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Abhiya FF: Dark Angel~ completed (Page 26)

Untitled001 Goldie

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 5:41am | IP Logged
Gonna update really soon. And I am not making you april fool. Its a very touchy day and I dont like to fool people. Its just bad!

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Untitled001 Goldie

Joined: 19 November 2010
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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 8:24am | IP Logged
The last update is given here so that if you have any problem in something you can refer and the red is the latest update

She walked around the place and looked at the beautiful pictures and beautiful architecture. She found herself wearing a white cotton top and a pair or black jeans. She had never got anything of this sort in her wardrobe.

She shrugged and walked on. She located a mahogany staircase nearby and she half ran to it eager to know what was up there. It was one of those spiral ones that had fascinated her from her childhood. She brushed her hand on the railing and walked up.

In a fluent motion it felt as if something was pushing her and she fell back. A sudden jerk made her close her eyes. She couldnt feel the  possible pain that she had thought of but the cold wasnt thatcomfortable either. She opened her eyes slowly and found a curious and amused face looking down at her. He chuckled lightly when he found her ogling at him.

Guy: "Excuse me miss... but are you alright?" he said in a foreign accent.

She just nodded and looked down beneath her. She was a few feet above the ground... precisely in the arms of the handsome man with green eyes. She couldnt help but blush in the thought. She mumbled a quick apology and told him to put her down.

He put her down and stabilized her.

Guy: "I am sorry my name is John" his smile was breathtaking. Pia couldnt understand what was happening. She could never feel this way for some guy except Abhay. It felt as if it was someone else's dream... but it was so much real. It must have been reality.

Pia: "I am Pia. Its nice to meet you" he seemed confused for one moment.

John: "You dont seem Indian" he started and Pia kept looking. "You seem more like a European... strange" Pia furrowed her eye brows.

Pia: "I always thought I looked Indian" he laughed loudly and she couldnt help but smile. He took her hand lightly and took her to a mirror.

John: "I dont think so" he said with a soft laugh. She looked into the mirror confused and gasped. She was Natalie? She was hyperventilating now but she calmed herself down.

She realized that she was really dreaming. But she couldnt help but wonder who this man was. She had never met a guy like him....

John: "You know... You are beautiful" her head snapped to him and she found him staring at the floor. She gulped and prayed that her dream wouldnt get any wilder.

It was as if time flew by and soon they were friends... really good friends. It started raining suddenly it made both of them look like they were dropped into the pool. She felt uncomfortable as the white cotton clung to her body. She groaned lightly hoping that he had not noticed. But he had. He turned to her with a worried face.

John: "What is it?" he asked.

Pia: "I look like a wet cat" she whined, he laughed nervously... he had noticed it before but he was too much of a gentle man to make her uncomfortable. "People are staring" she whispered.

John: "You look fine" he laughed again... "If you walk confidently they wont look, and you will feel better too" he said with a warm smile. Pia shrugged.

John: "Oh c'mon now show me... Go on" he insisted and shooed her away. She nodded hesitantly and taking a deep breath tried to walk confidently. Soon she reached a huge gate and she took a sigh of relief. No one had stared at her. He was right. She turned back with a smile and then she saw... nothing. He wasnt there. Where did he go then?

She waited for hours but he never came. er heart felt heavy and all the walls she had made through the years slowly and painfully crippled... fell apart. she felt vulnerable. She wanted him back with all her heart.

"Pia" a voice came and she looked around. The voice was awfully familiar.

"Wake up" the voice said. Pia opened her eyes to find the warden and Natalie grinning at her.

Pia wiped her eyes furiously with her hands still thinking it was part of the horrid dream. Then she looked more carefully and her eyes widened as if they would pop out any moment. Natalie was there... really. And she was standing beside the warden. She gulped. she gasped as the thought crossed her mind. Natalie had been caught. She had been caught. Knowing whatever little about Natalie she had understood that she could laugh even at the most serious and tense moments and that didnt help much to calm her nerves down. She grew tenser until she felt feverish. She kept staring between their faces.

Pia: "I dont know her" she said instinctively and the Wardens eyes furrowed together. She thought for a moment and then laughed. Natalie joined in too feeling the topic slipping away. The warden patted on Pia's back as if to reassure her.

Warden: "Silly Pia." she said and patted again. "Of course you dont know her" she laughed. "She is an exchange student from London" she gave Pia a stern look which said that 'take care of her and keep the boys of the city away from her' Pia smiled understanding "She will be your room mate" she smiled. "You see you are the friendliest person around and apparently she liked the curtains of your room" she said with a slight laugh.

Natalie scratched her head as if she was embarrassed.

Natalie: "I am Natalie Wilson" she extended her hand. Pia struggled with the sheet covering her. She was tangled. She yanked the sheet off and took her hand with a smile. She winked making Pia giggle abnormally. She stifled a laugh later.

Warden: "You two seem to be getting along really well. I will leave you two to settle down and get to know each other" she said from above her shoulder and exited. the two sighed in relief.

After what seemed a long one minuted they cracked up. They were utterly amused that the warden had found Pia the most 'friendly' person in the whole of mount college and natalie thought that the curtains were good. So very convincing. They were glad to be around each other. Natalie was happy because she wasnt trapped with a lunatic.

Pia: "You are not going to go all gaga on me right?" she joked. Natalie shook her head fast. shocked.

Natalie: "Sorry I broke your fantasies but I am straight babe. I prefer 'men'" she laughed and suddenly out of the blue the familiar face flashed in her mind. John, she winced momentarily but then she argued with herself if she should ask or not. The part of her which wanted to know won.

She felt like a psychopath to admit but she wanted to know.

Pia: "I had a dream" she began and Natalie sat up straight to listen carefully. She could see the torment in her eyes and it didnt feel right to her. "I was you there" she scowled. Natalie sighed relieved. "Explain to me why I was blushing when this certain guy complemented me" she crossed her hands across her chests.

Natalie: "Its started. Its an angel thin you see..." she said with a wise look in her eyes. "We always keep some or the other secrets from people however close they are. But mostly we open up with our sisters or best friends" she said with a smile. "Now being part of the supernatural world. We gain experience. Our kind has a beautiful gift. We learn from our elders. I learned from Maithili and you will learn from me. Its like a chain. It will go on till the end of days. These dreams are the only ways we can communicate. Tell each other secrets, moments and memories which torment us... make us happy" she shrugged. "Its a beautiful ride once you learn to let yourself go" she sighed happily.

Then she paused and looked at Pia for some moments scrutinizing.

Natalie: "As for your second question. We are women at last. We are supposed to blush when men complement us. That's very natural. Not that you are... but still." she said with a mocking tone. Pia groaned. Her heart fluttered helplessly when she thought of the scenes again. The heart break was awful. Did Natalie go through all of that? She gasped.

Pia: "Who was he?" she asked in a small voice. Natalie looked at her quizzically. "John" she said in a pained voice and at an instant Pia regretted it. She shouldnt have mentioned it. She could she what he meant to her. The torment in her mere eyes were hard to keep contact too. She seemed to rip apart. A longing sigh echoed in the room.

Natalie: "I dont know" she muttered really low and Pia couldnt understand if it was meant for her. She laughed bitterly taking Pia by surprise.

Pia: "You liked him a lot" it wasnt a question, it was a statement. She was sure of it. What she had felt was restricted to only Abhay she knew the familiar pain. Natalie nodded and hung her head putting them in her hands.

Natalie: "He just said his name was John." she smiled faintly at his thoughts. "I fell in love with him instantly. My only love" her eyes were wild now. "His eyes were an odd green. Just the color you could let yourself drown in... the face, any women could die for. His strong hands..." she sighed. "You would want to hold them and never let go. he was the person you could laugh with and cry for. he was the man you would want to be there with you when you were taking your vows... right beside you. he was just perfect" her eyes showed that of a fanatic. She was trying hard to explain how fascinating and overwhelming her love had felt. She laughed bitterly again. "It was after a few hours after he disappeared that I realized... he was a vampire" she chocked on the word and bit her lips to suppress the tears.

'Fallen in love with a vampire' Pia thought. 'It was not a crime was it?' No it wasnt she tries to convince herself. But then the familiar voice said again. She had made the same decision. It was not her choice though. She had tried to restrict her feelings... but she couldnt help. Was it Abhay that was her soul mate? she wondered.

Natalie: "You know the worst part?" her voice grew stronger. "We only love once in our life. Our soul, our body, the whole meaning of our existence belongs to that person when your eyes meet. It hits you like a meteor and it is like you will not live without them. It's a good feeling till it lasts" her tears freely rolled now. Pia wanted to comfort her but Natalie put her hands up to stop her. She frowned and slumped onto the bed again.

Pia: "Only once" Pia mumbled. "It's good." Natalie shook her head.

Natalie: "It is not good" she said strongly. "We are like humans at last. Like humans we always tend to choose our first love... Because they make us feel safe, protected. They make us feel that electricity on that first touch. That possessiveness towards someone and the romantic love they share. Its a totally different feeling altogether. And it can only happen once. Our feelings are more concentrated. We never overcome like humans. Our love overpowers, shadows anyone else who we meet. Its our nature and we cant help it. the pain lats for a few months maybe for humans but for us? We carry it to our graves... or even longer. That same heart ripping pain continues throughout your life. rotting your soul every moment that passes. making you stronger each moment and then crushing you on the next. The pain in excruciating. And it happens to all of us. We love and lose. It always does." Through her words Pia found herself... she had loved. She had lost. She had lost the love of her existence, Abhay.

She put a hand on Natalie's shoulder consoling her.

Natalie: "you are lucky that you dont have to bear it till eternity." Pia thought for some moments.

Pia: "What if we find our mystery man" it wasnt a suggestion... She smiled when Natalie wiped off her tears and looked at her with fake seriousness.

Natalie: "Never run behind men. They will run behind you... That's how the world moves" she said putting a log of hair behind her ears. Pia was relieved now. Natalie was back in herself.

Pia was sad and happy now. Sad because she had just partly felt what devastation was going on in Natalie's heart every second and she wanted to heal her. And happy because she had learned about herself and Natalie so much. Today was a turning point for her... Today she would start to know herself better than she could ever imagine.

Thanks for reading and please leave a comment. I would really appreciate that!

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 8:38am | IP Logged
hei ayantika,
even after the member vs member game was over u took a week's time in updating..update said wat sort of relation dark angels have with other angel..john was kinda cute..both natz n pia sail on the same a vampire..cant angel love a vampire?n part was fully pia-nats..give abhiya yaar..where r more of natz i think..continue soon..give a gala time in college.

Edited by RB81 - 01 April 2011 at 12:13pm
Cute_Gal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 8:38am | IP Logged
Wow Gr8 Update.. Happy 2 C u back.. Piya's Showing d Signs of Who She really is..Dark Angel mayb.. So Natalie's First Love is John n he's a Vampire.. Dat's Intresting.. Wish 2 C more Abhiya yaar.. Loved d lines., Never Run behind Men.. They 'll run behind u.. Dat's how d World Moves.. Perfect. Continue soon.. Thanx for d pm..lolz.

Edited by Gals1110 - 01 April 2011 at 11:32am
pallavisarkar Senior Member

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 12:05pm | IP Logged

gr8 updt

thnx for pm
it was gud but less of abhiya
ozzyie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 7:39pm | IP Logged
Its wonderful Ayantika ......
Atlast u updated .....
patakha-guddi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
nice update
cont soon
--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 April 2011 at 12:13am | IP Logged
hey ayabtika or MOTW or  mem v/s mem winner or dark angel

it was super update
and devi ji aap abhiya moments kab denge humein daan mein
otherwise locely update

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