sleep- peace the furthest thing from their mind.

"tumhe sorry kehne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai"

He has his arms crossed- again-he's going through his personal hell and refuses to talk. Closing everything in while in that tear of Geet- she's let it out.
 A tear falls from Geet's eyes as she's thinking of what she's hiding from maan. And how he's angry- not at her- but FOR her- as she shortly writes in her note to him.

They look at each other- wanting to comfort each other and seeking comfort from each other...but are unable to...

She takes the initiative of writing that note to Maan and clearing it up.
she tells him all she can. She tells him about Dadi's moch and why she had to do what she was going to. She tells him everything save that one truth that is standing tall between them.

Call me crazy but today's epi- I wanted to look at symbolism after a long time that's why I found it peppered with it.

Geet took out maan's clothes already for him. She firstly, didn't want him troubled even a teensy-weensy bit as she feels she's already troubled him enough. what with hiding all this from him

Also,  reminds me of how wives or mothers used to clothe their warrior husbands/sons before going into battle- which is what the succeeding days are going to be for maan and geet.

( I know this is far-fetched :P)

She has given him armour(so to say) so that he can cope with the problems that will soon fall on them thanks to Dev..maybe even dadi.

Plus- She is going to tell him the truth soon- so he needs to remember that she loves him- that she was trying to protect him which is why she didn't tell him.

OF course- he doesn't find his wallet?Hanky? inside- 
So he opens the cupboard and finds the notes pasted on the door.

She says she knows that he wouldn't want anyone even near her- that would hurt her- be it a BEE, or DEV

and with his sad, gloomy face he writes back to her..

Trivial incident but Geet forgot paranthas that Dadi told her to make- her alignment with maan is clear :)

Anwesha comes and asks Geet if she's made bfast for dev as well..forgetting so simplistically what happened to her... and later apologizes.

Aah...MAan has a secret admirer...the stalker becomes the stalkee..gets a call from this guy on office phone as well as cell-phone..
Wants to meet the delightful maan in person.

I'm wondering- this person wants only MAAN to see the Dev-Geet pic- which is why insisting on a personal meeting, right?
or is it just a trivial passing detail..
Maan isn't interested in anything about Dev-doesn't have so much time..but if it concerns Geet...
he smiles a chhoti si smile at her when Annie informs him that Geet has made this pasta for him with so much love.

What I didn't like was that he cannot talk to Geet because he feels guilty and angry at everything else...and himself..but why can he talk to Dadi? when Dadi was the one who told him to let dev stay?

And then the call where he blasts Mr sharma 
He hates lies. he should have been told.. baat chupane se bigad jaati hai.
agar u had told me- i would have been momentary angry..i wouldn't have felt betrayed...

2 things beyond the obvious reference to him getting angry when Geet tells him-
Of course a sign that when Geet tells him- he'll be momentarily angry-
Not at her for betraying him- but because she had to do this for HIS sake.

this links to my second point-

Maan has told geet a lot of times that he is only maan for her. Not anyone else. While Maan Singh Khurana gets angry with everyone outside..where Geet is concerned, his anger is directed within. 
While I agree maan is portrayed as the man who can do no wrong- he sees Geet as the woman who cannot- so that even if she does something wrong- he forgives her easily..because he empathises..and loves.

For Geet as well- she adores him. She puts up with his anger and his moods- knowing that she will forgive him, knowing that if needs be, he'd do the same for her.

Which is why I thought the pre marriage nok-jhoks were important in developing equality and mutuality in their relationship. Even their IP track MU.

she knows it's her fault to HIDE from him...although she did it for her she feels guilty

anyway stalker calls

then geet..
Maan calms down instantly

The caller says- he has info abt dev and geet.
he wonders what is it between dev and geet that he didn't know...


The general public in show world will react positively and accept Dev's 'reformation' as he saved maan's life.

Maan doesn't know and annie hopes all will be cool with time.
MY GOD arjun looks v scary..ROFL

HE has a new plan now eh? 
to tell maan about who saved him?
ITs so weird that Arjun and Geet are on the same side..haha

Both maan and Arjun have anger in their hearts...will they be on the same side against dev?

Maan's note.
He's angry with whatever's happening in the house
Angry with himself- he can't do anything for her.
he knows ki with dev around she has to do so much in pain and he can't see her in pain..

"tumhara maan"

Even without knowing the truth, Maan has aptly described Geet's state of mind

Barry - *jhapkisses*

both notes..

oh and I wish we could have something like this from maan- "tum kitni achhi ho geet"
Please...pretty pleasE??Embarrassed*blush blush*

BTW,whose handwriting was it? Mine's better! :P

No matter what, the end of the note says "tumhara maan"

GEET ka MAAN...and GEET ka MAAN will he stay always.

So see..this is good. there is an underlying thread of positivity in the epi today

aah the almost evil daadi comes back..wants to keep the baby safe haan??
SELFISH is what she is..THAT's ALL

Jab mann kiya toh apni baat manwali and jab nahi toh change karwali.

I swear- she's fickle.

wants to keep the khurana heir safe so she wants Geet out of stress. 
but can't throw dev out also. So she'll definitely accept her decision of telling maan immediately...before someone else does

GOOD Geet remembered the dialogue where she was told by dadi not to let any third person come in their relationship.

Ironic how Dadi had intervened here..but now- Geet has taken the reigns of their relationship once more.
Dev hears that...but his expression...was that of shock...and what else?

He will want to leave.and Geet and Dev will interact again....

And maan will see their interaction..not hear..see...and the photo

What I saw in his face was anger at Dev...he is not jealous or insecure. he feels Geet is hiding something. There is something about Geet that he doesn't know and that is what troubles him.
..he doesn't doubt Geet or anything...
I don't think..

I wouldn't want him too..considering inka trust etc itna dikhaya and suddenly with 1 all turns..

so i hope the writers will be careful here...
I guess this could be a kind of memory lapse as he's out of joint with what others know..he doesn't :))

alright- I guess that is it!

I liked the episode..
i'd give it an 9/10 :))Embarrassed

love to all!

@ALL- something from the heart- I think it might suit geet too

What is it that you want- you have everything..
it is love i want, oh go..only love that i need
someone to hold and someone to cry with
someone to whisper to and someone to play with
someone who understands and forgives
someone who will tell me what troubles them,
someone who'd trust me enough to share
someone loving, not cunning
someone to  only love and  care

let me be who I am,
don't change me
for I'm happy with myself, 
I used to be alone, not lonely
then i felt lonely even when i was not alone
there was no connection, there was no attention
there was no helping hand and no healing touch
where are those days when I laughed and hugged all I met?
where are those days when I laughed and loved?
Now all I can do is cry in solitude,
wondering where those days are gone...
wondering if they'll come back again

sadness is familiar to me, but I seek the treasure 
the treasure that lives with me..within me..
i still wait for that laughter to ring again
that will remind of who I was and who I am


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daddima sach much dil ka dorra

Author: suk19   Replies: 0   Views: 547

suk19 0 547 26 July 2010 at 1:19pm by suk19
Yeh Toh Sach Mein Yahan Hai...

Author: Rituparnaa   Replies: 1   Views: 764

Rituparnaa 1 764 22 July 2010 at 1:00pm by paaal

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