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Veer aur Sukirti | Book 1 - Secret Life *complete* (Page 30)

moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 January 2012 at 4:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by SonaliDhone

very nice Part Hug sorry dear for late commenting actully my net would'nt work properlly that's why could'nt comment 
byd way  update was too good but still what next ''blood pool ''meane
waiting for next

thank you so much Sonali. and np. glad to see your comment. 

moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 17


Armaan chuckled, "Oh yeah I do, 'We are two and they are just seven not fair to them'." And all three of them burst out laughing.


But the joy of laughter didn't last long. They stopped suddenly when some one from behind held Sukirti tightly and put a sword at her neck.


Sukirti asked, "Now where did you come from? I thought everyone was finished except for Kanish himself"


Armaan and Sapana got to their full heights.


Who ever it was said, "Walk," way too loudly.


Sukirti said, "Okay there is no need to yell, can't you say it calmly."


Armaan interrupted, "Now you sound like Veer..."


Sukirti and her dear exclamation, "What?"


Armaan told her, "He is your enemy not your friend that he will talk with you calmly."


"Start walking now."


Sukirti frowned and started walking. Sapana and Armaan followed them.

Sukirti in her mind, "Whoever is holding me is most likely Kanishk's man who probably survived."


They all come to were Veer and Kanishk was and just as Sukirti had predicted Veer was chatting with Kanishk ever so calmly.


The person holding Sukirti said, "Put your sword down or else'"

Veer turned to see who the new voice belonged to. He looked at Sukirti and bit his lower lip. Sukirti shook her head


Sapana said out Sukirti's mind, "Yeh kabhi nahi sudhrenga."


Sukirti agreed, "You Bet" than after few seconds to Veer, "Now don't worry about me, I'll be fine."


Veer confused, asked, "What?"


Annoyed Sukirti said, "Hey, that's my word and I repeat, I'll be go ahead."


Veer asked, "Are you sure?"


Armaan said the obvious, "of course she is not, she doesn't even have any idea of what she is talking about."


Turning her head to Armaan, "FYI I am in my complete sense and know very well of what I am talking about."


Sapana looked at all of them both lost and scared.


What a Dilemma? None of the four would have thought of having this adventure in their life. Veer with a sword around Kanishk's neck and one sword around Sukirti's throat - both standing facing each other on the opposite side in deep jungle.


Sukirti just shook her head and looked at Veer, who was thinking of what to do.  She repeated, "I am telling you don't worry about me. Just go ahead."


After long time Sapana spoke up, "You are really scaring me. What do you mean by go ahead, there is a 'real' sword at your neck and this is not any play Suku."


Sukirti sighed, "Really...really you guys are worrying for me. Whose back is already sore with a big scratch on it, who has already lost dozens of pits of blood. Who has no idea why her life is the way it is, who is standing her with the worst thing possible already gone. Now what more can happen to me."


After hearing this no one spoke. There was a complete silence. No one spoke a word - Sukirti, Veer, Sapana, Armaan and not even Kanishk and his man.


Sukirti thought to herself in mind, 'I don't think anyone wants to volunteer to break this silence' than she looked at Armaan and Sapana, 'they have ended up in this big mess just because of me. Only if I had not chosen them to replace the memory parts they might have been safe and sound at their home - away from this jungle - away from Naaglok. Why? Why am I the only one who messes up every thing and every one's life? Why can't I be normal, either a Naag or a Human?" a tear prickled down her cheek. She turned her head towards Veer, with quite a surprise she found him starring at her. He looked as if he was looking at her for quite some time and reading her mind and also knows very well what she was thinking about. She turned her head away and another tear prickled down making its way down to her lips.


When she looked back at Veer, he motioned to her with his eyes. She got what he meant and convinced herself, that this will hurt her but only a bit and its okay. She told herself, "You can do this Sukirti. Just forget the pain like you did so far."


She motioned back at him and both at the same time looked at the swords and its positions. Kanishk, who figured out what was going on...breaking the silence said, "You know it's of no use."


Sukirti smiled, "Let's see." Then she motioned back to Veer, "Don't do anything," she told him.


Armaan and Sapana said at the same time, "What, let's see?"



Giving them a smile Sukirti said, "Move Back."


Confused they both moved back and she glanced back at Veer for a second then she jumped off the ground and at the same time took hold of the sword and hit the guard in his ribs with her right foot. Poor man wailed in pain and sank down to the ground.


Surprised Sukirti took a step back and raised her brows and said, "You sure have got some tough man.  Really...Didn't knew it would be that easy."


Veer said to Kanishk, "And that's how you do it," than turned to Sukirti and said, "Not bad Partner...Good job."


Sukirti eyed at him to see if it was Veer who said the last line...still confused she mumbled, "Thanx"


Unexpected Kanishk took hold of the sword and slashed it through Veer's upper left arm.


Veer screeched out, "Ouch" and fell back


Sukirti's eyes getting wide, "Veer!" an eco followed of Armaan and Sapana at the same time "Veer!"


Sukirti walked to him, "Veer tum..."


Sapana finished, "thik toh ho na?"


Veer said,"Ouch...yeah this is minor yaar." Trying to eye the cut, "Much smaller than what Sukirti has got."


Sukirti hit him right where he got hurt. Veer looked at her and repeated, "Ouch..."


Sukirti quickly cursed herself, "Sorry but, dushman se mazak masti karne ka yahi anjaam hota hai...duffer."


Veer smirked, "Oh Really? Thank you teacher, from now on I will surely remember this'" and he trailed off, eyes getting wide he screamed, "Sunshine watch out!"


Right on time Sukirti turned around to hold the sword that was coming down on her,


She managed to get on her feet and used all her strength to throw Kanishk back.


Kanishk gritted, "You are not going to win this...I am not going to let you."


Sukirti reminded him the rules, "First, be fair and square and Naaglok par kalank mat lagao, iss tarah piche se vaar karke."


Kanishk granted her boon,"Ok as you wish...Ab tum meri shakti dekho."


Sukirti smiled and said, "Would love to from all my heart."


Veer grimaced and said, "Pagal ho kya...Apna haat toh todkar rakha hai..."


Armaan asked, "What is she going to do?"


Veer frowned, "Nothing...She is going to use her over smart brain, what else?"


Sukirti made a face and turned towards Veer, "Mind your own bisswex duffer khud zamin pe ghira hua hai and you are telling me what to do and what not."


Veer threw back, "Oh hello miss. Over smart, you are not that -"


He was cut off by Sapana, "Suku...What's that?"


Sukirti jerked towards Kanishk to see bright ball of blue translucent coming towards her from Kanishk's palm.


She forced her right hand forcing out the same kind of red ball from her palm to break the one coming towards her. She applied all the force ignoring the pain. Kanishk let go his force when he was no longer able to hold on the force from the opposite side. Sukirti let go of her force slowly and let her hand down.


She dropped her hand since it was hurting more than ever because of the sudden force she let on it. She looked up to see Kanishk ready to throw another attack any moment. She closed her eyes and said, "hey Shiv Shankar...Hamari madad kijiye..." She slowly moved her hands in form of a circle in front of her...still eyes closed. Slowly a very thin blue ray formed a circle in front of her and a yellow ray crossing diagonally the orbit of blue from her front and going all the way to her back, and after few minutes the rays disappeared and she opened her eyes to see the orange flames coming right on her face.


She looked away and covered her face with her hands and squeezed her eyes shut. Armaan, Veer and Sapana looked horrified at Sukirti and the flaming ball inch away from her. After few minutes she opened her eyes upon hearing Armaan's voice, "What did she do?"


Sukirti dropped down beside Veer letting out a huge sigh of relief, and shocked and surprised that she is still alive.


Veer said surprise clear in his voice, "I think she formed a layer of protection...Make that double layer and powerful indeed."


Sapana asked, "What you mean by you think?"


Veer replied, "No one has done that before. I mean they can make invisible protection layer but no layer till today has survived to the force like that...the one Kanishk sent was really a powerful one."


Sukirti closed her eyes for a brief second and let out a small silent prayer to God.


While Kanishk said, when he regained what just happened, "How can that be...that's impossible."


Looking at Kanishk she said, "the meaning of impossible is  I M Possible."


Kanishk argued, "But this is not possible, till today not a single Ichaadhari Naagin or Naag has that much power."


Sukirti got back to her feet, "The one who has God's support can have any kind of power in this world"


Than she glared at him and closed her eyes shut and after few minutes opened them again by full force...her eyes were turned completely blue - her real eye color. She glared straight at Kanishk and ray of blue, green, orange, red, and yellow all colors mix came from each of her eyes...Kanishk's eyes widened as he said, "Than can't be..." and his sentence hang half when the rays hit him on his chest and burned him down.


He screamed, "No." and fell to ground dead with blood pouring everywhere from the burned part on his chest.


Sapana squeezed her eyes shut and looked away. Sukirti closed her eyes and slowly the protection unveiled.


Veer and Armaan were starring at her wide-eyed. Armaan helped Veer get up and Sukirti sank down on ground again letting go of all her powers.


Armaan said, "There was no need of getting up was there?" and all three sat down beside her.


Veer said slowly, "Now, I am scared of you!"


Sukirti eyed him and said, "Very funny."


Veer: "Seriously...where did you got that from...Looked like mutlimix of everything."


Sukirti innocently said, "I don't know...never used it before."


Sapana said being the mamma of the group, "Suku."


Sukirti looked at her, "Yeah?"


Sapana asked, "are you alright?"


Sukirti smiled slightly and nodded yes.


Veer replied, "No, you are not. Look at you."


Armaan agreed, "He is right, and now you are listening to us. You are having a rest."


Sukirti looked around, "At this place? No thank you."


The place was covered with dead bodies of their enemies and blood and nothing else.




Sukirti leaning on Sapana's shoulders all four were walking in same direction. All four of them having common thing in their mind, "hope we are not going more deep into the jungle." After walking for a long amount of time everyone was tired and not in energy to talk much, but to feel the presence they murmured among themselves.


Veer said a bit loud, "The sword was really sharp."


Sukirti looked at him, "What?"


Sapana examines the cut and says, "Looks like he got a deep cut."


Armaan said, "So do you," to Sukirti.


Sukirti examined Veers cut and said, "Well, the blow was unexpected and by force so, it has to be deep." She squeezed his arm where he got the cut.


Veer jumped up, "Ouch."


Sukirti ordered, "Stop being a girl," as she looked closely at the cut.


Veer made a face at her reference.


Sapana leaned more closer to examine Sukirti's cut, but looked away not bearing to see it.


Armaan said, "Let's just rest here for sometime."


Sapana smiled, "Wow, look at the creak."


Sukirti and Veer asked simultaneously, "Creek?"


Sapana nodded, "Yeah Creek, you know zarna." She added looking at the expressions on their faces.


Armaan said with relief, "That means we are heading the same way we came from."


Sukirti shrugged, "Looks like that," and winked at Armaan and Sapana, who looked at each other confused and back at Sukirti, who smiled and squeezed Veer's cut again as she acted as she was getting a clear view of it.


Veer jumped again, "Ouch..."


All three of them chuckled; Veer frowned and said, "Will you stop doing that?"


Sukirti shook her head as she said, "No."


Veer asked, "What No?"


Sukirti rolled her eyes, "You asked a question and I answered it - No."


Veer made a face yet again, "Ughhh.."


Sukirti smiled, and said, "Come on."


Veer asked, "Where?"


Sukirti took Veer's hand and said, "Just follow me."


All four walked in the direction of the creek. Armaan ran inside the water pulling Sapana along with him.


Sukirti and Veer sat on a rock near the water.


Sukirti said, "Give me you hand..."


Veer shot, "What?"


Sukirti smacked her lips, "Oh God!" she took his hand with one hand and cupped water with her other hand and started cleaning Veer's injury.

After cleaning it properly she tore the end of her scarf and tied a knot around his right upper arm. While she was doing this Veer was constantly looking at her. Feeling his gaze Sukirti looked up and found herself starring straight into Veer's eyes. She raised her eye brows asking ' what ' Veer just smiled and shook his head negatively.


Soft wind was blowing, cool water at their feet and in middle of a jungle. It felt as if no one was their. Everything was paused. They both were starring deep into each others eyes, not knowing what they are looking for. Just digging deep in with their minds completely blank and oblivious from the reality.


After few minutes Sukirti looked away. She talked to herself in her mind, "What was that? I need to stop doing that," other voice inside her said, "He was also doing that too" She shook her mind and concentrated on tying the scarf around his arm. Veer smiled cutely at the way Sukirti looked away. When Sukirti was done and she looked back at him to find him smiling at her. She felt awkward and asked not sure, "What are you smiling at?"


No response - She asked again -  and again no response.


Sukirti said, "Arey kamal hai...muskura raha hai aur puchne pe koi jawab bhi nahi."


She snapped her fingers in front of his eyes, which surely got his attention and realizing that he was constantly starring and smiling at her, he looked away.


Sukirti asked again, "What are you smiling at?"


Veer said quickly, "Noting."


Sukirti said totally believing him, "Yeah right," as she rolled her eyes.


Veer said, "Seriously nothing."


Sukirti raised her brows and looked at him, after few seconds, "Okay, if you don't want to tell me, than I am also not interested."


Sapana and Armaan joined then completely soaked in water.


Armaan: "If both of your love talk is over than, will you please join's much more fun than sitting over here and just starring at each other and talking with eyes."


Sukirti and Veer looked at each other.


Sukirti asked,"What?"


Sapana said hitting Armaan, "Nothing, he is just joking, but he is right about one is fun come in naa."


Veer said, "But, I think we should be heading back, it is almost evening."


Sapana and Armaan's smile dropped like a small kid.


Sapana said, "Guess you are right."


Sukirti said, "Hey come on, this is not Insaanlok...and after what you guys have been through I don't think you would like this place that much."


Armaan agreed, "We don't, but right now we were having fun."


Veer said getting up, "I could definitely see that," and looked at their wet cloths and rain pouring out of them.


Sapana and Armaan eyed each other innocently.


Sukirti said putting a hand on Sapana's shoulder, "And now get ready for the journey of cold."


Armaan groaned, "I hate cold."


Veer said, "Looks like you just personally invited it."





Armaan and Sapana's questionnaire + Veer and Sukirti melancholy moments. 

Next Part: Chapter 18

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Sorry for not updating soon, I was planning on doing so but, there was an family emergency and than mid-terms. So, was not able to update. But, now its up and hope you guys like the update. 

As, the new rule was added in the last chapter - No more PMz to mostly the whole buddy list. cause clearly I don't get that many comments and likes. So, post in the thread if you want PM updates. Other wise I am not sending out so many update notices and not recieving half that many likes and comments. 

Enjoy the update! Press like. drop comments as I am eagerly looking forward to views.

Next Update depends on you guys. The sooner the - more like - sooner - the more comments - the sooner you get the next update. If I get happy and encouraged by your quick sweet comments, than update is soon. Promise. But if am discouraged, then you guys know - find a way to either get me more likes and comments and make my day! In return you get more of VS!

Nice deal ryt? So, get going - waiting for your comments. 


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awesome update...Clap
i loved veer's n suku's fight...LOL
n that konishko...ha ha...u don't know our baja di na teri...Wink
n armaan n sapna are playing in ready for coldy coldy journey...LOL

''...Soft wind was blowing, cool water at their feet and in middle of a jungle. It felt as if no one was their. Everything was paused. They both were starring deep into each others eyes, not knowing what they are looking for. Just digging deep in with their minds completely blank and oblivious from the reality...

 ''...naina laage to jaage 

bina dori ya dhaage
bandhte hain do naina khwaab se
na ata ho na pata ho 
kore naino mein koi aa base [x2 times]

iska uska na iska hai
jaane kitna hai kiska hai
kaisi bhaasa mein bhasa mein hai likha 
iske uske ye hisse mein
tere mere ye kisse mein
maula seekhe bin seekhe bin de sikha
kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..
kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..
kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..
kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai...Day Dreaming

update soon...
luv u...Smile

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wondaful update 
cnt w8 2 read more
plzz update soon fanx 4 da pm x Smile

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sorry for the late comment..

simply amazing parts..

loved them...

n the roller coaster ride the four were going through..

i didnt understand y veer didnt killed kinashk n instead talking with him...

something missing i guess...

n the moments b/w suku n veer...awww...awsum one...

thnx for the pm...

n yes do continue to send me the update notifications..

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nice update

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