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Veer aur Sukirti | Book 1 - Secret Life *complete* (Page 15)

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Originally posted by angel_smily

nice update
thanks for the pm

thank you dear

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Originally posted by Princess_Khushi

Edited my comment
So sorry. 
I just didn't remember. 

its okay thanx

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Thank you friends, for the precious comments,
Will soon updated the next chapter. So watch out for it :)

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Update coming this weeked! :)

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Chapter 13


Blood splashed out and was slowly pouring everywhere making a small puddle.

Veer caught hold of her before she fell down and hit the ground. Holding her he kneeled down slowly with Sukirti's head on his lap as Armaan kneeled down beside Veer. His eyes looked as if they were going to pop-out at any moment.


Armaan finally managed to find his voice and said, "Didn't saw that one coming."


Sukirti opened her eyes and mumbled out a small, "Ouch..."


Veer looked at her staring at him and suddenly said, "Sorry," He was trying to stop the bleeding somehow and was looking around for something that would be of any help but, there was nothing around except for fallen leaves, twins and small and big pebbles. 'Well what else u can expect to find in a middle of Jungle,' he said in a low whisper to himself, but it was still loud enough for Sukirti to hear it. Small smile escaped her lips over the depth of the pain.


Finally, Veer removes his top coat that was think and silky but was the only thing that could be of some help. He ties it tightly around Sukirti's breast and hoped that it would stop bleeding.


Sukirti tried to get up but was not able to. The pain was slowly taking over her and making her useless to even walk.


Veer showed his palm and said, "Hold on," than he puts one hand around Sukirti's back-neck; lightly so that it doesn't hurt her and the other hand below her knees and lift her up.


Sukirti grumbled, "Veer, I can walk."


Veer ordered, "Quiet, not a word and I could see very clearly how well you are able to walk."


Sukirti made a face which unfortunately Veer saw; he narrowed his eyes at her and said, "Stop it."


Sukirti bit her tongue and said under her breath, "Duffer."


Veer smiled cutely at her comment and said in his mind, "Whatever the situation...she is never going to change."


As if Sukirti heard him say something she looked at him. She found herself starring at his handsome face. For the first time her face was this close to his. She could clearly make out his every feature. Even if she tried she could not resist turning her face away.


Veer looked at her as he felt her eyes starring unblinkingly at him. He found himself getting lost in her trance and after few minutes he saw her eyes slowly getting closed. Sukirti kept her head against his chest and wrapped her hands gracefully around his neck as everything become quiet.




Sapana had eaten her food and was now lying on hard-ground of the cave. It was hard to go to sleep. She kept turning over and over.


She thought of Armaan. Of the time when they both were in play house at Sukirti's house and how Veer and Sukirti caught them... than she remembered how Armaan has been taken away from her and at the same time she heard Sukirti's line, "You guys looks great together," and also how she herself knew that if they both are together they can accomplish anything. She saw Armaan looking at her for the last time before he went out of sight. She closed her eyes and in few minutes drifted off to sleep.




After walking about an hour and half Veer and Armaan came across a small building, which looked like a temple. It seemed deserted. They both went inside and it surely was a deserted temple. If you find any temple in Naaglok than it has got to be of Lord Shiv Shankar, Since Naags dwell around his neck.


The idol of Mahadev was pretty but, the temple was not tidy. It looked as if no one has been there since a very long time. Armaan made a soft pile out of hay and Veer carefully laid Sukirti down on it as Armaan went and set down nearby and Veer accompanied him. Veer was looking at Sukirti who was still unconscious. She has been unconscious since last two hours now. Veer was feeling really sad and he hasn't spoken a word since she had closed her eyes and laid her head on his chest.


Armaan saw him starring at Sukirti, finally after about fifteen more minutes he placed his hand on Veer's shoulder.


Veer turned and looked at Armaan.


Armaan broke the dead silence, "What's wrong? You haven't said a word through out the whole way and that's definitely not you."


Veer said in a bare whisper, "Nothing yaar, it's just that..." he trailed off.


"Just what?"


Veer shook his head NO


Armaan: "Come on; I am seeing that since that accident happened you are just out of world."


Veer gulped down his saliva, "I just couldn't believe it. Why would she risk herself for me?"


Armaan sighed, "Well for that - you are the one who said she is Rajkumari and if I am right, isn't it Rajkumari's job to risk herself for her people's life."


Veer said flatly, "Than if that's the case; you should know that Naagrani trusted me as being her Rakshak (bodyguard) and sent me along."


Armaan raised his eye brows at this and said thoughtfully, "Chill, besides being you her Rakshak and her being Rajkumari ' you both are friends too."


Veer laughed a sarcastic laugh at that, "In your Dreams."


Armaan raised his eye brows again but out of confusion this time.


Veer looked at him, "What? We both do nothing but fight all the time and the whole world knows that."


Armaan rolled his eyes and said, "Really? Well I think it is said ' With whom we fight the most we are closest to that person."


Veer looked at Armaan and before he could say something Armaan said, "and now don't tell me 'in this case it's different' because I know its not."


Veer changed his words into a question, "How do you know its not?"


Armaan said in an obvious tone, "Because if it might have been the case than she wouldn't have saved you and you wouldn't have carried her for two hours straight."


Veer looked away and fumbled for words, when he can't think of anything he said, "Whatever."


Armaan cleared his throat, "Yeah, now that the truth is obvious it has to be 'whatever'."


Veer said in an effort to change the topic, "Its getting cold I am going to start a fire."


The sun had set by now and one more day passed by. It has been two days since they have been in Naaglok, miracle helped them come across Armaan but Sapana was still out there somewhere and now Sukirti was unconscious without any realization of her surroundings.




Sukirti stirred and after few minutes opened her eyes to find herself lying on hay with fire burning nearby. She tried to sit up but was of no use. She tried again and was half was up when she lost her balance and was about to hit back down when a strong arm held her. She looked up to see Veer holding her firmly. He helped her sit up and he also sat besides her.


Sukirti looked around to see the ruined place. She saw the fire burning warmly and Armaan sleeping down besides it and than she saw the idol of Lord Shiva and the weeds around it. She bowed down her head down for few seconds and than again looked at Armaan sleeping peacefully and smiled slightly.


When she remembered that Veer was sitting besides her she turned to look at him and asked, "What are you still doing awake."


Veer thought for a moment as he hadn't thought of what he will answer if this particular question was asked, "Me and Armaan were talking than he drifted off and I was also about to go to sleep but, than I saw you wake up." Truth was that Armaan had drifted off long time ago now and Veer stayed up on purpose just incase if Sukirti gained consciousness and needed any help.


Sukirti nodded slightly, "hmm."


Veer asked abruptly, "How are you feeling?"


Sukirti looked at him with an amused look and after a moment replied, "Better than before."


An awkward silent took over. Usually when you find Veer and Sukirti together there is no chance for a silence to spread over as they always find something or other to fight on but today it has finally managed to take over as both of them sat together.


Veer said in a low tone, "Why did you do that?"


It took a moment for Sukirti to understand that he had asked a question to her, "Do what?"


"You know very well what I am talking about?"


Sukirti said annoyingly, "Stop your riddles and no I don't know."


Veer raised his brows.


Sukirti said her one and only obvious word, "What?"


Veer sighed, "Why did you save me?"


Hearing their voice Armaan woke up but Veer and Sukirti oblivious to their surroundings. Ignoring the question she simply looked away.


Veer tapped on her shoulder, "Hello Teacher!"


Sukirti blowed out, "I didn't save you, Duffer I saved Armaan."


Veer raised his brows yet again, "Armaan? You push me. Yell my name and than say that you were saving Armaan. Seriously now?"


Sukirti hated when he questions her and denies on just accepting whatever she says, "Yes, you were near so I pushed you; you pushing him. I yelled your name figuring that you would catch a hint since Armaan would definitely not he doesn't even know A-B-C-D of Naaglok, and besides your back was at the sword so, you don't even know whom the sword was aimed at."


Veer shook his head, "You are not a good teacher I need to think of other name for you."




Veer smiled, "Yeah, teachers are good at explaining," pointing at her he continued, "and you are definitely not good at that. Now tell me exactly why in the Naaglok you would pull up a stunt like that for me?"


Sukirti replied, "Till now I used to think that you are a Duffer but now I am surely convinced that you are 'the' Duffer. 'Cause I already said once, whatever I did was not for you but for Armaan."


Veer was about to say something when Armaan spoke up: "Can you guys argue in morning on if she saved you or me. Please I really want to sleep right now."


Sukirti and Veer both turned their heads towards Armaan wondering how much of their argument he had heard.


Armaan sighed; "Thank you!" than he shook his head and keeping his head down closed his eyes.


Sukirti and Veer looked at each other innocently, than laid down where they were sitting.


Sukirti said, "Go to sleep, no need to stay up and then lie when a person asks you 'why you are awake?'."


Veer looked towards her clearly surprised. Sukirti gazed at his surprised face than turned around the other side as she could clearly not sleep on her back.


Veer spoke to her back, "And I swear if you do something like that ever again I will not leave you and you know that just like you I never ever break my promises. Also, I won't mind being punished for it since, if you so willingly run to get yourself nearly killed that proves in Naagrani's eyes that I didn't fulfilled what she assigned me to do and I will be punished for that. So, I will just go ahead and not leave you and get double punished."


Sukirti turned around to face him again and just started at him not believe what he just said. Did he just told her that he cared for her? Or did he said that he blames her that he was not able to keep her out of danger? All kinds of thought were running in her mind.


Veer spoke up making her blink, "You know I am serious, if you ever do that again and I really swear that I won't leave you," emphasizing on the word 'won't'. This cleared her thoughts saying that he 'cared' for her. Sukirti mentally shook her head, 'no that's not true'.


Veer repeated before turning around, "That is a promise." Sukirti stared at his back and told herself over an over again, 'you really don't want to do anything like this ever again, he just swore and you and him both know very well he never breaks a promise, no matter what.' Than she thought, 'but why did I ran like that? Why at the moment his life seemed more valuable than mines own?'


Armaan opened his eyes briefly and smiled at his best friend and his girl friend's best friend, then went back to sleep.




Continuing? Arguments? Finding Sapana? More Danger? Saving your life?

What is it? This single life is more of a Double Life!

Next Part: Chapter 14

Press like/commet

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Chapter 13--

Awe! She smiled apart from the pain it was causing her.. 
Love is in the air ;)
Love Veer's concern. 
Haha she was walk!! 
I can even see that she can't. 

Sad what Sapna is going through! 
Love armaan and veer's convo though..
Esp this line: "Yeah, now that the truth is obvious it has to be 'whatever'."

wow! veer stayed up on purpose :)
A-B-C-D of Naaglok!!! -- hilarious! 
What an excuse she is giving. 
Veer's ryt. need a new name for her. 
How about liar?? ;)

So she knew she was lying. 
Loved the little daring lecture Veer gave. 
They need to be given a reality check on topic 'Love'

So Amy was listening all along! 

Gosh, put a break on your questions for Precap :D
Love this line the most though: 
This single life is more of a Double Life!

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amazing update
thanks for the pm

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Edited my comment above :0

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