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Veer aur Sukirti | Book 1 - Secret Life *complete* (Page 5)

moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 5


Sukirti and Veer escaped smartly, working together to make their way clear out of the what-so-ever place they were and reached home safely.After about a week... in school during lunch time in Sukirti's class.


Komal says to Pretty, "Hey, time to put our heads together, we have made a couple for everyone to tease and pull legs...accept for Veer, that Shorty is smart at escaping every time..."


Pretty: "Yaar, I know' but what to do we are not able to find any perfect girl for him."


Anika joined them and said, "I have a suggestion."


"What?" Komal and Pretty asked together, getting curious.


Anika grinned and said, "How about we go ahead and ask him?"


By this time most of the girls had joined them, half of them sighed disappointed and half looked at her like 'only Anika could give this kind of suggestion'.


Pretty finally said thinking this is the best and only suggestion they have came up with, "Who wants to take a step'? Because I don't want to'"


Komal rolled her eyes said, "I will." and went up to back of the class.


Veer was at the very last bench of the middle row'goofing around with some other guys. When he saw most of the girls coming towards him he said, "Big trouble heading this way."


All the guys saw what Veer was talking about. They all got up immediately, some of them who were holding books or something threw it at Veer, others just walked of saying "Catch ya up later dude' Good Luck."


Veer slapped his hands on his laps and said, "Really' you guys are such'" and trailed of when he saw everyone had already disappeared in different directions."




Komal, folding her hands over her chest said, "So, Veer'"


Veer making himself comfortable and looking cool, "Yes."


Komal asked, "You don't think that you will live without being messed up'Now do you?"


Veer furrowed his brows together said, "Yaar, in the class where my classmates are like this'" pointing at each of them, "No, I don't think so."


"Great," Pretty said, "You know we will make it easier for you'by letting you pick a girl for yourself."


"Hey wait, how about Jia, "Anika said, "She is still left." Than turning to Jia, "You are lucky' you escaped so many days'"


Jia twisting her lips, "No thanks, someone else will work'Not Veer please...I mean we differ in height a lot."


Anika made a face at her and asked Veer again, "Hurry up'just tell us."


Veer stood up from his comfortable posture and just stared at them giving a look, "You guys seriously think I am fool enough to get myself in trouble."


Komal sighs, "Alright, just tell us'if any one in class knows whom you like'we will go and ask 'em."


Veer looked around the classroom and the girls looked at each other, just than Sukirti passed by to one of the other guys in her class.


Veer looked at her and smiled, "Sukirti does'"


Sukirti, who was in her own bubble...hearing her name; turned around having no idea what they were talking about


Sukirti: "What? I heard my name and something about I know'and if I am right'I am not supposed to know whatever He just said that I do know."


Veer was grinning now, "But you do'" than he came in front of her and whispered, "Just say yeah."


Sukirti narrowed her eyes at him.


Veer making an innocent face, "Please just say'"


Sukirti shook her head and sighed, "Okay'" looked up at her friends and said, "Yes I do."


Sapana: "Really," In a complete shock.


Sukirti ignored her and asked Veer, "What exactly did I just said yes to?"


Veer sighed rolling his eyes, "They were asking about whom I like..." in a sarcastic tone he continued, "You know for what..?"


Sukirti whispered back, "Really'but, I don't know."


Veer made a face and said, "I know that you don't'" and saying this he walks out of the class. Sukirti looks at him make his way out in a disappointed way and follows him out.


Anika asked Komal, "Do you think she will'?"


Komal Shook her Head 'No'.


Outside in the hallway'


Sukirti followed him outside and caught Veer's hand. He looked back at his hand and followed the hand that was holding his to find that it was Sukirti.


They both looked at each other. They forgot that they were in school. They both just kept starring at each other. Soft wind came by and was playing with Sukirti's school skirt and her smooth long straight pony tail.


Veer wondered 'she would look like an angel...perfect angel if her hair might have been loose'. Yes dear friends Sukirti's hair were tied in a pony tail. But, he noticed her skirt playing with the wind. Sukirti noticed his eyes and looked down at herself. She saw what he was staring at' and also realized that she was still holding his hand. Suddenly she lets go off his hands, back off a step and both of them come to their senses. Veer thinks 'what is up with me'what was I thinking'Dude this is school."


Couple of students were passing by; half smiled and half gave out a low whistle. Sukirti looked down, blushed turning her cheeks to soft red and prayed that Veer doesn't notice her blush and that he is too busy rolling his eyes to the whistles but to her unfortunate, Veer just smiled softly at the group and whole heartedly enjoyed Suku's beautiful blush. Its something you don't want to miss, no one has ever seen Sukirti blush at anything...this was the first time Veer had seen her blush in the last 10 years they have studied together and known each other.


Sukirti clearing her throat, "You want me to tell them that I know' but not say who the girl is?"


Veer nodded his head and said, "Yes, that's exactly what I want you to do."


"Hold on, right there, "Sukirti says pointing her finger, "Now why in the world would I do that'that to for you." And makes a face.


Veer making a cute innocent face, "Please'"


Sukirti narrowed her eyes at his puppy face and Veer looked at her hopefully.


Sukirti: "Why am I always saving you...I mean everyone is being pulled and teased than why not you...Same treatment to the whole class. Equality!"


Veer: "You are always saving me because that is what friends do, they help each other, and you know I am special and different than others so I deserve better," and grins.


Sukirti: "Okay enough of complements for yourself...Only on one condition."


Veer: "Any condition'I accept."


Sukirti naughtily: "Great than'so tell who that unlucky girl whom you like is?" At that time someone called him.


Veer sighed and said, "I will tell you later."


Sukirti gasps, "What?" and glares at him.


Veer bits his tongue, "By later I mean today. Now I have to go...some one is calling me."




After school Girls stayed to practice for Basketball and Badminton tournaments and Boys for Football.


Girl's team captain says, "From tomorrow we will practice during classes too."

"Okay" Everyone cheers.


Pretty says, "After some long time; heard some good news."


Anamika: "Yes' So happy yaar."


Sukirti: "Guys'come on'really you all are too much."


Sapana: "Wake up Suku'Just think because of this practice we will get to miss classes."


Sukirti: "yeah right'than we will be taking notes late at night'Actually not taking notes'copying notes from someone!" widening her eyes.


Sapana sighs: "Just chill Suku, you worry a lot."


Sapana calls Sukirti ' Suku'Actually people who likes her or loves her calls her Suku."


Sukirti was walking towards her bike when she saw boys coming from the back field.


Veer came towards her and said, "Hey, you going already?"


Sukirti: "Because I know u are not going to tell me today'are you?"


First Veer just stared at her'after some time he says, "Some of them thinks I like Sapana."


Sukirti widening her eyes, "You really do?"


Veer shoot back suddenly: "NO'They think that."


Sukirti sighs lightly, "Okay than I will tell them that what they think is'"


Veer interrupts, "No'You will not."


Sukirti presses her lips, "Then tell me whom you like and not whom they think'"


Veer shrugs and looks down at her feet, "I don't know."


Sukirti gasps, "What?"


Veer: "Really I don't know'I mean I do feel something for this girl since I don't know'But I am not sure..."


Sukirti making sure she gets him, "If she feels the same for you or not?"


Veer nods, "Yes."


Sukirti: "Well tell her what you feel about her'" and started walking away.

She turned back and smiling naughtily says, "I will give you one week to tell her and me too'If you don't than I will tell everyone." And walks away.


Veer to himself: "Well...that was great'what does her think of herself? Now have to deal with this feeling inside and God himself knows who that girl is whom I like," and frowns and walks in different direction.




The day was smooth. Sukirti was smiling and thinking of all that had happened that day. She thought of the moment between her and Veer. She closed her eyes and tries to think of something else'and slowly went to sleep. It was a lovely day.


But, no one has any hint on what's going to happen tomorrow. We all have to wait'to see and be ready if anything big is gonna happen.

So, Sweat Dreams and will see what mystery is up for tomorrow'when we wake up in the morning.

Good Night!


Next Part: Chapter 6

Hey Friends, here goes the next update. Hope you guys like it! Trying to show the start of moments of unknown feeling between the main characters. Really Hope that you guys are enjoying as the story develops. If you want Pm every time and update is given Just write PM LIST in red. Press like, comment/criticize. Definitely tell me how I can improve.

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cool_tuli IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 1:40am | IP Logged
Wowwww.... this si really nyc ree....
I actly neva saw d show starring them.... bu it was really gud to read this
n yaa i must say u r pretty fast....
I mean ur updates r soooo soon...
Leavin a couple of pages or ryt on d same page....
I loved it....
Go on...

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moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by cool_tuli

Wowwww.... this si really nyc ree....
I actly neva saw d show starring them.... bu it was really gud to read this
n yaa i must say u r pretty fast....
I mean ur updates r soooo soon...
Leavin a couple of pages or ryt on d same page....
I loved it....
Go on...

Thanx tuli dear....i am really glad that u like the story :)
hahah i am not that fast dear....i have actually started writing this story about more than 1yr ago....but just now started sharing on i am done with book 1 and currently on book 2...thats why you guys are getting updates so soon....
Thanx....will ud soon :-*

-Araina- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 2:30pm | IP Logged


awesome ud. 
u already know how i feel abt it. 
but as i said i m going to be pretending i havnt already read the book, 
it was simply amazing ud. 
loved veer- suku scenes
quite funny and awesome
precap is scary and intimidating. 
i see u have already ud'd chap 6. 
will read it now. Embarrassed

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sweet_sudeshna Senior Member

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nyc ud

luved reading it

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 1:58am | IP Logged
wooowww amazing fic...
n loved the concept alot...
so do continue soon...
n do pm me.....

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moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 10:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anumeha_rajat

wooowww amazing fic...
n loved the concept alot...
so do continue soon...
n do pm me.....

thank you anumeha deear...
i am glad u liked it :)
sure u are added in the PM list

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princess14 Goldie

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loved the update!! continue soon!

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