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Veer aur Sukirti | Book 1 - Secret Life *complete* (Page 32)

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awesome upadteHeart

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awesome upadteHeart
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Originally posted by AnamikaLuvsMaan

awesome upadteHeart

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Chapter 18


 "So where is this place exactly?" asked Sapana.


Veer said in an obvious tone, "On Earth, right beside Insaan lok, you can say we are neighbors."


Armaan asked, "Really, then why didn't any one discover this place?" confusion and doubts all over Sapana and him, now that they got out of trouble and had plenty of time to not worry.


Sukirti asked, "What kind of question is that? No one needs to discover it - it's on all the maps.


Veer detailed, "Maps that has details of all the places in India, mostly ancient maps."


Sapana asked, "So, you mean that it is written 'Naaglok' on the map?" making Armaan crack up while Sukirti and Veer both frowned at the same time.


Sukirti erased her frown and answered, "No, the whole Naaglok is inside the forest, Takshak van. Once you enter the forest and after walking quite a bit you will enter Naaglok as that where we just started dwelling.


Armaan commented, "Wow, this Takshak van is really big."


Veer gave a fake smile to Armaan and sighed.


Sapana shrugged her head mentally and decided to focus on her friends, rather than a fantasy place which is not a fantasy at all, "What about you two?"


Sukirti narrowed her eyes, "What do you mean?" after a second she started to look around her and before Sapana can respond Veer said, "What are you looking for?"


Sukirti said still looking around and getting her brain to charge up, "Doesn't this place look familiar to you?"


Veer gaped at first, "Huh?"


They all stopped walking and Sukirti dug deep in her brain and tried to think of why the particular surroundings look familiar to her, after few minutes she squealed, "I know...This is the way that goes to Bithor gav (village)."


Veer looked around and after few seconds he said, "you are right, we never came this way while we were going, anyways who knew which way we were heading in first place, just glad that through the adventure we finally come to some know place," he smiles and says, "Come let's go."


Sukirti sighs and than comments, "Look at this little kid; getting excited on finding a known path," and Sapana surpassed a giggle, while Armaan not caring to hide, he burst out laughing.


Veer frowned, "Oh shut up, acting like you are not and if I am correct when a person stays in the jungle for about three and half days without knowing where he is and then finds a know place he will get excited and not sad."


Armaan stopped laughing as he remembered something. He asked, "Does this mean," everyone looked at him he bit his lips and continued, "I am finally going to get something to eat."


Sapana and Sukirti smiled at him. Veer ignores him and says, "Oh one more thing - "


Sukirti interrupts, "I am not in a situation to hear your bak bak so just shush."


Veer changed his mind on what he was going to say, and instead was about to respond back to her snide comment, when Sapana interrupted, "Will you both calm down and stop finding ways to fight all the time."


Sukirti gladly said, "Guess I could do that right now," and walks away from there.


Sapana called after her, "Suku wait!" and runs behind her.




"Didi didi," somebody called her, "Where have you been? How are you? And what happened to you? Now tell naa," young girl around the age of eight rushed as soon as she saw Sukirti.


Sukirti smiles and kneels down to get at the same level as the little girl.


"Arey, itne saare sawal ek saath! First say how is my Pooja?" and glancing back at the few other kids who had approached them by now she continued, "and how about you all?"


"We are all perfectly fine," all said together with a huge smile painted on their faces.


Pooja continued, "You?"


Sukirti smiled, "I am also perfectly fine."


Pooja smiled a fake slanted smile and said innocently, "You are lying, you are not fine at all, look," she said pointing at Sukirti's upper arm, "your shoulder has a cut."


Sukirti smiled at the girl, "No worries at all, it's a small cut, it will be fine in few days."


Pooja looked at Sukirti as if analyzing her answer, than after few minutes she smiles, "Alright, then come with us," looks over Sukirti's shoulder and yelled, "Veer bhiya, you too."


Sukirti thought to herself, "Veer has been to this village before? I come here so many times, how come I never saw him."




Armaan and Sapana were sitting on the side bench below a tree and Veer came and sat down too.


Sapana asked "Where is Suku?"


Veer replied casually, "I don't know."


Armaan asked, "What do you mean by I don't know, you both went together."


Veer agreed, "Yeah we went together, but not at the same place."


Just then Pooja ran to them sat in Veer's lap, and they both started chatting. Veer introduced Armaan and Sapana, and Pooja started talking as if she knew both from a long time.


After some time Sukirti joined them, looking fresh and had also changed into beautiful peach colored choli - a long skirt, blouse with thin dupatta.


Sapana looked up and winked, "wow, somebody is looking beautiful."


Armaan and Veer looked up to see whom Sapana was inferring too, Veer smiled a small smile and said in his mind, "beautiful more like heaven."


Sukirti blushed, "Thanks and now it's your turn," Saying so she grabbed Sapana's hand and started taking her away.


Pooja rushed behind her and asked, "Didi can we play games before you all go?"


Sukirti looked up at Veer, who shrugged his shoulders.


Sukirti replied, "I don't know..."


Pooja humphed, and crossed her arms across her chest, "Not fair say that every time, and your 'I don't know' never turns to 'yes' but, not this time." Another girl came from behind and said, "Yeah not this time," and called their other friends while Pooja ran away from there.


Sukirti said, "What?"


Pooja came back as fast as she had gone away and replied, "That means, this time we are going to tie you and bhaiya, and won't let you guys go any where."


Armaan and Sapana started laughing.


Sukirti said, "Pooja no, I have to get -"


Pooja interrupted, "don't worry..." turning to Sapana and Armaan, "You two come with me alright, while my friends get hold of Sukirti didi and Veer bhaiya."


Sukirti said sternly, "Pooja this is not nice." She ignores Sukirti and hands the rope she brought to her friends and takes Armaan and Sapana away.




Sukirti and Veer face to face - Veer's back was against a tree and Sukirti in front of him. They both were crushed into each other. Their hand touching each others and their face just an inch away.


Armaan and Sapana not able to control burst out laughing as they walked away.


Veer yelled after Pooja, "Pooja this is so not good manners, get back here."


Pooja yelled, "No, Bye," she said over her shoulder.


Armaan and Sapana smiled and said, "Buh bye," and waved their hands.


Veer and Sukirti both yelled, "Pooja!" but no use they all were already gone, and by now the kids had got good hold of them and tied them both.


They both tried their best to get at least little loose, but no use kids had made sure to tie them with at least six to seven knots to keep them in place.


Soft wind was blowing behind Sukirti and her hair started blowing up front, tickling both hers and Veer's face. Sukirti tried to move back her hair with her shoulder while Veer was looking at her. She was trying her best to get the hair back, but was of no use wind was bringing them more and more front. Veer looked at her and slowly locked his fingers into Sukirti's. Sukirti looked up and more hair blew up front serving as curtain on both sides. No one was able to see their faces. Sukirti looked up to see Veer staring at her. He kept his fingers locked with hers not sure if he wants her to lock hers too or not. They both were starring at each other and had an eye lock; slowly Sukirti also locked her fingers with his.


They both dispersed into their own world not caring about the surroundings. Thoughts running in their head of what in the world was happening to them, thoughts on what kind of relationship is between them, thoughts on why they care of other like friends, yet at times feels as if pulling each others hair out. Not even an inch away, it was easy to make out every single feature of the other. Hands on the side tied by the upper waist to the tree, Veer's back towards the tree and Sukirti right in front of him. One was sure the other could hear their rushing loud heart beats that they were trying so hard to get it back to normal. Breaths colliding in to each other, it just seemed forever without any disturbance.


After about twenty minutes when they heard voices coming close both let go of each others hands and looked away as if suddenly switch was turned on and a new battery was put into them making them work. Both glanced at each other for a brief second uncertain and confused at what just happened.


Pooja finally untied them and relieved Sukirti walked little far from Veer.


Veer asked, "How long does it take?"


Sapana replied, "As minimal as it takes to get fresh, and get in to new clothes."


Armaan blurted, "So, what did we missed?"


Sukirti gulped, "What?"


Veer gritted his teeth and said, "Shut up Armaan!"


Armaan smirked, "Okay chill buddy, I was just asking remembering the creek, you know."


Sapana hit him on his shoulder making him jerk forward as he let out, "Ouch"


That's our Armaan, always showing his true self, always honest and blunt. Not caring what the world says and thinks. So, having this character ' he doesn't think that pulling leg of his friend about some kind of unseen and unspoken relationship is something he should hide. Instead he feels the right to use the freedom of speech and openly passes a comment. I am sure you would have noticed that by now. While on the other hand Sapana witnesses every moment of her friend's life and keeps her lips sealed, worrying her saying something might cause some problems.




After the Sun sank down all four of them went in one of the rooms of the Pooja's house and decided to rest before beginning their left over journey.


Sukirti was standing at the window, her favorite place and was looking outside at all the people calling their day off and lightning lamps and praying for the beautiful day and hoping to see the sun rise again. Sukirti smiled and looked up towards the sky to see the rising moon spreading dim light and the stars twinkling one by one.


She was thinking about all that happened in past three days. Lots of things that she never expected to happen. She said to herself, "Life is so unpredictable, what will happen next who knows..." she sighed as she trailed off. Armaan, Sapana and Veer came up behind her. Sapana leaned and kept her chin on Sukirti's shoulders and tilted a little to look up at her face.


While Veer asked, "What are you thinking?"


Sukirti replied, "Nothing," and still continued, "Just that, what is about me that is making everyone my enemy."


Veer responded fluently, "You know the answer to that."


Sukirti shook her head, "No, I don't - to turn even the people I trust into my enemy. No I don't."


Veer blinked slowly and started, "Well, you are the most powerful Ichaadhari Naagin. No one else is this yourself are making a history right there."


Sukirti frowned, "So? What does someone get by getting my powers...Powers is not the most essential thing in life. In fact I say, Power doesn't give one happiness at all," She so hoped that she was a normal human with normal life.


Veer said agreeing, "Well, they do get something by getting 'your' power."


Sukirti turned to face Veer, making Sapana step aside,


He continued, "You are the Rajkumari of Naaglok. If they defeat you...get your powers, they get a way to get Naaglok under their control, also don't forget you have Naagmani too."


Sukirti's eyes snapped up; she looked at Veer wide eyed. They both were silent for some time.


Sukirti asked after what seemed like eternity, "How do you know that Naagmani is with me?"


Veer looked down at floor not knowing how to reply to that question.


Sukirti turned back to the window and looked up at the beautiful moon, spreading light in the darkness of world, but still there are many people who don't want to go to the right path. Sukirti closed her eyes and scenes of her father, Naagraj rolled in her mind.


She opened her eyes and suddenly said, "Anyways what's the point of having Naagmani? Even though it is the most powerful diamond in the whole wide world with the belief that it leads to getting your wishes, It gives you nothing you wish for, and I out of billions of people in the world has that diamond, but what's the point?"


She closed her eyes again, almost moist. She bit her lips and pulled back her tears.

Sapana and Armaan standing silent looked at each other, than at Veer.


Veer took a step forward and kept his hand on her shoulder. She turned around and hugged him tightly. Veer was shocked and surprised both at this sudden movement, and so were Sapana and Armaan. Veer stood still for some time, Sukirti finally let go of the tears that she was holding back. After few seconds Veer raised his hand and started caressing her hair. He looked at Armaan and Sapana, but they were of no help since they had no idea of what was going on.


Veer asked finally, the question he wanted to ask all along, the one he wanted to ask between their fights, "Why do you make your life so hard to live?"


Sukirti titled her head still hugging him she said, "What?"


Veer smiled slightly at her 'what' and said, "Tum har baar kuch acha kaam karti ho, but then also you make yourself sad. Sukirti you should be proud of yourself, that you are an Ichaadhari Naagin, a very powerful one and on top the Rajkumari of Naaglok."


Sukirti put her head back on his chest and mumbled, "Aur meri vajah se mere apno ko joh dukh mila...uska kya Veer?"


Veer asked, "Who said that people get sad because of you Ms. Know it all."


Sukirti let go him and turned around.


Veer added, "Oh yeah and you should also be proud that you are a teacher too."


Sukirti smiled at this and said, "Oh yeah...not on anything else but on me being a teacher is the only thing I am happy about," and she meant what she said.


Veer sighed and not wanted more, "Thank God tum muskurai toh sahi, mujhe toh laga ki aaj raat Naaglok mein Ganga-Yamuna behti."


To which Armaan and Sapana chuckled and Sukirti gasped.


She turned around, "You...well right now I am not in mood to argue so, go and rest, I want to be on my way to palace as soon as possible."


Veer smirked, "Aww why, Ms. Know it all is missing her mother?"


Sapana and Armaan smiled while Sukirti made a face.




I was dark outside, late at night and all four of them are walking towards the palace. It's not long since the views of the village disappeared behind them and now are on the silent path. There is no one on the path except for them. After some time they hear a tune that the snake players play with the tube.


Veer and Sukirti stopped.  Armaan asked "What's wrong?"


Veer made a face, "Who is play snake music this late at night?" Sukirti and he looked around to see no one.


The tune got louder and louder every passing minute. All four of them kept their hands on their ear.


Veer finally breathed out, "This is unbearable." Just as Veer said that both Sukirti and Veer fainted and dropped down and turned into snakes.


Armaan and Sapana got scared and took a step back. They looked at Veer and Sukirti who were now snakes with horrified eyes.


After about five minutes the tune stopped and Veer and Sukirti turned back into Insaan. Sukirti kept her hand on her head as it felt dizzy.


Veer asked, "You alright?"


Sukirti answered, "Yeah, but who is - ?"


A girl comes out of nowhere, as she reaches them Sukirti recognizes her.


Sukirti gasped, "Shivali?"


Shivali greeted, "Good to see you again dear."


Sukirti finished, "You over here, that too this late of night?"


"I have come to warn you."




"Dear, you are a Rajkumari and Naaglok needs, does Insaanlok," she turns and looks at Sapana and Armaan, smiled at them and continued, "It's time for them to know the truth."


Sukirti crunched her lips, "Who are them? And what truth are you talking about?"


"I can't tell you much just that what just happened right now, will happen again to you," she again looks at Sapana and Armaan, "just in addition to you friends there will be someone else."


Sukirti asked dead serious, "Who?"


Shivali smiles, "You will find out soon. Now I must go, bye and hope to see you again."


Sukirti bided, "Bye, take care," and hugged her. Shivali said hugging back, "You too"


After she left Sapana asked, "Who is she?"


Sukirti replied still thinking, "Shivali ' psychic; predicts future, but without asking she never tells any one anything than why did she come by herself to tell me."


Armaan said creeped out, "May be to scare you."


Sukirti shook her head, "No, she has been right of every word she has said so far." She sighs, "Well, she said we will find out soon, didn't she?"





Back to Insaanlok and back to school!

Next Part : Chapter 19

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That was the next chapter, hope you guys like it!
press like and comment. Have a Wonderful day Smile


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simply amazin update totally luvd it
plzz cont soon x Smile

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i am loving this...

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awesome update...Clap
and too long...thank u...Hug
veer n suku are irritated with armaan n sapna's questionier...well any one can get irritated with their list of questions...LOL
well i love veer n suku's fight...Wink
but pooja did a good job...she tied them togther...ha ha ah ha...maza a gaya...Wink

They both were starring at each other and had an eye lock;...


Veer looked at her and slowly locked his fingers into Sukirti's...He kept his fingers locked with hers ...Sukirti also locked her fingers with his...


n suku is crying...poor girl...n she hugged veer,,,,,,,,,,,,,,aweee...Embarrassed
well how can veer know everything about suku...?????????...Confused...even she was also glad to know that how veer knew everything about her...Ouch
she was shocked to know that veer has already came to that village...n she doesn't saw him before...when she also used to visit here...Ouch
n if no one knows about the naag mani...than how can veer knew it that it was with suku...???????????...Confused
n she forecast the future...
i think shivali is talking about suku's family to know the truth...i mean her insaan lok parents...
n finally they are back to insaanlok n school...well i m looking forward to their love story...Embarrassed
update soon...
luv u...Smile

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