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Some NivRen Scenes: Updated Scenes 36 and 37 (Page 26)

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Hi all, hope you're well this bright & sunny (and very rare in the UK!) weekendHug
I've written a couple more scenes carrying on from the last one but trying to explain how Nivi is feeling. It should lead us up to where we are now in the current track and i'm still writing a couple more scenes that take place after Thursday and Friday's epi's which i'll try and post tonight, if not tomorrow.
So this was again one really long scene which i split into 2 for ease of reading and i wrote it the way i did for Ashly (who suggested it after reading the last one) and for Moni - i hope ke tere dil vich tand pe gayi reading some of the second scene especially Moni jaanWink
Hope you all like and do comment, thanks!!
Scene 14
Nivi was on her way back to Viren but her heart felt heavy and her mind was almost made up. Her head had decided but still her heart was trying to find reasons to change her mind or delay the inevitable. She thought back on the past couple of days with Dadi, it had given her the perfect chance to think things through and reach her decision. She had been wavering before she'd left and Viren's words just before she'd gone had really thrown her into confusion. She'd been so happy for a while, thinking things might be ok till she remembered her reasons. She again thought back to the day when Viren had said in front of everyone that they were going to get a divorce and felt a sharp pain at the thought.
She had been so hurt that after everything, this was what he wanted of her. The fact that it had happened in front of her entire family made it even worse; the shock and pain on Dadi's face were etched on her mind. Nivi's heart then made her remember Viren's words just before she'd left with Dadi two days ago and a voice in her mind whispered that maybe that was the real Viren, who'd wanted her to stay... but she shook her head and told herself that no, in his anger Viren had told the truth. He'd said he'd never loved her, it was all an act, their marriage had all been a lie; the thought made her feel physical pain and she bent over feeling it go through her. She knew in her heart that she loved Viren and that she would always love him but could she trust him? Once the answer would have been an instant and wholehearted yes but now she wasn't at all sure, she didn't know if that trust would ever return but she knew she couldn't remain there while it was gone. She felt the car jerk and she realised they were turning in to the driveway; she wiped the tears on her cheeks and tried to arrange her face so that she looked happy. This was the last time she was coming home to this house she thought to herself sadly, soon she would leave for good
Viren was so happy that Nivi was coming back two days early, he wanted to run to the door and carry her up to their room but he was shivering too hard to even get out of bed! He'd managed to last one day without her before he'd fallen ill just as she'd predicted; he'd tried ignoring the sneezing and coughing on the first day and it even seemed to work but then this morning he'd woken up feeling shivery and Vandana had come looking for him when he hadn't come down for breakfast. She'd told him that Nivi had called to say she was coming back earlier than planned and would be here in by tonight; he'd been so happy but also a little sad that she hadn't called him to tell him herself. She hadn't called him at all in the two days she'd been gone and when he'd called her she had said she was helping prepare something so couldn't talk. He knew he maybe should be worried but his head hurt too much to think anything other than at least he'd see her soon. His eyes went to the bedroom door again and he wished he had the energy to go down and meet her at the front door like he wanted. Instead he curled up tighter under the blankets trying to get warm.
Nivi walked into the house and despite everything she'd just been telling herself for the past two days and in the car, there was still a part of her that was stupidly disappointed not to see Viren waiting for her! She pushed it down and focused on Vandana who had come to see her in. 'Kaisi hai Nivi, tera suffar kaisa raha?' she asked after she'd hugged her. Nivi's eyes stopped searching behind Vandana and she said 'haan chachiji, sab kuch teek raha. Dadi seedhi ghar chali gayi. Ghar mein sab kaise hai?' Vandana looked a little like she was choosing her words carefully. 'Sab teek hai, lekin Viren ko...' Nivi felt her heart stop for a second and then start up again painfully; it seemed like Vandana was taking too long to speak so she cut in, unable to help herself, asking 'kya hua Viren ko?!' Vandana quickly replied 'kuch nahi beta, usse thoda sardi aur bukhaar chad gaya tha kal raat. Soh raha hai ab' Nivi instantly felt bad for wondering where he was; she was already walking towards the stairs with Vandana following 'aapne mujhe bataya kyu nahi jab maine phone kiya tha? Kuch kaya usne? Aur dawa?'
Vandana stopped on the stairs and Nivi had to force her feet to stop walking to Viren and listen as Vandana said she'd just been about to make soup for Viren and that there was some medicine for his temperature by the bed but he hadn't had any since this morning. Nivi told her distractedly to leave the soup and that she'd do it and hurried to their room; she wasn't thinking about anything except Viren, she had to see for herself that he was okay. A voice in her head was asking why are you so bothered, you'll be leaving him and them all soon, maybe you should distance yourself from him from now...but she ignored it. How could she not help him? The thought was unbearable to her. She told herself that once he was better she'd stick to her decision and speak to the family.

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Scene 15
It was so cold, Viren couldn't get warm however deep he went under the covers; there wasn't enough blankets. Why hadn't Nivi given him more blankets he thought fuzzily, he tried to call out for her forgetting she wasn't there but he could only manage to get a few 'n-n-ni's' out so he gave up. His whole body ached and he could feel himself sweating even though he was shivering. He rolled onto his side trying to get comfortable, still facing the door but he'd forgotten why he was watching it...where was Nivi with more blankets he thought as covered his face with the duvet, still shaking all over.
Nivi rushed into the room and saw a big pile of blankets on the bed and assumed Viren was under there somewhere. She couldn't see his head so she didn't know which way he was facing but she could see the pile of blankets shaking slightly. She put her small bag down and went to where he was lying more on her side of the bed and sat on the edge; she carefully pulled back the top few layers a little and found Viren's hair and then his face which was flushed and had a sheen of sweat on it. He eyes were shut tight and he was shivering, she could see his lips moving but she couldn't make out anything. She felt a rush of emotions as she looked at him: worry at his condition, pain at imagining his pain, joy at just seeing his face and so much love! She tried to be objective about it and look at him as if she was an outsider but she failed; he was her Viren and whatever he was, whatever he might be, right now he needed her help. She held onto that one thought and put her hand on his forehead.
He was burning up and Nivi's hand felt felt like it was on fire as she touched first his forehead and then his cheek. She felt a stab of worry and thought if the fever didn't go down soon they'd have to call the doctor. At her touch Viren's shivering had quietened down a little so she kept her hand on his cheek hoping it was helping. She was trying to decide what to do first when Viren opened his eyes squinting slightly as if the light hurt his eyes and after a few seconds his eyes focused on Nivi. 'N-n-nivedita? T-t-tum kaha thi? M-mujhe bohth tand...' his voice was shaking and kept fading as his sentences blurred together, 'k-kitni baar tumhe p-pukaara...' he whispered and closed his eyes again as she felt her heart lurch at his words. He blinked and again worry ran through her as she saw how red and watery his eyes were. 'Viren, tumne dawa li?' She thought he shook his head slightly so she said 'dawa le lo phir tum soh jaana aur main tumhaare liye kuch kaane ke liye la thi hoon. Teek hai?'
He didn't seem in any condition to respond but when she put her arm under his neck he understood and slowly she helped move him into sitting up position. His shivering had calmed down a bit but his face was still flushed and he was still burning. She took some of the medicine from the table and gave him two spoonfuls, smiling inside as he made a face at the taste. She found the first aid box and took out some painkillers and said 'sar dard ho raha hai?' he didn't respond and she saw he was just looking at her wordlessly so she took two out and helped him take them with water. She switched off the lights, leaving one dim lamp on in the corner. He was still watching her with a strange look on his face as she helped him lie back down and told him to rest and that she was going to make him some food but defore she could turn he grabbed her hand and said 'Nivedita?' as if he'd only just seen her, pulling her down hard so she half fell into a sitting position next to him on the bed.
Viren couldn't tell if Nivi was really there or if he was imagining her. He'd felt a hand on his face and had thought it was her, he'd heard her voice too and then with difficulty had opened his eyes to see her sitting there at his bedside; he thought he must be imagining her or his eyes had gone funny because she seemed to be glowing slightly as he squinted at her through his fever and the shivering. He said something to her but he didn't know what and then she said something of which all he understood was his name. His head felt all woolly like there was static inside and it hurt to move it. She put her arm under his head and he thought she must want him to sit up so he did slowly keeping his eyes on her in case she disappeared. She gave him some horrible tasting medicine and he thought she must be real so after she helped him lie back down he grabbed her hand to stop her from leaving. 'Nivedita?' After what seemed like hours to Viren, she replied, 'h-haan Viren?' Why was she shaking he thought, feeling fuzzy again but tried to focus, maybe it was still him. 'Mere paas beto please? Mujhe akela mat chod na...' She tried to say something about food but he said 'nahi, maine kaha na... aur kahi nahi... mere paas...' he had more to say, he thought it was important but he couldn't focus anymore. He began to drift away, someone was brushing his hair. Nivedita. He smiled and finally feeling a little peace, he fell asleep still holding on to her hand tightly.
Nivi felt her heart stutter with every word Viren spoke; in that moment he was so innocent, how could she leave him even to go to the kitchen?! She didn't even begin to let herself think about how she would leave him for good... She thought she was the one shaking now as he whispered for her to stay with him. She leaned back against the headboard and brushed his forehead with her other hand, watching him. In the dark, she thought she saw him smile even though his eyes were closed so she brushed his hair lightly till he fell asleep.
Vandana came a little later with some food and smiled when she saw the two of them. She left the food on the table saying he'd managed to eat some toast in the afternoon and that she didn't think he'd slept properly for a few days. After she left, Nivi didn't have the heart to wake Viren when he was sleeping so peacefully so she thought she'd wait till he woke up.
Viren slept most of the way through the night, only waking up once in the middle, sounding worried, mumbling something which she couldn't hear and then saying 'Nivedita?' He had quietened down and gone back to sleep when she'd squeezed his hand and said 'sshh, main yahaan hoon Viren, soh jao'. Nivi watched him all night as he slept, still not letting go of her hand even after his fever cooled down. As she felt the fever leave him, she removed most of the blankets so he was only covered with two. He moved in his sleep so he was curled up next to her, with his sweet face turned towards her. She watched him sleep deeply and then dream, slight emotions running across his face as he dreamt. He smiled a few times and she wished with a sudden sharp longing that she could see what he saw when he closed his eyes. As the sun rose slowly and cast a golden glow over the still sleeping Viren, Nivi was still wide awake, wondering sadly how many more nights and days they'd have before it was over.

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wow Asma beautiful scenes dearHugHug
thank u so much

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Asma dear It is really touching my eyes are all filled with tears Cry you have portrayed nivi's feeling nicely. I loved it Thank you for sharing....!

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Thanks for giving something to look forward to weekends. I am sorry he is sick, but it soo well written.

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Just loved it and especially the last scene... Kash humein CCBM mein bhi dekhne ko mile... KASH!!!

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Beautiful scenes Smile

Loved them

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Asma jaan...loved both the scenes specially the second one....thanx dear for making this weekend so special...!!!!

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