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Veer aur Sukirti | Book 1 - Secret Life *complete* (Page 7)

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Chapter 7


After every one departing in different directions Sukirti, Anika and Veer walks towards Suku's bike.


Anika speaks up, "there is one bike and three of us'"


Veer says pointing out the obvious, "Well than one of us will have to walk."


Anika: "I might have'but there is one problem'I don't know where her house is'I have never been to her place before."


Veer making a confused face; "Than how do you know that she leaves near?" Obviously remembering that it was Anika who pointed out before to meet at Suku's.


Anika turned to Sukirti who was unlocking her bike, "Can I ride it?"


Sukirti looks up and says "Sure, why not?"


Veer: "Well, that leaves up to do the walking part'"


Sukirti: "What?"


Anika shaking her head, "Sukirti sit back."


Veer sighs, "I know someone on the way'I will go over and change and come to Sukirti's house."


Anika: "Good for you. I still have to do something about mine...because I am sure I will not fit in Sukirti's'"




At Sukirti's house'

Sukirti walks up behind her mother and says, "Hi Ma'" who was busy in the kitchen.


Shilpa turning around says, "Hi," than looked over Sukirti's solders and said, "Who is-?"


"This is Anika," Sukirti replied, "and Anika this is my mother."


Anika: "Oh! Hello Aunty."


Shilpa: "Hi Beta, How are you?"


Anika replied, "Good. How -"


Sukirti interrupted: "Hey, you can fit in some of her clothes," pointing towards her mother.


Sukirti turns towards Shilpa: "Ma' Can she borrow some of your clothes??? We are going out in the evening."


Shilpa checking her daughter out with a confused look, "Sure' and you two are going alone?"


Anika replied as Sukirti was still figuring if Anika will fit in her mothers cloths or not, "No, there are some more people'we are going to Fun Time."


Shilpa picking up her car keys: "Great, I will be back before you all leave."


Sukirti coming back as her mother's last words replayed in her mind, "Hold on Ma - where are you going?


Shilpa: "To the market'Don't worry I will be back soon." Kissing her daughter on the forehead, "and yes I will cook dinner today."


Hearing that Sukirti smiled and said, "Okay'and ___" urging her mother to go on even though she knows what exactly is being followed


Shilpa smiles at her daughter, "You know me well don't you'can you please'"


Sukirti smiled and shook her head and said, "Sure'go ahead'I will do it."




In Sukirti's mother room Sukirti and Anika were going through Suku's mom's closet. They tried on different tops and jeans.

Finally they found a perfect pair. Anika changed into a cute yellow v-shaped top and Capri.


After that they went to Sukirti's room. Suku's room was a combination of light blue and white color. When you enter in through the door in the right corner' to the left all the way in the corner was a computer table, with a nice flat screen computer on top and on the very top was Sukirti's picture with her Ma and papa in cute blue frame. Next to the computer table was her little comfy bed... with blue and white net curtains, and her blanket was smooth and velvety of light blue and little white hearts. Next to her bed was her study table'with lots of books on top and some other stuff'like a flower vase her school picture on the current year a small study lamp and some trophies on the very top shelf.


While sitting on the chair at the study table you could see outside from the window on the side wall and fallowing that wall after some space is another window and right next to that window is her dressing table. Her dresser is triangle shaped; with one side on the wall of the window and next side on the other wall from corner. To that wall next to her dresser is her closet and after some space is another door to her bathroom and you came back to the door on the next wall. Also between her closet door and her bathroom door facing her bed on the wall is a flat screen TV, adding to all this, in front of her computer table and next to her bed with some space on the either side'is a round table with 3-4 chairs around it. When her friends come over to study, that's where they sit. But, they do studying less and have fun, eat and does some other stuff more.




Sukirti drops her bag in the corner and say to Anika, "You can do whatever you want'I will be back soon," saying so she goes downstairs to the kitchen to do what her mother told her to do'

Yes, she went to cook food. She is such a good cook. Sukirti makes more tasty food than her mother.


After some minutes...Anika calls from the top of the stairs, "Sukirti, is that you cooking? Making her way down the stairs, "It smells so good."


At the same time Veer and Priya shows up.


Priya ' full name Priyanka, is Sukirti's another best friend after Sapana, they both having been living in the same neighborhood since there birth. Priya goes to different school than Sukirti; they have been best friends since their birth.


Priya making her way into the kitchen, "Hmmm'It smells so good, and I bet it is tasty too," she says with a big smile on her face.


Veer completely surprised, "I didn't know that you can cook."


Priya walked towards the dining table and taking the spoon' and was about to dip it in sabzi.


Sukirti: "Don't you dare to touch any of it."


Priya frowns and putting down the spoon asks,, "Where is aunty?"


Sukirti: "Went to bazaar'why?"


Priya: "Nothing'just asking."


Sukirti nodded knowing well why her best friend was waking where her mother was, obviously Priya's amazing aunty will have let her eat this amazing yummy food, but instead for pointing out the obvious Sukirti asked, "How were the classes?"


Priya making a dramatic face, "Boring'Where were you?"


Sukirti: "I came late from school."


Priya and Sukirti go to same tuition classes. All four of them walked to the drawing room.


Priya sitting down on a couch: "So, Suku'who is he? He came at the same time I did," pointing towards Veer.


Sukirti looking towards him in a way like do you have to remind me that he is here, "No one important...just some trouble maker'His name is Veer."


Priya says in a teasing tone and surely checking him out, "Ohhh'So you don't like him huh? Whom do you like than?"


Sukirti gaps, "Please'No ways'anyways what's in him?"


Veer clearly offended, "You know I am sitting right here."


Sukirti rolls her eyes and says, "So what'like anyone cares."


Veer: "Excuse me'if you are talking about me'well than Duh, I do care."


Sukirti: "Don't you duh me."


Veer: "Oh Whatever'I can do anything I want."


Priya said before Sukirti can say anything, "Please Sukirti'don't fight right now."


Sukirti: "Who said I was fighting."


Priya: "You were getting there."


Sukirti getting up, "You know what I don't want to waste my time and energy on him'I am gonna go change."


Veer looked at her with his mouth wide open and an expression of 'she did not just say that.'


Anika who was standing nearby laughed at him and walks towards him and closes his mouth before going to sit beside Priya.


Veer picked up a pillow from the couch and threw it at her.

Anika: What was that for?"


Veer: "You know it very well'"

Anika laughed again at him.




After about half and hour later, Sukirti came down. Anika and Priya smiled at her and went back to their talking. Veer was still staring at her.


Sukirti was wearing a very light orange dress with white bottom and her dupatta(scarf) of white and orange combination was flowing gently on her back. And she had kept her hair up using a butterfly clip.


Sukirti, Anika and Priya were chatting and laughing. And Veer was looking at them; he thought to himself 'Girls nowadays get started whenever they get time.'


After about half hour Shilpa came home.

Shilpa: "Hello Priya, when did you come?"


Priya smiled and said, "Hi aunty'it's been long time now."


Shilpa raised her eye-brows and said, "I see.." than turning towards Sukirti, "Beta can you get those grocery bags from the car?"


Sukirti got up and said, "Sure Ma' and you know you don't have to ask for that."


Shilpa: "Oh really'Now go car is open."


Sukirti started going towards door...

Priya yelled: "Wait, I am coming too."


Shilpa: "You both are like one is the body and the other is tail'always following each other."


Priya: "Well, what to say aunty'as I always say you are never wrong." And saying so she walks outside.




At around 5:35pm'

Anika: Where is everyone'No one is here yet."


Priya confused, "Are you guys going somewhere?"


Sukirti: "Yes'Lets go outside and sit on swings."


When they all went out. They saw that most of everyone was outside the main gate of front yard.


"Hi," Anika called.


Komal: "Hey," and they all walked towards the gate.


Sukirti: "What are you all doing outside."


Pretty opening the gate said, "We were all just wondering if Armaan knows where your house is."


Sukirti: "For that, the answer will be No."


Sapana asks trying the hide the fact in her voice, "Does anyone know his number than."


Veer: "I do."


Sukirti went in and got her cell and gave it to him.


Sukirti: "He has a cell phone?"


Sapana replies, "Yes' He does," way to quickly that she wishes she can take her words back.


Veer: "How do you know that'Only I knew that'from school that he has one."


Sapana hesitated and looked around trying to think of what to say'


Sukirti looked at Sapana and noticed her face flushing she decided to make a point on that later right now seeing her friend nervous she said to Veer, "Will you just call him."


Veer: "Okay'cheez what's your problem?"


Sukirti smiled and said, "That's easy'YOU"


Veer looked at her and was about to say something when

Sukirti interrupts, "If you don't remember you have to call now not tomorrow'"




Every one was near the swings in Sukirti's Front yard except for Priya and Sukirti. They both were on the other side of the yard chatting and in their own world.


Priya removed the butterfly clip from Sukirti's hair which was holding them up. Sukirti's long smooth and silky; beautiful black hair falls on her back.


Sukirti yells, "Priya!" hoping that nobody heard her.


Priya: "There you go... Now you look perfect; just like a princess."


Sukirti: "Priya, give it back to me'please."


Priya: "um-huh you are going to keep you hair down."


Sukirti states flatly, "No I can't."


Priya in confused tone: "Why can't you?" thinking to herself she always keeps her hair down when we go out'why not today.


Finally Sukirti got hold of the clip and said, "Cause I just can't." and put her hair up again."


Priya says, "Okay...Don't get mad now," calming Sukirti down knowing her best friends anger.


Sukirti sighing: "I am not."


Priya smiling: "Good," than after some seconds she says in a teasing tone, "When are you getting a boyfriend."


Sukirti facing her with wide eyes said, "What did you just said?"


Priya: "Oh please. You know you need to get one soon and for that you will have to look pretty and for that you will have to put your hair down, no wait I take the last part back, you look pretty with your hair up too, with hair down you look enchanting."


Sukirti frowns, "No thanks...I don't want get one first than I will get one okay."


Priya threatens "Sukirti! You know I am going to talk with aunty about this."


Sukirti smiles, "Really, Go ahead I am not gonna stop you."


Complete opposite to what Sukirti hoped; that nobody heard her yell Priya's name, Veer had heard her and he was looking at Sukirti through out the time; he saw her hair down for the first far he remembered it was the first time. He was looking at her with a cute smile as she was trying to get the clip back from Priya. Than after some time to himself: "What am I doing? Veer you are not feeling well today. What's wrong with you? Why are you looking at her like that?"


Sapana who heard Veer murmur to himself asked, "Veer, why are you talking to yourself?"


Veer lied, "Was thinking of something," which was practically true if you look at it, he was thinking of what's wrong with him and why lately he is acting the way he is.




Priya went to her house after short time. Everyone was inside refreshing themselves...Well, not everyone.


Sukirti was walking outside towards her backyard...when she saw the door to her little garden open. She walked in that direction.


In her backyard was a garden surrounded with a tall fence of plants growing around it and a small door in the corner. This garden is Sukirti's favorite place to spend time at when she wants to be alone from the whole world. Whatever the reason is this is her favorite place. And there is another small door in the garden which leads to the little house of two rooms besides the garden. The house is tuned in to play house by her and her cousins.


When she reached the door she saw Veer sitting in the garden...





Sukirti sees Veer in the garden. She wonders what he doing here when everyone is inside. Some one is in the play house...Who?

Fun Time...stay tuned for more fun.



Next Part: Chapter 8

So, here goes the next part. Hope you guys enjoyed reading. Do comment/criticize and press like button. You know if you want PM than you just have to add me in your buddy list and you will get the uds PM :)

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will read soon

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nice FF
continue soon

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Originally posted by Riddss

nice FF
continue soon

thank you dear
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that was really amazing part...

continue soon...

thnx for the pm...

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pls update the next part..
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Originally posted by anumeha_rajat

that was really amazing part...

continue soon...

thnx for the pm...

thank you dear, i will soon update in a day or two :)
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Originally posted by passionalive

pls update the next part..

i will soon :)

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