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<3Anjaana Anjaani<3 Chapter 5 pg 18 (Page 18)

xavivilla IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Paramore IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Warda.

hey i just forgot....wheres ali...not seen him in the last two updates

yes Ali will be in next update LOL when Rosh shuts the door on his face so he doesn't see Kabir 

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Rabz_14 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 3:31pm | IP Logged
Hey ur story is going really interesting...n i started to like Kabir n Rosh their track is very nice n unique actually...plz continue soon...

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xavivilla IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 August 2010
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Posted: 20 March 2011 at 3:37pm | IP Logged
the only problem is that i dont understand the dialogues, they are in hindi lol lol 

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Paramore IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 6:59am | IP Logged
@Rabz thnx dear thnx a lot i'm really happy you liked it 

@Cali: awwww sorry bhai i though you knew Urdu Embarrassed
Paramore IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 11:59am | IP Logged

Chapter 5
Non Sense and Sensibility

Neha:A RAT??? 

Neha yelled while Rosh looked nervous

Rosh:fine fine i'll tell you....

Rosh made Neha sit on bed and told her everything .Neha was completely in shock

Neha:so it wasn't a dream?
Rosh:no it wasn't

Rosh had something in mind she wanted to ask very badly

Rosh:why did you scream?
Neha:ummmmm......*blushes*....because i saw him in a towel *blushes more*

Rosh:oh okay .....

Kabir comes out fully dressed but totally red like a tomato.Neha grew nervous

Neha:ii'm gonna go take a shower cause i'm late

Neha ran inside and Rosh told Kabir to sit next to her

Rosh:Kabir kya hua yaar?
Rosh:if you don't wanna tell its okay.....
Kabir:nahi nahi...its just that.....
Rosh:i can understand .....

Rosh smiled at him she just couldn't believe she asked him that what was she thinking?

Rosh:ummm okay *blushes* ummm...main jaati hoon...

She heard knocking

Rosh:i'll check the door......don't make a single noise okay

Kabir just nodded childishly again she felt like melting OMG what was hapening? soo inoccent the cuteness of this boy was beyond her imagination
she went to door and opened it a bit to see Ali 

Ali:helllo Rose good morning

Rosh came outside quick and shut the door

Rosh:tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?

She looked nervous and was sweaty

Ali:Rose you okay?

Rosh:i'm great tum ko aisa kyun lag raha hai ke i'm not fine

Kabir from inside spotted Rosh's cell his curiosity for cell phones made him pick it up he examined it and accidently dropped it

a thud noise came followed by Kabir yelling 

Kabir:Sorry galti se hogaya

Rosh smacked her head 

Ali:is that a boy in your room

Ali said in curiosity 

Rosh:no no thats Neha

Ali:but thats a male voice

Rosh smiled weakly in nervousness know Neha sounds like this in morning every morning

another thud noise came

Rosh:igotta go i'm late bye!
Ali:Bye.....oww my nose

Rosh shut the door on his face and she called from inside

ali:its okay my nose just got a bit hurt no big....

in mind he was thinking: "Man this must be the first girl in this whole World who shuts a door in my face "

Inside the story was a bit different

Rosh:kya kar rahe ho tum!!!
Kabir:k-kuch bhi-i nah-hi

his voice was shaky while Rosh was angry


she saw her phone broken and Kabir trying to hide it.Rosh controlled her anger

Rosh:tum ne ye kya kiya?
Kabir:i'm sorry

Rosh took a deep breath

Rosh:.....its okay....

the doorr opened Neha came out Rosh looked pretty angry while Kabir was embarrased .Rosh grabbed her cloths and stormed in the bathroom slamming the door
Neha saw her cell phone but said nothing .Rosh yelled from inside

Rosh:yaar Neha meri book report rakh dena yaad se warna aaj meri shaamat aajayegi

Neha took the report and was about to put it in Rosh's pink bag but got a call she it back on desk and started talking Kabir looked worriedly at Neha
Rosh came out and did her hair in a normal pony tail then both grabbed back packs and were going out Kabir worriedly tried to talk

Rosh:main late ho rahi baad main baat karoooongi
Rosh:please Kabir i'll talk to you later

She ran out Kabir sighed he went to her desk and looked at the book report 

Kabir:mujhe ye book report deni hi hoggi usko 

Rosh and Neha came in class and sat down 

Teacher:okay are  you guys ready for Sense and sensibility? first Mr Modi and miss Manek

Aham:lets get this over with

both came in front of class

Aham:My lady i know your pains concerning Wiloghby but will you marry me?

Gia:ummm...Sir i must say that.....

her phone rang it was a text


she looked at the class all the students giggling teacher angry and Aham....well he looked as if he was about to murder her and that  would be an understatement!!!

Giaa:ummm.. sir...i ....i...don't know what to say

Teacher: i know exactly what to say " F "...

Giaa:noo....can i leave now?

Teacher:take your seat miss Manek



Kabir took all his strength together and came out of the room he remembered the way out from the girls hostel since he is a genius so even if it was dark at that time 
he found his way out by passing stairs but outside he was completely lost


Teacher:mr Zafar and miss Jaffri please

both step up and winked at each other while Ali loked at Rosh and smiled .Rosh could tell they were up to no good and she wa right

Ali:so girl i wanna take you for a whirl .Don't make a drama just be my hot mama

Ali began in a hip hop style.The teacher was suprized while the whole class laughed

Rosh whispeed:i knew it!!!

Neha shrugged and giggled

Ainy:let me think you do blink but i'm not ready you cool daddy

Teacher:why don't you two hip hop all the way back to your seats and then i'll send you hot mama & cool daddy to the principal's office 

Ali and Ainy :Word!!!

they fist pounded each other

The teacher was almost about to murder them but he stoppped


Kabir was now in school building but still pretty much lost


Teacher:mr Mahajan and miss Sargam hope you don't hop us with your hip

Neha and Kinshuk step up

Kinshuk:yes i must declare my feelings for you my dear lady

Neha:sir i don't know....

Kinshuk:you must have some feelings for me my dear Elinor?

Teacher seemed quite happy and thought: "finally some people who are not hoppping me mad"

but he didn't remain happy for long

Kinshuk stepped on Neha's foot


Neha said as took hold of her foot while Kinnny laughed

Neha:you think its funy pea brain!!!
Kinny:PEA BRAIN!!! who do you think your talking with....(he thought for a second) Hippo
Kinny:yeah a big fat hippo
Neha:ITS ON!!!
Kinny:yeah bring it

Neha and kinny started hiting each other Rosh grabbed Neha while Azfar grabbed Kinny from behind and the teacher stopped them

Teacher:ITS ENOUGH!!!

Kinny and Neha fixed them selves a bit

Neha:Its not over it won't be over till the fat lady sings

Kinny smirked and replied mischievously

Kinny:Oh you didn't tell us you could sing!!!

by now Neha was red in anger while the teacher complained

Teacher:Oh Why me from all over the world why me? 


Kabir was still pretty much lost and accidently went to the girl washroom a girl was washing her hands there

Girl:hey get out!!!

Kabir ran outside quick and thought: "This day is turning out to be pretty bad"


Teacher:well mr Rehman and miss Muneer please don't dissapoint me

Neelam:dear sir what are you dong here

Azfar forgot the lines 

Neelam:ahem....Sir?? Sir??

Azfar got consious now

Azfar: d-dear ...leda..i-i m-mean lady.....will rammy...i-i mean m-marrr....

Teacher:back to your seat sir clueless 

Azfar got red for being called sir clueless
Neelam angrily stomped on his foot

Neelam:thats for getting me F 

Teacher:okay..... mr Sabzwari and miss Noori please try and make this better

Kabir finally came near their class to see whrther she was here or not he started looking through window on other side where he couldn't see Rosh but she could see him

Sheroz:miss Elinor i come before you today to portray my feelings to you...

he went down on his knees

Rosh:oh sir ...i don't know what to say....

Shero:will you marry me miss Elinor?


She saw Kabir

Rosh:ohh Crap....

Sheo didn't get her he was facing other direction it was 5 seconds and she didn't talk

Shero: miss Elinor?

Rosh didn't reply shetried to send Kabir away using some hand signals

Sheroz:Miss Elinor??

he tried to get her out of it but Rosh was too busy in Kabir she signaled Neha at first Neha was confused but then she saw Kabir Neha gasped

Sheroz:Miss Elinor??? are you listening

Neha signalled Kabir no one noticed as they were busy either texting or looking at Rosh .Kabir looked at her and then both mouthed to each other so no one could hear

Neha:go away

Rosh's attention was on them

Neha:GO AWAY!!!

Kabir couldn't understand her lip movements

Rosh was red in anger so she tried whispering but Kabir couldn't hear her

Rosh:go away....go away ...jao jao na


Rosh:jao yaar just go...

it didn't work so Neha ducked under her desk and crawled to where Kabir is on window hiding from the teacher who was about slam his head on a wall


Sheroz yelled at top of his lungs in anger Kabir and Neha faced him in shock  and students like Giaa who were busy texting even got their attention on him except Rosh who was worrried 
about getting caught about Kabir yelled louder in complete anger



Neha pushed the nervous Kabir so when everyone turned to their direction Rosh was pointing at they only saw Neha

Rosh who saw what was she doing was now red in embarrasment

Teacher:okay this is Non sense and sensibility....thats it you all are failed class dismissed but some of you who failed today miserably are gonna stay here in class as your punishment for 4 hours

thats mr Modi , miss Manek , miss Sargam , mr Mahajan ,miss Muneer,mr Rehman,mr Sabzwari ,miss Noori and of course the hot mama and Cool dadddy

All of them:4 HOURS!!!

the class was gone and teacher went outside rubbing his head

Rosh sighed in pain and relief that teacher didn't saw Kabir Ali came nea Rosh

Ali:Rose who is Kabir?
Rosh:who Kabir?

Rosh began nervously

Ainy:the one you were screaming about in class for 

Rosh:who Kabir i don't know any Kabir...

she was horrified as Kabir came in class through window and came near her

Kabir:Roshni tum apni book report bhool gayi thi room main ......

he stopped as he saw Rosh giving him daggers through her eyes,Sheroz rubbing his head in desperation ,Neha burrying her head in her hands and the rest of them with shocked and questioning
eyes staring at him


Ainy:ye kaun hai?.....

Neelam:Rosh bolo yaar who is this?


Ali:Acha toh Kabir ye hai!!!

Ali sounded angry

Kinny:acha toh Hippo tum bhi Kabir ko jaanti ho?

Shero:Kabir tum Rosh ke kamray se bahar kyun niklay tum poori raat wahan they toh.....

he was cut off by Ali

Ali:POORI RAAT???!!!

Giaa:You go Girl mujhe lagta that ke tum toh bohat boring ho par you proved me wrong!!!

she patted her shoulder and laughd Rosh and Kabir both understood her and turned red 

Ali:Acha toh iski awaaz aayi thi mujhe!!!

Aham:main samjhta tha ke Roshni tumachi ladki ho but you proved me wrong

he said in disgust

Azfar:wow poori raat!!!

Ali:Rose i can't believe you

it was now too much she yelled

Rosh:BAS!!! your al wrong main tum logon ko batati hoon
Shero:par Rosh....

he nodded

Rosh told them everything while their eyes turned huge in disbelief but Shero and Neha said they knew she was telling truth

Neelam:i believe you Rosh

she hugged her

Ali:i do too

Giaa:i must agre because that would explain his clohs and hair 

Aham:wo i think i believe too

they all agreed even Rucha who just arrived to give Aham his lunch since he was stuck here

Ali:theek hai so i'll give his a make over

Neha:a make over?

Ali:yes phir he will look like a 21st century boy 

they all laughd except Rosh who looked angrilly at Kabir


That night Kabir slept in Ali and Kinny's room

Ali:kya hua Kabir

he saw him looking sad

Kabir:Roshni mujh se naaraaz hai

Kinny:koi baat nahi yaaron kal Holi hai everything will be fine then

Kabir:par woh Holi nahi kheley gi 

Kinny:pa kyun?

Ali and Kabir looked at weirdly Kinny untill he understood  

Kinny:oh right phir Ali tum bhi nahi khelo gey na tum Kabir

Kabir:actually main apnay dost Jayant ke saath har saal khelta tha pata nahi ab khel paasonga ya nahi kyunke mujhe pata chal gaya hai ke main.......

he stopped he remembered Saraswati told him his mom was a woman named Rukhsana so obviously he must be .... he kept quiet the boys didn't ask much from him since they thought he was remembering his past or something


you like it i hope you do please rate and comment

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Rabz_14 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
wow Awsome update!! i love it!! specially the part in which Rosh saw Kabir in the Finally Ali is there again n becoz of him the story is even more interesting...and oh everyone knows abt Kabir now... waiting for the next chapter...

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Warda. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
so sorry i could not read your update as i was out of town....i will read and comment asap....

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