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FF-Paradox- M&G- THREAD 5 (Page 101)

komlika IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 3:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by muskanp

i am no one to accpt or reject...

it will be totally my son's decision...

if he wants her then I want her ten fold...
if he doesn't ..I can't say anything
this is my stand a mothers persepective

exactly my point ..........can agree more Thumbs Up

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Dilsay IF-Rockerz

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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part 49
pls do comment & press the like button' ty for all the love and suport
do pleas ck out page 108-111'.. there r many ans to this question'. Q asked by 
I wanted to ask as today is Women day so
would u accept SAMEERA in ur life as knowing her 
DARK TRUTH nt exactly urs bt in ur loved 1z
like i dont kno every1 here  that too in particular age as this is 4 every1
As if u are  mother sister or any relation u may take as a Women will u accept sam
in ur sons brother or any other reletions life

My question is 

Like as a mother will u accept her in ur sonz life as she cant give u heir will u still b able to accept her as ur daughter in law will u b really?
is avantika justified at her place of insecurity
I hope people got my point nd i really du hope u answer it with ur loyalty nd nt just diplomacy think well nd du answer to this question dont thnk by ur brainz du thnk by ur heart i shall also answer to this qustion after i get sum answers

will b eagerly waiting 4 ur answers 
wat u tnk abt it
its just a radom Q came to my mind its nt to hurt anybodyz feeling 
if u feel so du answer 
bt will b curious to kno 


Sam just left. Avantika didn't to tell her anything. It's her son & khuranas family reputation after all. She could t believe this girl! Living on us & trying to trap my son! This is the limit. We gave her shelter! Just because we thought it's our responsibility! Not because she could trap my son! How could she possibly think she is capable of becoming khuranas bhu. & that 2 baddi bhu.... Avantika was annoyed. She went to the living room to see the news with everyone! She didn't realize what was going on the telly... But her eyes was on the elders... Whose face was full of anger! Then she looked! It was maan & Geet. With picture & video of them walking in to the hotel room.... Maan was hugging her from the back... Kissing her madly as he straggled to swipe the card to open the door. Everyones face went bright red in embarrassment!

Reporter- the future MD of khurana... Mr maan sing khurana was seen with a different girl. Seems like him & Sammeras relation have broken up because of this new girl & she is no other then the MD of Handa industry. Miss Geet Handa. The footage was caught the night of the xyz party. We were informed that Mr maan sing khurana was heavily drunk and later on mr maan & miss Handa were seen walking in to a hotel room.
Everything indicating she is the reason of maan & sams relationship.

Darji switched off the telly instantly.
Darji- what is this nonsense. He shouts. Arjun looks down. He could barely say a word. The footage looked so low! & Geet... The way they portrayed her! It was too low. Avantika was confused now! One way happy that sam & maan broke up! But the footage! It looked disgusting. Maan was not in wrong.... If that's how the media have displayed! But how will Handa react seeing there daughter like this!...
Darji- I want them back from England right now!

England/ London-

Geet had no time to check news or maan as they have been together for whole 2 days now. Barely could let them self go! They never have free time. & now... They wanted to share everything... Maan was Nibbling on geets lips... When they were disturb...
Maan- hi mom.... Geet was on maans lap... Between his leg... Badly Tempting him!
Avantika- have you seen the news? & where is Geet?
Maan- umm... Why? & she is with me!
Avantika- this is the limit maan! We want you 2 back home right now! You have no idea how geets Darji reacting. Before it gets out of hand I wan you back home!
Maan- what happen? He snaps...
Geet hard the word news... She turns the telly on... Her smile instantly vanished! Naming her the 2nd women again... This time the media have portraiture her in a disgusting way... Geet shocked and stood up instantly. Her face went bright red in anger & embarrassment! Thinking the whole world seeing this. Tears rolled down her eyes. She instantly threw the remoert on the telly and broke it.
Avantika jumped on the phone! She knew geets anger very well!
Geet turned to maan- what is this? She shouts!
Maan who had no clue about this! He was num & shocked! This surly have gone out of his hand.
Geet shouts again- what is this! Avantika jumps on the phone. Maan cuts the call... & tries to calm her down.... He cups her face!
Geet- I thought you have cleared everything out! Why everything is not clear? She shouts again! This time snaps maans every touch.
Maan- jaan! I had no clue... If some...
Geet- shut up!.. Just shut up! Geet was bright red in anger! She could barely talk. Her life! Her maan! Her family! & she is naming second! She have done everything to come to this stage! Everything to win maan!
Maan rushed out after geet but she left somewhere with her car! Maan instantly flows with another....

Darji- call sam! We need to fix this wedding soon...
To clear all the misunderstanding.
Avantika didn't like that at all! She protested...

Geet receives a call back from home to come to india instantly... Next day paper was both brother & sister. Brij & Geet. A play boy! And another play girl with a headline!
This tension headache wasn't a good sign for maan! Specially with this lie... Maan was hell confused in what exactly he should do. Geets anger... & this time it have crossed the limit. Even he felt disgust... How could the media publish anything without there permission! They have to apologies big time! He was more angry then Geet probably! & this... His & sams nonsense have to be stopped!

Maan & Geet makes there way back to India. Different flight. She have refuged to see his face until this nonsense is stopped & everything is back to normal.


Geets Darji was worried now. They have fixed her & shorias wedding with out there permission & acknowledging.

Geet walks in. Darji instantly starts to shout at her.
Daeji- what is this Geet? We have send you there to handel business! Do you have any clue how low our reputation have gone down! He was angry. Bright red.
Geets anger was only increasing! & Darji wasn't helping at all.
Geet- I haven't done anything to put our reputation down. She answers back confidently. I am not Brij!
Darji- GEET!
Geet- enough! I am tired & I will talk 2moro!
Geet smashed her phone and kicked the luggage open when she entered her room!
Geet- this sam! That b****!... I will kill her!... She smashes the mirror again! Her anger was out of control! & the most thing that hurt her was maan! He still haven't saluted this Out at all! It's not that she have any doubt on there relationship! It's that he haven't made any effort to solve this!... He knew very well how much I hate this! I have kept reminding him! Kept telling him! Kept repeating! He have ignored my every word! Everything!... He is my! & only my! But this world should know this to! That I am his first & the last one!...

Khurana house...

Maan also have arrived! But no one spoke! No one had the gut to ask him anything+ it was too late. Maan have decided to met sam next morning and sault this media problem out specially about there relationship! Before it starts to effect his life.

Next afternoon...

Maan walks down... All the elders was waiting.
Daeji- have you realized how this will effect your reputation of becoming MD? Do you have any idea?
Maan- are you worried about me or our reputation? Maan asked straight. There selfish attitude started to irritate him!
Darji- we are worried about both!
Maan- seems like you only worried about our reputation. He answered angrily!
Darji- we have enough! We need to create some lie to hide this!
Maan- no need to lie! I can fix this!
Darji- we don't want to rely on you for anything now! You have done enough damage..... Darji looks at Arjun. Maans dad.
Darji- I want this MD election to be healed next week. Maybe this will drive his mind way from everything.

ANIMOSITY-  part 37
next-  OO part 50'. big twist'.

the story line willl change from here'''.pls
do comment'''..Embarrassed
Thanks for all the love & support
hope you all liking this' 
pls do leave me some comments'

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Dilsay IF-Rockerz

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Thanks for a lovely update
Muahhh....2 u
Geet...........Geet ...........and Geet
I don't know how Maan will be able to handle her full blown anger?Day Dreaming

The precap.......a twist coming in to the story line??????

Geet's anger and Maan's election for MD would further create tension in their relationship.
Shoria and Geet 's wedding is out of question.
Lets see what u have in store for us .

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mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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if he was my son its his decision
as long the love each dont have  any
problem at & about kids its a gift
from God  only him can give

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maanujaanu IF-Dazzler

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luved it
feel srry 4 Geet

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komlika IF-Rockerz

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NO...........Y.......poor geet Cry .........maan need to clear things with geet n family......y is he not doing anything Angry.......... didnt he promise her to clear everything........ i kind of understand geet family situation as their daughter image is at stake......maan need to speak upAngry....... i hope they dont take wrong decision Ermm

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-Premeena- Goldie

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hmmmm..... yeh to basis tha what are you thinking keyama.. o have a feeling sam will admit infront of the whole media tht she was just a friend all along and that geet and maan loved each other.. hmmm since people are feeling bad for sam i guess she should be the one saving the day... great update..
waiting for more.. :D

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