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Abhiya FF: Dark Angel~ completed (Page 84)

mannat11 Groupbie

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Posted: 26 July 2011 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
itzz really awsm n plz pm me wenevr u update

KaSh_Abhiya Newbie

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Posted: 27 July 2011 at 4:44pm | IP Logged
Awesome ff...
Please add me to your PM list...
And continue soon
srivalli.d97 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 July 2011 at 5:21am | IP Logged
Untitled001 Goldie

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 11:21am | IP Logged
Hey guys thanks a lot for the comments. I am out sick and really busy. I will try to come online and update. What do you guys want in the next update? Suggestions please! i am rather confused!

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..Bournville.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 11:23am | IP Logged
abhay knowing pia's secret and both confessing their love Day Dreaming

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Untitled001 Goldie

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Posted: 12 August 2011 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Sorry guys but tomorrow there will be a conformed update of this story. There will be lots of Abhay and lots of history to be revealed. I am sure everyone wants to know what happened between Siddharth, Natalie and the Raichands of course. A little smug Shaurya is up to. Hope he changes soon he is eating my head up to meet little Misha. He he LOL

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Untitled001 Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 3:05am | IP Logged


Ancient: "Nitin… you have served me well my child. I have but a lot to expect from you in the coming century." He said lightly.

Nitin: "Yes sir" his voice laced with regret.

Ancient: "I do know how you crave to be directed to other directions… but you belong with your brothers here with us. They need you. The new alpha needs you. He is but a mere new comers. The blood in his veins might be royal but you son are the true leader of our kind now. Rise and protect your clan. Help you new mate to sore to the heights no one ever has. Be the one to conquer them all." He bowed slowly retreating from near the throne.


Nitin: "have you prepared him for the ceremony?" he asked in a hard voice. Paul nodded and then hesitated to come forward.


Paul: "Nitin he wished to speak to you" he whispered.

Nitin: "Tell him I cannot meet him in such short notice. He must be prepared"


Paul: "He wont budge" he scratched his head irritated. Nitin growls and moves to the trees.


Nitin: "Why now Shaurya. What brought this up?" he sneers.


Shaurya: "I just wanted to remind you that you cannot touch Misha. You might as well keep your hands to yourself or I will snap them" Nitin laughed and then snorted.


Nitin: "Don't take undue advantage of my leniency. It is because of me that the pack of hounds hasn't turned you into a mess of flesh" he barked. "You aren't my master yet-"


Shaurya: "I will son be" he adds smugly.


Nitin: "Alas you forget I have the power to overthrow you my boy. I might look slight but I aint that easy to fight" he said flatly.


Shaurya: "You want a fight mongrel?" he added playfully.


Nitin: "You will make a great peace making leader" he said sarcastically. "Don't mind to hide behind a mask they know how you are." He said and turned back.


Shaurya: "I assume you are keeping your promise then Nitin?" he said with a slight hope.


Nitin: "yes I will not hurt that little pet of yours in return you will behave like a civilized leader" he said calmly.


Shaurya sighed with ease and then smiled.


Shuarya: "You made my day Nitin. Now I will happily die" he laughed.


Paul: "Hallelujah brother!" he said with a laugh and untied Shaurya.





Natalie: "Pia have you ever wondered if you could beat up Abhay for being such a moron?" she laughed freely taking in sips of the beverage in the glass.


Pia: "I wont say I haven't done that but I will end up getting hurt. He isn't indestructible for names sake you know" she said nonchalantly and read through her assignment.


Natalie: "I could do something about it you know." She added conspiratorially.


Pia: "Thank goodness you mentioned that. I have a little problem I have to overcome." Natalie raised her delicate eyebrows. "I have to ask you about Siddharth Mehra" Natalie rose into shock.


Natalie: "Who?" she shrieked and then flew to Pia's side. "Are you crazy? That guys is…"


Pia: "Woah he is supposed to be my boss" she said groggily. "He has a very bad sense of humor" she grimaced.


Natalie: "Pia I really need you to stay away from that guy" she said intently and Pia nodded. She wasn't planning on going any closer to him that a few miles. "I am sure you will see him in your dream today" she rolled her eyes. "He has been the cause of many nightmares I might add. The reason why Abhay is so bitter about me" Pia gasped. "Yes Pia he isn't human at all… He is Abhay's big brother. The brother that ruined everything we had." She sighed.


Pia: "Nat you are freaking me out. Please tell me" she pleaded as her eyes started to tear.


Natalie: "Shh little lamb" she smiled sadly. "I am sure that the visions will be more specific about everything, better than what I can offer" she laughed. "But don't get panicked. I am fine, Abhay is fine. Isnt the world a happier place?" she winked and went to the switch board.


Pia: "How do you know I will see him in my VISION today?" she asked in a hushed tone, embarrassed.


Natalie: "just like your dreams, these visions are also a virtual world where what you think throughout the day comes to life. It is only real that is all" she laughed at her innocent brown eyes gawking at her and snuggled under the covers of her bed.


Pia: "I guess that is cleared now" she mumbled under her breathe and returned to the study table. She flickered the desk lamp on and wrote her notes carefully.


Natalie: "Good night. Sweet dreams" she mumbled sleepily and then her voice faded away. Pia smiled as she snuck a picture of herself and Abhay out and looked at it with awed expression.


Pia: "there is so much to you that I could never realize I would find and yet every time I feel that I know there is more I am surprised even more as to how deep you are." She looked lovingly at it and tugged it back between the pages of her book and lowered her head to the desk. "A little while more and I will go off to sleep" she yawned and thought about Abhay. After a few minutes she sank into a deep slumber, her mouth turned down into a grimace and she restlessly sighed in her sleep. "No" she said suddenly and fell silent.





The sound of bells rang in her mind as she walked through the unfamiliar forest. So deep and wild, that she had never seen before. She wrinkled her nose when she smelt the flame nearby.


Abhay: "Natalie" he roared. Pia's eyes flitted to that direction and the feeling of longing was not there. She felt that respect and wildness she never had felt for Abhay. A different set of emotions passed through her as she saw him coming towards her. There was no fear but a sharp alarm that made her heart race.


Abhay: "Why didn't you tell me?" he said with a booming shout. "Why did you keep it from me! I trusted you!" he said with a howl. "How could you betray us? Did you not think what could happen if you gave it away? Do you have no sense of self- preservation?" he said with an intense sigh.


"Why are you being like this?" she felt herself say but her voice was that of Abhay's she quickly understood that it was Natalie she was seeing through, another of her memories which she shared. She was Natalie now…


Abhay: "Don't you understand he tricked you?" he said with an icy glare.


Natalie: "C'mon Abhay this isn't about my locket is it? It feels like it is my fault he had to use it? I just gave it so he could find the woman he was hunting!" she said in a grumble.


Abhay: "Do you not know him? That locket consists of every power you possess and yet you trusted him with it? Are you mad?" he fumed.


Natalie: "So I have been said." She added smugly but her smile faultered when she saw the look on Abhay's face.


Abhay: "You are really trying to kill yourself by infuriating me?" he hollered.


Natalie: "I have a perfect reason why I have given my locket to him. He wont do any harm." She said confidently.


Abhay: "You do know that he tried to kill me and Maithili don't you? He tried to kill your princess!" he said with a grave anger.


Natalie: "He is but your brother. You shouldn't speak such bad of him. He is a good man Abhay it is you who always misunderstand!" she said with irritation. "He has been perfectly honest with his intentions, all he wanted to do was save you and yet you misunderstand him? It is so bad of you" she said in disgust.


Abhay: "Natalie look at the facts. He wants that locket for what is stored in it. Infinite power for him to buy the wolves. Power which can crumble the majesty and his empire in one twist. You know he means harm you just deny to see it with your own eyes!"


Natalie: "You are so ridiculous. He meant no such thing. You make him the bad guy always Abhay. Though I respect you and am still in grief of the misfortunate accident which took my princess, my sister away from me I would never blame it on anyone. Wasn't it also my fault to let her go to the stable without letting anyone else know? I have made my fair share of mistakes too and I feel very low when you deny my faults in such a way." She said sadly. "I so believe it was my own fault that we are in such a position this day. Don't accuse your brother for my faults" she said mutely."


Abhay: "Oh my innocent Natalie. You are such a girl. How do I tell you what he is up to? Please bring back that locket for my sake" he said with a conviction.


Natalie: "I know you are very suspicious of him but I do think it will cause me more harm if he uses it" she said pointedly.


Abhay: "I worry about you" he shrugged making Natalie smile.


The scene shifted to another place… The familiar Raichand villa, so much more different from the present state but the dark and mysterious tint to it made it very easy to recognize.


Chand: "Give it to us Siddharth!" he ordered.


Sidhharth: "No" he said barring his teeth protectively.


Chand: "I am you father. You master. Give it to me!" he said agitated.


Haseena: "Son please obey. Don't bring the consequences upon your head. Sidhharth barred his teeth at her too leaving her dumbfounded. "Son" she said with the hurt evident in her voice.


Sidhharth: "You cant take it away from me! You will not be my master anymore. I am MY MASTER" he roared.


Natalie: "Sid don't do this darling. It is but a mistake on our part. You shouldn't have used it for such bad purposes." She said with a light tinge of regret.


Sidhharth: "You don't need to believe what they say! They are but mere opportunists…" and for some reason she believed him.


Abhay: "Don't you believe us?" he asked with sadness.

Natalie: "No" and everyone fell silent.


Pia gasped and shook to consciousness. Natalie was perched on her desk looking keenly at her flushed face.


Pia: "I didn't get the whole story. I woke up" she said with a slight irritation. Natalie smiled and slid of the desk.


She pulled Pia to her bead and covered her with a cover.


Natalie: "You were speaking in your sleep. It woke me. It is quite early though. I am surprised it took you so long to wake. I do keep my memories very safely. I don't like to take a peek at them often" she admitted with a soft smile. "I will continue then… Where" she asked and as Pia told her she looked ahead of them lost in her own memories. "Yes I told them I didn't trust them and it still haunts me so much. The worst part was that night I sided with Sidhharth and fled with him to shelter while the pack of wolves attacked the Raichands. They are not seen anymore" she said reassuringly feeling the anxiety the word wolf brought to Pia. "They fought and won though without our help. But that night Sidhharth dragged me to their caves and then I realized what I had done. He had left me to be fed upon by the hounds. I found that my soul would be eaten and my body left for rotting. I wouldn't have feelings and surely would suffice as food for the wild animals of the forest. Gaining that knowledge I fled and pledged to never come back" she sighed. "I never looked back since now. But the Raichands could never know that I no more accompanied that traitor who played with all our lives. They are yet to gain that knowledge.


Pia: "That is why Abhay hates you still. He thinks you left them for dead" she gasps and lies back thoughtfully. "We have to tell him,"


Natalie: "He wont listen Pia" Pia looked at her sternly. "This storm wont be that you would be able you endure my angel" she lied beside her with one concerned line.

What do you think about this update? Please tell me!

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ozzyie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 August 2011 at 6:46am | IP Logged
the update is just awesum !!!!!!
but u updated after a lng time !!!!

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