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Veer aur Sukirti | Book 1 - Secret Life *complete* (Page 38)

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Originally posted by ridzzi

awesome update...Clap thank youEmbarrassed
n too long...thanx for's really a perfect valentines gift...tried to make up for the delay i had kept in the middle hehe. 
n their convo is always funny n good...Wink
so i was rite...about shivali's forecast...yup u were :) so they are going to tell the truth to their parents...but this will happen so soon...n in this way...i hv never imagined...Ouch...but poor armaan n sapna...bechare hamesha phas jaate hai...LOL hahaha i guess that is what you define best friends as! getting scrunched all together hehe!
waiting to see their expression...when they got know about their childrens truth...
waise ab to charon ki charon ki lag gae...maza ayega...LOL hahaha let's see
n yes so u r ending this first book... yupp
really waiting for the book know about lovestory...n how their life will took turns...Smile
update soon...
luv u...Smile

thank you ridzzi for the detailed comment! glad u liked the part and the last part is on its way. sry for the delay 

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Originally posted by soni4eva

happy valentines day

awsym update 
luvd veer n sukrutis convo
plzz cont soon x

thank you. glad u liked the part!

Originally posted by sweet_sudeshna

amazing chaptor

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Originally posted by Freethinker

Nice update dear...pls cont soon...

thank you. surely will!
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Originally posted by shruja

thanks for update n pm shruja, ur welcome!
sorry for late reply no problemo!
loved all part glad u liked it
poor sapna n armaan hehe i know
aum is too cute n smart haha AMEN
loved veer sukirti scene
so now truth will be out infront of shilpa n us hehe yeah! well, we knew the truth all ready. hehe
waiting for tht

thank you for the sweet comment
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Originally posted by crazysky


posting as soon as I finish repyling to the comments :)
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@ Khush - care to unreserve your res?

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[Make sure to read the note in the ending]

Chapter 20


Veer and Sukirti glanced at each other then looked at Armaan and Sapana; all four scared and nervous since now they know that they cant hide the truth anymore.


Shilpa declared making her words clear, "I want to know every single detail, not a word here or there, more or less...Right Now!"


Sukirti started, "Maa woh..." but without getting any further she trailed off. She held Veer's arm and nodded her head no delivering, that she can't do it. Veer blinked his eyes assuring her everything will go fine. They both walked and sat down beside Sapana and Armaan.


Shilpa looked at all four of them and informed, "I am waiting."


Veer gave it a try this time, "Aunty, actually..." but he too trailed off not knowing where to start.


Sukirti whispered, "Where do we start?"


Armaan said the obvious, "Jahan se bhi karna ho wahan se...par batana toh padegahi.


Sapana suggested, "How about we start from the starting itself?"


Veer agreed, "Nice idea...but"


Sukirti looked at him, "but what?"


Veer asked, "Is kahani ko shuru kaun karenga?"


Armaan raised his hand half way, all three looked at him volunteering,  "Absolutely not me," he said and all three looked at him with annoyance.


Sapana corrected "Aur yeh kahani nahi sachai hai."


Sukirti snide commented, "Night mare will be a right word" as she frowned at the fact.


Veer said with disappointed exclamation, "Sukirti!"


Shilpa; who was looking at them silently, spoke up, "What is this that you are filling each other's ears with?"


Armaan answered, "Aunty, we are thinking from where to start."


Shilpa gave a fake smile and announced gritting her teeth, "Starting se...Now speak up." Sukirti and Sapana breathe in heavily together.


Sukirti started, with the aim to finally move forward than her refrence to her mother, "Maa, actually that night...mchh," she smacked her lips, "what yaar, apni hi sachai mein khud hi batau," and frowned at herself.


Sapana kept her palm on Sukirti's hand, like any other best friend, giving her calmness and assurance, "I will start," saying so she started telling from her part, going into flashback. Veer and Sukirti continued from where they come in, taking turns, after them Armaan takes over, which is continued by Sapana again, than by shaking Sukirti, whose hands had already ran cold thinking of what her mother will respond to all this, and the little four day adventure gets ended by Veer.

Shilpa asked not digesting what she just heard, "Sukirti have you started reading more books than before?"


Veer said in a low voice, "Aunty this is true, and the last part happened in front of you."


Shilpa exclaimed, not wanting to believe any of the fantasy, "What?" and looked at Sukirti to ask, "This is true?"


Sukirti looked down at her feet and nodded her head slightly, positively.


Shilpa said, what Sukirti least expected to be the first reaction, "That means you are not..." Sukirti looked up with tears in her eyes, knowing exactly what her mother's next words were, and Shilpa finished, " child," as her hand flew over her mouth, half expecting her daughter to tell her that it is not true, and every thing is just some bad dream she will wake from at any time.


When Sukirti just gulped a big frog in her throat and keep her mouth mum, she got the answer ever so loudly. Shilpa got up and turned around to go. Have some time alone with the new flash news to process with in her. Sukirti mumbled a small, "Maa."


Shilpa paused and without turning she said, "You can tell your mother that you were with Sukirti as she was in the hospital," and saying so she goes upstairs to her room."


Sukirti repeated, "Maa," a bit louder, but no use.


Sapana kept her hand on Sukirti's shoulder and called, "Suku," as if she was not sitting beside her but was in the room next to the one she was in.


Sukirti closed her eyes and opened them after few seconds and said, "Maa gave the suggestion we all were thinking off. Tell aunty that I was in hospital and you were with me."


Saying this she got up and ran up to her room, before her tears spilled out in front of two boys and her best friend.


Sapana started to call, "Su - " but she was already gone and


Veer interrupted, "She will not listen to anyone right now." He got up and said, "Let her be, she will be better off alone," more to self as he ran his fingers through his hair making himself follow what he just said before he ran behind to console her. It is true, he might have thought of many confrontations about their reality with their parents. But this one was notone of them.


Sapana nodded and sighed heavily, knowing that Veer was right, every one at the moment is better alone. As, some where inside each of them needed to get to know to this new face and accept that they play a role somewhere in it.




Sukirti walked to assembly hall and kept down her bag at her spot. Karuna came from back, "Hey, where were you?" she asked.


Sukirti smiled slightly and answered in a whisper, "I was sick."


"Na-uh you weren't''cause even when you have 104 degrees you come to school, and never miss a day." Jia commented


Karuna agreed, "Yup, and this absence was five whole days."


Sukirti bit her lower lip and looked around. She saw Sapana and Armaan coming together.


Sukirti smiled and said, "I'll be right back," saying so she headed to Sapana and Armaan.


Sapana greeted cheerfully, "Hey"


Sukirti greeted back, "Hey," noticing that unlike before the duo was really close to each other, she pulled, "does everyone know about you two?"


Armaan raised his brows as he said, "What?"


Sukirti shook her head, "No just asking because before five days ago, you guys were staying on near-long distance relationship and now you guys are umm'" she trailed off with leaving tease behind in her sentence.


Sapana and Armaan immediately got little far from each other making Sukirti giggle at their face expressions, "anyways what did your mom said?"


Sapana sighed, "Nothing much...she called your home and talked with aunty." She continued on to ask, "You don't know about it?"


Sukirti's glint of sparkle dropped as she whispered a small, "No, I don't"


Sapana and Armaan glanced at each other unsure of what to say next, luckily right than Veer came up, "Hi everyone!"


All three greeted back simultaneaouly, "Hi," still a bit silence and awkwardness readable in their voice.


Veer asked "What happened?"


Sukirti comment, "Nothing," then she went on to answer, "bas subah subah tumhe dekh liye...I am sure pura din kharab jaane waala hai."


Veer pointing his finger at Sukirti, "Hey"


Sukirti said with a stern smile, "Ungli niche karo."


Sapana and Armaan started laughing, glad of one thing, no matter what Veer could bring the old Sukirti back out of any kind of serious situation.


After having enough of their throw backs, Sapana interrupted, "You both pause right there before you guys get in to anything serious."


Armaan: "Yeah, we heard a lot of your arguments in last few days," resuming his way to the assembly queue, "Break for few days would be really appreciated."


Anika and Komal had joined Karuna and Jia while Armaan, Sapana, Sukirti and Veer had formed a group. All four were sad with the situations. Veer and Sukirti for themselves while Armaan and Sapana for their best friends. But still four of them tried to lighten the mood and not get gloomy in front of each other.


Anika asked, "Don't you think something is wrong?"


Komal sighed, "Yeah...all four of them were absent on same days and come back that too on same day.  Weird! You know some of our friends are as twisted as straight they look!" referring the ending to Anika also.


Anika haw-ed, "Hey watch it! I am standing right here."


Jia stirred the conversation back to the famous four, "May be, but than why would Sukirti lie - that she was sick," analyzing what can reality be.


Anika rolled her eyes at Jia face look, "God knows, anyways Jia I think its least of our concern, I mean if it was something huge I am sure they will tell us, so stop looking at every thing with a magnifying lens and breathe."


Komal chuckled at Jia offended face to Anika's comment.


Karun rolled her eyes at her friends, even as early as 7:00am was not good enough for her friends to live in peace. "Let's go, assembly is about to start." She said.




Sukirti and Veer went to their bench and sat down together. Sukirti looked towards her left, trying to make sure that her vision was clear.


After few minutes she commented, "Arey waah, You are sitting at you assigned seat today. Not bad?"


Veer shot back, "Bohot bol mat...I wanted to seat here so I am and wherever I am in mood to seat, I will."


Sukirti looked at him not believing that out of all the places, he was in mood to seat at his assigned seat, moreover his assigned seat that was beside her. "Ma'am tells you to seat in the given place everyday but you still go and seat all the way in the back, thus.." She said making it clear why she taunted in first place.


Veer smacked his lips, "Mchh, please yaar...don't eat my brain early in the morning."


Sukirti thought, 'Sure he has some idea to annoy me other wise why would he..' her thought stopped when she heard her friends talking.


From the other side, Komal comment, "There they both go..."


Aanchal said, "Nothing new, actually I am getting used to this regular school start you know. Don't know why they both fight for no reason, but hey it starts our day just fine."


Over here, Sukirti continued ignoring her friends, "Oh really...But so sad can I eat your brain when you don't have any?"


Veer gasped and looked up her, he was about to say something but than he changed his mind and said, "Let it go I and not in the mood to argue with you right now."


Sukirti granted, "As you wish my prince," and smiled slightly. After a moment she got to pulling out a book from her back pack, but Veer kept on starring at her as one word played again and again in his head. Prince!He knew she said it jokingly, just like that. But hearing prince from her lips sounded different and uncomfortable for some reason.




Veer interrupted, "Aunty se baat ki?"


Sukirti who was busy taking notes to the lecture looked up, and just looked at him not sure if she heard him right.


Veer repeated, "Did you?"


Sukirti shook her head No and got back to her notes.


Veer nodded and looked at her taking notes. Sukirti felt him looking at her, continuing on with her notes, she further explained, "I went to sleep early and woke up and came straight to school. As usual I was running late, may be; will be able to talk when I get home," she said the last part satisfying more to her then telling him. She paused writing and looked up to face him, "by the way why are you asking?"


Veer: "Just like that," and started taking his own notes.


Sukirti looked at him wondering what he has been up to. She talked to herself silently, "For sure there is something in his mind, first he seats in his assigned seat, its been half day but no pranks, not being annoying, not driving any of the teachers crazy, and the most shocking of all he is actually taking notes and paying attention to the lecture."


She kept on starring him for quite some time and Veer knew that too. He knew she was confused by his behavior, but he kept on taking notes and listening to the lecture as if he doesn't notice her stare at all. After few minutes she shrugged her shoulders, letting her thoughts go and continued on with her notes.


And unusually, the class room was quite except the teacher's voice explaining the lesson to them, the mode set stayed until the bell rang announcing recess and lunch.




As usual, Veer and Armaan were sitting at the back of the classroom, while Sukirti was reading a book seating on her desk. Sapana opened Sukirti's lunch box and found it full as always. She thought, 'This girl, never cares to eat lunch then why bother bring some?' and she asked, "What did Veer said?"


Sukirti looked up from her book, understanding exactly what Sapana was talking about, she said, "How do I know?"


"I thought you do. I saw you both talking last class."


 "As usual he was eating my brain."


 "Really? Looking at you two it didn't look like that."


Silence followed for few seconds.




Sapana sighs, "Come on, let's go and ask him."


"You go, I am not interested."


Sapana raised her eye brows at her.


 "Aise kya dekh rahi ho?"


Silence followed yet again.


Sukirti sighed putting her book down, making sure to mark the page, "Okay, fine"


Of course other girls were there, but they were too busy eating and talking about latest news in school.


Sapana smiled and got up and they both started towards the back of the class.


Anika paused what she was saying looking at the two and asked, "Where are you both going?"


Sapana replied, "Will be right back."


Anika shook her head, "Okay but hurry up," As they were soon about to go outside in the field to spend the rest of the recess playing outdoor games.


As they neared them Armaan greeted, "Hey"


Sapana asked, "What are you guys doing over here? Not coming to play?


Veer said in a monotone, "Not today."


Sukirti asked, "Why?"


Armaan shrugged, "Just like that."


Sapana pushed, "Oh come on, you both are the first ones volunteering to play every time."


Veer said, "Well, not today."


Sapana mouthed Okay, than asked, "Okay, what did you told your mom?"


Veer said lightly, "Nothing made up story."


Armaan asked not believing, "and she believed you?"


"Yeah, of course!" Veer said as if why wouldn't she?


Sukirti looked at him suspiciously, she knew he was not telling the whole truth, Heck she was damn sure he was not telling the truth at all.


Sukirti said, "C'mon out with it."


Veer looked at her and asked ever so innocently, "Out with what?"


Sukirti gave him a look that said, you clearly think I believe you? She said, "Don't play innocent. I know you are lying."


Veer looked at her thinking what to say, since he was not sure, he just stared at her.


With so many things going on in her mind, something clicked, "No ways you didn't!" she exclaimed not believing.


Veer knew that she had figured it out he just looked down at his fingers as he bit his lower lip.


Armaan asked getting curious, "He didn't ' What?"


Sukirti finished her disappointment, ignoring Armaan, "I can't believe you. Why you would do that?"


Veer snapped, "Look, not my fault. She is my mother."


"So what! Like you haven't lied to her before? Heck you lie all the time. Has there been a moment when you have been complete honest? Not as far as I know."


"No I haven't! Some how I just can't lie to her"


Sukirti calmed down. It was the truth about her too, before this day she can't like to her mom either, somehow she always gets caught, and recently that is exactly what happened to prove what happens when she tries to hide or lie when she is being interrogated  by her mother about her whereabouts. So now she has completely given up the idea of ever lying to her mother.


Armaan ' Sapana and Sukirti exchanged glances before Sukirti asked, "What did she said?"


"Nothing. At first she was shocked and that is natural for any mother who finds out that her child is not hers, any mother will be shocked to find that out to add on the top that only her son is not hers but also a freak."


She looked at him, motioning to continue


"Well after few hours she got back to normal and I had to explain her whole thing of how she ended up with me and all'After some time she also understood that it is not my fault either ' I mean I was not even a day old when her son was replaced with me. She just accepted it and now she is perfectly if nothing has happed at all."


"Wait a minute you were replaced too?"


"Yeah," Veer nodded, "but there is only one thing I am worried about."




"She is planning on telling dad too."


"Ah ha I bet my daddy already knows by now that his daughter is some kind of freak that turns in to snake!"


Armaan said, "Woaw slow down," turning to Veer he asked, "you mean you told aunty everything?"


Veer said, "Yeah," with a look that spoke out loud, dude, what world were you in ' I just said that like fifteen seconds ago.


Sapana sighed, "Well, that went well," she hoped that her words sounded assuring to other than it did to her.


Veer nodded, like a puppet as he was thinking some thing and had not even heard what Sapana said. Just then Anika called Sapana and Sukirti.


Sapana asked, "You both sure you don't want to play?"


Veer denied, "I am not, don't know about him."


Armaan also nodded his head negatively.


Sukirti wanted to stay back too but she said, "Okay...let's go."




Aanchal stopped Sukirti and asked, "So, what are your plans for tomorrow?"


Sukirti asked confused, "Tomorrow? What day is tomorrow?"


Aarti answered, "Sunday," knowing very well on how this friend of her is with keeping up with days.


Sukirti nodded and said matter of factly, "That means today is Saturday," and smiled slightly feeling dumb.


Anika rolled her eyes, "As far as I know Sunday comes after Saturday."


Aanchal pushed getting back to the topic, "So?"


Sukirti asked, "What? I mean why are guys asking that to me?"


Armaan seconded, "Yeah, I have the same question."


Sapana shushed him, "Shhh! If you don't know anything than don't say anything."


Sukirti waved her hand, "Okay I am out."


Jia looked up pausing from unlocking her vehicle, "Why?"


Sukirti answered, "Didn't she just said if you don't know anything than -"


Others smacked their forehead as Sapana interrupted, "That was not for you...Just tell what you are doing tomorrow."


"Nothing...If I am not wrong than next week are monthly basically I will be studying cause I already missed like five days of school...anyways what is so special about Sunday?"


On hearing this everyone looked at each other with a look that mirrored the reflection of one, only Sukirti would ask that question.


"What? I mean why are you all looking at me like this?"


Sapana patted her back, "Suku honey, special thing about Sunday is that it's a weekend and why do friends ask what the other is doing on Sunday?"


Sukirti answered ever so confused as the looks on her friend's face told completely opposite of what Sapana said out loud. "Okie dokie than I already told you all what I am doing tomorrow, and now am getting late, so cya." saying so she made an exit.


Anika let it out, "Ok, that was weird"


Aanchal seconded, "Yeah, you think."


Jia said unbelieving, "Gee looks like she forgot her own birthday."


Armaan asked, "Wait tomorrow is her birthday?"


Everyone turned there heads toward him shooting a glare at him.


"What? I didn't know that. At least someone should have told that to me before hand."


Sapana sighed, not wanting to tolerate her boy friend at the moment she asked him, "Where is Veer?"


Armaan replied, "He left as soon as school was out."



Reaching home Sukirti found the house empty, she went straight to her room and putting her bag in the corner climbed up her bed. Resting her head on the rest board drowned in to thinking what her life wants from her as she waited for her mother to come home. She hoped to talk with Shilpa as it had been more than twenty four hours now since she heard her mother's voice. Tiered Sukirti didn't realized when her eyes dropped and she fell in to sound sleep.




'ting- tong' the door bell of Sukirti's house rang. Shilpa opened the door to see Komal on the other side of the threshold.


Komal smiled, "Hello aunty!"


Shilpa greeted back, "Hello beti, how are you?"


Komal replied, "Fine, Is Sukirti home?"


"Yeah she is, but she is sleeping. Come in I will wake her up."


"Oh! Wait, its okay I will talk with her later, or come back in the evening."


Shilpa asked, "Sure?"


Komal hurried, "Yeah bye," saying so she abruptly turned around and walked away.


Shilpa shrugged her shoulders confused at what just happened. She shook her head to let the matter go and closed the door as she started thinking about Sukirti.




Komal ran up the stairs in to her room as soon as she came back to her place. Ignoring her mother who called her from the kitchen, she threw her bag on the chair and flopped on her bed as she dialed Anika's number.


"Hello," Anika said.


Komal: "Hey."


Anika informed, "Wait, Aanchal and Pritz (Preety) are on other end, let me join them."


Aanchal: "Hey Komal!"


While Preety asked, "What's the news?"


Komal: "Hey guys, nothing much for the news, I went to her house and she was sleeping."


All three said, "Oh" which was followed by a silence as each of them where thinking to themselves.


Preety said, "Well for sure she forgot her own birthday."


Aanchal: "Yeah other wise, every year she has count down going on for this particular day."


Preety said, as she got an idea, "How about we give her a surprise."


Anika jumped to the idea, "Yeah nice idea, after all it's her 18th toh banti hai boss!"


Komal: "Wouldn't say no to that, but guys her birthday is tomorrow, how will be get everything ready?"


Aanchal suggested, "How about we let others know too, get together and plan and put everything in action dividing the tasks up."


Preety agreed, "Yeah, come on we have organized so many things in school, we could get one party ready in one night. No big deal!"


Komal only had one word, "Cool." Yup, she was still not sure about it. After all she is the perfectionist who needs a one month head start in everything she does.


Preety: "Chill Komal, we will rock it."


Anika said, "Yeah, as Pritz said, Tomorrow night is going to be one splendid party. Who says only Sukirti could lead when it come to event organization. Yeah it will take a lots of planning - its 18th birthday party and on top its surprise, to add the cherry its tomorrow, but hey! We have Sapana with us."


Aanchal pointed, "True, we could hand the tasks accordingly on who is better at who."


Preety: "Let's meet at my place in the evening."


Anika: "Coolio, I will let Karun and Sapana know."


Komal: "I will let Armaan, Veer and Aarti know."


Pritz: "I will let Jia and few other boys know."


Anika: "Yeah, we need them, to do the heavy tasks."


Aanchal: "Okay than I'll see you all at Pritz, now have to go get ready for the dance classes...are you coming Anika?"


Anika: "Yeah I am...and probably Sukirti will be also there...that is if she is okay...because looking at her today she was really lost and totally off mood"


Komal sighed, "Okay guys got to go...Mom's calling..." saying so she hanged the call and yelled, "I will down in a sec mummy."




"Sukirti'" a voice said from the other side of the door.


"Papa, come in!" Sukirti replied as she sat up on her bed.


Arjun opened the door and asked, "How are you?"


Arjun ' Sukirti's father, a very sweet dad who can sometimes be strict. He is nice and a caring husband and really a great father. Loves Sukirti a lot and sometimes shows possessiveness towards her.


Sukirti asked, "Why are you asking that?"


He went and sat beside Sukirti, "Your Ma told me everything."


Just than Shilpa came into the room, Sukirti glanced at her than back at Arjun. There was a long silence.


Arjun said at last, "We just wanted to tell you that we understand and no matter what you are always going to be our dearest."


Sukirti was both shocked and surprised hearing this. Shilpa walked up to her and sat on the other side of Sukirti.


Shilpa asked, "Why didn't you just tell us before?"


Sukirti was glad that at least they were asking to hear her side because seeing her mother not talk with her since the news broke she thought she had lost her, "I just myself found out when I was 13 and I myself was confuse. As I started figuring out, I didn't know how to tell you that I was some kind of freak." she looked from her papa to her ma, looking at their faces, trying to figure out what they were thinking.


Shilpa raised her eye brows her daughter's use of diction to introduce herself.


Arjun said "It's okay, and you are not a freak."


Sukirti rolled her eyes, "Yeah right, you are not the one who saw me. Ask ma!"


Shilpa smiled at her and kept her hand on her head. "I wouldn't call me daughter a 'freak', yeah it was kind of scary, but I guess we can get used to it." Sukirti knew her parents had lots of questions and she herself didn't know the answer to the half of those questions.



Sukirti sighed, "I don't know about him or her." Shilpa and Arjun looked at Sukirti with half confusion, half determination.


Sukirti continued, "I don't know if its he or she, don't know where he is, how he is, what his name is, but I promise Ma I will find your real child and bring him...her to you,"


Shilpa smiled and hugged Sukirti tightly. Arjun also joined the warm family hug. That was all it was needed for Sukirti to feel that she was till part of the family. A hug was all she had been yearning from yesterday morning.


Just than the phone rang. Shilpa sighed, "Now, who is this disturbing my little hug."


All three burst out laughing and Shilpa went downstairs to get the call. A mother could get a bit angry when her mother daughter moment is ruined by the phone ringing at the wrong time. Well, isn't that how is always is? Door bell ' Phone ring ' A voice ' or something to pitch at when some one is trying to enjoy the moment!


Shilpa picked up the receiver, "Hello ' "


To be continued...

In Veer Aur Sukirti

Book 2 ' Double Life



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Yupp that was the end of Book 1. Hope you guys liked the story so far. Thank you to those lovely readers who commented and motivated me. Bared with my long delays between each updates. Love you all. You all rock! 

Book 2 - I am not sure if I should continue sharing or not, as I don't see many readers. And when I see really less likes and comments, honestly I don't have the courage of posting the next chapter. The main reason why there are long gaps between the updates. Many knows that I had finished writing this book over a year ago, so could have gotten express updates, but as I said when I see less readers I don't have the courage to update again and face again less response! So, for the next book - If I see satisfying amount of request; and a promise that I will not have to face all that, that I faced in book 1. I will get good response back then only I will post it. other wise I have no intention on sharing it. I can very well keep it to myself. 

So, saying that I am leaving the decision to you guys. Please don't send in requests and promises to be regular reader, if you are not going to be, cause if I get satisfying response and do share the next book - the moment I see the drop down; you all know that will be the last update you guys see on Veer and Sukirti! This is just a heads up notice! 

Now, I hope you enjoyed this first book. Once again thanks to all you supported me in the Veer aur Sukirti journey till here! Love you all Heart

- Monal

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