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Veer aur Sukirti | Book 1 - Secret Life *complete* (Page 9)

moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2011 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Princess_Khushi

Amazing ud! 
You already know but once again, love VAS! so cute they are. 
poor veer. she stomped on his foot. 

Lovely couple... sapana and armaan! 
Love them even more by the end... 
fun starts now.. 
ud soon. 
thrilling precap! and last moment was fantastic

Thank you Khush!
Haha thank you, m glad that you like VaS! : )

Amen Sis, feel so sorry for him! Gosh she really doesnt like him...we will know that soon Armaan Wink Wink

Yeah they are a lovely couple..
haha seems everyone is re-reading this story over here...
but yeah the actualy fun starts now :) ;>
yeah will try...working on it right now!
yup really  a thrilling precape..why wont be..course a guy climbing up a girls window at midnight has to be thrilling lol :p

and thanx once again for the comment <3

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moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 August 2011 at 3:07pm | IP Logged

Chapter 9


The whole week went by smoothly...filled with fun, teasing and love.

In school...Days were going okay...Everyone was having fun..First two days were spent talking about FunTime. As always you find them all chatting in big groups and teasing boys with some girls name. But those groups were now getting hard for Armaan and Sapana...Poor kids were not at all able to talk with each other freely. Well, Veer and Sukirti did saw them stilling glances and smiling at each other when everyone is busy talking.


With all these fun...not to forget that it is a school. School studying was okay for them. The tournament practices were going on and most of them were missing lots of classes because of those practices. Veer always forget about what he said to Sukirti...But, not to worry when Sukirti is there.

Sukirti knows that he forgot again. So, she keeps bugging him and keeps asking him, "Who is the girl you like. Remember your week is about to get over. And you know what I feel so sorry for that girl that 'you' like her and she will have to deal with you...Poor little girl." Well, now week was over and Veer has still not told her who it is...and Sukirti also has not told know what she was going to do if He does not tell her.




At 12:00am of night...

Sukirti was sitting on her study table in her room. She was taking notes from what she missed in school because of the practices. She was so sleepy...but she wanted to finish copying those notes, she could give them back to Karuna tomorrow the first thing in school.


For a second she sat straight to rest. She turned her head to her right to gaze out the window and look at the sky. But, when she tuned...

She jumped up and almost tripped over. To her surprise it was Veer sitting on the window seal. Veer at instant took hold of her before she fell down. He was holding her by her waist and was leaning on her. She was half bent down by her back. She closed her eyes in fear that she was going to fall down. After few moments she opened them to see Veer staring right at her beautiful face. She starred at him for few seconds. Wind was blowing coolly from the window.

To ignore his gaze she looked down, Veer let go of her but not before settling her straight and making sure that she was well balance on her feet


Veer said coolly, "Hi!"


Sukirti coming back to reality as it hit her that it was past 12 of night and it was no one else but Veer who was sitting on her window seal for past who knows how long, "What Hi?"


Veer clearly saw the anger in Sukirti's eyes and ton "Wooaw...Calm Down."


Sukirti sighed, "What are you doing here? That too at 12:00 of night?  Hold on...First of all...Why are you here? Now, will you speak up or stay mute?"


Veer spoke after he was sure that he finally got a chance to save himself, "You don't even give me a chance to say anything...Questions on top of Questions..."


Sukirti makes a face and sticks her tongue out at him, which for a split second made Veer smile from inside.


Veer sticking to the topic, "Now, I also have no interest to climb up your window at this late hour of night. It's that; that my pager rang like four times...thus I came by to see if you know anything."


Sukirti blurted, "What?"


Veer rolling his eyes says, "Huh...? Please you need to get over your what's."


Sukirti biting her lip said, "I meant...No, I don't know anything. Infect I didn't heard my pager ring at all...Not even once."


Veer: "Well than I am pretty sure that there is something wrong. Otherwise at this late has never happened before."


Sukirti making sure that she heard him right asked, "So, are we going right now?"


Veer crossing his hands across his chest said, "Duh...How did you become Rajkumari. Because so far as I have to give lots of tests and swear and promise to do anything in sake of Naaglok before they crown you as Rajkumari...Hold on or did you bribe Naagdev?"


Sukirti pressed her lips into one thin line, "Shut-Up," and thought how dare he even think of me being like that.


Veer makes a face at her which this time made Sukirti smile from inside and in and instant her anger flew away with the chilly wind coming from the window.


Naagdev - is the priest of Naaglok. He is the most important person. He does poojas and different rituals on special occasions. He is the most respected person in Naaglok. If anyone dares to insult him they get a severe punishment. Even Naagrani goes to him for advices and follows his order, since he knows more than anyone about anything in Naaglok. He is the most intelligent and resourceful person.




Naagrani was with Naagdev in the Pooja ghar (prayer house/room). Tension could be clearly seen all over their faces.


Sukirti broke the silence when she realized that neither Naagrani nor Naagdev have notice that she and Veer are present in the room, "Anything wrong?"


Naagrani finally look up and said relaxingly, "Oh thank god you both are here."


Veer wanting to get on the main topic and getting out of their as soon as possible, "Yeah we are, now what is the problem?" But did he know that as much sooner he wants to leave the faith is not going to support him in that wish of his.


Naagrani diverting her attention to Veer, "Well, sorry for calling you this late at night. But, we think that you both are the only person who can help us out."


Sukirti confusingly said, "Since when did the one of the youngest people of the Raj darbar became the last and only source to turn on?"


Ignoring the Rajkumari's question, Naagdev moved both of his hands swiftly from up to down and joined them by making a line in the bottom and pushed it forward. The box formed in midair and Sukirti and Veer saw someone they don't know.


Veer wondering and searching his brains asked, "Who is he?"


Naagdev said in his as usual formal tone, "He is the one who captured them," saying so he points his index finger to the little box and the scene changed to two young teenagers; one being a girl and other being a boy.


Sukirti's eyes getting as wide as they can, she exclaimed, "Sapana!"


Veer not believing that his normal human best friend is in front of him on some magical screen in Naaglok, "Armaan!"


Naagrani's thought being proven correct, "So, you both do know them?"


Veer said in a rhetorical tone, "They are our friends...from school'in Insaanlok."


Sukirti getting her voice back she said, "But, how did they get in Naaglok?"


Naagrani not believing the situation, "Good Question!" and looks at Naagdev to carry on'


Naagdev: "Do they know anything about you two, related to Naaglok?"


Sukirti nods, "Yes, they both are the ones we chose...for know...?"


Naagrani nods finally all the things are starting to make sense, "This is not good Poor Kids are in danger because of us."


Naagdev: "Well, they are under him," and the scene changes again to the previous person.


Sukirti trying to search her brains and registering whether she has seen this particular face before or not, "Do you know who he is?"


Naagrani shook her head negatively, "Sadly, No! We have never seen him in Naaglok before," and makes an disappointing face to herself.


Veer who was quite all this time was starring at the person...

"Because he is not who he is." He finally speaks up.


Sukirti again blurts, "What?"


Veer making sure to not get annoyed by her whats' and sticking to the purpose, "Look closely...He is wearing a skin over his real face."

Sukirti, Naagrani and Naagdev; all three turned towards the screen and peers their eyes into it.


Naagdev finally speaks up after good ten minutes, "You are right, we did not notice that."


Naagrani getting angrier at the situation, "So, it looks like it is going to be harder now..."


Sukirti says in a matter of fact tone, "It is...We don't know who the real person is...So, we can't figure out where to start in first place."


Veer speaks up what none of the four present wants to hear, "Well, there is no option left...But, to search whole Naaglok; which unfortunately is way tooo big!"


The other three looks at him as if they are going to hang him for what he said, but then decided to let him live as whatever he said is nothing else but the truth.




Sukirti and Veer sets out to look for Sapana and Armaan. Both of them standing at the main gate of the palace,


Sukirti turns to Veer for the first time in her life, "Where to start?"


Veer completely taken by surprise and not believing that Sukirti is actually asking him to guide, "I don't know...we can either search in forests or desserts."


Sukirti: "What?"


Veer gritting his teeth together at Sukirti's zillionth times of what, "Hello...where are you? We are in Naaglok...and one side of Naaglok is a dessert while other side is a forest..."


Sukirti biting her lip, "Yeah..right..naaglok.. I don't think Dessert is a nice place to..."


Veer interrupted, "I don't think so either...So let's go for the Forest..."


Saying so both turns towards their right and starts on their way to forest and convince themselves that they have no other option but to spend, god knows how many coming days in the forest with no one else but each other.





Hunt for Sapana and Armaan continues. While Sapana and Armaan have no idea of what part of the world they are in, Veer and Sukirti are the juggling the bitterest moment of their life and handling each other just for the sake of their individual best friends!



Next Part: Chapter 10

Well, this was the next chapter...sry for the short update, I promise you the next update within next two days. Hope you guys like this one. Do let me know how it is, Press like/comment. And you already know what to do if you guys want a PM notification, just add me as your buddy :)

I gotta run, so will send out PMz later! 

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-Araina- IF-Stunnerz

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Awesome ud
Loved reading it. 
seriously, suku n her whats! !
veer's smart. 
waiting for more fun
cont soon

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Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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superb part
luvd it
continue soon

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fatzfathi Senior Member

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Posted: 17 August 2011 at 1:47am | IP Logged
loved d part..especially d beginning...Embarrassed since i hav read sme mre parts am mre curious to know wat happens after tat...Smile keep d updates coming...WinkTongue

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shruja IF-Dazzler

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liked update very much sukirti stomped foot on veer's foot n poor veer yelled in painLOL
and dupatta scene was awsome!! both lost in eachotherEmbarrassed
and veer picking up her clip n smiling Embarrassedit was so cute!!
interesting precap tooDay Dreaming

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moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by sweetshera

superb part
luvd it
continue soon

Thank you Nandu dear
will try 
moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by fatzfathi

loved d part..especially d beginning...Embarrassed since i hav read sme mre parts am mre curious to know wat happens after tat...Smile keep d updates coming...WinkTongue

Thank you dear...haha will try to upd soon :)

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