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Memories of My Heart - MN OS Gallery (Page 7)

drmaha IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 November 2010
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 10:50am | IP Logged
it was awsome os ishita....
just loved it..........Thumbs Up

wht a realationship u portrayed..........Smile

i was madly involved in ur os...
pls pm me nxt part.........
will w8..........Smile

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ruexangel IF-Dazzler

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 10:53am | IP Logged
loved the first part! the start was actually sooo cute! and then I also cried a little in the rest Ouch
read all parts now
omg your stories are always such a treat!!
I can't believe the ending... I really want you to continue soon, plz plz plzz!!

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_ArTi4ever_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 11:59am | IP Logged
exceptionally well written ishita...really cant wait 4 the next part...u r one gem of a writer...

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DhanakZ IF-Dazzler

Joined: 18 June 2010
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
So finally Nupur Understood her love for Mayank.
hope mayank will also know it soon
Plz dont seperate mayur 
Thanks for lovely update
cont soon and Thanks for Pm

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-SAISakura16- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 December 2010
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
Part 3 on Page 4
Part 4

My head was spinning, the conversation with my family kept repeating in my head. I didn't know what to do, or what to say to them. They were all happily discussing about the potential marriage and I used that to my advantage to escape to my room. I closed the door, fell on my bed crying. Only a week ago did I realize that I had fallen for my best friend and even before I experienced the feeling of new love, my family was already discussing my marriage with someone else. Worse was the fact that the person who I loved and had always loved so much, was the one arranging it. I didn't know when sleep hit me.


When I woke up again, it was nearly midnight. Not having had any food for hours and having gone through so much emotional strain I was craving for a cup of coffee. Changing into my pyjamas, I went down and made some coffee and toasted bagel.  I returned to my bedroom but sleep was miles away from me at that time. I returned to the den, it was dark except for the moonlight that shone through the huge windows. Wrapping my blanket around me, I sat on the window seat in the den with my knees against my chest. The graceful descending of the snowflakes seemed to soothe my aching heart and I sat there sipping my coffee.


"Hey'sleepyhead" your voice brought me out of my thoughts and I looked up.  You were standing by top of the stairs smiling. I smiled weakly "Hi. U just coming back now?"


"Ya'u know the guys' none of them got there on time and so we didn't go for dinner till like 10:30pm'Coffee?" I nodded and you took it from my hands and sipped it. "Scoot over a little" you asked me and I moved closer to the window. You sat down next to me, putting your arms around my shoulders, and asked "When I called earlier, Gunjan told me you had gone to sleep at like 7. You feeling okay? It's not like you to go to sleep so early in the evening" You face had concern written all over it and you touched my forehead to see if I was running a fever.


"Ya'I'm okay, was a bit tired, that's all " I tried to forget the evening's events and be as normal as possible.


"You are not running a temperature but you look wiped out.'you seriously got to learn to take care of yourself Missy!" I didn't say anything, you put the coffee cup to my mouth and continued, "I'm sure you didn't have anything to eat after lunch. You better not be thinking of going to bed with just this coffee" You knew me so well. You understood my every gesture. You understood my every word and silence. You understood all my hidden feelings and emotions except this. Love.


"Ahem! Hello!!" I was again shook out of my thoughts by your voice. "Madam, u know I've noticed since I came back, whenever you've given a couple of minutes, you seem to run off into your own world. What's the matter?" you asked me a very honest question but I couldn't tell you that you were the matter. It was you, who seemed to have this effect on me. It was you and your thoughts that seemed to cloud my mind.  When I remained quiet, your expression changed, you pulled me into a side hug.


"Look, I can tell something is bothering you but you are not willing to say it. I'm not going to force you because my best friend knows that I'm here for her and she'll tell me when the time is right. But please don't strain yourself over it. Whatever it is, we'll get through it. Got it Missy?" I nodded "Now please give me a smile coz you look terrible with this frown"


"Shut-up Mayank!"



Next Day, I asked Papa to give me a ride to work. There was no way I could get married to someone when I loved you so much. It was just not something that I can do and so I had decided to clear the issue with Papa as soon as possible. Once we were in the car,




"Haan Beta?"


"Papa, I'm sorry but I don't want to get married."


"Beta'but yesterday?"


"Papa, I was just shocked because I really had not expected this. No one told me anything till yesterday and then before I said anything, you had all misunderstood it as to mean 'Yes'.


"Putting all that aside, please give me a reason why you don't want to get married?"


"Papa, I'm just not ready. Please don't force me" We soon arrived at my workplace. Papa looked at me and said,"Ok, I won't force you but I want to talk about this again" I nodded and he left saying good-bye.




When I came home that day, you weren't home there  and  no one knew about your whereabouts. At almost midnight, my cell rang, "Hello, Mayank! Where have you been?"


"Come downstairs, I'm waiting for you in the car. I'll tell you later"


"Mayank, why? I can't. It's really late and I don't feel like going anywhere. You should come in too!"


"Please, just come down. If you want, I can talk to Uncle and Aunty. Please" I knew you wouldn't give up so easily.


"No need, I'll tell them myself and come down. See u in a bit" I said. Quickly pulling on my coat over what I was wearing, I informed my mother before coming outside. You were waiting for me in your car and I quickly got in.


"What was so urgent that it couldn't wait until tomorrow Mayank? Do you know what time it is?"


"It is urgent and I know the time" Something about your tone made me stop what I wanted to say. I sighed and put on the seat belt and you drove out of our driveway and onto the road. I wasn't in the mood to talk and you were also unusually quiet. So we just sat in silence until the time we arrived at our destination. We were back again at the same place where our lives became entwined: the park at our old building. The atmosphere was the same as it was five years ago when we had last gone there together. Before I got out, you called me,






"Uncle spoke to me. He said you rejected the marriage proposal. Can I know why?"


"Didn't Papa tell you that?"


"He did but I want to hear it from you?"


"Mayank'I'm not ready to marry anyone at this point of life"  


"But why?"


"What do you mean why? I'm not ready for marriage Mayank. Simple"


"Come on Nupur. That's not a good reason. I mean you've finished your studies, you've a great job, what's stopping you from going into the next step of life?"


"Mayank please'"


"Nupur listen to me'atleast give the guy a shot. Meet him once and if you don't like him, no one will force you."


"Mayank, I don't want to meet anyone and I'm not ready for marriage. I still got so much to accomplish in my career. Out of all people, I didn't think you would be the one to not understand me."


"Nupur I understand your point, but no one is telling you to quit your job or anything. He is a very liberal guy, he is fine with you going to work or studying further'Okay, you don't have to meet the guy'at least take a look at the photo, I'm sure you'll say yes"


"Mayank, I don't want to look at anything."      


"Nupur, please just once. I promised Uncle I would at least get you to see the photo. Please for me" you took the photo from your coat pocket and held it in front of me.






"Do you really think a photo will change my mind? Is that how much you know me?"


"I know you really well, that's why I'm telling you to take a look at the photo once. Trust me on this" You said with a knowing amused look. 'No you don't Mayank' I said to myself as I took the photo from you. It was still in the cover.


"Why? You have Tom Cruise's photo in here?"


"No, someone even better!"


"Mayank," I tried once more.


"Just once. For me. You won't regret it, I promise"


"Fine, let me look at this Monkey!" I took the photo of that idiot, gave you a pleading look and turned it around. I didn't know I was going to experience the most shocking event of the century.


"So how is the monkey? Better than Tom Cruise na?" you looked at me with this glint in your eyes. I didn't know how to react and I was frozen in my state of shock to react. Something I had thought as impossible in the last few days had happened and it was too much for me to bear.


"Hello? Anybody here? Earth to Nupur" Your stupid comment made me come out of my shock. My brain worked in overspeed to think of the most obvious logical explanation for all this.


"Mayank, what kind of joke is this?" Only after I had said it, did I realize that I was wrong. You didn't say anything for a minute and I didn't need any words. Your eyes gave me the answer I was looking for. You were serious and for second time that day, I didn't know what to say. I was confused, what's happening around me? Yes I loved you as much as I could ever love anyone and more but you didn't love me..did you?. Then, why was your photo inside this envelope? I probably looked confused as a lost sheep.


Next minute you got out of your seat, came to my side of the car, opened the door for me and waited. I slowly got out of the car. The chilly breeze and your gaze sent a shiver down my spine.  Taking my hand in yours, you lead me to the park. Suddenly the lights turned on and I noticed that the gazebo on the side was decorated with red roses, my favourite. I turned towards you and looked at you for an explanation. You came close to me, looked into my eyes and said "Nupur, You already know you are my bestfriend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on. Today I want to tell you, you are also the love of my life, you're my one and only, you're my everything.  I've always loved you and I promise I will always do"


I couldn't stop the tears flowing out of my eyes. A moment I've never dreamt of, for I was sure it was close to impossible, was taking place and all the emotions I had withheld in myself for the last few years came out as tears. Again, silence spoke volume and you closed the gap between us and hugged me tightly. I hugged back as tightly as I possibly could, trying to convey my love through my hug. Initial cry soon turned into sniffs and I relaxed my hold on you and rested against your chest. You lifted my chin and looked into my eyes as you said, "I love you Nupur"


This time, I managed to say, "I love you too Mayank!! I love you too!"


 Pulling me apart a little, you touched my nose and said, "You're such a tube light! It took you this long, almost 18 years, to figure out I'm the one for you?"


"So you only realized now too? No?" you shook your head and I stood there, surprised.


"Don't get so shocked already, there is much more to come. Looking at your face I know, you are really confused so let me start from the beginning." I waited for you to go on.


"So it was in the summer before Grade 9. Remember how we had gone on that Leadership Camping and you met Naveen?" I nodded. "He was in your group and so you were always together. For the first time in my life, I saw you with some other guy and it bothered me, more than it should. But I was still young, so I ignored it thinking that maybe it was because you were my best friend."


"Then, it was at your cousin's wedding. Since Uncle was busy with the preparations, I was told to bring you and Gunjan to the Mandir. Gunjan was already downstairs and since you were taking too long, I had come upstairs looking for you. Halfway through the stairs, I saw you coming down. It was the first time you had worn a saree and you looked no less than an angel that day. I felt something that I had never felt for you or any one else. Since then, I felt my feelings grow for you and I knew it wasn't just friendship anymore. I had thought of telling you a couple of times but I didn't want it hurting you or our friendship in any way."


"Then came my Dad's job transfer. During those 5 years, I missed you like crazy. I missed going to school with you on my passenger seat, I missed having classes with you, I missed lunchtime masti with you, I missed staying after school with you. I missed coming home with you. I missed sharing a joke with you. I missed talking to you about my new crushes. I missed watching tv with my head on your shoulders. I missed playing games with you. I missed baking with you in the kitchen. I missed our pillow fights, food fights and the throw of insults. I know we did some of these things through Skype or phone but it was not the same. Your smile wasn't there to brighten my day. Your glares weren't there to threaten me when I wanted to do something stupid. Your laugh wasn't there to make me feel better. I missed you. I hated not being able to be there for you. I hated not being able to hold your hands when you were scared, I hated not being able to comfort you when you were hurt. I hated not being able to take care of you when you were sick. I hated those five years' I longed to hold you close and watch you laugh. I longed to look into your beautiful eyes and get lost in them. I longed to hold your hands and feel your presence beside me. I pulled through only because I didn't want to let you or my parents down. I pulled through because I knew it meant I was one step closer to you.


So as soon as I was done with my studies and found a good job, I talked to my parents. Ofcourse, they had seen it coming'and they were more than happy because finally their little Gudiya would officially be part of the family. Winter has always been lucky for me, so I waited until the December holidays to return." You paused for a second and hugged me before continuing.


"When I came here, that first day you ran into my arms and hugged me, I felt happy. I felt complete. Then remember the little eye-lock we shared? That was the moment I realized that maybe little Ms. Nupur Bushan was also falling for her best friend. It gave me hope and confidence but I guessed your first reaction would be try to deny it. The next week proved that my guess was right. Whenever we were too close, there was some nervousness in you but you always managed to shake it off. Like me, our friendship meant a lot to you and you wouldn't risk it for anything even your Love. So that's when I decided maybe some drastic measures were needed and I called Samrat, to bring in Ria, someone who always brought out the possessive and jealous side in you." I got out of your hold.


"Ria was your idea!! How could u bring that Chipku? Mayank seriously what the hell were u thinking?"


Pulling me back in, you continued "You left me no choice, sweetheart. I was thinking that even if it may hurt you a bit now, it will be more beneficial in the long run. Just as I thought, you were burning with jealousy that day and '"


"Mr.Sharma, don't think you know everything..I wasn't jealous'why would I be jealous of that Chipku? I just didn't want my best friend to fall for that pea-brain."


" were just looking out for me? Happy?" I nodded and you continued.


"Anyways, everything was going great until that little argument in the car. I didn't think it would be that bad'and I felt bad for hurting you. I couldn't even sleep that night. Then you came in and apologized, making me feel guiltier. But I was glad we sorted it we always do. I did try to tell you how important you were in my life but of course, you took it in the context of best friend"


"Mayank, it's not my fault, you don't know how to express your feelings. How was I supposed to tell whether you meant it as a friend or..?"


"or'? Tell me or'?" I playfully punched you on your chest.


"Ouch!" and you hugged me tight. " I had hugged you, just like this'didn't you feel any difference?"


"Um'I did but then I just kind of ignored it '"


"Yaa, I guessed so, when you went back to being the 'cool friend'. The next week also you pretended you were not affected by the closeness. Seriously it was like every time we took a step forward, you went back a couple of steps'"


"Actually I wasn't sure if you loved me and So I decided to let you go and see if you come back to me'and you did"


"U and ur crazy theories! After that, I felt like something major was needed to make you realize and well that was the shaadi wala plan."


"Wait the whole family was in this?" I asked shocked that even Papa and Mama went along with this.


"Haan'every single person'" You smiled acknowledging my surprise.


"OMG, you guys were so mean'Do you know how much I cried that night and the next couple of days?" You were silent for a few seconds.


"I do'When I came back that night, I saw you sitting on that window seat with that blanket wrapped around you. You looked so vulnerable and hurt. That one minute, I really wanted to stop all that drama, hug you tight and tell you out loud that I loved you too but I controlled myself because I wanted this to be special'but I'm sorry", putting your hand on your chest "Dil se sorry".   


"You are not forgiven'" I saw the hurt look on your face "Of course not,' I'll punish you when the time comes."


"Okay..waiting for it!" you winked at me, making me blush.


"Well, I guess the rest is pretty self-explanatory" I nodded and rested my head against your chest again. You hugged me again and then broke apart. I looked at you in surprise. Holding my hand, you pulled me toward the car.


"Mayank, what's the hurry?"


"We need to go somewhere else'we are getting late."


"Where?" I asked as I got in .


"Surprise" I didn't really bother to ask again because for all I cared, I was happy being there with you. We soon arrived to my neighbourhood but you passed our house and parked your car in another house down the block. I followed you out and we stood together in front of the house.


"Mayank, whose house is this?"


"Well you see my wife hates being away from her family and might even reject my proposal because of that, so I thought why not shift into her neighbourhood. This way, she can't reject my proposal with that excuse" My joy knew no bounds. Ever since you had come back, I've been regretting the moment when we would need to say good bye again and now you would be with me. 


"So Ms.Nupur Bushan, will you marry me?"


"Yes!" You slid the ring onto my finger and kissed my cheek.




Six Years Later'

Another snow day, the first snow day of the season. Surrounded by snow and nothing but snow, I sat in the same park, where we had met the first time.


"Bhaiya, I wanna play too," the three year old little girl asked her five year-old brother.


"Not now Aashi. Can't you see I'm having a snowball fight with my friend? You are too little! You don't know how to play! Go over there and make a snowman," her brother responded. She pouted as she hated being called little and walked towards the corner.


THUD! The snowball landed on the little boy's face. It was not something to smile about but I couldn't help myself as I thought back to the similar encounter that happened in my life.


"Mumma! Look what Aashi did," the boy came running to me followed by the little girl. Yes, he was our son Aarav and the little girl was our daughter Aashna, or as we call her Aashi. I brushed the snow off his face and turned to Aashna, "Aashi, it's bad to throw snowball on someone's face. Say sorry to Bhaiya"        


"But Bhaiya was mean..he didn't play with Aashi. He called me little. Aashi is big girl" she said.


"You can't throw snowball at him for not playing with you or calling you little. Good kids don't do that. Say sorry now!"


"Nupur don't scold my shona," you walked over to us and picked up Aashi. She was your little princess and you wouldn't have anyone speak like that to her. Aarav hugged your legs and you ruffled his hair. 


"Aashi, baby, if Bhaiya didn't play with you, then come to Mumma or Dada, you shouldn't throw snowball at Bhaiya like that. Ok?" she nodded and said "Sholly Bhaiya"


"It's okay"


"And Aarav, you should let her play with you, she is your little sister, na?" He nodded obediently. "Sorry Aashi. Let's go play" and they ran off.


"Looks like we Sharma men are destined to get hit by the snowball at this age," you said as you sat beside me on the bench in the gazebo.


"Or maybe you Sharma men just don't think before you make a stupid rude comment"


"Point! But you know, Aashi has definitely inherited your genes'look at that gussa at this age" you saw my glare. "Aree...but you look so cute when you are angry". Smiling, I looked over at our two angels playing in the snow and I couldn't wish for anything more.


"I love you" we said together.  



                                                  The End

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ruexangel IF-Dazzler

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 2:35pm | IP Logged
wow ishita, that was such a nice ff, I knew it was going to be his picture haha Wink, so sweet! that's true love, I really like the way you portray the care and understanding between mayank and nupurs relationship in your stories. Also i loved the snowy setting, snowball throwing and all these special unique things that make the OS so special, keep writing more, I'll be waiting Day Dreaming

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Ritu.V IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 4:02pm | IP Logged
Res Tongue

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Alisha2887 Goldie

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Posted: 02 March 2011 at 4:49pm | IP Logged
Fantastic OS Ishita. You wrote it so beautifully
I can't wait to read part 4 Smile

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