Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

KMH2: Feb track: When bitterness melt to sweetness

Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 3:31am | IP Logged
Hello ''Fidas de Mohabbat''
Yesterday I caught up with the February track as I missed quite a lot of episodes and I must say,it has been an another interesting month where once again when I watched it monthly wised, I could understand the fluidity and smooth flow of the story,
''Good Job'' to KMH2 teamClap!
As I woke up early and I have already morning research for trading, I am left with some time to do personal things and thus, I felt to write the note on my february track. About the January and December tracks, they will be for later ROFL
If I have to sum up in picture on the february track, I will stick with this still picture as I could not find it, it is the one of the title board where both of them are pulling a rope on each other side in the end either no one win or both win.
The start of February track introduced brilliantly highly talented young sammy as Raj. It was an amazing still fictitious entryClap Like what we were looking in the Singhania house ''the wind of change'' the script unfold this sharacter as Raj. Raj came also as the saviour of the relationship of Arjun and Arohi as Arohi was returning to her place when she saw Raj and found another motive to stay in the Singhania familly. In short, as it highly emphasise on ''kismat'' in kitani mohabbat season 2, we can derive that kismat brought Raj in their life for that ''rope'' (relationship) does not severe out of bitterness and immaturity.
Yet, it was just the beginning and ''age of wisdom'' that is represented by Biji understood that Raj was the catalyst to make Arjun and Arohi kneel down infront of their immerse love towards each other. For that she understood that if not naturally, she has to create scenes of the trio where they slowly melt. Did it work, was the whole following flow of the February month?
The first half of the month concretised with a jealousy track - yet was the jealousy out of ''trust that Arohi always had or still had to Arjun?'' or was it ''because Arjun could not return the bountless love she had to him now that she felt cheated?'' Was it ''another revenge motive?'' or was it just another fate manisfestation on the path of ''bitterness melting into sweetness?'' from the side of Arohi.
It justified a wide range of Arohi's behaviour from Arohi, who felt once more betrayed and hurt to the Arohi who wants to keep Arjun to her side and unknowingly know why because her mind reasoned that for Raj to get justice out of an injustice that fate made to her mother and the child too.
The jealousy track was beautifully unveiled when Arohi felt ''insecure'' too as the ''ex'' of Arjun might be more ''physically'' beautiful than her. She felt further insecure of being cheated when Arjun wanted to hire a secretary and she presented herself as this secretary he needed. Arohi,out of bratness,indeed went to any extreme in this jealous feel, from asking the kid Raj about his mother to bribing Billu with milkshake.  Arjun was lef puzzled in Arohi's awkward behaviour about he can't understand what ''records'' she was referring but he knew that Arohi was deeply hurt when she felt that Arjun betrayed her and which is why he swallowed the bitter pain of nasty and painful behaviour of Arohi when she burned his beautiful childhood memory. In the path of this jealousy track that was ''green jealousy'' from the lady side, Arohi started realising that Kumud does not love Arjun at all and came the major highlight of the forthcoming track. Kumud was officially presented as the negative character when she had the masterplan in her mind and shared with Mika'il and Jignesh and that is:
Creating Rift between Arjun and Rudra Pratap Singhania using Arohi!
Will Kumud be successful on the plot or not? There was then a camouflage of this major turning point before firstly came instantly in a beautiful way. Kumud came and asked Arohi directly about it and here as viewers we could witness the ''frustration,anger''of Arohi that Kumud is using Arjun and still she was bitter. She was bitter on why she should care about Arjun when she would be leaving him soon and did as Kumud said and failed infront of Kumud but then created an interesting turning point in the relationship of Arjun and Arohi. Yet, in Kumud's eyes, she is still looking for the ''next ace event'' of Arohi who she is sure will create the rift. The question is: Will now the rift be an element of ''protection and love and thus made an innocent move from Arohi'' or still another ''thoughtful and aimed move of her as she pacified herself she does not care on Arjun?''
It was not then focused as little incident took place like Arohi successfully insulted Kumud infront of everybody which was not indeed for her a way to make Kumud stopped talked about being ''classy'' or be ''fake'' and perhaps unknowingly a way to make her feel that ''don't ever dare to use her'' or a way ''to make her understand that life is not material''. Whatever logic that can found in, the main reason in her mind was the trump and final card to her that will make Arjun belittled her infront of everybody and thus a concrete reason for her to divorce. Again fate laid its magic stick in this couple's life and instead of Arjun reacted, it went against Arohi and thus made her held back. Yet this insult is an additional ingredient in Kumud about make sure that Arohi will hurt Arjun the most by creating this rift.
Slowly the power of love actually was melting both Arjun and Arohi but would never accept it infront of each other. Both of them realised that they are falling in love again but they thought that it would be a mastercard for each other to ''win on their race of hatredness''
Can love be used to win a race of hatredness and belittle? That was the next question.
After light was shed in the despicable character of Jignesh for a lovely wife as Rashi, hints were directly to Jignesh in the viewers' mind as Raj's father. Is that a good sign or bad one?
It was indeed praiseworthy to show Arohi Ahluwalia as the modern character who knows self defense when Jignesh made advancement to her. Yet,personally, at that instance, I tried to understand a little more on Raj's mother that was being said to be a sweet and beautiful lady who most the time had to go abroad and had odd hours of working. Rudra often came to visit her. I was thinking is there a connection to how the mother left Raj, Rudra's often visit and Jignesh's cheap character?
I felt here that Raj is a product of forceful rape of Jignesh to Raj's mother and she was bribing Rudra, so he came to give her money until when she did not get, Raj was sent to hostel and I perhaps felt that she was then killed when she threatened of opening her mouth. Then I racked my mind, if Rudra knows, this mean along with dadi and Arjun, Rudra always knew the truth then why he denied it? Rudra character developed even being an opportunistic entrepreneur who managed his business both legally and illegally, he was still a family man and love in a different way his real family and even if he took care of Arjun and his friends for his business, he cared a little extent to Arjun as he never interfered in his personal life as long as his business is not affected. The irony here comes that his wife is trying to create that rift between arjun and him using Arohi in the business deal itself.
The major theme actually took a sweet twist when a new character was introduced and that was of Dhondhu, a cool friend who always made Arohi to be happy and like Shefali, another buddy of Arohi who she shared about herself to. That sweet winding that was in the other half of the month actually reflect in Arjun what we saw in Arohi. Arjun started feeling insecure about Arohi as he never knew that Arohi can be close to another guy as well. By close, I mean,close friends,that is buddy, The scene and script were dealt in a fun lighted way on how Arjun can be jealous too but here Arohi knows he is jealous and for her at start was an ingredient to weaken her ''enemy.'' The fun lighted way grew to a red jealousy feel in Arjun to the extent he went to meet the love guru, another catalyst, his friend Jay. While dhondhs and raj were catalysts on the path of realisation, both created realisation in the sense of jealousy. Jay will be a character in the end of their journey of realisation of the bitterness is gone and there is only *pyar ki baarish* with all misunderstanding melt down as well as there is also the comeback of Rashi.
In the jealousy track, we saw total meltdown of Arjun again as the selfless lover,the passionate lover as well, What we saw in Arohi but in the form of bratness, about she can go to any extreme, we saw the same thing in Arjun,he can go to any extreme too but it is shown in a passionate way. It created the track of seduction within this jealousy feel, where once more both of them trusted each other but ended it as a ''game'' and yet this ''game'' was a kudos to the sweetness awaking in both Arjun and Arohi, The same Arohi who once felt she does not care on how this family treated Arjun now felt hurt that Arjun is sacrificing himself to a family who does not deserve him. As Arohi is particularly now being focused on her bratness, even her genuine care and concern was shown in a brat way. Brat way when she said that she is a possessive wife and she can't stand that another person is hurting someone who only has right to hurt..Indeed, bitterness completely disappeared by the end of February, it was a sweet pain now. Both of them who are feeling more and more of love can now talk again on that beautiful days they had, Arohi,even if she knows that she was being emotionally blackmailed by Arjun, even if she knows that the way Arjun is protecting Rashi is ignorant and not the right way,still she knelt down infront of love. She could not take it the way Arjun stayed calm when everyone is ill treating him and thus her friend Dhondhs was here for her to make her feel chill, by letting her say whatever she wants. Arjun too was seen to kneel down infront of love when he really went to any extreme, when he heard that Ahluwalia is loving Dhondhs as their 'damaad', he felt insecure on losing Arohi. He is definitely losing himself more in love, and made himself appear odd infront Arohi and Dhondhu. Again, marvellously, the script unfolded with the way that even Arohi felt that ''pain'' when Arjun felt unconscious and for that moment, she melted fully for her to save his life. Arjun kept giving her hints more and more that he is in love with her but this month did not show full realisation of Arohi. I guess that will be next month when Rashi and Jay come on their way.
Nonetheless, by the end of this month, we could see that ''age of wisdom'' once more proved right when she knew that Raj will be the catalyst to melt both lovers and it went that way only, Also it is showed that this couple is blessed by luck and fate as well as whatever wrong turn that can affect them just went in an opposite way and they remained together. Still the main masterplan of Kumud remained and as the way unfolded, Arohi will feel so much for Arjun that innocently she would create this rift between Arjun and Rudra as she felt to protect both Arjun and Raj out of love.
Will her innocence prove costly again?
That will be the start of March track and hopefully to see the realisation is in the end way where misunderstandings are cleared and accept that they have melted in love.

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roshaniD IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 3:39am | IP Logged

will come back Wink
Nelz.. Goldie

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 3:46am | IP Logged colj ryt now so will read nd post my comment l8rz
gemini1217 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 4:01am | IP Logged
Beautifully written..................
Awesum work Nisha............
N kmh is becuming more interesting day by we r saying it 4m d 1st day........but cant help it.......
Well said feb was really the month of mixed track- jealousy n loads of ups n downs..............
With different kinds of twist n turnsss.....
N many new faces to make it worth a watch.........
Raj has acted above expectation.......supercool....luved him
karan n kritika on there part were superhot.......roop tera mastana to kya pyar karogi mujhse.........
Luved each n every part.........
One thing i can say- life without kmh is incomplete........
Wen clock strikes 8- my television is on fire........
n in that half an hour i make 100 of different expression in such a short span of time.......;);)
kmh rocks........
Its d only show wich i watch..........
Although i have many things to say.........
But if i get started i wont stop..........
So last but not least
luv u kmh
luv u karanika
n thank u ekta kapoor 4 such a beautiful show..........
N thanks eshu 4 such a beautiful post..........

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 4:55am | IP Logged
will be bacEmbarrassed
.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 5:04am | IP Logged
So well written as always, Nisha!! Yes, after November, February has, by far, been the best month for KMH!

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 6:11am | IP Logged
I will also come back ROFL
Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Had to divert my mind and watched the episode for me to see whether I was right or wrong. I will give my take for 28.02.11 here itself.
It was a beautiful episode and I thank Creative Team to take into consideration our suggestion about Arohi got to know Arjun was true when he said he was an orphan.
Hats off to the way that they included the theme in the script, even we wanted it to be before the seduction night, I feel in today's episode was indeed a good one to include it. I was thinking too if the end of February will be the end of Raj track but I felt that the end of Raj track will be when Rashi adopted Raj as her own child and also there is still confusion in the couple of Arjun and Arohi and felt that once the confusion is cleared, he gonna be a little out of picture.
It was a really cute episode to see Arjun felt so shatter and left in words to say that he was always being used like this by his familly, like a pingpong ball.  It was the classic episode we longed about Arjun confided to Arohi and Arohi really understood him and they kept the continuity attached with Raj, I did not like the divorce track though, but like Arjun can go to any extent, Arohi too can go to the same any extent. I felt in another way it is good to end the divorce track too, the revenge started with divorce track and now when there is no revenge, there is only support, the divorce track has to ended. It deserves a ''well done'' as I feel that Arohi will disregard this paper, One more thing I like was to see Arohi's pain again. I can understand this situation perfectly. Arohi is actually more strong minded than Arjun but is covered in her bratness. She is definitely a shield to Arjun,an invisible glass that protects Arjun and made others too understand Arjun is not alone when she is with him. The way she told Arjun on his family wicked mind express her pain she felt on the way they treated Arjun and even it was not the right time bu she did the right thing to tell him on Kumud's intention.
Rashi's comeback was praiseworthy too and Jignesh who never understood his wife and I don't feel he is the real support but was hilarious the comeback of Rashi was the comeback of Gauri tooROFL and she got high feverROFLROFL I guessed she got ''maha jor ka maha jhadka''ROFLROFLROFL I am pretty sure Daadu can understand Gauri's behaviour. I am expecting actually to see Raj in the Ahluwalia's home too because lot of things need to change in that home too ROFL
So to keep a fine level of comedy the romit track was back and it definitely enlightens the whole episode.
All I want is really No real divorce of Arjun and Arohi. I liked Arohi too in the end when she could not meet Rashi's eyes when she was not guilty, As there is guilt too in her that in the end what Rashi came to tell her sweetly, that's what happened and understood she was right but then Rashi had to pay her child to it. The Rudra Arjun talked I felt for a moment that Rudra knew the truth but then I believed Arjun does not know he knew it. I am going forward on my earlier post of what I expected March track to be.
Yet it is a beauty to see the track started and ended with Raj -Clap 
Last but not least that I forgot to mention and when listening to the KMH track, I realised that the start of justification of the female playback singer lyrics has started being justified again! Good job indeed, especially when the song help me to control a crazy dayROFL

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