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Sonee's VM Gallery CLOSED | Note on Page.68 (Page 37)

ShuVin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by daya0628

Hey Sonee Hug Hi Daya Hug  long tym haan...

Loved the VMs ...great work ClapClap Thank u soo much dear..Embarrassed

Albela Sajan VM was very nice...i liked seeing all those scenes again...oh how i miss them...u used vegas???...very nice transitions and effects Embarrassed... Thanks again...i try my best to add all nice tasha glad u lik itEmbarrassed...yeah right i used vegas.. i told u naa... u remember our ccc chat i ask abt tutorials... n dis was second vm i made on vegas after chand vm,,,i made contest entry on vegas witout tutsLOL

and the Kaise mein kahu tujhse ClapClap loved it ...every bit of it...very apt song for the scenes...i love the song in tamil, this is first time hearing the hindi version...itz very nice...Embarrassed ...Thank u ..,n dats d magic of dis song ...first tym u heard n u lyk itEmbarrassed..i made dis in a hurry..wit just 14 scenes's... i'm glad u lyk d scenes...

great work hun...keep it up...waiting for ur next ..yeah cuming...on the way hi samjhoLOL

thanks for the pm pleasure dear...
.Thank u so much for ur feedback a Beautiful comment means a lot to meHug

Originally posted by Yuvika_15

@kaise main kahoon...lovely VM...the scenes captured dutta's feelings towards nakusha n thats wt the song expresses too...gr8 work!! i loved the ending in particular...the hand holding scene in OT..was such a beautiful scene...i miss MR n i miss tasha...
@albela sajan-- nice VM bt i jus loved the kaise main kahoon 1...pls make mre on these slow music songs...
n congrats on completing 10 VMs...

Hi YuviBig smile..Thank u dear ..happy to know k u lyk my Vm''sEmbarrassed...aww u lyk d ending...please to knw...thnk u...Hug

@bold - aww thank u...i knw after watching kaise main ...VM ..i can understand how u feel..ask meEmbarrassedLOL
slow music...hun..can i get ur list mam??WinkLOL wil try my best dear..Thank u so much for watching n for ur apperciation means a lot to meBig smile

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ShuVin IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 September 2010
Posts: 6122

Posted: 28 June 2011 at 9:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by preety_219

Hey SoneeHug

Thanks for the PM & let me  confess that this is 1st time i am visiting ur VM gallery,i guess i still don't know who all makes VMOuch.But,having said this ,i will surely watch all ur VMs as & when i can find some free time.Smile
LTL contest VM -Albela Sajan
yet again this is one the VMs which i voted forWink,simply for the perception & choice of song.Clap
I really liked the way u showed that LTL is Nakku's journey as well,as much as we all are more biased for Dutta,it is nakku who completes this eternal story alongwith dutta.Day Dreaming
Like i told Suhana,Kailash kher's songs suits the sufiana love of TASHA so well.
The bit which i liked the most in this VM was -Baawariya ho jaaonDay Dreaming
The scene of nakku trying to hurt her hands on the wall & the wedding scene where yet again ,more than people thinking her culprit ,her only concern was Dutta & his sadness.
The last frame when the song ends on Nakku's dream in which they are together is perfect summation to this VM,that is what nakku always wanted,to be happy with her love.Heart
Beautiful creation Star
Awasome VM,despite being short,i really loved how u used just 2 scenes ,one being Dutta's realisation of love & second time Dutta finally forgeting his anger in those love filled eyes of Nakku.I just love how he called her -NakkuDay Dreaming
Edit : i just read,this is ur 10th VM,congratsParty
Hope to see many more from uBig smile & in the mean time i will catch up with ur earlier VMs.Wink

Hi PoojaBig smile 
i'm so happy to see you here...Welcome to Sonee's VM'sPartyHug
Thank u sooo much for ur precious vote dear...what shud i say about ur comment its so pleased to readEmbarrassed...Thank u so much dear..happy to know k u lyk d choice of song...yeah true...we r biased is nakku who completes this eternal story alongwith dutta. abosolutely right...agree wit u..well sedClap..yes im crazy abt sufi music..dat y i choose kailasa's songEmbarrassed...
yeah dat bawariyan bit was amazing...not coz of i made itLOL...coz dat scene n lyrics suit well..lyk perfectBig smile...

ok abt Rhtdm...yeah wen i heard dis song only dis 1 scene click in my mind n i made it... 
@bold ..Exactly... n u very well know how MR's eyes ..*sigh*... Thanks i thought D's voice wil gt unheard but i forgot it's D n his amazing voiceWink...yeah 10th vm..i dont believe dis thanks for d wishesHug

Thank u so much so happy k u lyk it so much n u write ur feeling so beautifully k i'm touchedEmbarrassed...Thank u so much for watching n for ur apperciation means a lot to me.

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ShuVin IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 September 2010
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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by suhana19


EditedBig smile

Hey Dear SoneeHug
@Albela  sajan ...Omg what a wonderful and mindblowing vm it was ClapThumbs UpLoved everythin about it from starting to end ...very beautifully done...Heart...Loved the scenes ,song ..effects and editing ...just perfectStar,,,,U did an great job ...Thanx for making and sharing such a beautiful Piece ...Thanx yaara...keep it up ...
@RHTDM theme ...It was short and sweet ...just awesome yaara the song and scenes ...very nicely done ...thanx yaaraHug

Omg its ur 10th Vm ...Congrats dear ...I hope to see many more Vms from youHug...Keep tasha alive ...Wink

Lots of love and hugs

Hey SuhanaHug
Thank u so much so gald k u lyk d albela vm...all transition , effects on vegas i tried dis first tym ... u lyk d song choice ..Thank uTongue dear...
Thannks again i know its short...but im glad k u lyk d scene n songEmbarrassed...Thank u so much for watching it b for ur appreciation n for ur  Beautiful comment means a lot to me

Yaa 10 th vm..LOLThanks for d wonderful card n for ur wishes...Hugit wil be not possible if u all sweet friend wont support's all coz of u..Thank u k u all go though so much torture to watch my vm'sEmbarrassedLOLluv u for dat...Hug

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ShuVin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 10:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rose_Petal

Soneejee...aapko aur woh dono ko lots of hugs as usual! Hug Hug

Now, you know when voting for the VMs, I was watching yours and suddenly what do I see? A perfect glimpse of Suds, of course! I was so happy...iss mein to Suds aur chaskar bhi hai. LOL It was such a pleasant surprise...and to think that I thought I had cooled off on the villains of LTL. Ermm This might have been the reason why I voted for this VM. Just kidding! Tongue It was beautiful and you should feel proud. I sure am proud of you. Approve Very well picked scenes and the song was great. I love it!

As for Kaise main kahun, it was short but really cute and the Tasha scenes were wonderfully matched with the lyrics. Really seems like they were trying to say that to each other Day Dreaming...and Ruth ke...Ohhh Cry...DuJI, dostana, and all the I miss them! I didn't realize it was this song the first time I watched it (had to turn off the volume) -- but I love this song and the movie. And now I can say that you did a great job depicting Duji as you do with Tasha. Congrats on your 10 --almost 11 -- VMs! Clap I want some more. Big smile

Hi Mimijee ..*hugz back* ohh unn dono ko bhiErmm ..okLOL..HugHug
God coz of glimpse of sud n chaskar...i wish maie anna ko add kiya hota..ek doh aur vote mil jaateLOL..whatever d reason is..i'm happy k u voted for meWink...
aww thank u...i shud feel proud....ohh really i??Shocked omg..Thnks a lot dats d huge compliment yaar...thnk u thnk u..i feel so honoured lol...i'm glad k u lyk all d scene  n specially song...Embarrassed

@bold wow very well sed...till now i only feel dat song from one side...but u ..nice..yaara..

aww no more tear wont suit to ur imageLOL...yeah i miss dem too dats y i made vm on dem..ohh all duji scenes..*sigh*...but finally  u heard d song n watch d vm...upperwalene meri sunliTongue...i'm happy k u lyk my presentation...Embarrassed... omg u commented for 3 vm's Clapwow...great...yeah thnks for d wishes...yaa almost 11...thnks to u n ur partner in crimeWinkLOL...Thnks for ur appreciation means a lot to meHug...n for ur wonderful comment jo har kisiko nahi milati ...Kyun Rosie??WinkLOL...

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ShuVin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sana141994

nice vm 
i enjoy them 
really tasha are made for each other

Thank u for watching dem...n commenting...i'm glad k u lyk itHug

Originally posted by rainurubal

HI SonneeHug Hi Rubal Hug

thanks for the PMHug no need to say thnks dear ...its a pleasure

i have just watched the albela sajan and it is wowwwClap...awww Thank you so much dear...Hug

I will watch the another one today but sometime problem huni take ur time...

I liked ,you used first all black nakku with dutta and then with soni NakkuSmileSmileSmile... errrmm which  u talking abt?? albela den it's lyk whole LTL n Nakku's journeyEmbarrassed

Tasha hugs were awsemClapClapClap...yeah dey werDay Dreaming

again thanks for uploading in Hosting club,meri wajah se tumhe dugna kaam karna pada ,sorryLOLLOL ...ohh plz dear no sorry plz..its a pleasure k u watched my vm'sEmbarrassed Thnks a lot for dat...


Love ya Hug


Thank u so much for ur feedback dear..i'm glad k u enjoyed my vm...luv u..take care Hug

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ShuVin IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 September 2010
Posts: 6122

Posted: 28 June 2011 at 10:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by preety_219

Sonee, i am going to catch up ur VMs in reverse orderLOL

Ruth ke humse kabhi - Duji VM
Loved it ,loved it & loved itThumbs Up ,Baaji saying BHAU & Dutta saying BAAJI,all TASHA fans ears were so used to by this for more than a year & now we all miss them terriblyCry
Loved all the scenes u picked & really liked the way u match Dutta slapping & scolding Baaji with those lines.
Thanks a lot for making this freindship VM Clap
I miss the Baaji who was funny & also at the same time who used to understand Dutta's ishaares so perfectly.I miss Dutta who loved Baaji like a kid bro & yet also vented his anger on him.
This VM brought out lot of happy & sad memories,& after such a long time got to see them together in one frame for more than 5minsDay Dreaming.,now this is what i call treatSmile
MR Instrumental VM
Loved to see MR in such care-free way & i sure know that he had enjoyed being part of that show & we also got to see him in different attire apart from pathanisEmbarrassed
The song suits his temperament naa,he himself is kind of bachha in many waysLOL
Will try to catch up with remaining ones  real soon.
Lots of loveHug

ohh in reverse den u wil get to know ... how d VM quality decreasingLOL N  may be my efficiency alsoLOL... all d best n thnks for taking so much timeHug
awww thnk u so much pooja glad k u loved it...i'm succed in my i?? lol
i knw now a days im so obsessed add der voice in my vm'sLOL...n in dis more dan D i lyk wen baaji says bhauEmbarrassed...

aww slapping n scolding dat my favo...Day Dreaming..thnk u...yeah true dey wer so amazing ...sumtym lyk kid brother...kabhi dost...ohh his anger...n poor baaji jhelata bhi tha bechara...he is a perfect i'm missing demOuch..just lyk tasha we r crave for duji...
aww thnk u ... im happy k u lyk dis treat..Hug

yaa carefree MR ...he looks awesome in dat trackDay Dreaming...n dat attire..superb...The song suits his temperament naa,he himself is kind of bachha in many waysLOL ... Well sed sweetyClapLOL agree wit uEmbarrassed

its a pleasure k u watched my vm's n commenting...ur comments r amazing...may be more dan my vm;sEmbarrassed Thnks a lot for dis Hug

Edited by --SONEE-- - 28 June 2011 at 1:54pm

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ShuVin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 1:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by prncz

Hi Sonee  1st and foremost Congratulatiosn for 10th VM Party  Hi Raj...Smile Thank u so much dear...Hug
yeah here is to many more TAsha / LTL vms,
Thank you soo much  for sharign dear  ... its my pleasure dear,,n dis all happen coz of   sweet n loving friend  lyk u who support me..Embarrassedthnk u n luv u for disHug
ok  for Albela Sajan
what an awesome VM ,, like Pooji me too loved the bit -Baawariya ho jaaonDay Dreaming 
The scene of nakku trying to hurt her hands on the wall   awww thnk u ... Embarrassed
you have actually taken so many pains to match the lyrics with the scenes ,thank you and we all loved it Embarrassed many pain.??..u dont knw much i suffer coz for dis vm??Ouch... i matched d scenes witout any pain...but for saving D'oh..*ahen* Rosie n fivr  know evrything abt disLOL but finally coz of der support i managed to represent dis,,,n i'm glad k u all lyk it...Embarrassed
then KMKT  Song ,, the VM was classic you picked 2 beautiful momenst in the Tasha Journey and mixed it so well with the lyrics ,, it was so words to  express but ClapStar.

aww how sweet of no words u sed evrything so glad k u lyk it..thnk uHug
so again ,, me requesting  for more , opps,  not morey but MORE ...ohh u too morey fanLOL...dont know abt more n more...u wil get atleast 2 moreWink
thnks once again Sonee,, god bless
Thank u so much for watching n for ur feedback dear n for ur beautiful comment it means a lot to me...i'm glad k u enjoyed my vm...thnk u...n  luv u.. take care Hug

Edited by --SONEE-- - 29 June 2011 at 2:03am

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stranger2rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 1:51am | IP Logged
Roses from mimi and myself .. hope u like them

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