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Twist of Fate~MG~EpiAPg139/EpiBPg140(23/11/11) (Page 140)

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Posted: 23 November 2011 at 11:11am | IP Logged
Epilogue-Part A on Page 139

(Hey guys, please read the note after the epilogue)

The marriage day finally came, all were rushing here and there to last touches in the hall. Meanwhile at house, Geet was dressed up in the red-golden dress that Maan gave her. It was different from the first time, he made sure that he made everything best for Geet. He personally made the dress design. All her jeweleries were chosen by him as Geet told him that she wanted to know if he knew her well or not. He proved to know her well as she really loved his choice.

Atul and Anjali were even invited, who shifted to another branch because of Atul's parents but now they couldn't miss Maan and Geet's wedding and also meet Rahul and Muskaan. Although, they were surprised to know about the couples settings yet they were happy to see the couples happy and Muskaan pregnant.

Meanwhile, at the other side, in Rahul's house, Arjun had come there so Rahul took the permission left for Geet's house. Maan made Rehan ready in a blue sherwani "you look handsome Prince" Maan complimented him.

"thank you papa" Rehan thanked and sat on his bed, doing his colorings. Maan then got ready himself. Rehan looked up and said "mama is going to faint seeing you"

Maan blushed at this then said "it is other way round, I am going to faint seeing her" he kissed Rehan and picked him "let's go, you Arjun Mamoo must be waiting"

"ok" they left to the hall together.

Muskaan went into her room after getting Geet and Diya ready. She was hell tired, she sat on the bed. "what happened sweety?" Rahul asked as he sat next to her on the bed and put his feet in his lap. He massaged her feet.

"I am really tired" she said as she closed her eyes, feeing relaxed now as her swollen feet got some peace. "I am so tired to even dress up" she said with a sigh.

Rahul gave her a aching medicine and side hugged her. "how about I dress you up?" he suggested, kissing on her hairs.

"I won't mind" she said with a smile.

Rahul gently took out her clothes, leaving her body bare. He caressed her body at various places, leaving kisses here and there. He made her wore the petticoat and the blouse. As she stood up in front of him, he gently started clading the sari around her. He helped her wear the jewellery and make up then took her down while picking up in his arms. "you look beautiful"

Only Rahul, Muskaan, Diya and Geet were left at home as they will leave before the wedding time. All of the other were already in the hall.

"thank you. Anyways, today I was bond to look beautiful as my dear husband, my sweetheart dressed me up" she said giving a kiss on his cheek.

"Do you want anything special to eat?" he asked knowing that she is having cravings.

"yes I want to have pickles" he placed her on the couch and went into the kitchen. He came with a bottle full of mango pickles.

"Mango pickles yummy" she said and attacked on the pickles. She ate with her fingers savouring each second.

"can I have some?" Rahul asked forwarding his face.

"yes" Muskaan said as she put her finger in his mouth. He took the pickle as well as sucked her finger.

"it is indeed yummy" he said liking his lips, making Muskaan blush. He knelt down in front of Muskaan. "hey sweety, how are you? Are you enjoying the pickle?" he asked placing his hand on her abdomen.

"Baby is saying, I am fine and I am enjoying pickles" Muskaan replied on the behalf of the baby.

"I am glad to know to my baby and my baby's mama is happy" he said kissing her stomach and then her forehead.

"what about papa and my husband?" she asked for both of them.

"I am happy when my wife and my baby are happy" he said with a big smile, making Muskaan's smile big.

"we should take Geet down" Arohi said, descending with Diya and Geet. All left to the hall, where they went to the upper floor by outside way.

As the time of their wedding came, Geet came down along Tamana, who was also dressed in beautiful dress, accompanied by Arohi, Muskaan. Both looked beautiful yet eternal to their respective partners.

"papa, isn't mama looking beautiful?" Rehan said, admiring his beautiful mama

"she is always beautiful" Maan said, as well admiring Geet.

"papa, how am I looking?" Diya said, who came down with Geet, but rushed to Maan directly. Muskaan had dressed up the little princess.

"you look really beautiful and cute" Maan said, while kissing Diya.

"papa does she look more beautiful than mama?" Rehan asked innocently.

"Diya and Geet are usually beautiful, there are no comparison between them" Maan told them, as he saw Geet talking last few steps.

"now be good children and come to me" Rahul told them with a smile.

"ok mamoo" both the children went with him.

Maan, Geet and Tamana, Yuvraj got married. "Maan, please never hurt Geet again" Arjun said, as he was hugging Geet, who was crying to go away from them. Yes she was married once, but at that time she didn't have any relatives with her to share her pain of parting from her house.

"Arjun bhai, I will take care of her more than my own life" Maan said, as he took blessings from Maan

"may god keep you both happy" Shashank said hugging Geet as well as Maan.

"we will miss you" Rehan and Diya said hugging everyone, with tears

"sweethearts, don't cry, you will be able to see your mamoos, mamis and nanu whenever you will want to" Maan said, assuring the little bundles.

They took blessings of the elders. Maan and Geet along their kids went to their house accompanied by Rahul and Muskaan, who went their to complete all the little memorable rituals. Meanwhile, Tamana's cousins accompanied her to Geet's house as Yuvraj only stayed there when he came to India. The next day after the reception, they were about to leave for England.

Geet's father and brother escorted her to the car and hugging her once again, they made her sit there. Maan took the permission by Geet's family and left.

Rahul and Muskaan sat on the front seat, while Maan sat with Geet behind. Diya was in his lap while Rehan in Geet's.

Rehan wiped Geet's tears and said "my mama looks beautiful when she smiles like Rehan" Geet smiled at this. She could even see that her kids were so tired that their eyes were dropping.

"why don't you both sleep for a while?" Geet told Rehan and Diya as she already patted their head.

"no, we want to see our new home" Diya said, jumping in Maan's lap.

After few seconds, Rahul stopped the car at a beautiful house. "this is your new house Khurana family" Rahul said with a smile.

"come guys" Muskaan said, Rehan and Diya marched with her and Rahul.

Maan was behind with Geet, he was taking care of her dress. "Geet do you remember, we were friends, you often saw a house and told me this is how you want your house to be. I made the house built as per your choice, I hope you liked it" he walked her, by holding her waist.

Geet looked toward his face, he was looking at her face as well. "I, actually, loved it" she said with a bright smile.

"I am so happy to hear this" he placed a kiss on her forehead.

Once Muskaan was done with the home greeting, they entered in the house. After few rituals such as taking money from Maan to enter in the room, they let Maan and Geet go, they even insisted to keep Rehan and Diya with them as they wanted them to have some time with each other so Maan and Geet had to agree.

As they entered together in the room, Maan closed the door and picked Geet up. He moved toward the bed and placed her there. "Geet, are you ready for this?" he asked gently caressing her cheek.

"yes I am, as I want to forget those past moments" she said referring the nights were he made love to her as if she was so s*ut. Maan buried his head in her lap and cried his heart out. He still couldn't believe, he uttered such words for her or did so much heinous acts to her.

"I am don't want you to cry on this special day" Geet said, as she raised his head and wiped his tears.

"I will try not to cry" he said, kissing her hands.

He gently kissed her body, while whispering now and then 'I love you to each other', they caressed various places of each other.

"Geet, today, my gestures, my love will show how much I love you" he whispered near her ear. He took her jewelery away will kissing those places.

They helped each other out of their clothes. Maan caressed all the places where he hurt, he kissed every inch of her body as if he was worshiping her purity, yet tears were coming out.

Geet wiped them and said "now don't make this awesome and romantic moment into a sentimental" he smiled at this and kissed her lips.

"I love you" he said again as he placed again kiss on her lips and made her his in proper sense. They made love to each other and then laid next to each other.

"Did I hurt you?" he asked worriedly, thinking that lost in the moment he might had hurt her.

"no you didn't, you just loved me, I love you" she said, while kissing on his bare chest.

"I love you" he pulled her body closer to her. They made love to each other few more times, enjoying their moments. They completed each other that night.
On the other side, in Rahul and Muskaan's room, if Muskaan was tired before going to the wedding then now she was exhausted. Rahul placed her on the bed and told her "how about I help you taking out you dress?" he suggested the same way as the evening.

"you know I won't mind right?" she said in a tired tone.

"yes I know that. Can I be naughty?" he asked innocently

"of course" she said with a smile.

He smiled and took her clothes away by sensually seducing her.

He trailed her navel sensuously. "Rahul" Muskaan moaned his name.

He kissed on her navel and trailed a number of kissed there. She held his collar and said "I want you... I need you right now" her breath was his.

"don't you think you are too tired for a round?" he asked with his brow raised.

"no, I just want you right now" she ordered him.

"As you want princess" he said gently taking away the last bit of her clothing. "you look beautiful like this" he said caressing her hips, her bulge.

"I am getting fat" she whined

"and that makes you even more desirable" Rahul said and kissed her stomach. He touched at the places that only he had the access.

He gently made his way into her, "Muskaan, are you feeling comfortable?" he asked worriedly

"yes" She whispered, whil panting.

"Muskaan, do stop me if you feel pain or any discomfort" he said he started making love to her.

Once they were done, he laid next to her, while kissing her neck and shoulder. "Are you feeling ok?" he asked gently, massaging her shoulder.

"yes Rahul but I feel hungry" she pouted cutely

Maan grinned at her and said "so my princess feel hungry when she makes love" he left trail of kissed on her cheeks.

"Don't tease me" she whined like a baby

"ok sorry, what do you want to eat?" he pulled her naked body more closer to him.

"hmm Ice cream, hmm Strawberry flavor" Muskaan asked, with her mth watering.

"I think I have that" he said, as he left a bite on her shoulder.

"monster" she hit on his chest.

"why don't you become a monster's wife as well, I won't mind a bite" he said with a wink

"is that so?" she asked with a frown.

"yes" he said sheepishly

"ok then here you go" she said giving him a love bite on his shoulder.

"now that is like my lioness" he kissed on her lips "wait I will bring ice cream for you" he put on his boxers, pajama and a t-shirt. After a while, he came back with a bowl with ice-cream. She cherished the ice-cream and fed him as well, soon after that, she slept on his shoulder.

The next day, Maan and Geet woke up in each other's arms. "I love it to find you in birth suit in the morning, in my arms" Maan said, while kissing on her neck, her chin, her cheek and her lips.

"The feeling is mutual, my dear husband" she said pecking back on his laps.

"I love you so much that I can't even express in words but you love me even beyond that" he said, taking hold her hands.

"Will you always love me this way?" she asked with some insecurity in her voice. She didn't wish to undergo what she did years ago.

"yes I will always keep loving you and our children" he said, while taking her in a tight hug.

She stayed for sometime in his arms and then said "we should get ready, Rehan and Diya must be waiting for us" she kissed on his chest and Maan let her go.

Geet smile and marched toward the bathroom, Maan came from behind and picked her up. "I can't let my beautiful wife to have a shower alone, now can I?" he asked naughtily.

"you are impossible" Geet said, with scarlet red face.

"that I am in your love" he took her in the bathroom and close the door.

After the hot sensuous shower, they went down, where they saw Rehan and Diya ready. "wow what a surprise our cutie pies are all ready" Geet said greeting Rehan and Diya, who rushed to them.

"yes mama, Muskaan Mami made us ready" Rehan said proudly.

"thank you Muskaan" Geet said, gratefully.

"you are most welcome" Muskaan said with a smile and served them with dinner.

Maan and Geet showered their kids with kisses and fed them. "Geet, as you always are involved making everyone happy. I want to give you something from all your family, here" Rahul passed her an envelop.

She opened it and found two tickets for their honeymoon for two weeks. "Rahul, I can't take it" she said placing them down.

"and why is that?" Muskaan asked with a frown.

"Muskaan, we have Rehan and Diya as well, we can't leave them alone" Maan seconded Geet.

"Don't worry guys, they won't be alone, they will be with us at Shashank uncles place. Rehan and Diya also agreed, right?" Rahul asked the kids.

"yes papa, we know it is really important for you and we will enjoy with our mamoos, mamis, nanu and Gayatri maasi as well as Muskaan's mami's child" Rehan said in a casual tone.

"Important?" Geet gasped at this.

"yes mama, Rahul mamoo told us that you have some important work" Diya said inncently clearing the confusion.

Maan and Geet looked at each other, Maan shrugged his shoulders as saying whatever seems correct to you. "oh so now that you have everything arranged, we are ready to go" Geet said with a smile.

The next day, they left for their honeymoon but they were already missing everyone specially Rehan and Diya yet they knew they have to make best memories of this time.

During their honeymoon, they spent their time in their room, making love to each other. With their each making love, Geet insecurities lessened. Apart that, they did a lot of shopping for everyone. It was their last day, they were entangled with each other in the bed. "Geet, can I ask you something?" he asked as he caressed her arms.

"what?" she asked looking into his eyes, which were moist "why are your eyes moist?"

"Geet, I know what I am going to ask you, I don't deserve it. Can we have another baby, I want to be there with you to feel everything, to know what you went through? If you don't want, I will never ask you again" he said as he kissed her cheek.

"Maan, of course, I have no problem. Anyways, I promised you we will have three kids" She said with a smile. Maan smiled at her and kissed her deeply. He felt amazed to know how he remembered everything about them. All he hoped was to erase those painful memories from her mind.

After 6 months, Rahul and Muskaan had a baby boy, Ishan. Arohi was pregnant by two months and Geet was also pregnant by 6 months which made Arjun pout that he was the elder yet Geet's children would be elders than his, yet he was happy for her.

That was how their life was. They were now together for each other always. Maan made sure to never hurt her. Their lives were blissful, Rehan and Diya were happy with their family. Geet gave another beautiful gift to Maan, in the form of their baby girl, Pari, their angel.

Hey guys,

Hey guys, How are you all?
My FF had come to almost a closure and I am feeling really sad as it was one of my favorite FF.

Guys, I want to let you know how my journey was from the starting to the end of this FF. I spent loads of time on this concept before I actually start writting it. I was not sure if you all will like it or not. So I made changes to the concept even before I started then when I updated the intro and after the parts, I was overwhelmed to see the response, I was over the moon.

People often asked me, why I make the male protagonist quite negative, or why do I show women more stronger, it is only because I feel to show a stronger women will help the women around here, having problems in their loves. So if it hels those women I will be more than happy.

Nonetheless, all the men are not bad, far from it but there are a loads. I have shown it in a loads of FFs, such as: Tu mera Armaan hai, Arranged Marriage 1, A true Story, Abnormal yet normal love, I love you for what you are, True love is eternal and so on. I really to diversify.

I don't know about you all, but I will really miss this FF. I was my longest FF and it was really close to my heart like my any other FF. I do put my heart while writting my FFs. I really do hope you will miss it as it in self will prove that you loved my FF :D

I want to dedicate to all my friends, my readers and to people whom birthday is in November (Happy Birthday guys, may you get all the success and happiness. Be happy and keep everyone happy :D).

IMPORTANT POINT: If you ever find I wrote love making scenes explicitly or something like that please let me know :)

Please leave your comments, even a word, good or bad-Or even please press the 'like' button. As your comments mean a lot to me, they encourage me to write further :).

If there is any mistake do tell me, don't hesitate :D

All criticism, suggestion and questions are most welcome.

And I'll PM later :)

PS: if you want PMs all u have to do is comment/press like button and add me in buddy list as 'kashishkPM' :).

Luv u<333

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loved it!!
will miss readin this
aditi_2010 IF-Dazzler

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that was a beautiful ending... i thught of commenting for each parts but i couldn't get time. anyway this was one heck of an ff and i really loved it, and i especially liked how you showed a positive ending and built a beautiful dream for the readers... do write more and last, i would really miss this story
abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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awesome update loved the part b of epilogue
rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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it was just blissful
n awesomeee
n i will surely miss ur pms n updatesss
bt dnt worry i realllyyy want u 2 come bk with another ff 2 keep us busyyy
Shalve IF-Sizzlerz

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superb ending...loved it
-KartikNaira- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 November 2011 at 2:39pm | IP Logged
Superb ending
Totally awesome
N thanks for the bday wish.. My birthday is on sunday 27 nov!!

But seriously it was an amazing ff!!
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beautiful FF

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