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Veer aur Sukirti | Book 1 - Secret Life *complete* (Page 3)

Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 8:49am | IP Logged
hi monu, 
wow gr8 so u hv started it here also
thanx sooooooooo much fr starting this here 2.
i'll cum back soon wid my comnts.
luv u.

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moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 7:41pm | IP Logged

Chapter 3


The party started. Light song was playing in the background and everyone was busy chatting with each other.


Sukirti, Riddhi and Moni were standing in the side of the room and talking. They were thinking of some game to play.


The room was looking tight and bright. Light blue and white curtains forming beautiful patterns and Riddhi's friends talking and having fun. Colorful dancing light were on in different greenish, bluish and reddish colors.


Suddenly every one was quite. Riddhi, Sukirti and Moni looked at everyone. Everyone's mouth was dropped open in 'awe'. Sukirti looked at Riddhi and than at Moni to find them in same situation as others. Sukirti followed their eyes and saw handsome and a very cute guy standing at the door way; Who was busy looking around himself, finding it awkward by everyone starring at him.


She shook her head after few moments and closed Riddhi's and Moni's mouth and said, "If you want Makhii (fly) to get in your mouth than I am totally fine with that!"


Than she looked back at him and found him staring at her. She felt uncomfortable, and looked away instantly.


Sukirti wondered 'How in the world did he end up over here?' She knew him very well, and some of the guests present did too, but not as well as Sukirti, poor girl has to deal with him every day...He is none other than Veer.


Veer - studies in the same class as Sukirti. He is fun, outgoing and always trying to make the situation light, no matter how much tension is hanging above their heads. No one has or can ever know who he really is, no matter how much they think they finally got him and understood all his secrets, but they are always wrong. The more they know about him, more they find that there is still more to know.


Sukirti and Veer being in the same class, both sit together on the same bench. Since their class is very mischievous and drives their teacher's nuts, they have been given sitting charts even at this age. They have assigned sits. But this only stays till teacher is in the class'after that back to old; Pranks and Mischief!


Veer is wearing jeans and cute red t-shirt with yellowish-sandish color jacket on. He looks so adorable. No one will believe that he is the same who is always up to something.


Every girl's eyes were on him. They all were so occupied staring at him that they completely forgot where they were.


Veer started walking forward still staring at Sukirti. When he reached them he looked at Riddhi and said, "Happy birthday!" and looked back at Sukirti.


Veer was not expecting to see Sukirti at the party, and it was same with her.

She was not expecting him either.


Veer and Riddhi are friends Sukirti knew that, after all they go to same school and on top their fathers are friends. But she thought, "At least Riddhi should have told me that he is coming."




"Hi Sukirti," Veer said.


Sukirti smiled a little and whispered, "Hi."


Hesitantly Veer asked, "You over here'How come?"


Sukirti replied, "You know I could ask you the same question?"


He nodded and said, "Well obviously'But I asked it first."


Sukirti just glared at him.


"Veer, she is my friend. So, she has to be here, and you know that very well." Riddhi said.


"Wooowww'Hold on right there," Moni said taking back a step, "So you guys know him?"


"Well'Duh, of course who does not know him," Sukirti replied.


"Hello! Me, what kind of friends are you both, I thought I knew mostly everyone you both know'But'" Moni stopped when she saw Riddhi and Sukirti with their hands on their ears.


"Are you done?" Riddhi asked.


By this time Hardik patched up with them.


Sukirti turned to Moni and said, "You really don't know lots of people'"


"Disadvantage of going to different school," Moni said.


Riddhi and Sukirti shook their heads and smiled at their poor friend. While Veer just stood their dumb-founded.




"Where is Sukirti?" Riddhi asked making her way towards a little group.


"I was looking for her too," Moni said.


"I saw her go outside just a minute ago," Hardik said'than turning towards Veer," Hey Veer lets go and call Sukirti."


Veer and Hardik were walking towards the door when'


"Hardik you take this in the kitchen," Moni called, "Veer can go and call her."


"Okay," Hardik said and made his way towards kitchen, while Veer continued on his way.




Veer walks up to Sukirti and whispered near her ear, "Enjoying..."


Sukirti jumped and gasped, "You scared the heck outta me."


"Sorry," Veer said, "Any ways what are you doing out here?"


Sukirti did not reply to his question and just stood there.


He stares at her beautiful face and said, "Thinking of Naaglok'"


Hearing this'made Sukirti turn around and she asked confused, "What do you mean?"


Next Part: Chapter 4

Hope you guys liked the part. Press like button, comment and Enjoy Smile

Let me know if you want to be on the PM list. Will try my best to give the next chapter till than cya.

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Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 March 2011 at 10:28pm | IP Logged
Wow awesome story monu
just luv all the three parts
veer's description is sooooooooo adorable
jeans, red t n sandish jacket wow
i can fully imagine how good he will look in that attire
And sukirti is soooooooo sweet
btw hv u added all the names of the girls related wid DMG like Sukirti, SHilpa, riddhi (as fr Riddhima) etc LOL
neways update soon

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 4:49am | IP Logged
heyyy dear,
nice parts
continue soon


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moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetshera

Wow awesome story monu
just luv all the three parts
veer's description is sooooooooo adorable
jeans, red t n sandish jacket wow
i can fully imagine how good he will look in that attire
And sukirti is soooooooo sweet
btw hv u added all the names of the girls related wid DMG like Sukirti, SHilpa, riddhi (as fr Riddhima) etc LOL
neways update soon

Hey Nandu dear....i am glad u liked the story Smile
i am sure you can imagine veer in that attire, thanx i am really glad that you are enjoying it!

oh noooo i havent, yh there are many who said that....i picked sukirti as she is my fav actress, but Shilpa is actually my real "masi's" aunt's name and riddhi is my friend in reality lolllzzz..but yh did kept Kasu in mind when i was thinking for main charecters will soon meet lots of new charecters... :)

will try my best to ud soon :*
moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

Joined: 14 January 2010
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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Riddss

heyyy dear,
nice parts
continue soon


Hey Riddss dear, thanx for the comment...m glad u liked reading
will surely ud soon
princess14 Goldie

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 5:08pm | IP Logged
hey that was a nice part!!! loved the story line so far!! continue sooN!

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moonbeautie IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 5:21pm | IP Logged

Chapter 4


"Sorry," Veer said, "Any ways what are you doing out here?"


Sukirti did not reply to his question.


He stares at her beautiful face and said, "Thinking of Naaglok'"


Hearing this'made Sukirti turn around and she said, "What do you mean?"


Veer raised his eyebrows at her and said, "So, you don't know what I am talking about'or'you do'but want to pretend as if you are completely blank."


Sukirti, completely irritated shook her head and said, "Really I have no idea of what you are talking about."


"Common," Veer said, "you and me both know that you are a so called 'Ichaadhari Naagin'."


Sukirti said, "Look, I don't have time for your'Rubbish talk."


Veer said, "Okay, Whatever you say'Everyone is waiting for you inside.


"You go ahead'I will be there in a minute," Sukirti replied.


Veer nodded and turned around to go back inside. As soon as he turned around he heard Sukirti's sudden faint scream, "aahhh."


When he looked back'Sukirti was not there. He kneeled down and kept his hand on where Sukirti was standing and moved it lightly from left to right in front of him' to see Sukirti being pulled very rudely by some man.




The man said, "This time I am not going to let you go."


Sukirti replied, "Really, I will be more happy than you if your wish gets fulfilled," she said like a small innocent child, "but isn't this same sentence most of everyone like you say to me!"


The man laughed and said, "I am not one of them'" and threw her in one big room where there were other girls around her age'some younger and some older than her.


The man turning towards the others said, "Make sure she does not get away."


The girls nodded in fear'after he left one girl came forward and said stretching out her hand, "I am Sakshi," helping Sukirti get up, "and you are?"


"Sukirti," Sukirti answered getting up.




Veer just shook his head at what he just saw'and wanted to keep watching to find out what happens next'But heard someone coming out outside so he quickly got up.


 "Where is Sukirti?" Moni asked as Veer turned around.


Thinking fast Veer answered, "Hmm'she went to her home."


"What!" Riddhi exclaimed coming behind, "At least she should have told someone'"


Confused Veer said, "She told me'"


Riddhi said, "I mean one of us," pointing towards her and Moni.


Riddhi walked towards the gate, Veer asked, "Where are you going?" Than he realized that Sukirti's aviator was still out there. Before Riddhi reached the gate, Veer used is Naag Shakti and made the vehicle invisible.


Riddhi came back and said, "Well, I will call her later."


Veer who wanted to get out of there thought quickly and said, "Do you want me to go and check if she reached safely or not?"


Riddhi and Moni both stared at him'after about a moment later he realized what he just said and cursed himself for thinking of such a stupid question'After few seconds Riddhi pulled Moni inside and said, "Yes, and you better come back."


"Okay," Veer sighed.




Well you all might have figured out by now that Sukirti is a Naagin and that too Ichaadhari ' which means she could come to Insaanlok whenever she wants and go to Naaglok by her mood (Ichaa).


After some time Veer comes back after dropping Sukirti's aviator at her place, and starts looking for Riddhi in the crowd, finally he points her out at the other end of the room and makes his way towards her.


"I have to go, my dad just called," Veer says to Riddhi.


"Okay," Riddhi said, "Bye'.may be, will see you in school on Monday."


"Kay, Bye," Veer said and got out of the room and goes to the dark shadow at the back of Riddhi's house. He closes his eyes and stands straight and disappears from there'after a second he comes inside the place where he saw Sukirti being pulled. He walks ahead to find the room where Sukirti is'on his way he comes across Sakshi.


"Hello," Sakshi said, "Who are you? And how did you got in here?"


Veer said, "Sshhh' I am Veer and am looking for Sukirti' if you know where she is-"


Sakshi cuts him off, "be careful of guards'follow me."


"Well, that was easy," Veer thought and followed Sakshi to the room where Sukirti is.


Sakshi lightly closing the door behind her says "Sukirti, looks like someone is here to meet you."


Hearing this Sukirti looked up to find Veer standing at the door. "What are you doing here?" Sukirti asked, "And how did you knew I am here?"


Veer turned to Sakshi and whispered; "Now this is not going to be easy."


Sakshi shook her head and giggled.


Veer turning towards Sukirti said, "Well as you were pretending of' you have no idea what I meant by Naaglok' Let me tell you I know you are a Naagin and as a matter of fact'Sadly but true I am one too."


Sukirti with a naughty grin on her face said, "So, you are saying that you are a 'Naagin'' a girl'"


Veer getting annoyed said, "You know I meant Naag and'can I come near that area," pointing towards her and space surrounding her as he knows very well how he might end up if he dared to get way to close to her.


"No," She said. But he still came forward. Sukirti pointed her right index finger towards him and let a single blue ray come out which made him stop at the place.


"Oh, come on," Veer said throwing up his hand, "Ha! and I told you that you are a Naagin and guess what' you just proved it."


Sakshi and other girls who were listening to them just stared at Sukirti.


Sakshi bewildered, "You are a Naagin?" to Sukirti.


Sukirti ignored her and asked Veer, "How do you know'?"


Veer shook his head and said, "You ask lots of questions'don't you? And now let me move."


Sukirti releasing her power over what stopped his legs from moving said, "Really how come I didn't know till now that you are a Naag."


Veer sighed, "I know because I saw you at Naaglok urgent meetings," and walked towards her, "I will come back late at night."


Suddenly Sakshi pulled Veer and pushed Sukirti on bed and took Veer behind the bed and told him to stay still.


Just than a guard came in and said, "What's going on here?"


Sakshi who pretended to get up from Sukirti's bed said "What do you mean' we all are just talking."


"Than you all need to lower you voices'" Guard said and went back outside.


Sukirti let out a sigh, "That was unexpected," and started to get up but tripped over as soon as Veer caught her. For some moment they both just stared at each other.


Sukirti came to her senses and said, "Leave me."


Veer asked, "Sure?"


Sukirti: "Yes, Leave me NOW."


"Okay, as you say," Veer leaved her and she fell down, "Ouchhh."


Veer shrugged his shoulders and said, "You told me to leave you."


Sukirti got up, "Ughh'you'" pointing at him, "You'" She looked away getting annoyed and Veer made a face on her back which made the other girls laugh.


Veer: "You'what?"


Sukirti turned around and annoyingly, "You'you'nothing."


Veer turned to Sakshi and said, "Can I help her get out of here?"


Sukirti annoyed, "No, I don't need your help."


Veer: "Yaar, I am sure you don't but I will be guessing Naagrani will."


Sukirti facing him straight in face, "What do you mean?"


"Well it's simple'when Naagdev and Naagrani finds out that their daughter is'" Veer continued, "They themselves will give me an invitation to help you get out of here."


Sakshi chimed in, "Not just her'we all want to get out of this'" looked around and continued, "this'hell like place."




Naagraj - Raja/Maharaja of Naaglok, also real father of Sukirti.


Naagrani - of course maharani of Naaglok and saying that yes, a real mother of Sukirti. In Naaglok people fight to get the position of Naagrani because it's not like whoever is the wife of Naagraj is crowned as Naagrani. Naagrani is the most powerful Naagin in Naaglok that's why she is given the position of Naagrani. But if some one kills her than that woman is given the place of Naagrani because it is hard to defeat Naagrani because of her powerful Shakti'but, if she is killed than, this woman there proves that she is more powerful by killing her. So, they have to queen her next as Naagrani. Well if the Naagrani died because of some disease or age than the crown does go on to her daughter/Rajkumari of Naaglok.


Saying that Sukirti is one and only daughter of Naagraj and Naagrani'yes, she is the Rajkumari of Naaglok, and the most powerful Naagin, even than her own mother, Naagrani. She is definitely making entire new page of history in Naaglok.


Right now Sukirti was dragged somewhere in Naaglok and the man who did that'has to have some bit of Shakti. Veer as he is Naag too; used his Shakti to see where she is and at the moment is with her'Oh and yes kind of blackmailing her to let him help her or else he will tell Naagdev and Naagrani of what happened with her.




Sakshi to Veer: "So what's your plan?"


Sukirti: "Wooowww, who are you expecting to have a plane'if you live thinking he will help you out'" keeping her hand on Sakshi's shoulder, "Good Luck with that'It's not going to happen till next year."


Veer sighed and sat down on bed.


Sakshi gaped at Sukirti and than at Veer, "Hey, mysterious people'first of all give us your full description."


Veer groaned, "Yaar, how many times'"


Sakshi glared at him.


"Okay," Veer said, "Kay, ahamm'" clearing his throat as if he was about to give a speech, "My name is Veer and yes I am an Ichaadhari Naag."


"You already know everything about me," Sukirti said, "Thanks to you Veer."


Veer smiled and puffed out his chest proudly, "You're Welcome."


Sukirti, who definitely got annoyed and more angry at him and hit him on his back, "Ouchh," Veer said, "What was that for?"




One girl came in  through the door and stared at Veer. After few seconds'she turned to Sakshi and said, "Who is he?"


Sakshi smiled and said, "Di, Relax he is Veer and he is here to get her out of here."


Veer smiling, "Wow, I didn't know I am that popular that everyone wants to know who I am." His comment of himself was followed by another slap on his back by Sukirti turning his smile into a frown.


Sukirti: "If you were popular they will not ask who you are, they will already know you'and you might be popular in your dreams not in real world."


Sakshi's Di: "Whatever just don't get us all in trouble."


Sukirti: Don't worry'he is not staying over here."


Veer getting on his feet and crossing his hands across his chest, "Oh! Yes'I am."




The guard comes in and sees Veer. Veer, springs into action, faints and drops down turning into snake and disappears below the bed.


Guards comes up to Sukirti. She hits him in his stomach which was unexpected for the guard. He controlled and took another step but she hits him again in his ribs, he falls down on the ground loosing his balance; as the second definitely a hard blow coming from a sensitive 'looking' girl.


"Impressive," Sakshi said and motioned other girls to help her hide him.


Veer came out and changed his form back to human. Veer and Sukirti walks up to the door as they know the man who captured Sukirti might have found out by now because of the commotion'and they were right. As soon as they reach the door they saw him coming.


Sukirti was suddenly pulled by Veer behind the door. The man came in; all the girls look frightened. The man raised his hand and threw it with force'letting the red flames coming out, targeting one of the girl nearer to him. Sukirti stepped out in front and threw her hand in air as if throwing a ball, let the blue rays coming out of her palm; after few moments of hard force from Sukirti's side the red ball of light vanished. Than Sukirti forced green rays from both of her palms on him and tied him up'he fell down and died.


Veer in complete shock as he surely didn't expect this much power from Sukirti said to Sakshi, "Now, that one was impressive!"


Sakshi smiled and shook her head at him, while Sukirti just rolled her eyes at the compliment.



Next Part: Chapter 5

Hey Guys here goes the next part...hope you guys like like, comment and let me know if you want to be added in PM LIST. Thank you!

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