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MG SS - Kiss the 'Knight' Goodbye Last Part Pg 17

iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 4:37am | IP Logged
hey guys i promised that i wont write any OS or SS but there was one hidden in my files, i thought to post it. tell me if u like it or not otherwise i ll stop it. and pls pls pls forgive me for any mistakes, apologies...:) and do comment or hit the like button. there is more 3 or 4 parts. but i wanna make sure if u guys like it and want me to continue it, then i ll update it...:) so lemme know...:) its a short one(i used to update long part onlyWink), u guys have to tell me whether u want short 3 update or 1 HELL LONG update....:););) tell me...okay? ok enough for now. and i don know whether to call it OS or SSLOL, warning : this is dark n sad one so don curse me later... Wink

Kiss the 'Knight' Goodbye


Not again.

He thought, as woke her up from the bed in the dark gloomy midnight, panting heavily and horrified. She saw it again, heard the same tune, it was a very melodious tune, but for her it was like a loud screams, a horrified cry of a predator. She saw him again in her dreams, no, nightmares.

He hand her the water, she throw the glass away in suffering, and he wiped the sweat away from her beautiful shining face in the moonlight, coming from the pane. She was still panting like wild and shouting, 'no! Leave me!! Stop the music! STOP...!'

He cupped her face to make her realize that it was just a dream, sheer dream.

'Look at me...! Look it's me...! Geet...! It's me...!' he tried to control his wife, who was extremely panicked, and kicking her legs and punching him with her tiny fists against his broad chest.

She saw him, she immediately smoothen her brows. She felt relaxed, he hugged her tight, and in his embrace she felt safe, secured and protected.

'It was just a dream, baby. I'm here, you are fine.' He tried to soothe her, caressing her back.

He saw tears forming in her eyes, she felt guilty, and she saw him in awe and silently asked for forgiveness, he simply brushed his warm lips against her soft pink lips. He made her lost in his charisma.

They slowly slept again, in each other's arms, peacefully.


'It's been six months' he said looking exhausted.

'I told you before, she has some problems, but you never listen, maan! For once, try me, she is fine, what she needs is just a consistent treatment.' Sam explained his best friend.

'But sam...!'

'I know what you are thinking maan, but trust me, each and every patient who visits the physiatrist is not...'

'...mad' he added.

'I did not mean that, maan, just listen to me once.'


He said and left the cabin, he was vulnerable, worn-out. On the surface, everything looked fine, they are enjoying life at fullest, maan and geet were the finest couple on the earth, she was a loving and understanding wife and he was a perfect and adoring husband. But when night comes, he got scared - scared for her and her constant nightmares from last six months and her violent behavior, it was not that it was out of sudden, geet was angry from very beginning, but recently her anger and strange behavior crossed all limits when she last fight with him, just for no reason and her constant attempt to stay alone. She was different then; she became more and more aloof and silent. He could never predict when she would become angry or extremely cheerful. He considered his day lucky when she was happy and contented with him. He did not realize when he reached home in his thoughts. He entered the home and welcomed by a beautiful kiss on cheek from his lovely wife. It was his lucky day, he thought.

'What made you so late, honey?' she asked.

'Work, baby' he lied, he did not want to inform her about his meeting with doctor.

'Okay. By the way, meal is ready, want to eat now?'

'No! I just want to have quick bath. I'm tired!'

'Okay! I am waiting for you, come fast sweetie...!' she seemed extremely happy and energetic.

Maan saw her trailing off in kitchen, happily and encouragingly. He smiled. He smiled at her lovely -normal wife. He stood under the shower with both hands resting on the wall, trying to soothe him and he felt someone's warm touch from back, soft and thrilling touch. He forgot all his worries - for her. He found himself lost in her one simple touch. He did not turn around; he stood there, increasing the desire in her soul. She kissed his bare back several time, she left a trail of kisses on his back. She hugged him tight. They both were drenched, in desire, in passion.

'How does that feel? Any signs of relaxations?' she smiled.

'Oh! That feels great, in fact, I'm much more relaxed and comfy that I can do something more fruitful' he smirked.

'ohh! Mr. Khurana, you are getting naughty, huh?'

'Why, don't you like it?' he smirked, he already knew the answer in her seductive voice.

With that, he turned around and looked at his sensual wife, he looked at her long wet hair and white sari, which stuck to her perfectly carved body, exposing her perfect curves, She did not speak; she blushed and hid her face in his broad chest. He pulled her up from chin and gave a soft kiss on the lips. She felt like she was in heaven and they could not control it anymore, he did not even realize that the kiss started from a soft touch, when went to a passionate kissing session and intense love making.


It was another blissful day of their life and they were shopping in the mall, for no reason. Just for her happiness, as he always wished.

'I think I have shopped enough for the day, now we should go home.' She said and maan rolled his eyes. A mere thought about geet satisfied from shopping made him smile. He controlled his laughter and nodded in a positive way, they were about to go, and suddenly she heard the same melodious tune, she turned around to catch the sight, she saw a small toy, in which it appeared like the bride and the groom were having their first dance in snowfall, in a round glass. She saw it, it was beautiful but the expression on her face said something else, it was not the toy, but the music, the same tune was disturbing her. She was afraid now; she started breathing fast, and grabbed maan's shoulder tight. He asked her alarmingly 'what happened, geet?'

She did not answer, she just pointed at the toy, and a couple was watching it with great interest and listening to the melodious tune. She screamed loudly, 'STOP!'

'What? Geet what happened?' maan asked in anxious voice.

'Stop it! Just stop the music, this music...just stop...I can't...!' she screamed out loud and covered her ears with her hands.

People gathered around them in curiosity, maan certainly did not like that, someone asked them to leave the place, someone asked him to handle the lady in his arms. He tried to calm her down but it was of no use, she was out of control then, she screamed again and again and then, if she could not hide the rage within herself, she ran and grabbed the toy and threw it on the floor and the music stopped with a sudden smack.

Everyone was shocked. Maan stood their rooted, watching the violence in his wife's eye. He tried to catch her but she was panting heavily, and finally, lost, tired and crushed geet collapsed in his arms.


Maan was tensed, pacing back and forth in the hospital corridor, worried about her wife. He was shocked at what happened just before half an hour. He had many questions in his mind, what was there in that simple toy that made her wife this much angry and out of control. Somehow maan was getting worried for her recent behavior, he connected the dots, between her nightmares and the incident happened today. The only word he remembered that uttered from her disturbed wife's mouth, both the time was 'the tune, the same music' there was something wrong with the tune, he guessed. He guessed that, she might have seen or heard the same tune in her nightmares. He was lost in his chain of thoughts and doctor came from back.

'Mr. Maan, congratulations! Your wife is two months pregnant, she is expecting a baby!'

With that, a wide smile appeared on his face, his eyes were sparkling, he clapped his hands in overwhelming emotion, but being him, the great maan singh khurana, controlled his emotion, rather saved it for her wife, in front of the doctor. But then suddenly, his face expressions turned into fear and disturbed one from happiness and joy.  He felt immense fear rising in his cheat, which was burning his heart more and more. He thought about her - her recent violent attack. He shivered from the spine. He held back all his fear and worry and went ahead to greet his wife. As soon as he entered the room, he saw his weak wife sleeping on the bed with peace on her face. He sat by her and caressed her cheek and gave her a soft lip kiss. She opened her eyes slowly, but there was nothing in her eyes that made maan happy, in fact it was worry and tension in her eyes, she was in search of something. He looked at her lovingly.

'Geet! You don't know how much happy I'm today! You gave me everything! I love you!' he said politely and gently put his hand on her stomach.

'Maan! What happened to me? I...I don't know...what gotten into me...? Maan...' she sobbed.

'Shhh...geet, don't cry. You are just fine sweetheart, just relax and think about the baby' he pleaded.

But she refused.

'No! Maan...I know, there is something wrong with me, help me, maan! Help me...!' she begged him.

'Okay! Geet, I will. I will help you; you are just fine, geet! Okay? We are fine. Now, smile, at least for our baby!' he reassured her and hugged her tight, holding back the tears and hiding his fear from her, burying his fear in her deep embrace.

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four - The Last Part



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absolutely amazing...
..completely different....... wanna no wats wrong wiz geet.........
continue soon n thnx 4 the pm.......

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loved it but what is that tune n geet's connection plz continue soon n i want it to be longgggggggg

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Just fabulus update soon

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though it has an awesome start ...  but since u mentioned its a sad one ... (i love you for telling us before hand)  .. i better stay away from it ....
i know the effect ur wrting on me .. Confused  and since am a sucker for happliy ever afters ...especially in case of Maneet ....Big smile 
 i dont wanna throw rotten eggs and tomatoes at you at the end ... LOL 
plz try and give it a happily ever after... Day Dreaming

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touching dear is there a next part too then post it fast Smile

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