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Pointless: Episode 25/02/11| VB Note Pg.7 (Page 5)

Elysia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 7:42am | IP Logged
Yet all the other dialogues I thought were fine. That whole 'women having more endurance than men' was actually a very deep dialogue from Naku- what we have to understand is that her aayi kehti dialogues have always been spoken randomly, yet poignantly, so it's nothing new from what we've seen in the past.
Naku has developed, just as Dutta has developed. She wouldn't say this now, because they have both reached a level of maturity in their relationship that has made them equals.
Women are generally, on the emotional front, more able to endure pain- physically men are stronger, yet women have that special power to unflinchingly offer all the strength that they have to their families. And this is what Dutta needed at this point of time- Naku's special strength. He is a man that never takes help, neither has he ever willingly wanted Naku to become a part of his battles against the enemies. Yet he is vulnerable at the moment, and this was the only way Naku could give him that support that he needs, to convince him that he cannot do this alone.
He is vulnerable, but he isn't weak. He can somewhat see again. He has fought his enemies blind. He has Naku with him and he wants to protect her. Just by being there, Naku is giving him all the strength he needs. He knows that he can't do this alone. Naku's presence assures him that he doesn't need to do it alone. So why the flowery purple proses of women and men and the rest of the world?
The dialogue about men-women and pati-is-god wasn't meant for Dutta. It was meant for us. The audience. Thus it wasn't Tasha to me. 
It wasn't about women being more powerful than men; it was about a woman becoming her man's strength, a wife being the strength of her husband in a time where he needs it. It was not a pointless dialogue, in fact, it was one of the most meaningful dialogues. Dutta knows she is his sherni, truly his other half, thus he knows that as long as she is with him, no harm can come to him.  I personally think you took that dialogue in the completely wrong sense.
If he knows, then what's the point in giving a bhashan? Before she gave him bhashans to teach him things, to make him understand things. But he knows and understand her meaning in his life now. He doesn't need to be told that women can endure more than men. Her saying that she'd become his strength would've been enough.
The technicals don't really bother me so much, because I am not so great at analysing that sort of stuff, it is more the substance that gets to me.
The substance is always my first priority. The characters. But if their dialogues are out of character, then the characters lose their substance to me.
When Naku said to him that she wants Dutta to just be a man full of love, I thought it was beautiful, purely because she has always craved a life that is 'normal'.
I disagree. Naku has always craved Dutta's happiness. No matter where his life takes them, she'd follow and be content. Dutta has craved a life where he could settle down and have children, yes. But he also understand the impossibility of achieving that entirely, because he is a don and Patilwadi is his responsibility. Naku understands this, and that's why she's fit to be his wife.
Love is all that is needed now, she just wants Dutta to have a life with no problems, not just for her sake- but for Dutta too, for AS, Baji, etc, etc. They deserve that life, where there is just love, and nothing but love. After all this Kala stuff is over, I really hope they can have that life, that life without hurdles.
Yes, she wants Dutta to have all the happiness in the world. But she wouldn't ever want to change him. She admires him, loves him for what he is. Regarding Kala, she wouldn't ask say to him that she doesn't want his hands to be bloodied, because she has never seen blood on his hands. She has seen him kill in cold blood and still she loved him. If this was the in-character Naku, she would tell him that he needed to prepare himself for a choice that he might have to make for the sake of his family and Patilwadi. Because she understands that Kala is capable of anything. She cannot risk Dutta's safety or happiness at any point. Either way, he'd hurt, but they both know that Kala's end might be necessary to bring peace to Patilwadi and assure their family's safety.
Instead, she's making him weak by saying that he shouldn't color his hands red with the blood of his own. Knowing that this might be the choice he'd have to make. It contradicts what she said earlier about giving him strength so that his hands won't shake when he faces his enemies. See, the latter was much more Naku than the former. 
But I truly feel that the new level of 'understanding' that is being portrayed between Dutta and Nakusha is truly touching.
I agree that the small moments in which he touches her face and she washes his are very sweet and that's pure Tasha, having reached a new level in their relationship. But the dialogues are not in character. Personally, I think that the joy of finally be given Tasha romance has overshadowed the fact that DSP's character is being assassinated. People are given Tasha romance, and that seems to make them content. Good for them. But without DSP, there's no Tasha to me. So that's where I'm at right now.

-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Pyari_Zahra

  When Naku said to him that she wants Dutta to just be a man full of love, I thought it was beautiful, purely because she has always craved a life that is 'normal'. How much they both have endured, yet now they are at that stage when they can finally be at peace with each other, in terms of their love. Love is all that is needed now, she just wants Dutta to have a life with no problems, not just for her sake- but for Dutta too, for AS, Baji, etc, etc. They deserve that life, where there is just love, and nothing but love. After all this Kala stuff is over, I really hope they can have that life, that life without hurdles.
I loved the episode, yes it was cheesy at times, but I kind of knew right from the start that that would happen at some point of the other Tongue, yet I still feel the essence of LTL is still intact. And no, I'm not simply saying this because we're getting loads of romance-shomance, but I truly feel that the new level of 'understanding' that is being portrayed between Dutta and Nakusha is truly touching. We should enjoy this phase in their relationship.
I hope I made sense LOL
Love Zahra x

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Elysia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 12:39am | IP Logged
I cannot understand why people are being ignorant of the fact that D's character is being oppressed and that his dialogues are out of it. This forum is being flooded with Tasha-euphoric posts, but no one's actually considering the truth of the matter. Just to watch Mishal and Mahi romance each other under the names of Dutta and Naku, people are turning the blind eye to what's actually going on: Which is that it's not Dutta and Naku in character romancing each other and Dutta's character is once again being made weak.
Perhaps I've watched too many other Indian TV serials and so that's why I'm so easily recognizing the "woman in focus" theme that is going on. But really, people are so caught by the so-called "Tasha" romance that they're completely neglecting the fight to keep DSP in character, not just Mishal on the show.
Tasha isn't just like any other couple on any other show who romance like any other lovers. They're Tasha. They're a unique couple, their relationship is unique, and their dialogues - however simple - have always been unique as well. Made for them. Their silence speaks louder than words. Their actions speak louder than words. They only need few words to express their love.
If I wanted flowery phrases, I could watch any other show with couples who shower each other with those purple proses. But I want to watch Dutta Sriram Patil and Naku.
I can't believe that no one can see what's happening...
Not to burst anyone's bubble, but this isn't fair to Mishal either. That his character should be treated with such carelessness and lack of focus. Throughout a year, he has portrayed a strong male lead, even as blind he was returning to his strength. But the dialogues in the recent episodes have been a major setback for his character, and Mishal seemed kind of not motivated on the sets, too.
For his sake, doesn't anyone consider that we might need to put a bit more pressure on the channel keeping his character strong, dominating and in character with dialogues and such? Is it fait to even ask him to stay when they're not even treating his character the way it deserves to be treated?
The channel gives us an overload of supposedly Tasha romance for two episodes, and we just lap it all up without asking questions. Yeah, nothing suspicious about that. I wager that no one, not the CVs, not the dialogue writer, not even the director, cared for the characters or their conversations in the recent episode, but just overloaded it to get it out to the audience and gain TRPs on Tasha.
That's never what Tasha's been about. They were never a "load" that had to be stuffed into one episode without care or thought and then out to the audiences. Looking back at their conversations before and in the recent episode, you might be able to notice that before every one of their dialogues - and especially Dutta's dialogues - were written with utmost care and thought. You can't say the same about it now.
LTLFan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 4:07am | IP Logged
Elysia: I understand what you are saying. But actually i think the LTL as a serial is being not treated very good - the numerous bloopers in every episode, even basic believablity in story
*when naku leaves PN to meet dutta in shriram nagar, how 2 times sudarsan jeep comes close to seema's car, when they are going completely different directions).
* Nakku's dream scenes in dutta's flashbacks etc
I feel like they are fitting together scenes as if in sleep.
As for dutta's character change in last few episodes can be attributed to his character developement. May be now he is more understanding of the situation and accepting his weakness and taking decisions accordingly. I don't think thats wrong or weakening his character. Once he gets his eyesight, he will become strong again. Even now naku is not telling him what to do. She is just guiding him.
And right now his enemy is not an outsider but his kala taayi so its is very difficult for dutta to deal with it, as he has not been shown good at handling personal traumas. She just wants to guide him in the direction what she thinks is right. She has done that earlier also. He had taken advice earlier even during supriyas time. Since right now he is so much trauma, naku is instilling in dutta courage to face the problems. She tried it during Damodar patil's entry also.
Also their relationship is now at a different level tthan we have seen them before - 1st naku in love but dutta was angry, then dutta in love but naku hesitant due to the secret, then again dutta in angry mode due to FR. we have never seen them both in love with eachother without any problem between them earlier. may that's why you find him out of character.
Right now now he is interacting only with naku and is very depressed by kala's truth and long separation from naku(guess some amount of guilt reg. how treated naku). so he is being soft.  and i think beacuse of mishal's leaving rumours you think that dutta's character is being weakened. I think we should wait till we see how the show progresses before forming any conclusion.  Just my guesses.

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tulsivirani2012 Goldie

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 6:42am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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AkkiLuvsCOLORS IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 6:55am | IP Logged
Just give me a break hw pathetic of  u that u hate d show just for some few probs here and there.........oh common every shows hv sm ektas track in it.........i m enjyng this show frm 28th december 2009 to till date............LTL has done that which none of the current so called popu serials......PR YRKKH name a few.......for me this show is great awssum......pls if u want to be so perfect in everything u can join Aamir khan's Tutuion class.............
ChurailMukhi Goldie

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 7:15am | IP Logged
" i want to see a person full of love..who with his family will have a happy life"

I must say the above dialogue made me cringe! Even if Dutta goes back to PN after the confrontation with Kala, he will always be haunted by her ghost. He can never be a happy-go-lucky kind of guy, for he is a Don, and death is only a step away from him on a daily basis. Death will always be his shadow, and he has explained that to Naku previously. He may be happy most of the time but not always, he will always have to wear the mask of a "Don" like he wears a bullet proof vest. When i heard that dialogue, i imagined him skipping along the corridors of PN like looney with a huge grin plastered on his face!  Yeurgh! 

And the "bowing down to you" dialogue! Hawwwwwwwwwwwwww!
Another image in my mind of Dutta grovelling on the floor, raising unwanted dust all around him!

The lake scene was perfect though! Mishal/
Duttta looked hot!

No comments on the crappy editing, i see that in every serial!

Edited by ChurailMukhi - 27 February 2011 at 7:36am
Elysia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Anushri: If you believe that this is a pointless discussion, then I see no reason for you to comment.
akki-theGreat: Don't make this personal. In addition to that, I never claimed that I hated the show. You might want to re-read my posts.

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