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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged

Saw the Episode late because I was out today and I always hv a bad luck of missing the good episodes in real time and catching the crap it was no different todayROFL..Anyways hv lots to say about today's episode because it touched me deeply and also made me think a lot after a long timeApprove...

I loved the Episode today terms of execution... acting.... flow... editing... drama... emotions... camerawork... it was a complete flawless episode that we got after a long timeClapClapClapClap
Ok now one thing which I hv noticed all this while....
Everytime there is an issue between them ,they try to hide it from each other and want to alone solve the problem thinking sharing is not a good option because he or she will get hurt then...Whether its MSK or Geet ..they always try to alone solve the problem and protect the other....but never try to share it and then solve it together...I wonder whyErmm
MSK too judges beforehand that I should sort out this problem without telling Geet or else she will b hurt..reason why he had hidden the pregnency complication secret from Geet but then Geet finds it out from the doctor and then tells MSK why u r so mahaanLOL and today Geet too does the same and mayb when MSK will find out from some third person,he will also say Geet tum itni achhi kyun ho.LOLLOL
So neither MSK is weak nor Geet is weak here because at certain points both had hidden some facts from each other thinking they r doing a mahaan sacrifice...LOL..but their main problem still is lack of communication since both feel that hiding things from each other is the best way to see their beloved happy but thats where they r going wrong and they need to rectify this Via CommunicationSmile
We can't say Geet is weak or wrong today for hiding the blood donation secret from MSK...she is hiding it because she feels ,if she tells him the truth,his ego will b deeply hurt....Earlier too MSK had hidden the pregnency complication chapter from Geet...Was MSK weak or wrong that time ?Nope ..he only had a God complex and wanted to hide it because he felt Geet will b hurt knowing this....but that was never the case and Geet understood him ..right ??...Same is happening with Geet today..she feels MSK will b hurt knowing the truth but mayb he will understand her point more if she tells him the truth....So where is the problem...its the lack of communication in their relationship ...Ermm
So is it the CV's fault for not showing the proper communication between them ??In that case we can't blame the new CVs because even old CVs never showed a proper matured conversation between the two except the Tent-Date wala episode.....So I m assuming its not the CV's fault but deliberately they r showing this lack of communication problem between the two so that both can learn from their mistakes and try to communicate more with each other ....if their communication level changes towards the end of this track,then I can totally understand the need of both this pregnency-complication and Dev-fiasco trackErmm...I guess now I can understand what exactly CVs r trying to show to us...they r creating a similar situation for both ...First MSK ka dilemma related to her pregnency and now Geet ka dilemma related to Dev issue both cases ,both hv tried to hide things from each other which hv created a rift between them.....So the question arises..whats really lacking in their relationship ??Is over-possessiveness from each other working against their relationship because the over-possessiveness and over-protectiveness is increasing the communication gap between the two and thats what is affecting their relationship here....So will they understand this and try to rectify it ??Ermm...
Coming to other aspects of the Episode...I m amazed with the way MSK shows his possessiveness for Geet in each and every frame of the epi todayShockedEmbarrassed...he just doesn't like to see even a fly roaming around GeetLOL or Geet showing concern or taking any other guy's name from her mouthEmbarrassed...and here toh its Dev..when MSK din't even spare the tailor ..toh Dev kis khet ki mooli wonder MSK jal jal ke bharta ban jaayega in the coming episodesLOLTongue...just notice his expressions everytime Geet takes Dev ka naam from her mouth ...he even went to the extent of saying "Dadi ho ya God...why the hell did u even listen to do something for that Dev"Shocked...I was like woww he doesn't even care for dadi ka words when it comes to his GithShockedEmbarrassed...but well we all love this possessive MSK the way GC portrays itEmbarrassed.,...
Coming to Dadi,She is the main person in Khurana Empire...then why is she folding her hands and begging in front of MSK for Dev's stay in the house ??Confused..she could hv told MSK with full authority that its my house and I will decide whether Dev will stay or not because like MSK,even Dev is my grandson...but instead we see Dadi almost begging here for MSK's permission which puts this question that whether Dadi is a Khurana or notConfusedConfused,,...:I m too confused about Dadi right nowConfused..some of her actions r looking a bit fishy to me now...the way today she suddenly got injured on her foot and then asked Geet to take the garam water to the outhouseConfused...why can't she call  a servant there ??Confused...and we saw that the servant later came and took the hot water to the outhouse which means servant was available but for some reason Dadi wanted Geet to take the hot water to the this tells me one thing  about Dadi that she knows that MSK ka weakness is Geet and so MSK will never tolerate Geet again and again travelling all the way to the outhouse for Dev mayb Dadi hopes that just to keep eye on whats happening in the house,mayb MSK will allow Dev to enter the house till he gets fully fit so that he can keep an eye on things and Dadi too gets what she wants..that is Entry of Dev in KMEvil Smile..Mayb right now Dadi is not manipulative..but somewhere I see the signals of her becoming manipulative later on when she will notice that MSK is listening only to Geet here...she mayb already noticing it from his words and actionsErmm...Today I felt somewhere Dadi was irritated with MSK's dominating attitude....when she folded her hands in front of MSK,it looked as if she was pissed off somewhere with the way MSK was dominating everything but she was forced to listen to his verdictErmm.......So mayb it will b her over-attachment towards her grandson Dev only which will make her manipulative and mayb selfish to some extent because she knows that MSK has it all but Dev has nothing and needs something for survivalErmm..lets see how CVs take ahead Dadi ka pendulum characterLOLTongue

But this whole first scene of the episode was terrific in terms of some superlative performances given by Anjuji,GC and DD,.,,,,MSK's initial anger when he shouts at Geet in the start...then the way he says sorry to Geet with his eyes filled in pain and agony..then the way he justifies his stand to Dadi and Geet about why Dev can't stay in this house and then in the end the way he gives permission regarding Dev's stay till he becomes fit but with extreme hesitency and a feeling of defeat in his voice and eyes were some flawless exhibition of expressions by GCClapClap...Its not easy for an actor to hv such flawless variety of expressions in one scene but time and again GC-DD hv proved their versatility in this departmentThumbs Up..Even DD was flawless with her expresssions of fear and guiltClapClap 

I know I m repeating myself again and againLOL...But GC-DD were indeed terrific in the whole episodeClapClap and the camera-execution was spot on especially in the last scene todayThumbs was a technically perfect episode...StarStarStarStarStar...And I m really in awe of GC and DD's performance today...u give them power-packed performance oriented scenes and they just deliver flawlesslyThumbs Upthe emotions that they showed today were looking so real...His anger and her shivering in fear in the soup wala scene or in the end hot-water wala scene was fantabulousClapClap..gosh even my heart skipped a beat in both these powerpacked performances from both......Last scene was the best in terms of acting and executionThumbs Up...The way MSK gives that painful look in the end with those hidden tears in his eyes questioning her the reason behind her concern for Dev really touches your heartCryCry and also looking at Geet's helpless situation here ..the way she is torn between her duties towards Dadi,MSK and her own principles...u just can't help but feel for herCryCry....Again I repeat outstanding performances by bothThumbs Up
Last but not the least Annie-Dev sceneLOL;I liked the scene strictly for Dev's acting here;Samir was good with his expressionsThumbs Up  ;He looked fishy with his expressions today when he was hugging Annie or talking to her about how Bro hates him and so he thought mayb she too will hate himWink;It looked as if Dev was trying to test Annie ka loyalty see whether she is loyal towards khoon ka rishta or bahar ka rishta(ala Geet)Wink;About Annie forgiving Dev so easily,I can't really blame her because she has not witnessed it with her own eyes what all Geet went through because of Dev.....She only heard it from MSK's mouth while MSK is the one who actually witnessed Geet's MSK can understand it more than anyone else while Annie can never grasp that pain of Geet and so it was easy for her to forgive Dev in the name of bhaiiiLOL...
Precap looks interesting and it seems some goons r out to tell MSK about the blood secret and mayb they hv also sent the photo of Geet begging in front of Dev to MSK to create further rifts between them ...and who knows mayb its all planted by Dev onlyEvil Smile...Chalo precap does make all curious for Monday which is a good sign for the seriesThumbs Up
Episode Rating:10/10....Flawless episode from start to end full marksThumbs Up...yes we can hv debates on Dadi ka character or Geet ka character or MSK ka character after watching the episode,but in terms of acting ,drama ,story progress and execution,episode was flawless and so deserves full points todaySmile

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sharmishtha01 Goldie

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 9:47am | IP Logged

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-RD- Moderator

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 9:54am | IP Logged
About Todays epi based on the written update just two thoughts came to my mind so sharing those they kind of sum it up Embarrassed

What angers us in another person
is more often than not an unhealed aspect of ourselves.
If we had already resolved that particular issue,
we would not be irritated by its reflection back to us.


The people we are in relationship with
are always a mirror, reflecting our own beliefs,
and simultaneously we are mirrors, reflecting their beliefs.
So... relationship is one of the most powerful tools for grow th...
If we look honestly at our relationships,
we can see so much about how we have created them.

All i can say as far as Maaneet are concerned that their relationship as they have built it ....such kind of behavior and actions in trying situations are quite evident cause they havent opened up fully like friends with each other so its hard for the other to tell or understand the other easily ....without the other having to justify its wrong to hold ne one char wrong but rather thats how their relationship has been built by them ...and it has its own pro's (if any) and cons which are plenty

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Soapoperasrfun IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 9:54am | IP Logged
Short update

1. I hate NES for forgiving Dev (Well, not just that. I have her for many reasons. But in today's episode I hate her for forgiving Dev). But what could I expect. She forgave the man who raped her and is fighting for his love. So, Scre* her LOL (excuse my language. NES brings out the best in me ROFL)
2. From what I read, I don't think Maan is feeling insecure at all. He is just confused beyond comprehension as to why Geet is doing anything for Dev and why he is having to fight for her when she seems to have given up. 
3. This won't be a psychogiri Maan. He is just angry and confused and is wanting answers. He will turn into a psycho when he finds out Dev donated the blood to him because he will not know what to do then. For the first time he will be in a position where he will be totally lost. he is alive because of the man he hates most and he cannot blame anyone for it. That will drive him over the edge.
4. New campaign - Kill Daadi. 

No hamraaz track. Maan is not insecure at all. He is just angry and confused. Like Anu mentioned yesterday Maan is not a 2-faced guy. Whatz on his mind is whatz in his actions. He is not the scheming low life like Dev, Arjun or daadi. He will never go the humraaz way. He might just conclude that Geet is also cheating on him and take up sanyas. But he won't degrade her character by trying to set her up with Dev or anything. 

Well, him getting all jealous and insecure may be good news for KC. Maybe, just maybe he will start concentrating on work like he used to before when he hated all women.

Might I add, I am loving this angry, raging, aggressive, delicious, possessive, protective, confused MSK. He is everyone's delight and he is his best when he is in this form Blushing

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panchjun5 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 9:55am | IP Logged

Yesterday and today's epi have consistently tried to bring the story back on track and I'm liking this.ClapClap......and to add to my happiness we had only a miniscule scene of NES.....I guess our words have fallen on the CVs ears.....I hope now they listen to us and get rid of the NE track completely.....LOL......Hmmmm.....Ummeed pe duniya kayam hai....LOLLOLLOL

The first scene started by repeating the last part of yesterday's epi and I think it was done for impact....Maan's reaction to Geet's "Please Maan" was of shock and also I felt it was kind of calming......In mythology, when Narasimha one of the avatars of Vishnu becomes Ugra that is angry....only Prahlad his biggest devotee can calm him....I felt Geet had the same effect on Maan. He was in a murderous mood when he saw Dev but Geet's voice brought him back to reality and he calmed down to see the pain he was causing Daadi. And that is why, he left the place asking Daadi to get rid of Dev as soon as possible.

I feel Dev's modus operandi is to take everything that Maan holds dear away from him... like Daadi, NES, KC & KM, and finally Geet.....And that too without Maan realizing that Dev is behind it ( that's what he thinks...LOLLOL). When Maan gets to know that Dev donated blood to save his life, he will be confused as to whether he should feel thankful or wretched. This is when Dev will start striking..... I feel he is working on Maan's weak points and making him vulnerable so that he himself shuns everything and everybody. Dev's Hyde characteristics will be not be seen but its impact will be felt in Maan's life.

If this is the path the CVs are taking then I must say that it is very clever but I doubt if it will be liked by the general audience. They can never see Maan down....but I feel that for Maan to rise toweringly above Dev, we have to see him get hurt badly and only then will he annihilate Dev. And this demolition of Dev will be such that he will never rise again. And for us to see that, we have to see him suffer some minor defeats.

Dev has already started his dual play with Daadi, as we saw in the second scene of today's epi. He knew that Daadi would be sitting there waiting for him to gain consciousness and he started his drama of wanting to leave...he knew that Daadi would never let him do that ....and he worked on her emotions well.... This Dev is much more dangerous than the earlier evil one that we saw....because he has nothing to lose....And he has let all the wounds inflicted upon him by Maan (as thought by him) fester and become a poisonous evil which he is going to spew on Maan's life.....But whether he will be successful or not .....well that's what we will have to wait and watch....ErmmLOL
Geet's self-talk about Maan's unforgiving nature when it comes to misdeeds even if the wrong-doer was related to him was good. It tells us that Maan judges based only on right and wrong. And I felt that after this self-dialogue she should be more inclined to tell him the truth rather than the opposite. Coz once Maan comes to know that Geet hid the truth from him....although he will understand her situation, he might still feel betrayed . The longer Geet delays telling him the truth the deeper will be Maan's hurt.Ouch

Maan's angry retort to Geet when she brought him soup was justified coz he is irked with his helplessness in not having been able to throw Dev out..... and also the fact that how Dev's presence might be affecting Geet is on his mind too......He is torn between his inherent principles and Daadi's emotions and All said and done, he loves and respects Daadi and wouldn't want to see her in pain....But his conscience is not allowing him to let a scum like Dev anywhere near their lives....

Maan's people instincts have always been strong and he judges them aptly. So he knows that Dev's sudden appearance near KM in an injured condition right after he met them in SHimla is no coincidence. He knows he is upto no good. Maan has always thought with his brain and never with his heart. And the only time he has let his heart rule over his mind is with Geet. and sometimes very very rarely with Daadi.

Geet got genuinely scared of Maan's anger...even I did...Shocked....GC is good....LOL...But the subsequent calming when Maan saw Geet's face was again similar to what I described for the first scene...... I loved how just with one dialogue from Maan's mouth Geet's guilt increased manifold...."Geet Tumne Bhi tho usse abhi abhi dekha hoga"....ClapClap.....But still her promise to Daadi is making her plead the case for that scumbag Dev. And I loved Maan's words and reactions here.

"Geet tum iske bare mein fikr mat karo...Aise gire hue insaan ke baare mein jyaada nahin sochte....doobara aisi baatein mat karna Geet.....Dev yahaan nahi rahega...chaahe Daadima mujhe kuch bhi Kahe"
Geet: Lekin
Maan: Geee...t!!!

The above scene was intense.....Maan's controlled anger and Geet's fear was apparent. This scene has to be seen to feel the underlying currents of Maan's psyche. It was really chilling....Ouch

Daadima first comes authoritatively to order Maan to let Dev stay but when she sees that Maan is unbending she resorts to emotional arm-twisting. And seeing her in that state Maan relents on a condition that Dev will not venture out of the outhouse and will come nowhere near Geet. Geet's loving look to Maan when he reminds Daadima of Dev's atrocities on Geet was very sweet.

Daadima's dialogues in this scene..."Hum tho sirf aapse vinathi kar sakthe hain" and her folded hand stance made me feel that maybe there is some truth in her not being Maan's real Daadima. I dunno, I still am in a confused state about this...Confused.....

NES supporting Dev, well what can you expect from a non-existent....Wacko....But this was one more win for Dev. See how slowly he is swinging everyone to his side with his goody-goody dharmatma talks......very smart....

I don't understand this rich household where there are no servants to do menial work......The old Daadi carries the hot water for her grandson's marham-patti and when she falls, the ideal bahu takes over.....LOLLOL.....Saare naukar mar gaye hai kya iss ghar mein.....Chaddo.....if the servant took the water then we wouldn't get the next scene na.....LOLLOLLOL

The last scene of today's episode was heart-wrenching....Maan's shock, confusion and feeling of disgust on seeing Geet taking the hot water for Dev and Geet's pain at not being able to answer Maan's pointed questions was palpable. GC and DD were excellent in this scene....ClapClap

Geet's dialogue about having to pay the price for the favour done by Dev was very meaningful coz hiding the blood-donation truth is just a small thing....Dev is planning for a huge price to be paid in return for the strawberry sharbat ka aadan pradaan....LOL...On a serious note Geet should be very wary of him....

The precap was very interesting and raised the following questions....
1) Who was the person calling Maan in the precap??
2) Was it a photo of Geet and Dev Maan had in his hand?
3) Or was it of NES-NEB??
If there is a guy calling to instigate Maan then definitely Dev is already evil.......coz no one else would want to malign Geet in front of Maan....or maybe NT is out of coma....Ermm....

Anyways all said and done the precap sure has me curious enough to catch Monday's episode....So CVs mission accomplished....TongueTongue

Today GC, DD, Anjuji and SS were brilliant in their respective scenes....Star.....
Even NM was tolerable...but I still want her out....No two ways about it....LOLLOL

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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 9:55am | IP Logged
Seeing today's episode, I can only imagin Maan's haalat as it's in this song CryLOL

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MishtyShona IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 9:56am | IP Logged
Gurmeet n DD once again proved their mettle in acting.... GC was stupendously fantastic..... Loved Him today.... DD fully supported him n excellent acting from her end too.... Clap

After watching todays epi am seriously pondering over the fact that is Savitri Devi the REAL grand mom of MSK... If so, then Y should she fold her hands infront of MSK???? She should have just announced her decision n walked off...Her folding hands infront of MSK n those dialogues only means that she does not have the real authority to decide who stays n who does not in KM....Confused

Dev is planning all of this can be made out from one single fact... Yesterday when he regained his conscious, any normal n unsuspecting man will first ask where am I....OK dev recognizes the Outhouse n hence does not ask this Q, but then he should have asked how he reached the outhouse or KM for that fact...

Him foregoing these Q makes i clear that its all his plan.....

Also when the goons came to take Dev away with then in the hospital, how did they know dev was in the hospital?????? Dev never told anybody he was going to the hospital....

Geet n Dev convo happened outside the hotel so the staff too cannot know of his whereabouts....Also how did the goons come to know bout KM or dev's relationship with them?????All this make sit clear that Devaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is not a saint Evil Smile

I will not be surprised if they show Dadi ganged up with dev in all this Drama...

According to me She was waiting for maneet to settle down happily into marriage, for her to bring back dev.... She knows Geet is MSK's weakest link from long back, thats y she had agreed to marry them when MSK sought her permission after dev's deeds came out in open....Remember MSK n Dadi's convo when he informed Dadi bout his decision to marry Geet after dev's deeds were out, which heet heard in partial....

MSK had guessed correctly that Dadi is ok with him marrying Geet so that after marriage Geet will become the bahu n she will pressurize her to drop all the charges against dev.... I wont be surprised if it was Dadi n Saint devaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ka plan to enter KM...

U know the baarsat track can be used here where Him mum married Dev's father, Sr khurana... He was a player n killed her or blamed her for being disloyal.... So this was MSK is the heir to the property n also not a khurana... dev is a khurana n dadi's real pota Evil Smile

I think the pic will be of the servants carrying Dev n Dadi n Geet standing on the doorway n looking just b4 MSK came...

Today MSK explicitly told geet that she has seen Dev just now.... So when he sees that pic he'll know that she already knew of dev's presence in the house... Actually he will go n Q geet if she knew bout dev's presence b4 n she will say S... He will be furious that She kept him in dark n also lied to him bout it...  So then he might go n Do his MAAN-CHI Blushing

Today NE once again presented to us another reason as to Y we hate her....I hate her for forgiving Dev. But, frankly speaking I wasn't expecting any different from her... The girl who forgave the man who raped her and vying for his attention can be no better....Dead

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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 10:00am | IP Logged
By the way, the way Daadi was about to fell I felt it was fake, she did this to make Geet take the hot water to Dev, it seems Daadi want to make misunderstanding and problems between Maaneet.......
Idiot Daadi Angry

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