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Epi Discussion Thread | 28th Feb - 4th Mar || LU Pg 115 (Page 74)

niki11 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 10:01am | IP Logged
donot worry ch would not let mr leave the show they are not blind they can see that ppl watch this show only for mr i watch many other serials but i have never seen in any show that screen of the tv brightens up by mere presence of the actor like in the case of mr that is his awesome screen presence ch has to listen to viewers like in case of dmg they had to call back dr armaan despite of many differences so dont worry but keep messaging the concerned ppl

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Elysia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Srushti-

Originally posted by divy609

Originally posted by -Srushti-

Originally posted by divy609

Originally posted by kshreya2002

And some people think MR should quit due the blooper.
Wait......Which blooper???SDP......??

Yup the sameLOL
The thread is ridiculous .....Whole lotta LTL bloopers are being listed outLOLWell then MR should have left long back.....
Whateva a beautiful epi and I'm gonna wait for tomorrowDay Dreaming

Divya it was ridiculous and totally hilariousLOL...what is the connection LOL... as I said the thread would win hands down in the competition of 'Weirdest reasons for MR to leave LTL' LOL
Ya...a good epi and more to comeBig smile
I don't think that the bloopers have anything to do with MR leaving, but I think that there's a kind of connection to the editing glitches/carelessness from the PH's side and MR's leave in this sense:
Two months ago, rumors started about MR leaving in Feb, right? Let's assume that PH actually started those rumors, just as that interviewer claimed. MR wants an open contract, PH doesn't want to agree to that, so he decides that he'll have to leave even though he doesn't want to, and PH start rumors about him being arrogant in order to have people dislike him a bit, so that when MR leaves, no one will be bothered.
In addition to that, they started removing camera focus from him and slowly worked toward making his character weaker in a way, so that they could implement their new replacements and changes when the time is right. However, people have reacted strongly to it - no one believed the rumors, especially when Mishal clarified things on the sets. Then he even had media folk interview him and revealed that he wasn't keen on leaving.
Most likely, Mishal wants an open contract (that is, he doesn't want to be bound to LTL) and Colors have a problem with that, so they are pressuring him to either surrender to their conditions or leave the show. But they didn't anticipate that people would hate their replacement ideas and react this strongly to Mishal leaving.
My point, though, is that all this turmoil could've led to those lame editing glitches, new director, and carelessness from the CVs/director's side. Because they're probably expecting for the changes to happen this month, or maybe they've no clue what's going to happen, so they're just putting the episodes together and getting them out while things are getting negotiated between PH and Mishal.
Just saying that in the end it's dirty show-biz. Who knows how dirty these people can play? We're the viewers and since we only hear what slips out, we probably don't even know half of how dirty those guys areLOLLOL

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sub_rosa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 10:11am | IP Logged
Can we discuss the episode?

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 10:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sub_rosa

Can we discuss the episode?

Please do! I'm SICK of reading the delusional manufactured stuff that ppl are coming up withWacko.....Pata nahin what show they were watching till this date and what show they are watching right now cuz not a a SINGLE argument makes sense....Wacko......manufactured reasons to find faults and create conspiracy theories where there is NOTHING!Confused

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-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 10:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nureat01

Originally posted by sub_rosa

Can we discuss the episode?

Please do! I'm SICK of reading the delusional manufactured stuff that ppl are coming up withWacko.....Pata nahin what show they were watching till this date and what show they are watching right now cuz not a a SINGLE argument makes sense....Wacko......manufactured reasons to find faults and create conspiracy theories where there is NOTHING!Confused

By all meansLOL Am quoting the post of mine: what I found in today's epi:

The bestest moment of this episode.....Dutta saying that yeh Jagtap Dada ka jungle hai....Yaha dhokhebaazo ke liye koi jagah nahi hai...Loved the conviction in his voice...Loved the faith in his thoughts....He might not have faith in the idols made of stone. But he has faith in the man who died to make him live for his love, fight for his love, believe in his love...Embarrassed

Loved how memories of Jagtaap still haunt Dutta, even in the time of imminent danger, standing in an unknown territory, facing complete strangers, he has faith in the words of the man, who called him 'akdu', but taught him how to humble himself before his Love...

Funny thing was the ever trusting Nakku whispering in Dutta's ears that how can they trust the strangers??? The role reversal again....Confused...Found that dialogue quite random, dont know about you....But Nakku's whispering in his ears made me laugh....I was like 'What'???? you want to check their ID cards and Land documentsLOL, woman!!!! is they who need to put trust on you not vice a versa...Though, on second thought, if this is role reversal and Nakku is becoming like Dutta initially was...then I am not liking it very muchOuch

And the most funny thing in the episode, when the two cameos announced that the land was theirs, Dutta is telling Nakku to ask them to sit.... I was like,,,, gadhe.... Unhi ke ghar mein tu unhi ko baithne ko bol raha haiROFL...Gadha hai Gadha hi rahegaROFLROFLROFL

Miya Biwi dono ne real mein bechare Mahadev aur Sundari ki zameen pe kabza kar liya hai...LOL
And by the way did anyone see the style in which D picked up the lathiWink...Dhansu style.... And the way he held the poor guy's neckLOL....It was that Thakur's grip on Gabbar's neck....'Yeh haath nahi gabbar, fansi ka fanda haiLOL'.

By the way who found Nakku sowing the Tulsi Plant totally random actShocked...She has actually planned to settle here for years to come hereLOL...Was so glad  and relieved when Dutta got AS's FBs....I mean, somebody atleast remembers that there are people who are waiting for them to come back and free them....LOLLOL....Nakku is so oblivious to everything except DuttaLOL....The way she was praying, she did not even realize two people have come and waiting patiently for her to finish.... It was only that Mahadev shouted that she came out of her 'Vartaalap' with her 'friend's' Aai and Bappa....

And I never knew, she considered Bappa as her friendLOL....Today, she looked like she was using know like she said 'Parvati Amma, Your son is my friend, to itna kaam karna to banta hai'LOL.

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Juni17 Groupbie

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 11:44am | IP Logged
quite an eventful episode.......da story is moving after-all........I luved da way D was keeping N close to him while talking to Mahadev n Sundari......tasha look so good as a coupleDay Dreaming, u get a  content feeling in ur heart watching them together even if they do romance or not, jus staying side by side makes them so special...........i don kno if i am making ne sense....... Mahadev n Sundari. looked quite convincing......but da precap was jus Dead..... it looks like 2morrow D will get his eyes back.......

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neets_ltl Goldie

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
It was a really good episode and I am liking how Dutta's blindness is being used as a way of strengthening his r'ship with Naku and making him believe in faith and religion. As always, Kala's mind games were prevalent again, although the interaction was a little boring. Her claim that Naku is her enemy and that she will return Dutta to Seema was laughable. Yeah right. Seema is trying hard to make sure that Kala's words don't get through to her, but really, you can see Seema is suffering every minute. I loved the line : Bhooka pat soch nahi paogi by Kala. Food for thought quite literally. Kala soo knows what she's doing - she is the Queen of Manipulation and Mind Poisoning. But what was up with the random shoulder circling/touching? LOL

And Chaskar with Hawaldar Ganpat was downright funny! I've been missing him! His police inspector get up reminded me of Akshay Kumar in Mohra.....the whole big hair thing going on lol...what ullus! I lol when Ganpat said that Dutta 'kahin bhi kisika khoon kar sakta ha' and then Chaskar randomly lifted the danda in a gun posing way LOL

Loved the little gardening act by Naku and Dutta, such a cute little scene. Loved how Naku was patting the soil and anchoring the tulsi with Dutta....and again, such a nice link to religion again with the importance of tulsi...Naku is really making it her home! There was an awww moment on my side when Dutta asked Naku to ask her god why he took his eyesight away, there was hint of anger there as well...and how he palmed his eyes with frustration to see if it would help somehow.....and also loved the innocent and kiddish way in which Naku said to the stones that 'aapka beta mera dost ha.' It's little things in Naku's character like that that makes you admire her goodness. Loved that little contrast of 2 people, one who refuses to bow down to stones and the other full of faith, without hesistation, praying away....

Dutta, as usual, awesome way of picking up that lathi lol but felt sorry for Mahadev in a headlock! But, I loved the way in which Dutta was apologetic by gesturing with his arms and he asked for forgiveness twice! Wow! On first impressions, Sundari hasn't appealed to me but that will change as I have only encountered her! But I really like Mahadev's character- there's a lot to his personality, certainly the manner in which he talks, very strong. I think there was hint of 'sarcasm' in both new characters' approach- are these actually religious figures or just normal people, as the TB article says they are god like in appearance (not really) but there's defo a link to the abruptness with which they popped up as Naku was praying....but then the article said they will help in the fight against Kala....I guess the coming few days will clear up how much of a 'faith creating' impact these 2 charas are supposed to have.....but Dutta will for sure have a completely new view towards spirituality and belief by the end of it....

Edited by neets_ltl - 02 March 2011 at 12:07pm

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neets_ltl Goldie

Joined: 31 December 2010
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 1:12pm | IP Logged
Been musing through my day LOL and we as human beings have the weirdest thoughts Wacko....anyway.....was thinking about Dutta's blindness and the impact it will have on his mind and emotions when he first sees Naku...there's this theory called 'imprinting' in science, where basically, offspring form an attachment to the first thing they see, upon birth....The thought occurred to me that as of now, Dutta has been listening to Naku's voice, feeling her touch, sensing her prescence. Now all he wants to do is see her face.....Altering this 'imprinting' theory slightly, I somehow find the whole idea of Dutta seeing Naku first really significant.The fact that he will SEE Naku first after living in darkness and for his LOVE to be there in front of him, is something that will be ETCHED in his mind forever....solidfying his bond with her, making her even more necessary to be in his life. It will be a moment in his life that he will remember forever and Naku will be forever associated with it....Of course her being such a physical and mental support makes her the more ideal wife in his life as well. Just love the thought of Naku taking over his eyes....bas jayagee Dutta ki aankhon me...I don't get this emotional....LOL

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