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<3Anjaana Anjaani<3 Chapter 5 pg 18 (Page 5)

Paramore IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
your welx hey just watch a video of him in pepsi commercial hope it heps

prayasbanetta10 Groupbie

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 2:04pm | IP Logged
Hey thanks again . It's very nice of you.

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Paramore IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 8:24am | IP Logged
awwww no prob it was my pleasure
Paramore IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 March 2011 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Chapter 1
A new begining

To check all the characters click below

Ainy takes a deep breath and walks inside the college it was her second year this college was like a second home to her now.
She walked in happpily and looked around to see that famlliar face who has been her jigri dost and best pal since a year .
She heard the familliar sound that she was now hearing since a year it was the bike of her jigri dost she turned around and smiled 
and saw a guy come riding inside the gate and stop by her .The guy lifted his helmet to show his soft hair, magical & dreamy black eyes &
a warm smile .

Ainy:Ali i missed you so much!!!! 
Ali:hi Ain whats up how were your vacations yaar?
Ainy:Dude were great pata hai kya hua?.......

Ainy kept on talking while Ali tried to seem as if intressted in her boring conversation and was thinking something else untill Aini
whispered .

Ainy:dekho the devil is here

Ali:oh great

Angel came closer and said in her usual arrogant manner

Angel:hi Ainy ..hi Ali

Ali:hi Angel

Ali said in a bred tone while Ainy replied mischievously

Ainy:hi Dev...i mean Angel 

Ainy smirked while Angel looked at her with daggers.Ainy smiled as she saw Azfar comming inside and after he saw Angel turned back
fast before he could run Ainy shouted

Ainy:hey Angel its Azfar there

Angel squeeked and went in that direction while Azfar was looking Aini in such a manner as if he was gonna eat her alive .

Angel:Azuu how were your vacations dear?

Azfar smiled weekly while Angel hugged him


he tried to move away from her but it was hard.Ali and Aini were laughing hard holding their ribs 

Ali:that was rude Ain

Ainy:i know but beter him than me

she said pointing at Azfar both laughed untill Aini saw Ali's smile fading away

Ainy:kya hua?

Ali:dekho its Giaa

Ainy:oh Crap aaj humari subah hi barbaad hogayi

Giaaa came over and smiled after seeing Ali

Giaa:Hi Ali.....

her smile faded after seeing Ainy

Giaa:Hi ainy

Ainy smirked while Ali groaned

Ali and Ainy:Hi Giaa

Giaa:Hi Ali so ho were you vacations

she said putting her and on his shoulder (loving Gopi's makeover lol).Ainy covered her mouth to stop herself from laughing while Ali looked at her hnd and put itt in his hand
and let go of it .Giaa frowned 

Ali:they were great

Azfar who was now completely bothered with Angel finally saw his light of hope Giaa

Azfar:hey look Angel its Giaa 

Angel squeeked again and ran towards Giaa scaring Giaa 

Angel:Giaa !!!

Giaa:hi Angel....

Gia said bye and walked off with Angel

Ainy:wow Giaa kinda likes you

Ali:no she doesn't

Ainy:but she is behaving like that with you since a year noow

Ali:i know but its just flirting 

Ainy:but its still a year!!!

Ali:well no girl can help but like me or fall for me

He straithened his collar and acted all cool making Ainy smirk

Ainy:except me 

Ainy laughed while Ali smirked

Ali:well not yet 
Ainy:yeah as if....

she looked annoyed while Azfar came 

Azfar:Ainy why did you tell her i was there

Ainy:eh....i was in a mood for a good laugh 

Azfar moaned while Ainy and Ali laughed

Ainy:so all three off us ar here welll except Kinny

Azfa:and Shahzad

Ainy:yeah whatev 

Azfar giggled and Ainy looked annoyed ttill Kinshuk came in

Ali & Azfar:hi Kinny

Kiny:Hi yaar

Ainy:hi Bunny

Ainy smirked while Kinny loked annoyed

Kinny:fo the last time don't call me bunny!!!

Ainy:yeah sure ,......BUNNY!!


everyone laughed and went to there rooms to unpack

After placing thier suitcases they all came out again 

Ainy:chalo panja laratey hain

Kinshuk:dekho chutki hamesha harti hain par hamesha panja larati hai all laughed except chutki i mean Ainy LOL.Firstly Azfar and Ali played and like always Azfar lost Ali was 
unbeatable at this game

Ali:you loose like always

Azfar:mock my words someday i willl beat you

Ali:jaaney do jaaney do thodi hawa aaney do

all laughed and Ainy suggested the puniasshment

Ainy:chalo you punishment is ke us darwazay se jo koi bhi ladki aayegi you must purpose to her while singing a song...


Azfar looked confident flirting was no big to him

Ainy:chahe woh teacher kyun na hon

every one laughed while Azfar sat in the purpose position LOL and closed his eyes and stretched his arms out he could hear footsteps of stillleto shoes and then the voice stoped
Everyone smirked while Azfar began

Azfar:Tumko sirk tumko chaha maine chahat ki kasam tum bin agar jeena pada humko toh marjayenge hum dil hai tumhara dadkan tumhari teray liye hain saansey humari itna hai kehna sang 
rehna sanam 

he could hear giggling the voice seemed as if raindrops falling he opened his eyes and saw a girl who was just amazing he just stared at her while she continued to giggle .Azfar said still loost in her eyes

Azfar:I LOVE YOU...

Neelam:dream on ....haha she laughed off walking away while her scarf ran across his face

Azfar:tumhara naam kya hai?

She turned around and smirked

Neelam:Neelam my name is Neelam 

Azfar was a bit of lost but he got out from the trance stood up and said

Azfar:ye lo hogayi tumhari punishment poori?

All walked off laughing and smirking while Azfar satyed and murmered her name and blushed and left too to join the game again


Neha quietly entered the college gate to see many people of different races walking and talking chirply .She walkeed confidently iinside and looked around the college .It was her first year here .Neha placed her
luggage in her room and went to the canteen and got in to the line it was her turn and the last cupcake was placed there she thanked God and was about to take the cake when a guy stood in front of her and took the cake
Neha got annoyed and said

Neha:hey what do you think your doing?
The guy turned around and Neha felt lost in his eyes but got normal again
Kinny:koi problem
Neha lost her temper
Neha:yes i have a problem aur woh tum ho!! ye mera cake hai and you can't cut in line
Kinny:lagta hai tum new ho warna tum janti main kaun hon?
Neha:kaun ho?
Kinny:i'm the prince of this college.......Kinshuk
Neha:well your Higness ....
she said as she curtseys 
Neha:get you hands off my cake!!!
Kinny:acha acha ziyada gussa mat kao rakh lo i don't need it anyways
Kinny smmirked as he left

Ainy came up and said 
Ainy:tum fikar mat karo jhoot bol raha tha woh Prince nahi hai Pince toh Ali ko kehte hain
Neha:like i care about him

Neha smirked and left while Ainy shrugged

Aham and Rucha also entered Aham went inside while Rucha stared around happily
Aham:Rucha kya hua?
Rucha frowned 
Rucha:kuch nahi bhai
Aham:acha ye yaad rakhna maa ne humein Morena se Britain humein bheja hain takey hum paday in masti mazaq mein time na waste karien
Rucha's frown turned worse
Rucha:jee bhai

and both walked inside

Aham:chalo ye raha girls hostel apna bag rakho aur phir main tum se neeche milta hoon canteen main
Rucha:jee bhai

Aham walked to the boys hostel when a hand blocked his way .He looked at the face of the person and felt moved by the beauty but he snapped back from the trance fast
Aham:kaun ho tum aur ye kya mazaq hai?
He asked sternly while the girl replied 
Giaa:I'm Giaa and this mazaq of which you speak of is called ragging
Aham:move away 
He moved her away but she came in front of im again
Giaa:not like this you have to do what i say 
Aham grabbed her hand roughly i don't have time for ragging he snapped at her and walked off leaving Giaa suprised

Now Ainy and Kinsuk played .Ainy tried hard but Kinshuk just whisteled and beeat her easily

Ainy:not fair

She whined while Azfar smirked

Azfar:now my turn to give you punishment

Ainy:Oh no

Azfar:oh gate se jo koi bhi first ayye you gotta push that person


Ainy snapped and wen't to the gate she saw the history teacher comming she got scared and closed her eyes and pushed she heared a thud she opened her eyes to see not the history teacher but a cute boy .The boy just stared t her suprised

Shehroz:the welcome in your college for new studennts is amazing

Ainy blushed  

Ainy:i'm sorry i was punished for loosing

the boy sat up but stil on the ground

Shehroz:weird customs here....are you gona help me or not

Ainy blushed  again and helped him up

Ainy:i'm sorry BTW i'm Noorulain but people cal me Ainy

Shehroz:no problem....and i'm Shehroz

he laughed and walked off leaving Ainy blushing and embarrased


It was 2:00 clock now and almost all students were here and resting in their rooms Rosh entered the gate and saw no one

Rosh:wow am i late or what? acha hua waise bhi i didn't wanna come to Britain anyways

She wiped her tears with her hand as she remembered her family but kept walking keeping her head down her eyes were blurred because of the tears as she kept wiping them she bumped into someone and both fell down.She looked up and saw a really cute boy

Ali:dekh kay nahi chalsakti new ho kya....

he noticed her tears as her face was looking straight up .Rosh moved her head down and wiped her tears fast Ali smirked

Ali:I'm Ali 

Ali stood up and gave her a hand .Rosh took his hand and got up

Rosh:my name is Roshni 

and walked off silently hile Ali smiled and laughed and said to himself 

Ali:cute girl


so did you like it i hope you liked it!!! i worked hard on it


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rosse12 Goldie

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Posted: 05 March 2011 at 12:56pm | IP Logged

loved it...plz continue soon..n pm me :)

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Paramore IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 March 2011 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by _gunjan_

loved it...plz continue soon..n pm me :)

awwww thnx dear i'l add you to my list Smile

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wadi..doll IF-Rockerz

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i love it sooooo much hope you write soooon am waiting

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Paramore IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by wadi..doll

i love it sooooo much hope you write soooon am waiting

sure dear i will i really loved witing the scene in which KinHa fight over the cupcake could have wrote moe but i have other four couples to write on lol LOL

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