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Some NivRen Scenes: Updated Scenes 36 and 37 (Page 61)

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Scene 37
Viren went into the kitchen and wondered what he should cook...really he didn't know how to cook much except easy things like pizza and pasta, things he didn't think Nivi would enjoy so much. He found a recipe book on the counter and flipped it to Indian dishes thinking Nivi would prefer those. He looked through some and then found one for a vegetable dish which you could eat with chapattis; he thought it looked nice and seemed simple so he decided to make that. He looked around the kitchen and found a knife and chopping board and then all the ingredients he'd need, thinking there seemed to be so many things, how was this going to be simple?! He started chopping the vegetables and after he was finished with them, he looked at what he'd done and wondered why they looked more sad and squashed than neatly chopped like Nivi's always didn't matter he told himself because once they were cooked, who'd notice?
The book said to boil some of the vegetables before he sarted cooking so he did that and while they boiled, Viren thought about Nivi. She hardly ever got ill and he thought it was because lately she'd been doing more hours at the office and on top of that she was doing more around the house as well with Divya not being able to. He wondered if he should give her less hours at work but then thought that having her there had been such a big help, he didn't want to lose that. He decided to ask Nivi when she was feeling better and see what she thought; he'd rather lose that extra help at work than have her fall ill because of it! 
Suddenly Viren realised the pot of vegetables had started overflowing with water! He switched off gas quickly and drained the vegetables like it said in the book. They seemed ok but the pot was all black somehow so he left it in the sink and found something that looked a little like a big wok to cook the vegetables in. He followed the instructions and it all seemed to be going ok for a while but then he realised it looked much too red and in the picture it seemed a lot lighter in colour. He tasted it and his eyes started to water as he realised he'd put way too much chilli powder in it! Now what was he going to do? He couldn't start again, it would take too long! He felt all hot and flustered and wondered how Nivi always looked so calm and relaxed while she was cooking?!
Viren looked at the wok for a while and then had an idea on how to make it less spicy. He searched the kitchen till he found some tomato ketchup and thinking what the hell, he poured some in and stirred. Then he saw some yellow peppers on the side so he chopped a couple up and threw them in too. Now it looked nothing like it did in the book but it looked better than it did before at least and when he tried it, it actually tasted ok and was tangy rather than hot so he was pleased with himself as he switched off the gas after a little bit. Now he needed to make chapattis; he didn't need the book for that so he put it away thinking those would be easy to make at least...
Nivi woke up feeling more relaxed than she had in a while and she sat up and shook her head experimentally to see if her head still hurt. It felt fine so she stood up and looked at the time. It'd been over an hour and a half since she'd gone to sleep and she suddenly remembered Viren saying he was going to cook! 'Hai bagwaan, kya kar raha hoga woh?!' she muttered to herself, thinking he'd probably burnt himself and the kitchen by now as she hurried out of the room hoping he was ok.
She got to the kitchen door and although it looked messier than she'd ever seen it, everything seemed ok and Viren was standing in one piece at the stove with his back to her. She saw that there was a blackened pot in the sink and wondered what had happened there with a small laugh. Viren turned around as she laughed and seeing him, Nivi laughed even louder. There was flour everywhere! His hands were covered in it and his red top looked pink in places where he'd wiped his hands. As he looked at her she saw there was flour on his cheek, the end of his nose and even some in his hair! He had no idea why she was laughing and for some reason that made her laugh even more. 'Kya hua Nivedita?! Tum teek toh ho?' Viren looked worried and she saw there was flour in his little frown and she shook her head wiping the tears as she walked over to him. 'Viren, yeh tum ne apni kya haalat bana di?!' she asked and when he looked confused, she reached up and wiped his forehead and cheek with the edge of her scarf. She brushed the flour off the tip of his nose with her fingers and asked in a teasing voice 'tum khaana bana rahe ho ya pehen rahe ho Viren?!' and Viren looked down at himself and started laughing as he realised he was covered in flour.
'Mujhe toh pata hi nahi chala' Viren said with a laugh as Nivi brushed flour out of his hair. The chapattis had almost finished him off, they weren't easy at all but he'd somehow managed to roll a few mis-shapen ones out after countless tries and many failed attempts and now seeing Nivi's laughing face made it all more than worth it. He flipped over a very oddly shaped chapatti and Nivi raised her eyebrows. She seemed to be feeling better and looked rested; he asked how she was and she said her headache had gone and she was fine now. When Viren looked a little doubtful, he saw a sudden cheeky look come into her eye and she went behind him and suddenly he felt her hug him, 'aaj main tumhe kitchen ke kaam mein disturb karoongi!' she said in his ear and Viren laughed. 'Nivedita! Lekin mujhe itna saara kaam hai...' he said, trying his best to imitate her normal tone of voice and Nivi laughed with him. She was about to move away so he quickly turned around and hugged her to him saying 'kaam gaya baar mein, chalo kuch aur karte hai!' He winked at her and was rewarded with a blush as Nivi shook her head saying 'tum kabhi nahi sudro ge Viren.' Keeping her in his arms, Viren brushed a line of flour across her cheek and said softly 'kyu ki tum chahti hi nahi ke mein sudroo...' he brushed the flour away with his lips and felt Nivi's heartbeat speed up.
After a few seconds Viren felt Nivi's hands on his chest and she pushed him lightly saying something was burning and he realised it was the chapatti he'd been making! He turned and they both looked to see the pan smoking and Viren quickly pulled it off while Nivi fanned away the smoke with her hands. They both stopped and looked at the black chapatti and started laughing until Viren sighed and said sadly, 'koi baat nahi, bechare ki kismat mein nahi tha ke tum usse kao' as he threw it away and looked around. He switched off the cooker and Nivi told him to go and clean himself up while she cleared the kitchen and then they could eat but Viren stopped her mid sentence; the kitchen looked like it had been turned upside down and he tried to remember how he'd made such a mess... He knew Nivi wouldn't be able to leave it alone so he said they'd both do it and they got to work quickly.
Once it was all done, Viren went to get cleaned up and came back to find Nivi had set out the table and had laid out the food he'd prepared; he looked at it and suddenly felt a little nervous, what if it was awful and Nivi hated it? It wasn't anything like what was written in the recipe book! His expression must have shown because Nivi said 'kushboo toh bohth acchi aa rahi hai' with a reassuring smile and raised eyebrows and Viren felt a little better. Nivi had laid out two places on the corner of the table so he took her by the hand and sat her down before sitting down himself. Nivi smiled as he fed her a mouthful and then waited anxiously for her to say something. She made a face and he felt his heart sink as she said 'acchi nahi hai Viren...' then she laughed and said 'actually, bohth acchi hai! Aisi sabzi toh maine pehle nahi kaayi, kya hai is mein?!' Viren felt relieved and laughed as he thought of his secret chilli saving ingredient and said with a smile, 'pyaar hai meri jaan, aur kya hoga?!' He rested his chin on his hands and she fed him some; it was ok but didn't taste anything like as good as her food did. As they ate, they talked and Viren asked her about her day and told her about how he'd managed to complete some reports a week or so early so they didn't need to worry so much about the project timings.
Nivi watched Viren as they ate and was struck again by how amazing he was. He'd spent all day in the office and then come home and looked after her. He'd prepared a whole meal and then helped clean up and now he was sitting there in his yellow tee looking as fresh as ever with a big smile on his face! He told her about his day and also about how many chapattis had gone wrong before he'd finally managed to make a round-ish shaped one and Nivi laughed at the image in her head. After they finished Nivi got up to clear the table and Viren said 'arre tum kaha jaa rahi ho? Abhi toh kuch baaki hai!' He made her sit down and left her there wondering what he was up to now.
Viren came back with a bowl of ice cream and a spoon and Nivi smiled seeing it, saying 'ice cream? Is waqt?!' Viren looked offended as he said 'tum mere ice cream ka mazaak udha rahi ho? Sab se mushkil cheez toh yeh thi...dekho is pe chocolate sauce bhi hai!' he held out the bowl looking proud of himself and Nivi laughed thinking how much she loved him. Even after all these days, he never failed to surprise her or make her laugh.
He came over to the table and pulled his chair around so he was facing her and then held out a spoonful of ice cream for her to taste. She had some and said 'wow Viren, tum ne toh kamala kar diya, kya ice cream hai!' Viren laughed and said 'thank you, thank you' and was about to make a joke but Nivi stopped him. She took the bowl out of his hands and put it on the table and held his hands as she said 'sach mein Viren, tum ne saara din kaam kar ke, phir bhi itna kuch kiya...thank you.' Viren was looking at her with wide eyes as she kissed his hands and then stood up.  She told him to sit while she put everything away but he didn't let go of her hand and when she turned, he pulled her down onto his lap.
'Pehle kehti ho ke maine itna kuch kiya aur phir bas, itna hi thank you?!' Nivi put her hands on Viren's shoulders and tried to get up as he spoke but he had his arms around her and was holding on with a sweet smile so she gave up. 'Viren tum bhi naa!' She turned a little in his lap and took a spoonful of half melted ice cream and fed it to him saying thank you before putting the spoon back and waiting for his response. Viren ate the ice cream with a smile but then shook his head, 'mere hi ice cream se mujhe thank you keh rahi ho?!' He brought his face close to hers and said 'main bataoo thank you kaise kehte hai...?' Nivi felt her breath catch in her throat as Viren first placed tiny kisses all over her face and then kissed her softly on the mouth. After a few seconds he pulled away and whispered a little breathlessly 'thank you meri jaan.' He smiled sweetly at her and brushed her nose with his and they sat like that, looking into each others eyes for a long time until they heard a car pull up outside.  Nivi jumped off Viren's lap but he held her hand saying 'arre lekin mera thank you?!' in a sad voice and Nivi shook her head at his 'hurt' expression. She smiled and brushed her fingertips across his face and said 'baad mein Viren' and then went to greet the family who had just got back, leaving Viren with a happy smile on his face.

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OMV OMV OMV!!! Diii WOW WOW!! Loved the scenes I was waiting for it ALL day!! and Finally you put them up...Di they were totally FANTASTIK!! Viren cooking awww thats just the kutest thing EVER i kan SO imagine how Viren must have looked with all the flour on his face and all over his clothes and the messy kitchen awww he was nervouse whether Nivi would like it aww  thats SO kute. thank you for these AWESOME scenes Di. LOVED it. I told you Di you would think of something. You did an AWESOME job loved them. *Flying kisses* x

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Asma this is soo sweet and perfect,  I just loved the scenes Dear,  Just feel like reading them more and more, So romantic

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The kitchen scene was fabulous actually when i read i was imagining about viren and niv in both the scenes and was smiling. I will be happy if CT's shows this scenes in CCBM. Big Hug

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simply marvellous...Clap

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thank u so much hun...d scenes were so romantic...enjoyed it very much...kaash ke show mein bhi aisa hi kuch dekhne ko mile...

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Thank you so much Asma It was so cute and romantic Day Dreaming

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Originally posted by anjaani07

Scene 36

Wow!!!! what a cute scene.  So beautifully written, Asma, and it is such a loving scene.  Just loved it.  Kept smiling throughout  -- loved the little touches and details of affection you've given us. 
Would sooo love to see this on screen.  Why can't we have sensible Ct's who show us real and touching things like this and develop NivRen's story???!

Thanks Asma!  Keep writing!

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