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Veer aur Sukirti | Book 1 - Secret Life *complete* (Page 18)

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Originally posted by Dhanvi83

its really good...keep updating...your concept it very creative...really liked it...waiting for your next update... Smile

thank you dhanvi! I am glad u like it. welcome to the Veer and Sukirti's world :)
thanx, will try to give one soon :)

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Posted: 05 December 2011 at 3:49pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anumeha_rajat is in the air...

awsum part..

loved how veer is taking care of suku...

simply awsum..

continue soon..

thnx for the pm...

yup love is in the air ;) lets see if their smell this love or just ignore it ;)
thanxx glad u liked it.
will try to give the next chapter soon :)

and ur always welcome.

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Originally posted by shruja

beautiful part thank you shruja! 
love convo between arman n veer 
so veer is not going to admit his love for sukirti   hmm seems so, lets see ;)
poor sapna
loved the eyelock n convo between veer sukirti   thanx
both r very stuborn to admit love for each other  yup arey after all this are our rtmc naa ;) 
areh when will they admit each other tht they love each other very much
no need to tell but still pyar ka ijhar toh jaruri hai  haha seems you are more excited and eager for them to confess than they both are .lol. but agreed cofession is damn necessary. who know kal ho na ho? and than u regret it later on...but who will tell this to our cute and innocent Veer and Sukirti?
between like 'the duffer' n 'not so good teacher' hehe thanx
loved these lines

Veer spoke up making her blink, "You know I am serious, if you ever do that again and I really swear that I won't leave you," emphasizing on the word 'won't'. This cleared her thoughts saying that he 'cared' for her. Sukirti mentally shook her head, 'no that's not true'.


Veer repeated before turning around, "That is a promise." Sukirti stared at his back and told herself over an over again, 'you really don't want to do anything like this ever again, he just swore and you and him both know very well he never breaks a promise, no matter what.'

i loved whole epi   thank you i am really glad that u liked it :) 
its beautifully written thanx again
n arman not sleeping listening all heheheh  hehe thats our armaan!
waiting for next

thanx shruja! will soon update :) me in black!

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Originally posted by ananyashera

Clap awesome...excellent...loved ur ff...different concept...nice story Clap...

please add me to ur pm list & send me the pm when u update...

please update soon...

thanx i am glad that u liked it. welcome to Veer Sukirti world! really hope that u will read the whole story and enjoy it as much. 

sent u buddy request for the Pmz :) please accept it for regular notifications. 

and surely will try to ud soon!

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Posted: 05 December 2011 at 3:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by soni4eva

wow awsum ff luv it
cnt w8 2 read more 
cn u plzz add me 2 ur pm list x

thank you so much
welcome to Veer Sukirti world :) hope you will like the rest of the story!
accepted ur buddy request XD

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Originally posted by geetsweet

heey nice ff dear...
add me in

hey thanx dear. sure sent u buddy request for the pm notifications do accept it, for getting into PM list!
moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 December 2011 at 4:01pm | IP Logged
thank you friends for your comments. they really mean a lot to me and encourage me to keep on updating! Thank you and since reading them really made me happy next chapter will be soon up before i go to bed tonight!

Love you all 
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Chapter 14


Sukirti rubbed her eyes and opened them slowly to find herself on Veer.

Well, not on-on him. But, her head was on top of Veer's hand which served as a pillow and her face was muffled in his chest. She could clearly feel his warm steady breath in her hair. She twisted her head a little and looked up at Veer. He was sleeping with an expressionless face. His lips were partially covered in a smile and one of his hands that were free was around Sukirti's waist.


Sukirti stared at his face and smiled warmly. Than after few moments she blinked and said to herself in mind, "What are you doing Sukirti? What's wrong with you?" She shrugged all her thoughts away. Too many thoughts for an early morning.


She slowly moved Veer's hand from her waist, making sure not to wake him up as if he did she surely would not be able to face him, and sat up. She felt a lot better than last night. It was still paining but was bearable enough.

She yawned and covered her mouth. She tried to wake up completely and that's when she noticed that she was wrapped around with a bandage of leaves and Veer's top-coat. She found her own blouse nearby with small try blood pool around it. She looked down at her chest, back at her blouse and bit her tongue as a certain thought hit her. She looked back at Veer and thought after a second, 'No, he couldn't have, but than how did'' she let go of the thought, shrugged herself mentally, got up and went outside the temple.


She said to herself out loud, "If there is temple there should be small lake or some kind of water source nearby." And started walking to the way that leads from behind the temple, surely enough after walking a short distance she saw a small lake.


She came back to temple where she found Veer and Armaan still sleeping. She went and picked up her blouse and made her way back to the lake where she washed the blouse and hanged it to a nearby tree to dry up and she herself went in middle of lake to clean herself up.


She removed Veer's coat and washed it thoroughly, she was deep into the water. You could only see her face with water droplets shining like pearls in the beautiful early sunshine. When she felt as if she stayed a bit more in water than she was supposed to, wrapped Veer's coat back around her and walked out of the lake.


Water was pouring like rain from the coat and her soggy hair. She went to where her blouse was and she found it dry enough so, she walked nearby where tall bushes and trees were. She changed in to her own cloths. She realized that she forgot her chunari (thin scarf) in the temple. She started her way back and on her way she picked up roses that she found on nearby bushes and also hoped that neither Armaan nor Veer has waked up. Yet!


To her relief, Veer and Armaan were still sleeping she went in and quickly kept her chunari on her and hung Veer's coat to dry up.


Then she found a small diva and match-sticks so, she did the Pooja (prayer) and offered the roses she collected on her way to Lord Shiva's idol.


She was glancing at Shiva's face which was shining brightly and was smiling back at her. She completely lost herself in Shiva's face and all the thoughts running in her mind that she didn't realized anything around her.


After about fifteen minutes or so, Armaan walked up to her and said, "How are you feeling?"


Sukirti blinked and looked up at him, "Good." and smiled back at him.


Armaan nodded and said out his major concern to him at the moment, "Three days has passed, and I tell you this is the first time I didn't ate anything at all for three whole days. Can, you believe a guy surviving three days that needs food like every three hours. I am really hungry yaar!"


Sukirti smiled and said, "You wait here," she paused and gave a second option, "or there is a lake behind the temple at few distance. You can go freshen up; as you wish," and laying down the options she got up.


Armaan said quiet amused, "Looks like you did some exploring."


Sukirti nodded, "You could say that," and was about to walk off when Armaan got and asked, "Where are you going?"


Sukirti looked back and said, "To do some," grinned and continued, "food hunting."


Armaan gaped, "Alone! Did you went insane with the blood loss or what?"


Sukirti bit her lips at blood loss part; she can be bold and strong but still sensitive to some particular ideas and things. She said after a minutes, "Why? I can't go alone?"


Armaan rephrased, "I mean, I myself am afraid to go out alone so..."


Sukirti interrupted, "Don't worry nothing will happen to me...Relax." She gave a calm assuring smile and walked away.


Armaan looked at her head out and said, "She sure is some brave girl."


Veer startled him by asking, "Where did she go?"


Armaan regained his breath and asked, "Can I ask one thing?"


Veer got up, went and sat beside Armaan and said, "Shoot."


His first idea was to ask, "Why do you love giving heart attacks to people?" but instead he asked, "Was it like she was supposed to be a boy but came out being a girl."


Veer raised his brows, "You are asking that by seeing her being so..."


Armaan cut off, "Yeah, I mean in school she is so different but now seeing her since last two days she is no different that a boy."


Veer nodded understanding, "This is real her, at least I think so, you know what? Just like you and many others I can never understand her."


Armaan said, "Let it go yaar, not just particularly her, we can never understand and girls," sighed and got up, "Lets go."


Veer confused, "Where?"


Armaan: "Sukirti said there is a small lake in a distance."


Veer, yawning loudly, "You go ahead I am going back to sleep."


Armaan stopped in his tracks and looked back and said, "Get up dude and anyways she is not going to come back soon."


Veer stopped yawning and said, "What you mean by that?"


Armaan said, "Look, I know you are waiting for Sukirti."


Veer defended, "I am not!"


Armaan said with a wide naughty grin on his face, "Really? I could totally see that on your face."


Veer's eyes getting wide, "Armaan!!!!!!!" than getting up, "You wait, I am not going to leave you..." and went after Armaan who was already running.


Armaan looks back grinning more widely, "If you won't leave me than how will you hold Sukirti?" and ran as fast as he can towards the lake.






Veer shook his head to dry up his hair and walked into the temple. He stood dead at the sight. Sukirti was using her fingers through her hair, which were little wet. She suddenly turned around as she felt a sharp pierce towards her to see Veer staring at her. He just kept starring at her beautiful face with few wet stands of hair touching her rosy chicks.


Sukirti moved her sight a little to his left as Armaan walked in from the back.


Sukirti said, "What's up with him?" and looked back at Veer.


Armaan followed her gaze and saw Veer gazing straight at Sukirti. Armaan hit his palm to his forehead and said, "Hey Bhagwan!" He shook his head and called out, "Veer''Veer, Hello, any body home?"


But no use Veer didn't moved at all. Sukirti saw this and started laughing making Veer drown more into her beauty.


Armaan also joined Sukirti but Veer completely ignored him. Sukirti shook her head and Armaan moved his lips saying,"Hold On," than he went close to Veer's ear and yelled loudly in his ear, "Veer!"


Veer suddenly fall back and kept his hand on his ear. Sukirti who had controlled herself again burst out laughing. And so did Armaan.


Veer looked at Armaan and than at Sukirti and said, "Yeah, yeah go ahead and laugh as much as you want."


Sukirti looked at him getting angry and said, "Sorry."


Armaan said, "Sorry yaar," and pulled his leg, "but, you should have seen your face..." Veer flashed his eyes at Armaan. Armaan stopped and kept his finger on his lips.


Sukirti said changing the topic, "I found some apples and mangoes from some trees, if you want to eat; they are at the foot of the Idol."




Each of them either had mango or apple and saved the rest for later on sat down below a tree outside the temple.


Sukirti was looking at the beautiful sky and the sun standing alone and giving light to everyone. She turned around, this time to find Armaan staring at her.


Sukirti rolled her eyes at the two boys, "What?"


Veer looked at Sukirti and than at Armaan. Armaan shook his had NO.


Sukirti said, "What No?" but, Armaan said nothing.


Sukirti sighed and said, "Will you stop staring and say something?"


Armaan stuttered after few moments, "It's just that...that..."


Sukirti asked getting impatient, "That...That...What?"


Armaan finished hurriedly, "That you are a Rajkumari."


Sukirti gasped, "How do you know..." she trailed off and looked at Veer, who bit his tongue. Veer made an innocent looking face at her.


After long pause Sukirti sighed and said, "Whatever you want to think, because I don't even know how in the world I became a princess when I can't..." She shook her head and said to inside her mind "Can we just continue ahead?"


As if Veer heard her thoughts he replied, "No, you need rest..." and said to both, "If you accept it or are one," and looked at Sukirti.


Sukirti thinks that she can never be a true, princess of Naaglok. She thinks that she can never take care of her people nor has any personality a princess should have.


Sukirti defended, "No, I don't, we are going right now," she paused and than added, "I will rest after we find Sapana."


Armaan and Veer at the same time, "But, you are..."


Sukirti interrupted, "That's my order. We are leaving these instant." She said to herself, 'well if you say so, than I might as well use the opportunity of this position.'


Veer gritted his together, "Okay, as you demand Rajkumari ji," than got up in anger.


Armaan too got up after Veer completely taken back by the powerful tone of Sukirti and how Veer seemed to have no power to do as said, he whispered to Veer, "But, which way do we go?"


Veer replied back out loud, "I am in this jungle for the first time." And tried to calm himself down.


Sukirti ignored his tone and said, "Same here."


After long silent Veer said, "Let's go towards East because West is where we came from."


Armaan asked, "And which side is east?"


Sukirti rolled her eyes, "See the sun rising...Common Sense," pointing towards the sun.




It was late after noon and they had no luck. Well, except for finding more mango trees and plucking at them for more food later on.


Veer said getting irritated, "Do you think we are going on wrong way?" By now his anger as totally subsided.


Sukirti looked at Veer while Armaan said, "May be we are." And both turned towards Sukirti but, she kept quiet as she was thinking of something.


Armaan poked her left shoulder, "What's up?"


Sukirti finally said after long time, "Do you know how you got here?" asked to Armaan.


Armaan shrugged, "No, we just ' just got in here."


Sukirti got confused, so she turned to Veer, who was as confused as she was.


Both were thinking of one same thing. 'How can an Insaan (human) get into Naaglok just like that ' sure, he can walk there but not just come out of nowhere as Ichaadhari Naag does?'


Sukirti asked Armaan: "What do you mean by just got here?"


All three has started walking again. Armaan shrugged his shoulders again and said, "I don't know."


Again after fifteen minutes or so, Armaan stopped in his tracks, "Does Jungles stink this way?" and made a weird face. Both Veer and Sukirti laughed at his expression.




They walked for about two more hours when suddenly Armaan stopped in his tracks and said, "I am telling you it doesn't stink like before any more, instead Air smells so good and is so fresh."


Sukirti said for the fiftieth time, "What?"


Veer seemed to pick up her word, "yeah what? It is the same old air you were complaining about two hours ago and now since last half hour'"


Armaan interrupted, "No, It is different, it feels like this every time I am with..." and trails off.


Both Veer and Sukirti looked at each other with big questions mark on their faces.


Veer sighed, "With whom?"


Armaan finished: "with Sapana."


Sukirti's eyes twinkling, "I think I have got a feeling."


Veer shared a knowing look and said, "Suddenly coming into new 'Air zone'...Sapana! Gee you both really do love each other."


Armaan looked at him with dagger eyes, "you thought we both were just joking."


Veer said with out giving a thought, "yeah."


Armaan exclaimed, "You did?"


Veer repeated, "Yes...wait did I? Well No ' yeah ' no, no I Actually didn't."


Sukirti just shook her head and said, "Let's just find her."


Both looked at her and said, "How?"


Sukirti replied, "I don't know, Guess we split up."


Veer lifted his hand up, "Alright I'll go over this side."


Sukirti said, "Than I'll go over there," and pointed at the opposite path.


 "Where do I go?" Armaan asked


Sukirti looked at him and replied, "You are not going anywhere 'alone'."


Armaan said offended, "Why? If you can go and you are..."


Sukirti saw Veer motioning him to cut it off and not to say one more word, but too bad Armaan didn't saw and continued, "...a girl."


Veer said out loud as he just lost a case in court room, "You are gone." Armaan looked at him confused.


"Don't ever mention that girls are weak and can't do anything alone. Not ' ever ' in ' your ' whole ' life," Sukirti yelled.


Well not exactly yelled but, almost loud enough to say it yelled.


Armaan got scared and looked as if he was going to run away.


Veer shook his head at his poor best friend, "Told you, now come with me."


Armaan and Veer walked at one side to look for Sapana.

Sukirti heard Armaan say, "I didn't know she was that dangerous."


Veer laughed at him, "Next time, you know better."




Sukirti looked everywhere and so did Veer and Armaan.

Sukirti was walking backwards when she suddenly hit something. She turned around slowly and sighed when she saw Veer.


Veer also at the same time said, "What the..." and turned around too. All three had come to same point with no luck. After few minutes, Sukirti made a face, "What's that?"


She had heard something in front of them, all three tried to hear what she was referring too.


Veer said confirming her thoughts, "Sounds like some one moving."


Sukirti nodded, "Hold on, I will check."


Armaan asked, "How?" seems like asking question is getting his favorite hobbies lately.


Sukirti ignored him and climbed the nearest tallest tree. She climbed up as top as she can. At first she saw nothing. But, after few moments, she saw something moving among the bushes. She looked down and signaled Veer to climb the tree opposite to her, and climbed back down.


After some time Veer came down and said, "They are keeping and eye on us."


Armaan's favorite task, asked another obvious question, "That means they could see us?"


Sukirti just nodded her head, fearing she might yell all over him if she opened her mouth, and worst consequences will be their enemies spotting their exact location.


Armaan kept on, "And that also means that Sapana is with them?"


Sukirti opened her mouth this time, "Yeah...and we will have to think of some plan."



Precape: Face to Face with the leader! Surviving or . . . ?

Next Part: Chapter 15

please do press likes/comments. 

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