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Veer aur Sukirti | Book 1 - Secret Life *complete* (Page 25)

moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 January 2012 at 3:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ridzzi

awesome update...Clap
loved the conversation between veer n suku through their expressions...they know each other very well...Wink
n finally they are able to find sapna...
well suku is too brave...n what is that veer n armaan are cought by the
n who is he...who made veer n suku shocked...??????...n also all of us...Shocked
update soon...
luv u...Smile
n HAPPY NEW YEAR    to u too...Smile

thanx ridzzi. glad u liked the ud.  I will surely update the coming friday eve. cause till than I am really busy with skool and other work. thanx

sweet_sudeshna Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 7:59am | IP Logged
amazing update monu di n really sry 4 da late reply

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rose.three IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 8:44am | IP Logged
extreamlly sry 4r d late reply dear...
plz dont mind...
was totally busyyy.. 
anywayz amazing updt...
superb part...
loved it...

do pm me wen ever derz a new updt...

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moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2012 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweet_sudeshna

amazing update monu di n really sry 4 da late reply

thank you sudeshna, and i know you are out of town, so no worries dear, enjoy your vacation :)
moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by rose.three

extreamlly sry 4r d late reply dear...
plz dont mind...
was totally busyyy.. 
anywayz amazing updt...
superb part...
loved it...

do pm me wen ever derz a new updt...

np dear, dont be sad, i totally understand. I am glad that u found time to read it :)
thanx...yeah sure
moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 16


He moves a little to Sukirti's left so everyone can see him. Everyone is mostly referred to Sukirti and Veer.


He reached over his neck line slowly pulled of the fake make-up skin to reveal his real face.


Veer and Sukirti both exclaimed at the same time, "YOU!"


"Yes. Me. Why?"


Sukirti didn't deny, "Now this time I am really shocked."


Veer seconded, "So am I. I didn't even thought in my dreams that you could..." he trailed off and just shook his head.


Sapana and Armaan looked at each other more confused than ever.


Sukirti asked. "Why? You know how much Maa trusted you?"


Sultan laughed, "Oh yeah...I do. That's why I did this I knew once I killed you I will not be blamed, as you see everyone in Royal chamber trusts me."


Sukirti gasped getting angrier, "I never expected this from you Kanishk, you betrayed my trust. I treated you as my friend and you -" she shook her head in disbelief.


Kanishk - Really close friend of Sukirti in Naaglok or you can say he was till now, or he was pretending to be till now. His real intention as we all know now is to kill Sukirti and get her powers and misuse them to rule Naaglok.


Kanishk: "Well, I am happy that before dying you all found out my truth...which is really of no use."


Sukirti digested the disgusting truth though still hurt from inside, as one thing for sure, she would never trust any one after what she just learned. She knew she had enemies in the small yet quiet big world of Naaglok, but she never ever imagined that her own friends would not hesitate to killing her like she was some piece of worthless junk. She asked, "Why them? They have not done anything to you." And she looked at Veer, Armaan and Sapana.


Kanishk answered pointing at Veer, "That's easy...he is sent as your body guard, and if I let him live he will go and tell Naagrani everything and of course Naagrani will believe him blindly."


Sukirtis eyes were almost near to get the tears, which she was holding back for long time now. Then pointing at Armaan and Sapana Kanishk continued, "and this two are your dearest friend...for whom you came all the way over here and have been looking for them since past three days without giving up so, no chance to leave them alive either..." and started laughing.


Sukirti shook her head and let the tears spill out not caring who was watching her, she no longer tried to hold them back anymore. Even if she tried they were going to come. Veer was more shocked to see her tears than to discover that Kanishk was so full of disgust. He has never seen her cry before. He always says to her, "You are always laughing and never crying, not caring of the world, just living your own life. How can you do that? Forget all the pain," than jokingly he will add, "I don't know when you are going to cry." Now today he saw her crying for the first time and he doesn't know why, but couldn't bear to see her tears. Sapana also felt bad, she was the one held with a sword at her throat and her best friend was standing freely, but still her friend was crying and not vice versa. Armaan looked at Sapana who also looked at him. They both didn't know half the things that were going on. Except for the fact that all of there's life was in jeopardy.


Kanishk asked, "Now, would you just want to die or want to fight before going to heaven."


One of the guard's spoke up, "Sultan, of course she will fight, after all she a Naagin and that too Ichaadhari Naagin."


Other spoke, "and I have heard that one Ichaadhari Naagin never backs up. Specially if she is a good one, she will fight till her last breath."


Previous one added, "Oh yes not to forget she is a Rajkumari too."


Sukirti sighed, "You are right," wiping her tears away she managed herself, "I am a Naagin and I will fight. Today you all will know what an Ichaadhari Naagin can do. How much powers she has than a all have seen a Naagin heal your wounds and save your lives, but have not seen her anger and ability to create those wounds. Today I, an Ichaadhari Naagin will decide who will go to hell and who will go to heaven."


Hearing the use of her words and power in her voice the small animals and birds nearby ran and flew away. Kanishk got closer to Sukirti, smiled and said, "As you wish my Rajkumari," and was about to touch her...

Veer tried to break free, Kanishk saw this and said, "Look at him, thinks he is your boyfriend more than a body guard."


Veer yelled and said, "You better watch what you say...Not one more word!"


Sapana and Armaan flinched hearing Veer's voice than Kanishk's evil laugh. They have never seen Veer like that. They sure as hell were getting the surprises of their life.


Armaan asked Sapana: "What's his problem?"


Sapana rolled her eyes at him, "Only my boy friend can ask something like that." Armaan bit his lips hearing this.


Kanishk: "So, any last minute wish you got?"


Sukirti said, or rather you can say ordered, "Leave them," with a straight face.


Kanishk made a sad face, "Oh I am sorry I cannot fulfill that wish for you."


Sukirti ordered making her words separate, "Leave. Them. Right. Now."


Kanishk laughed," So, eager to see them free, well, not like that, first beg...then I might think of it."


Veer yelled, "No Sukirti...Don't"


She looked at Veer, who was of course angrier than ever, then at Sapana who was crying, not being able to hold it any more, then at Armaan who was shaking his head 'NO'.


The guards held the sword tighter to their throat.


"Ouch," Veer let out, as the sword sliced a bit of his neck due to his force for getting free.


Sapana and Armaan cried in pain, Veer stopped struggling and looked to his right, the guards are so using Armaan and Sapana more as their weapons than their swords to control Veer and Sukirti.


Sukirti said to herself in her mind, 'Sorry, but there is no other way to get you all out of this, I will have take this risk.'


She started kneeling down slowly.


Veer again said, "No."


She ignored him and continued.


She knelt down touching her hands to the ground.


Sultan turned around and started laughing, "So this is the Rajkumari of Naaglok."


Sukirti pressed her lips tight in anger she hoped on one feet with all her balance on that feet and let out another leg slowly ahead of her and spun 360 degrees on one foot hitting the other to Kanishk's legs. He lost the balance and fell down and hit his head on a rock.


At the same moment Kanishk fell down, she jerked to her full height and Veer took hold of the sword at his throat and jerked the guards off balance. One by one he slashed the sword in to all three guards holding them.


Sukirti said agreeing to Kanishk, "Yes, this is the Rajkumari of Naaglok, and guess what for the first time in life for a second, I am glad to hold that position."  


Sapana hold Armaan's arm tightly and screeched, "Yikes," and turned her head away from the scene.


Veer said to her, "You better get used to going to see lots of blood more than you can ever imagine."


Sapana gawked, "Are you serious?"


Veer hitting the guard who sprung to his right said, "Of course I am serious. You think I am playing around over here."


Sapana bit her lips, "No." Veer turned around and started battling with the other two guards who had charged towards him. And threw one sword towards Sukirti


Sukirti took the sword and started fighting with the guards who had marched in her direction. Her back and shoulder still sore from previous day was still in pain. She ignored the pain and fought knowing she has no other option. Veer and Armaan were fighting on the other side and Sapana standing still who was so scared to see any of it. The Rajkumari might be Sukirti over here, who was brought up with utmost love and care, along with bravery lessons, but Sapana was the sensitive one.


After finishing all the sainiks on her side, Suku dropped down on the ground and pressed her shoulder with her left hand. It had started bleeding again.


After killing all the guards who had marched up to him, Armaan dropped his sword down and Sapana ran to him and hugged him tightly. And then they all turned around to see Sukirti dropped on ground with her shoulder bleeding more and more'.which had took so long for Veer and Armaan to stop last night.


Armaan said, "Not again. I am not again going to help you with that blood. I cannot see that big scar."


Sapana asked, "Scar???" and looked at both of them.


Armaan said, "We will tell you later," with a look that said, 'you have missed out on lot.'


Kanishk gained consciousness and he got up and saw Sukirti. He went to her and pulled her up by her hair.



Veer, Armaan and Sapana who were on their way, stopped seeing this.


Sukirti whined, "Ouch..."


Veer acted fast, he picked up the sword that was nearby and ran ahead of Armaan and Sapana and kept his sword on Kanishk's neack from behind.


Veer demanded, "Let go of her."


Kanishk did as he was told. Sukirti turned around to face them. She lifted her hand away from her shoulder and Veer was terrified to see it whole bloody.


Sukiti stared at her hand with such terror in her eyes. She didn't know that it was bleeding that badly. She was horrified to see her hand damped with red. She slowly let her hand down and picked the sword that was sitting next to her legs. She ignored the pain and lifted the sword up at Kanishk.

Kanishk raised his hands up in surrender.


Veer ordered, "Sukirti Go."


Sukirti questioned, "What?"


Veer smacked his lips, "Oh God, out of all the time you chose this time to get started with your what's."


Sukirti: "What?"


Veer gritted his teeth, "Again what?" he shook his head, "Let it go...just go... I will handle him"


Sukirti: "No, I am not going anywhere. And who are you to tell me to go?"


They both started fighting again. Even though Sukirti didn't had strength, she argued back and there old regular quarrel started. Kanishk looking at both of them fighting he decided to slip away.


Veer threw up his hands, "Stop arguing and listen to me."


Kanishk took a step to his left."


Sukirti said with a determined face, "No, Why should I listen to you in first place?"


Veer and Sukirti both said at the same time, "Stop right there."


Kanishk froze dead on his track.


Veer said rhetorically, "Think you are that smart huh?"


Sukirti said, "The exact reason why I didn't go, ek baar toh pakde gaye Duffer...and now we might have again.."


 "Oh hello if you don't know, you are the one who started the argument in first place." Veer reminded her as he took hold of Kanishk tightly.


Sukirti asked, "What's your problem? Why are you telling me what I should do and not? I can do what ever I wish."


Veer sighed, "Look, you have to go, you can't even hold your sword properly and look at your back and shoulder."


Sukirti argued, "But..."


Veer ordered, "GO. NOW!"


Sukirti in her mind, "Whatever," and frowned at him.


As if Veer heard her say he said, "Not whatever, you are going and that too now...No Buts, If or Whats," emphasizing on 'what'.




Sukirti started walking towards Armaan and Sapana and they all went away from there. They went and set under a tree. Sukirti started picking small pebble and throwing them ignoring the pain. Sapana kept her hand on the other shoulder and asked, "What happened??? What scar???" Armaan told her everything that happened yesterday evening.


Sapana not believing her ears,"Are you serious...Oh God."


Then she turned towards Sukirti to see her still throwing pebbles.

Whatever she was about to say, she changed her mind instead she asked, "What's wrong?"


Sukirti complained like a small kind, with innocence in her voice, "I hate it when he is right...Hold on why did he came with me in first place?"


Sapana and Armaan looked at each other.


Armaan answerd,"Because he knew you will need help. Now, if he might not have been here, who knows abhi tum hoti bhi ya nahi, cause I don't know what I might have done when I saw that shoulder of yours."


Sukirti laughed a short laugh, "My shoulder might have been perfectly fine if he might not have been here. FYI I ended up in this situation when I was trying to save him."


Armaan smiled, "So, you do admit that it was him who was attacked and not me."


Sapana said, "Oh, tabhi main sochu ki Suku apni yeh halat kare who bhi tumhare liye No ways"


Armaan asked, "What do you mean by mere liye?"


Sapana bit her tongue, "Nothing'"


Armaan turning his attention back to Sukirti said, "So you do admit right? Then why were you arguing so much last night, you guys didn't even let me sleep properly."


Sukirti apologized, "Sorry I didn't meant to disturb you, but please don't tell him that it was him who was attacked, cause if he finds out than he will again ask me why? And I don't know the answer to his questions."


Armaan said thoughtfully, "Hmm so that's why you were arguing. Don't worry I will not tell him right now. In future - who knows."


Sukirti smiled and got up and walked a little bit away.


Sapana said with concern, "Suku, you have to get your shoulder treated."


Sukirti assured her, "Don't worry, for now I will live. And it would heal by itself. It might have been already healed by now only if that little duffer might have used his brain and not get caught."


Armaan chuckled, "Nice name duffer, but I don't think he is that much of a duffer, you know"


Sukirti frowned at the truth, "I know some times he is not because sometimes he uses his brain too much. Like at the moment, by now he should be back but, I bet he is playing over there with his enemy, you know how he was yesterday."


Armaan chuckled, "Oh yeah I do, 'We are two and they are just seven not fair to them'." And all three of them burst out laughing.


But the joy of laughter didn't last long. They stopped suddenly when some one from behind held Sukirti tightly and put a sword at her neck.




Blood pool

Next Part: Chapter 17

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So, that was the next update. Hope you guys like it. 

Also, there is new rule adding in, as I clearly see not every one read the story, as they said in the starting, as I dont get many likes and comments. So, this is the last chapter update I will send PM to every one, and if you want any further PMz

THEN REPLY TO THAT PM AND TELL ME than only you will get further pmz, or else Chapter 16 update PM will be the last pm you ever get from me on this ff. 

If any new readers come in! then they can mention in this thread itself, and I will add them to the pm list

Thank you, and enjoy the update. Press likes AND comment, eagerly looking forward too all your views.


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Its a wondeful update and I really enjoyed it. you are going really well.

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