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Add me too ... 

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Hi every1 thanx for ur Love nd Support so far. i really Feel Gr8 To read all ur Comments. I Knw u all must be thinking dat where i vanished leaving u all in d middle. m really sorry for dat i just got stuck up wid my exams. bt nw m back nd here's d Part 4 of my SS. hope u all will like it. pls feel free to criticise if u all dnt like itSmile

                                                   PART 4:

Maan: Excuse me Pretty Lady! Can I get u a Drink?

Geet: Y? R u a Bartender?

Maan(Baffled): Ofcourse not.

Geet: Den? Ah! Let me Guess, its ur Fav. Hobby to ask Ladies for Drink Rite?

Maan: yes... I mean no. I saw u standing alone thought u need a good Company so here I m. Wat say? Lets share a Drink

Geet: I m sorry. But neither I talk to strangers nor I like to take any things from dem. So u can give any other girl ur so called 'company'

Maan(to himself): Attitude huh.. I love girls wid Attitude.(Den to Geet) ok miss if u dnt need my Company. U dnt knw wat u r missing. By the way u r looking very Pretty (He tries once again to flirt wid her)

Geet(smiling): Thanx. I wish I could say the same for u also.

Maan: Excuse me miss...

He was intervenes by Meera who had came there to introduce Maan nd Geet to each other

Meera: hey, So u both finally met.

Maan(muttered): ya kind of

Meera: u said something Maan

Maan: huh, no nothing

Meera: anyways, let me introduce u both once again to each other. Geet, This is Maan yash's Best friend from childhood. He's quiet flirtarious but a very Good Person from Heart nd Maan this is Geet(she hold her from shoulders) my best friend since School currently doing Architecture bt I think she should be a Lawyer because u cant win from her while Arguing. Beware ha!

Maan(muttered): ya that I can see

Meera: wat?

Maan: huh... wo I was saying nice to meet u miss Geet

Geet: same here Mr. Maan

Suddenly someone calls Meera so she has to go Leaving Maan nd Geet alone

Meera: So u guys carry on I'll catch u both later

She said nd left

Maan: So geet. Nw we r not strangers. So nw lets go nd share a drink

Geet: I m sorry but still I cant

Maan: but y I thought we r friends nw

Geet: wen did I said dat I m ur Friend. For me formally u r Maan Yash's best friend bt Personally u r still a stranger for me nd I dnt believe in strangers. nw pls excuse me I need to go to my friend.

She said nd left from dere leaving Maan confused at her behavior as she was d first girl who has refused his company. She is really different from other girls, he thought. For the first tym he genuinely wanted any girl to be his friend. Yash who was watching both of dem from long came to Maan. He Laughed at Maan's situation

Yash(Patting Maan's Shoulder): Dude! I told u na she wont accept ur friendship nd nw after seeing ur flirtarious behavior m sure there is no chance in future also. So better forget her!

Maan: Dude! Wat kind of friend u r inspite of Helping me u r just discouraging me

Yash: Look Maan I m very well aware about ur attitude towards girls nd I never interferes in dat but Geet is Different. She is not only Meera's best friend but a very good friend of mine also nd I always treat him as a sister therefore I wont allow ur Flirty Tricks on her because I cant see her hurted

Maan: o God Dude! Wat d hell r u thinking? Look I seriously wanted to be her friend because she's really Different from other girls pls help me

Yash: Sorry Maan. But dis tym I wont

Maan: Fine I'll handle myself. By the way is Geet is on Facebook?

Yash: ya y?

Maan: just asking

Yash: Maan...

Maan: yash nw let me handle dis alone. Trust me I wont flirt wid her


Yash shakes his head in disbelief bt somewhere in his heart he knews that Maan was a Man of his words if he says he wont flirt wid her den he wont. Nw Maan is thinking hw will he convience Geet to be his Friend


       ******~~~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~~~********


 Maan was brought back from his thoughts wen he heard the Car Drive past the house on the Street below. He opens his Eyes nd came back into reality.  He found himself all alone not only physically but mentally also. He looked at his watch its 12:30 of nite. Usually dis tym he use to talk wid Geet either thru msgs or thru call bt today dere was no msgs or call from her. ofcourse y should she call him after all dat happen at noon, he thought



                             Maan's Monologue:


I was feeling all alone I dnt know y but I was nt feeling Good especially after remembering our first meet nd automatically a smile came to my face wen I remember Geet's Attitude in d Party, wen I remember her big grey hazel eyes, those beautiful eyes knocked straight to my heart, which were trying to break d passage which no one was able to break despite of my Flirtarious nature. There was so much innocence, so much emotions in dem which makes her different from all other girls, which compels me to be her friend. But she refused my frndshp nd walked away


Though not much has changed since dat day to today. Dat day also wen I asked her to be my frnd she refused nd walked away nd today also wen I said to remain friends she said nothing nd walked away. Her silence has given me all answers. Its d sign of her refusal. But only the thing dat has changed is dat from Dat day we became Strangers to Friends nd den to couple nd today we became from couple to strangers. I looked at my watch, it was 12:30. usually dis tym I talk to Geet but today there is no one to whom I can talk. Is dat the reason y I m feeling so lonely. I thought of Geet wat she should be doing dis moment. Is she also remembering me? I don't know. I badly wanted to talk to her at dis moment. May be we r not couple anymore nw bt we can still be friends like we were before. I took out my cel to call her but den I stopped. Wat if she doesn't pick my call? What if she again gets in pain after talking to me. May be I should give her sometym to handle herself. But nw another thought started buzzing me. It was Yash. Wat should I say to him wen he'll come. I had decided to talk to him about my restlessness but I had completely forgotten wat he has said me at the Party. He cant see geet hurted. Will he understand me? Hw will he react wen he'll cum to knw that I left Geet? Well i have to keep myself mentally ready for his anger because dis tym he's not going to leave me.


                              (Maan's Monologue Ends)




On the other hand Geet too lost in her thoughts. She too remembers d day wen she first Maan. She smiles remembering his flirtarious behavior towards her nd hw she rejects him but he didn't stopped trying after dat. Even after d Party also he tried to approach her nd automatically her mind started to travel in d direction of d Day wen he approached her second tym



One week has been passed after the Party nd Geet has almost forgot that she had met someone named Maan until d day she got frnd request from him. It was 11 pm of nite wen Geet was checking some mails wen she gets d notification dat she has got friend request from someone named Maan Singh Khurana.


"Maan Singh Khurana, ab ye kaun sa frnd aa gaya mera" She muttered. She quickly logged in to her Facebook Account nd found Yash nd Meera as their mutual Friends nd Also saw Maan's Pic as his Profile Picture den she remembered that he's d same guy who has asked him for drink dat day


Geet: oh no! yeh yaha bhi (she said while patting her forehead wid her hand)

In d mean tym her sis Misha came to her

Misha: hey Wildy! Wats up? (den looks at Maan's Photo) woo.. who's dat guy

Geet: Maan Singh Khurana

Misha: hey, u havent told me that u had any frnd named Maan

Geet: I too came to nw today only. Anyways I m going to reject dis

Misha: but y? see he had such a hot pic in his profile

Geet: So?

Misha: so wat just add him na. y so much issues?

Geet: Mish u knw I dnt add strangers moreover he's d same guy whom I met Last week at d Party

Misha: oh d Bartender one. So wat yaar Big deal. Tumhe kaun sa usse Shaadi karni hai. Just Add him like ur other frnds. See hw much despo he is for being ur frnd

Geet: Mish...

Misha: c'mon Wildy dnt b so dumb yaar

Geet: ok! I add him ok.

She clicks on d Confirm Button nd to her luck Maan was online dat tym

Geet: Ae lo! Nw wat should I do (she said looking at Misha)

Misha: wat should I tell? He's ur friend nw. enjoy ur tym wid MSK

Geet(irriated): Mish I'm gonna kill u nw

She said nd started hitting Misha wid Cushion placed near by. Misha too hits her nd d sisters had cat fight wen Misha notices sumthing

Misha: Hey Wildy! Look he has sent u chat message

Geet looks at d screen nd takes a deep breath

Misha: ok wildy enjoy ur tym wid MSK. M going to sleep. Gud nite

She said nd goes to sleep

Geet starts chatting wid Maan

Maan: hi, remember me?

Geet: ya d Bartender guy who was trying to flirt wid me

Maan: hey, I accept d fact dat I was trying to flirt wid u bt nw I seriously wanna be urfriend. I knw u dnt talk to strangers bt y dnt u try to knw me first nd den commit to our frndshp

Geet(after thinking for a while): ummm ok. I agree

Nd dey started chatting. Both of dem didn't realized dat hrs have passed while chatting wid each other. Geet who was initially running away from him was actually liking his company now. She realized that he is not as Bad as she thought of him. They talked about each other's interests and found that they shared the same taste in music. Soon Geet realized that it was 3 am of nite means dey were chatting from 4 hrs.

Geet: omg! Its 3 of nite

Maan: O really! I too didn't realize

Geet: ok I think we should end over here only

Maan: y? getting bored of me?

Geet: ofcourse not but the fact is dat I had my College tomorrow. So I need to sleep nw otherwise I'll sleep in my class

Maan: ok ok den u must go. Gud night/gud Morning see u soon

Geet: same to u. bye

She said nd logged off her account. Nd after dat day it has became their routine to talk to each other. Dey won't get piece until dey share their whole day activities wid each other nd soon dey became very good friends. After few months dey exchanged numbers nd started talking on call nd sending each other text messages. They talked for hours on call. If any outsider would see dem then he'll think dat they were in relationship but d fact is dat both have became such a good frnds dat dey give Damn to others. They fought, they laugh, they share their problems wid each other wenever they met or talk on call. They both didn't realize dat how nd wen dey had became comfortable with each other. Soon Maan realizes that Geet was getting more den a Friend for him. Every time he talked to her his heart skipped a beat, wenever they met Maan couldn't able to take his Eye away from her. Her small - small gestures just tickle his senses. Her smile, her Eyes, Her nature everything was simply great infact she herself was best. Despite of being so simple she still managed to look Breathtaking. He Felt Jealous wen he saw any other guy talking to her or even looking at her. He felt like just punching that guy. He don't knw wats happening to him but all he knows is Geet is becoming an integral Part of his Life. He decides to share dis wid Yash.


Yash: Wat? R u serious?

Maan: yes. U think m joking?

Yash: ofcourse wen it cumes to great MSK den no one would believe it.

Maan: whatever Yash All I know is dat I love her nd I cant Live Without her nd dis is true

Yash: Maan I know u since childhood u haven't been serious for any girl. Den y Geet?

Maan: I dnt know Yash, y nd wen she became an integral Part of my Life all I knw is dat I love her. Pls Dude pls help me. Dis is d first tym m asking u a favour pls yaar

Yash: Fine I'll help u not because u r my friend but because I saw true Feelings in ur Eyes. I'll talk to meera about dis


He said nd gives an assuring look to Maan



      ********~~~~~~Back to Present~~~~~~*********


Geet closes her eyes in Pain remembering d tym she spend wid him. Their friendship days, the most beautiful days of her life. She wish dat somehow those days would cum back.



                            Geet's Monologue:


I closed my eyes as I remember d days I spend wid him. The nights, in which we used to talk for Hours just like Lover; The Evenings which we use to spend together along wid Yash nd Meera. I still remember hw much it affects Maan wen he notices any Guy staring at me. Infact once he has gone to an Argument also wid sum Guy wen he notices dat he was staring at me from a while. Only I knows hw I managed to control him. Dat day I saw sumthing diff in his eyes bt I couldn't able to figure out wat it was bcoz for me he was still my Friend infact a best friend after Meera. Den wat happen to those Days? Cant those days b back again? M really missing our fights, our care for each other, our friendship everything. I looked at d watch nd it shows 1:00 AM nd I thought of Maan wat he should be doing dis moment? Was he remembering me or just have forgotten like his another Passing Affairs? May be afterall its nt a big thing for him. He has done dis so many tymes nd wid so many girls den hw can I be a exception? But wat abt me? Will I ever be able to forget him? He was Love of My life, he was d one who compels me to once again fall in love. Who has brought Love Back to my loneliness Life nd today he left me too. Will I ever be able to Luv anyone again forget about Love, Will I ever be able to Trust someone again?



                          (Geet's Monologue ends)




No matter hw hard Maan tried to forget everything but he failed because all d memories of his Past flashing in front of her eyes wenever he closes dem. He remembers hw much he has to convience Yash to make him Believe dat he truly Loves Geet.




After getting convienced by Maan regarding his true Feelings, Yash talked to Meera about Maan nd Geet nd told her d whole story. Initially Meera was nt ready to help as he knows Maan but den Yash make her believe nd told her about d changes he saw in Maan which makes Meera agree to help dem. She didn't told Geet abt it as she felt dat Maan Himself should tell her abt dis. She planned a date for dem along wid theirs so that geet dnt get suspicious. Nd on d day of d date Yash nd Meera excuses demselves from Maaneet saying dey need sum tym Alone. Geet understands nd excused demselves. While Going Yash gives a Thumbs up to Maan encouraging him to confess his feelings for Geet. 15 mins have passed after Yash nd Meera goes bt Maan didn't utter a word which was unusual for him. Geet too felt uncomfortable seeing his behaviuor she decides to talk to him.


Geet: Maan wats Wrong? Y r u acting so Weird today?

Maan: no Geet, nothing like dat

Geet: c'mon Maan u cant hide it from me we r friends na. nw tell me

Maan: ummm...Geet... Actually...

Geet: C'mon Maan nw say it since wen u get short of words

Maan: Actually Geet, I dnt knw hw to say it nd I dnt knw hw u'll react may be u feel bad but I cant keep dis to myself anymore nw

Geet: Maan, wats wrong tell me


So guys hope u all Like dis Part. Hit d Like Button if u all like it. Do Leave ur Comment/Criticism. its necessary. nd ya forgive me if i had Done any mistakes while typing.

Luv AakritiSmileSmile



                                                                       Next - Part 5

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