Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

Aham you got her!!

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 4:55pm | IP Logged
A short os

Gopi heard everything  Aham asking ma ji  to send Gopi back, kokila looks at him i am not going to do that, you want to break that girls heart but i refuse to do it.  But mom you told me to bring her back to the house whilst Nani was here Aham replies, i also told you  to tell nani yourself  about you n Gopi, but you did not do that because you knew the consequences you brought Gopi back yourself now you can tell her to go.   Gopi knew  she had to leave, she made it easier on Aham, he comes in the room n sees her packing n asks what she is doing, she tells him that nani is gone so she will leave also.   Aham shocked but doesnt say anything just watches,  he cant look into her eyes so he looks away.  Gopi still looks at him as again she has to sacrifice everything. 
Aham looks at Gopi n just stares  he is lost in her eyes, she picks up her bag, Aham sees  he puts his hand out to help her, she tells him no i can do this, he gets angry n grabs her hand  forcefully, he hurts gopi screeks, she has tears in her eyes she looks up at Aham he sees he has hurt her,  he releases his hand n touches Gopi face  n strokes her  then he wipes her tears,  before you know it Aham leans forward n kisses Gopi, she does not move she closes her eyes, Aham  picks up Gopi who has already dropped the bag,  he slowly puts Gopi on the bed  n caresses her gently  before you knew it the lights slowly get dim  BlushingLOL.
Next morning Gopi  gets up early bathes picks up her bag n walks downstairs, she sees that marni has already open the door she starts to walk towards it, she looks back i will not come back here again n smiles n leaves.  Aham wakes up n sees that Gopi is not there, he goes to get his clothes n notices that  Gopis clothes are not there, he looks around for her bag its not there, he looks confused.  He goes downstairs n heads towards the mandir he sees rashi, then he goes towards the kitchen, marni  n kokila come out, Aham do you need anything.  Aham says  i am looking for Gopi, kokila says she has not come down yet.  aham shocked he says but mom shes not upstairs neither is her clothes, kokila looks at him n tells him cant be possible maybe she has gone into the guest room as nani is not there, Aham runs up to the guest room opens the door nobody then he looks in kinjal room she is not there.  He comes back down  kokila says is Gopi there?  He says no, kokila says she must have left as you asked her to leave, he said no mom i didnt ask her to leave, kokila shocked you didnt ask her then why did she leave.  Aham grabs his keys n runs out, as he drives out  he stops at the enterance, he asks the security man if he has seen Gopi Madam, ji sir Madam left 2 hours ago, Aham says ok.  I didnt ask her to leave so why did she leave especially after last night n he has flashbacks.  He gets to CM  n knocks on the door  urmilla fuming who is it this time of morning,  she opens the door from the back  jeetu mahma comes, he is surprised just as urmilla, Aham asks if Gopi has come he needs to speak to her, jamai ji gopi has not arrived  here,   urmilla n jeetu  look at each other, Aham in deep thought Gopi should have been here by now where is she?  he looks at them n tells them if Gopi arrives tell her i need to see her.  Jeetu looks at him baffled n agrees.  Aham decides to wait downstairs for a while, he sits in his car remembering  having flashbacks of what happened between him n Gopi. He waited all morning, then jeetu sees him he tells him Gopi must have gone back home as she has not come here.  She has no one  just me n you.  Aham nods his head n returns back to MM, kokila pacing up n down  Aham walks in she asks him  did you find gopi  he shakes his head n walks upstairs defeated.  why did Gopi leave after last night why  i did not ask her.  Urmilla phones rashi to see if Gopi was there she replies no, everyone is shocked.   mummy that gawar has left me to do all the work i am a servant in this house.  kargri is going to make my life hell.  Urmilla says dont worry when she comes here i will throw her out she is not staying with me.   That night Aham calls jeetu if Gopi was there he tells her no, Aham decides something must have gone wrong she only has me n mahma i will call police for missing persons n the hospitals  to see if anyone has been hurt. No luck.  Gopi where r u?  kokila hears Aham you treated that girl badly now you will suffer. 
Aham was not eating at the dinning table  he just looked at the food, it wasnt Gopis cooking it wasnt her coming out of the kitchen he could not hear her bracelets or anklets.  He left the table went to his bedroom he sat on his bed he could smell her but he could not see her.  He lies down  he tossed n turned  but could not sleep
Gopi went to pannas hostel she   finally told panna that her raj kumar does not love her, he hates her, he never wanted to marry her,  Panna was shocked she was also angry..  she told jiju to look after her porley didi.  Next morning she went to make a phone call one to jeetu mahma n she told him everything that Gopi had told her, she told him not to tell anyone where Gopi was.. Then she made another call this time to Aham  the pooja had finished, she starts to shout at him you called my didi a theif liar,  you slapped n shouted at her she never does anything wrong  you are a bad man its not my didi that is a liar its you n you will never see my didi again, Aham says to panna plse  i need to see Gopi to tell her im sorry, panna says sorry for what  she doesnt want to see you ever again.
Aham  shocked but thinks then he calls jeetu mahma to find out where panna is , jeetu says i am already at the hostel Gopi has left JAMAI ji, is it true what panna has said, what you accused gopi off n you slapped her, Aham quiet he didnt know what to say.  Ji mahma ji.  jeetu replies if you had said that about rashi my own daughter my flesh n blood  i would have thought she has done something but for you to accuse my innocent naive Gopi  i would say never she would not have done any of the things you accused her of.  you dont deserve Gopi she is not the Gawar you are, when n if i find my dikri you will never see her again.  jeetu puts phone down, he looks over to Gopi dikra come home, mahma ji no its best if no one knows where i am.  Gopi hugs mahma ji, he tells her he will give her fathers pension each month so she can get things for her self n if she needs anything he will come every week.
.  Aham   did not respond to anyone in the family, he just worked day n night  this went on for months.  Kokila worried about him she also  was very worried for Gopi.  Rashi  wrongdoings all came to light, when hetal was teaching her to cook  n leave her  she would forget to put salt in or add too much, it was never    right.  Hetal even had enough of her nonsense n would  shout at Rashi who are you going to blame now Gopi is not here.
Jeetu mahma went to see Gopi at least once a week,  it was seven months  since Gopi left mm, Aham came to cm every day begging for forgiveness but jeetu just looked at him angry.  He looks at Gopi , Gopi Aham n his family need to know how long are you going to hide this?   Gopi turns round mahma ji dont worry i will do the right thing.  Panna has tears in eyes, Mahma ji didi is going to give the baby to modi parivar once she has him or her. Mahma ji shocked  dikri you cant give your baby up its yours n ahams, nahi mahma ji what life am i going to give him or her, he or she is the waris of modi parivar the baby deserves a better life not a t a hostel i know my god will help me i will miss my child but i have no choice.  Mahma starts to cry. dikri you have sacrificed for all not anymore this is not going to happen.  He puts  his hand  on  her head  i promise you  that your future will be better.

Ahams takes a phone call, all he hears  is you are looking for your wife go to the hospital at 2 30 this afternoon, the person puts the phone down.   Aham looks at the clock its 2.00pm he leaves his office quickly he gets to the hospital in 15 minutes he parks near the enterance  at 2 30pm a tuk tuk arrives  a girl gets out, she pays the guy, Aham didnt notice at first then he sees Gopi, he smiles she looks raidient  he gets out of the car n runs Gopi walks slowly.    She stops at the reception area, Gopi modi  i have a 3..00 pm appointment with the doctor, Aham walking towards Gopi   he is shocked Gopi is pregnant, Mrs modi your husband busy again the receptionist asks grinning smugly , Gopi puts head down ji he is busy with his work,  Aham hears this n walks  towards the receptionist  I am Gopi modis husband Aham Modi, Gopi looks up n smiles   he looks at her n says sorry i am so late  didnt think i would reach here on time n he kisses Gopi  on her head n cheek i have missed you so much.  Gopi is shocked, so is the receptionist, she looks at Gopi you are one lucky gal to have such a loving husband.  Gopi smiles a little but is still shocked with seeing Aham,  Aham asks the receptionist if there is a private room for his wife to sit in she tells him there is a cost, Aham looks at her money isnt a issue i will buy the whole ward for my wife.  The receptionist shocked n takes them to a private room.
Once the receptionist leaves Aham  looks at Gopi why did you leave i didnt asked you to leave.  She looked at  him i made it easier for you.  i knew i had to go, Aham looked at her confused even after that night, Aham ji what happened that night  was a  wonderful, but you do not love me, so i needed to leave.  Aham you did not ask me once what i wanted, Gopi i wanted you, i made a mistake i was wrong i love you.  Gopi has tears in her eyes.  Gopi i am sorry for all what i did to you plse come back.   I love you i need you i cant sleep plse Gopi.  Aham goes on his knees with folded hands  Gopi  still loved him n she went over to him  he grabs her  n puts his head on her stomach baby plse tell mummy i am sorry, just then  the baby kicked Aham shocked n smiles.  Gopi i felt our baby i felt our baby.   Gopi smiles  the doctor walks in, Ahhh mrs modi Aham gets up So you are the elusive mr modi the doctor smiles, ji, Aham holds Gopis hand.  The doctor asks Gopi  to lie down on the bed so she can check her she tells Gopi  this is the last scan  as the baby will be soon her, Aham still holding Gopi hand helps her get up on the bed, Ahh mrs modi you have a loving husband.  The doctor starts the scan Aham looks at the monitor  mr modi this is the lastest technology 3 d  this is your baby, baby this is your papa.  Aham is crying n looking at Gopi, she is smiling  at the monitor.  This baby is going to be at least 8 to 9 pounds, mrs modi your frame is small n may have difficulty in pushing the baby out, i suggest  a c section    there is a lot of risks with  having the baby naturally,  Aham looks at the doctor i dont want my wife in any risks  deliver the baby with out any problems,  money is no object.  The doctor looks at Gopi, Gopi says ok  i will have a c section.  The doctor leaves n Aham says Gopi come home plse i want you to come to your house its empty with out you please Gopi nods her head. 
Ahams calls home mom i am coming home i have some news  one big life changing news,  kokila says Aham you never come home its 4 o clock you never come home, i am coming home now.  Aham holds Gopis hand n walks with her not taking his eyes off her,  he opens the passenger door n sits Gopi down,  just then jeetu mahma walks up behind him, i am giving you one chance to  do right with my dikri if you ever hurt Gopi you will never see her or your child again is that understood. Aham puts his head down in shame, he puts his hands together maffi mahma ji you will never hear anything from me or Gopi i promise you i will treat Gopi like a queen.  mahma put his hand on Ahams head i bless this reunion  go home, i am going home to sort out a few persons out.
Aham drives home he holds Gopis hand n drives with the other, he arrives at mm, kokila is pacing up n down  mom he shouts wont you come n bless us, kokila looks up  she sees Aham standing there  from behind Gopi shows her head kokila scream Gopi vahu, one minute one minute let me get pooja thali  kokila shouts to hetal n rashi parag n baa  come gopi vahu.  they all come running, kokila runs   with the thali  to the door, Gopi vahu  why  are you hiding, Aham slowly brings Gopi out from behind him, kokila gasps  Gopi vahu she looks at Aham  he is smiling looking at Gopi,  Hetal parag all shocked Rashi comes out  her true colors show, Gopi r u carrying  jijus child, Gopi looks at her Rashi ben i dont understand, Aham shouts yes its mine the night that Gopi n i got together  before she left.  Hetal looks at Rashi  i should never have you marry my son you are a disgrace.  kokila  smiles n does pooja  she tells Gopi n aham to come.  aham how did you find her? mom  later Gopi needs to rest as the baby can come anytime.  Gopi quietly  listens to all  who are asking all sorts of questions, but all Gopi can do  is look  round the house the one that gave her happiness and misery all at once.  Aham takes her to the bedroom  its left the same way she left it,  she goes n sits down.  Aham tells her to rest.  kokila  knocks at the door, can i come in?  Aham says mom what r you talking about you you are always welcome why the formality, no dikra i need to keep boundries, Gopi looks at kokila confused maji  boundries i dont understand.   Gopi vahu i dont want to be the overbearing mother in law i want my son n dil to have privacy.  Gopi smiles  maji plse dont change i  loved you the way you were. 

Last chapter in a while Wink

do comment

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wow continue on
HansaN IF-Sizzlerz

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really nice story. looking for more.
simran15 IF-Dazzler

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lovely story....good job...please continue.
-Nafisa- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 5:27pm | IP Logged
It's very good Suk, It has everything I would hope in a GoHam ff, GoHam intimate scene, Gopi leaving, Aham recognising what his lost, Aham suffering pangs of longing for his wife, MaamaJi becoming stronger, Modi's recognising Rashi's evil, little Panna, a new baby on the way. In fact it's perfect. Clap

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Loved it!!! It's the same thing that you're wishing would happen in SNS serial. Good job!!! Longing for more. Create something  fitting for rashi's kartut too.

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You keep outdoing yourself Suk, from one ff to the next. My favorite was the one where you had two endings, with Gopi ending up marrying Elesh or an alternative remarrying Aham, that ff was exceptional, this is equally good and it's only an OS, perhaps that's why, it has everything in one burst. 

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Waiting for the next part...., but please do not make it the last.... do continue....

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