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Hey my Lovely Readers. thanx a lot for ur overwhelming Response so far. m really very happy dat u guys like my Previous update nd i truly Love ur Opinions nd Coments on dat.  thanx a ton Guys for such a support. so without making u all wait any more m going to update d Part 19 of my SS. hope u all will like it too. pls feel free to criticuise if u all dnt like it.

                                                PART 19:

He leans more closer to her nd places a kiss on her Forehead. Geet closed her eyes wen she feel his Lips touching her skin. At dat moment she has forgetten everything. He den slowly kisses her eyes wiping away d tears formed over dere nd den finally he looked at her luscious Pink Lips. He couldn't resist himself from not feeling dem. he bends down towards her lips. She can feel her warm breath on her lips. Her mind was asking her to stop all dis right here, It's not right but her heart refused to listen to her mind. Her heart was just wanting to save dat moment between dem. nd den d moment came wen finally his lips touched hers making both of dem feel complete nd contended. D moment which has brought dem closer nd confessed dere Long lost Love for each other without any words.



                                     In My Arms Tonight

(From Maan to Geet)

My heart beats for just you my love
hear it calling to you in the night
to fill your heart with pure delight
a sweet song of joy sent from above.

Let me take you in my arms tonight
hold you close and dance so slow
we move together in the candlelight
I whisper words of love to let you know i'm still hear.

You mean more than the world to me
This is what we've been waiting for
a time of healing our past with love & sweet
a place where we can be as complete.

Let me hold you into my arms tonight
press you close and dance so slow
we move together in the pale moonlight
I belong with you love I'll never let you go again.

(Poem Courtesy: Kate(simi91) thanx a ton sweety




Meera: WAT????

Yash: Ya. Wo usi technician ka hi call call tha to tell ki I need to postpone my plan because sach me lift me koi problem aa gayi hai nd''..

Meera: nd Atleast 45 mins. Tak kuch nahi ho sakta.

Yash (slowly): ya.

Meera: Yash tum paagal ho gaye ho kya? Ek baar mujhse pucha to hota

Yash: Meera mujhe nahi pata tha ki sach me aisi problem aa jayegi

Meera (panicks): Nahi socha tha to sochna chahiye tha na lekin nahi tumhe to apna filmy Dimaag lagana tha. Dey both r stuck up in d lift nd 45 mins. is just dere assumotion may be it'll take more tym. Nd if something happened to anyone of dem due to shortage of oxygen or...

Yash: Babu, Babu Relax don't panic dis much. Its not gud for d Baby. Ok take a deep breath.


Meera takes a deep breath but den she again reminds of Maan nd Geet stucking up in d lift


Meera: But Geet.

Yash: she will be fine. Dnt worry




Geet was closing her eyes savouring d moment between dem. she couldn't think of anything at dat moment, just giving in d moment between dem, dere moment of Love. d moment his Lips touched hers she felt complete nd contended nd so did he. Dey were kissing like dere was no tomorrow, taking out all dere pain, all d loneliness dat were in dere Life in dese 5 years. Finally, dey broke out of d Kiss for taking breath. He touched his forehead wid hers nd slowly whispers


Maan: I Love you Geet. I still Love you.

Geet: I Love you Too Maan nd only you.


She said nd opens her eyes instantly realizing wat did she just said nd saw dat dey were still standing in d same position. He was still cupping her face nd was looking at her intensely.


Maan: Geet, kya hua?


She nodded in nothing nd looked other way confused at her own imaginations. Maan sensed her restlessness nd he slowly moves away his hand from her face nd looked at her confused face; trying to read dem. he didn't understand y is she restless, had he said sumthing wrong? No, he has said wat he actually feels, dis is true dat he'll never let her be alone; he'll always be dere wid her den y is she feeling so restless?


Geet couldn't able to face him. She was confused at her own imagination. Wat was she imagining? Maan kissing her, dere confession? But above all y is she imagining all dis. he was trying to comfort her nd she was imagining all dese things. Wats wrong wid her? she has shut all these Feelings for him long back den y feeling all dis now. dis is d Reason, Dis is d reason she  was pushing him away from her because she knows dat his closeness had always affected her, had always made her to lose her senses. Even now also but d question is y? She came into her senses wen Maan kept his hand on her shoulder nd spoke to her


Maan: Kya hua Geet? Ab bhi Dar lag raha hai?


She nodded in no


Maan: To fir kya hua?

Geet: Wo... Main

Maan: dnt get scared Geet nd dnt worry main hoon na. I'll do sumthing.


He said nd takes out his cellphone to make a call to Yash but to his Luck dere was no signal over dere. He looked at Geet nd told her dat her cellphone is not receiving signal. She looked at hers nd saw d same thing in her cell phone also nd found dat he was saying right.


Geet: Maan ab kya hoga?

Maan: We have to wait over here until Lift Resumes

Geet: But we dnt knw hw long dis will take

Maan: We don't have any other option also Geet. Aur tum pareshan kyun ho rahi ho, Main hoon yaha tumhare paas. Tumhe darne ki zarurat nahi hai.


She nodded in yes nd stands near him still fearing from dark. He smirks seeing her like dat. hw hard she tries to be brave but at d end of d Day she was his Old Geet only. He pretended dat he didn't noticed nd remained standing close to her




Meera was pacing restlessly in d Corridor while Yash was just standing over dere watching her


Yash: Meera, stop pacing like dis. Its not Gud for u. Just calm down

Meera: Calm Down? u r asking me to calm down. Yash, Dey both r stuck up in lift from last 20 mins. God knows in which condition. Unke cell phones bhi nahi lag rahe hai nd Lift ka bhi kuch pata nahi ki kitni der me theek hogi nd u r asking me to calm down.

Yash: I knw Meera, but tumhare aise Panic karne se to kuch nahi hoga na. Moreover it's not Gud for d Baby also. Everything will be fine. Just take a Deep breath ok.


Meera closes her eyes nd takes a deep breath nd looks at him


Yash: Feeling Better

Meera: ya. Yash Wo theek honge na

Yash: Dey must be fine. Dnt worry




Inside D Lift Geet was tired of Standing from last 25 mins. Derefore she sat down over dere. Maan looked at her in amuzed Maaner.


Maan: Geet wat r u doing?

Geet: Maan I m tired of standing like dat. god knows wen Lift will Resume derefore I sat.

Maan: But Geet hw can u sit like dis

Geet: Y, Wats d Problem? Infact I suggest dat u also sit. Its no use of standing.


Maan shakes his head in disbelief nd remain standing over dere only but after sumtym he too gets seated beside Geet. Geet sees him nd smiled making sure dat he didn't noticed it. He notices her smiling nd he cant even tell hw happy he was at dat tym seeing her smiling. Hw much he has missed dat smile. He just kept looking at her without even blinking. Even in d Darkness also he could see her angelic face, he could see her smiling eyes. he was happy dat unknowingly he had made her smile after so long. Geet turned her head nd saw him staring at her lovingly. She felt uncomfortable but yet couldn't able to look away. She kept looking at his chocolate Brown eyes while he seems to be drowning in her Big Hazel Eyes.



                                        Geet's Monologue:


I don't know wats Happening to me, y its happening to me? Y I had dat weird Imagination in my mind? He was comforting me, trying to make me calm nd I was thinking all dat? y? I knw dat we r in relationship, I knw dat I still Love him nd sumwhere I want him back but my fear always pushes him away from me. Wat I want afterall? Sometimes I wanted to push him away from me for hurting me in d past but wen I saw Love, wen I saw care in his eyes I dnt want to him to go away from me. Yes I saw Love in his eyes. in d Darkness of D Lift also I saw Love in his eyes which has increased in dese 5 years. He was loving, he was caring 5 years back also but now it seems dat his Love, his Care knew no bounds. Still his one touch send Shivers down my spine Inspite of knowing dat m not ready to love him back he still care for me, he still loves me nd still waiting for me. He was trying every darn thing to make everything like before, whether its taking care of my hurt Hand in d office or taking me to d hospital. Whether its having Chinese in d restaurant pretending dat he cant wait for his order to cum or comforting me inside d darkness of Lift. Maan y r u making Things difficult for me? I cant deny d fact dat I still Love you dat sumwhere I still trust u. May be datsy I hugged u in d Darkness without thinking twice. Sumwhere I know dat u'll not leave me alone den y m not able to fully trust you.


Wen I hugged him I felt so complete, so contented. Like I always belong to here only. D warmth of his embrace was soothing all d Pain, all d Loneliness dat I had gone thru in dese 5 years. I dnt want to let him to go away from me due to Fear of Darkness but more den dat because I needed it, because I want to be in his Arms because I know dat m safe over dere. Nd wen he comforted me wid his Words, wen he told me dat he'll never leave me alone I gets Lost in his words. I knw dose r not only words, he really means it. Even a stone can melt wid dese words den y my heart is not melting. I wanted to love him back, I wanted to trust him back but d hurt Girl inside me always stopped me from doing so. D hurt Girl inside me always had dis fear dat he'll again break my heart, dat he'll again break my trust.


Wenever I see in his eyes I found myself lost in dem like I was nw. It was due to my Love for him only dat I imagined dat he's kissing me, dat we r confessing each other. I knw dat we don't need words, we both know about each other's feelings but d things happened 5 years back has created a Gap between us which is not so easy to be Bridged. One part of mine wants him to hold close to me but another part of mine just wanted to push him away. I m fighting wid myself only nd I dnt know Y nd for hw long I have to fight wid myself.


                                     (Geet's Monologue Ends)




                                        Maan's Monologue:


For one thing I m sure dat Geet still loves me in d same way like she did 5 years back. dere's no doubt in dat den y is she denying her own Feelings. Was dat mistake of mine is so big dat she cant start a new beginning of me. May be yes. It was a saying dat once a girl's heart is broken den it is very difficult to mend it again even wen u shower all ur Love on her. wat I did 5 years back was may be a small thing for me but it was a very big wound for her especially wen she was hurted before also. But Geet trust me I have changed now. I Really Love you infact more den before. U cant even imagine hw much it pierced my heart wenever u say dat u just wanted to be Professional wid me, hw much I got Shattered wen I saw d coldness in ur eyes; d same eyes where once dere was Immense Love for me. Geet pls don't do dis to me nd most importantly don't do dis to urself. I can see u fighting wid urself, wid ur own feelings. I can bear my Remorses, my pain but I can't bear Ur pain of fighting wid urself, wid Ur own feelings.


U say u dnt Love me anymore den y Everytym I saw d glimpse of our Love in ur Eyes. whether it was in d office last nite or in d Restaurant today or in d Lift few mins. back. Wen she hugged me in d Lift I cant even tell hw much I feel completed. Hw much I had waited for dis moment to hold her in my Arms like dis. at dat moment I just wanted d tym to be still nd she remains in my Arms like dat only. I knw she hugged me due to her phobia of Darkness but I felt dat it was more because of her Love for me, because of her trust for me dat she can rely on me. I held her closer nd closer to assure her dat she's safe in my Arms, dat she don't have to be scared of anything. I wanted to say all dis thing to her but wen I tried to free her from my embrace she helds me more closer nd I knw y. but I needed to tell her nd d moment I told her dat I'll always be wid her no matter wat happens in future I saw d Love in her eyes may be just only a glimpse but I saw Love over dere which was flowing in d form of tears. I slowly wiped dem nd looked into her eyes. I just wanted to shower all my Love at her at dat moment. Just wanted to tell dat she's a world for me, dat I cant imagine my lyf without her. I knw we don't need words for dat. we both r well aware for each other feelings den y is she pushing me away from her like she did just now. y I again saw uncomfortableness in her eyes where few mins back I saw Love but I knw its not easy to bridge d gap of 5 years so easily especially wen I knw dat y dese gap was dere between us. I had to wait till I gained again dat place in her heart which was dere 5 years back. Nd till den I'll love her like dis only, will be happy like dis only wenever I'll see her smile like she did now. I knw I still had to cover lots of distance to gain entry in her heart again, but I'll cover dat. I know dat she needs tym nd I'll give her; I'll give her my whole lyf infact dis life was hers only.


                                      (Maan's Monologue ends)




Maan nd Geet were still looking in each other's eyes forgetting d track of tym. It seems like dis moment has stopped for both of dem. dey dnt need words between dem as dere eyes were speaking in volumes. He slowly brings her hand towards her face to caress her soft cheeks dis is wen Geet realizes dat wat was cuming next. She quickly came out from her senses nd straightens herself. Maan too realizes wat he was going to do. He moves his hand away nd looks other way. Wat an irony, dey were so close to each other yet so far. But he didn't even want to make dis difficult for her also so he decided to light d atmosphere nd break dis awkward silence between dem.


Maan: I dnt know wats taking dem so long to resume d Lift.

Geet: y? r u getting scared of me?


She said nd bites her toungue realizes wat she said nd most importantly y she said dat. Maan just smiles wen he heard wat has she said.


Geet: Wo...I mean dat technical fault takes sumtym. Dnt get afraid ok.


Maan smiles wildly dis tym. She is asking him to not get afraid who herself was scared few mins. back


Geet: Y r u smiling?

Maan: ummm Nothing. Ek joke yaad aa gaya

Geet: no. I knw dat u r smiling at me

Maan: No Geet y would I smile on u? (he said while suppressing his smile)

Geet: Dat I dnt know but I knw dat u r smiling on me only


He nodded his head in no


Geet: Watever. I dnt want to argue wid u. Waise bhi m very much tired nd m feeling sleepy also.

Maan: Geet hw can u be sleepy dat too over here. I mean yaha tumhe neend kaise aa sakti hai.

Geet: Maan, sone ke liye neend ki zarurat hoti hai. Jagah ki nahi

Maan: Acha But mujhe to sone ke liye Sleeping Pills ki zarurat hoti hai

Geet: dats d different case (den realizes wat did he just said) Kya kaha tumne tum Sleeping Pills lete ho.

Maan: Ya.

Geet: From how long

Maan: From Last 5 years

Geet: WAT????? U r taking sleeping pills from last 5 years

Maan: Ya so?

Geet: Maan tum pagal ho kya. Tum sleeping pills kaise le sakte ho.

Maan: But Geet y cant I take dem

Geet: Tumhe pata hai 1 sleeping khane se Brain ke 50 cells Damage ho jate hain nd dese cells can never be built up again Nd u r taking from last 5 years dat means 1826 pills till nw nd dat means 91300 cells has been damaged till nw.


(Me thinking itne cell damage hone ke Baad Does Maan still have left any BrainStern SmileShocked)


Maan looks at her in disbelief. No doubt he was happy seing her talk dis much dat too after so long but gets really confused in her theory


Maan: Geet, its nothing like dat ok. Its only a myth. See m taking it from last 5 years nd m perfectly fine.

Geet: Dat u think but u dnt know hw much Damage u r causing to urself. Is tarah se koi karta hai kya? Hw can u do dis Maan? U knw...


She couldn't said further As Maan puts his Hand on her mouth to make her quiet. She looks at him wid her eyes wide open but den gets lost in dem. he slowly removes his hand nd cupped her face nd looks into her eyes.

Maan: Kya karta, tum jo nahi thi mujhe Rokne ke liye, mujhe is tarah daantne ke liye. Tum jo nahin thi mere paas, jisse main Raat bhar baatein karta, jise main apne din bhar ka haal batata, jo meri sari baatein chup chap sunti rehti aur jisse baatein karte karte main so jata.


Geet cast her eyes down unable to meet dose eyes. d intensity in dose eyes r burning her. He lifts her face from her chin to make her look at him.


Maan: Bolo na Geet. Kyun chali gayi thi tum mujhe chod ke? Y had u gone away from my lyf? You haven't thought once dat hw will I stay without u?

Geet: Do I need to tell d Reason Maan?

Maan: I knw Geet. I knw I had hurted u, I knw I had broke ur Heart but cant we forget everything nd start a new beginning. May be not as Lovers but as friends atleast

Geet: its not easy Maan.

Maan: I knw but atleast give it a try

Geet: Pls dnt make dis difficult Maan. It won't be easy. We can never be friends nd if I give it a try also for once den dis thing will always be between us dat u had hurted me before. Pls Maan let it be like dis way only. We r together for dis project pls dnt bring old things between dis, pls.


He nodded his head nd removes his hand from her face. Geet could sense dat he was disappointed but she cant do anything. She herself is facing a fight between her heart nd mind nd don't know whom to listen den hw can she takes any decision regarding dere relationship in dis state of hers. Maan dnt want to force her for anything. He knows dat she was badly hurted by him nd if he was also in his shoes den may be he would also do d same. she is atleast talking to him he may cant do dat also. Its better if he gives her sumtym nd leaves everything to destiny itself.


Both didn't spoke to each other afterdat. Just silently sat over dere nd kept looking at each other. Soon she dozes off to sleep nd didn't realize wen her head fall on his shoulder. Maan was not sleeping nd wen he felt her head over his shoulder he quickly looked at her nd found her in deep sleep. He smiled looking her like dat. he tucked d strand of her haor behind her ears nd places her head properly on his shoulders. He slowly kissed her forehead nd just kept looking at her nd didn't realize wen he too dozed off to sleep wid her




Meera: Yash, pls pata karo na kitna tym aur hai. Its been 1 hr. nw. us technician ne to kaha tha ki 45 mins me lift resume ho jayegi. Fir abhi tak kyun nahi hui

Yash: Meera, relax. I m going to call him just nw.


He was about to call wen his celphone rings nd technician informed him dat Lift has been resumed. Both quickly goes to d Floor where Lift was stuck nd as soon as dey opens d Door dey saw both Maan nd Geet sleeping peacefully. Geet's head was resting on his shoulder while his head over hers. A huge smile crept on both of dere faces. Dis incident was not d part of dere plan but dey were happy dat dis incident has brought dem closer to sum extent. Technician asked dem to wake dem up wen Meera gets furious on him


Meera: Apko Dikhayi nahi de raha hai wo log kitne aaram se so rahe hai nd aap chahte hai hum unhe disturb kare.


Technician looks at her in disbelief as it was only her who was continuously buzzing him to resume d lift fast nd nw d lift has been resumed den she's making fuss over here. Yash dnt want to create any scene so he quickly handles d situation.


Yash (To technician): I m sorry pls dnt mind. (den to Meera) Babu, kya kar rahi ho. We have to wake dem up.

Meera: kya zarurat hai? Itne ache to lag rahe hai sote hue.

Yash: Meera...


In d meantym Maan wakes up due to sounds buzzing him. he opened his eyes nd looked everyone standing over dere.


Meera: Maan u fine na. nd Geet ko kya hua? Is she fine?

Maan: Ya Meera she's fine. She was bit tired so have dozed off to sleep.

Meera: Wait! Let me wake her up.


She said nd slowly wakes her up. After few attempts Geet too wakes up nd found dat her head was on Maan's shoulders while he was intervening her fingers wid his. She moves her hand away from her nd straightens herself


Geet: Wo... Guys Lift...

Meera: Geet we know. Dnt worry everything has been sorted out nw. Lets go.


She said nd dey all proceed towards home. Maan dropped Geet home as per Meera's request. Both didn't talked during d whole Journey. Maan dropped Geet home nd moved towards his house.




It was 11.30 wen Geet reaches home. She was extremely tired so she quickly changed into her night dress nd goes to her bed to catch some sleep. but as soon as she closes her eyes she started getting flashes of her close moments wid Maan in front of her eyes. She snaps opens her eyes nd takes a deep breath nd again goes to sleep. but as she again closes her eyes d flashes of Maan kissing her came in front of her eyes. she finally gave up nd sits on d Bed.


Geet: Babaji! Ye sab kya ho raha hai? Y did I had dat weirs Imagination? Hw can I even think of dat? ya I agree, I agree dat I had loved him infact still love him; but everything is over nw den y all dis happening wid me? Project ka to pata nahi but jab tak main yaha rahungi main zarur paagal ho jayungi.


She said nd again struggle hard to catch sum sleep.




Maan on d other hand was too thinking about dere moments few hrs back. he smiles remembering each nd every moment he had spend wid her. She herself didn't have any idea dat unknowingly she has gifted him his best moment of lyf by hugging him, by holding him while sleeping. D moments dat he has dreamt of wid her. He smiles nd opens d Drawer to take his sleeping pill to get sum sleep wen he reminded of Geet's Logic. He laughs out Loud wen he remembers about d Logic of Brain cells. He wonders dat hw he's living till nw wid so much damage of Brain cells.


Maan: Sach me pagal hai. 5 yrs has been passed but she's still d same. Same stupid Logics behind everything. Though she's pretending dat she has changed but I knw dat she haven't changed a bit. From outside anyone can say dat she has changed but only I knw dat she's d same Geet from inside.


He smiles nd puts d pills back to d drawer nd soon dozes off to sleep remembering her.




3 weeks has been passed after dat Lift incident. Maan nd Geet r getting well wid dere work. Maan's notices few changes in Geet's behaviour. Nw she dnt talk about work only, she use to tease him also sumtym or talk other things apart from work also but has never talked anything related to dem or dere past but Maan didn't forced also. He was happy dat she's getting comfortable wid him atleast nd he was happy in dis.


Geet changed her attitude towards Maan because she dnt want to hurt him anymore because it in return hurts her only. She thought dat she cant be friends wid him neither everything can be like before but atleast she can behave normally wid him. she knows dat nothing can be done like before but as long as she's over here she will behave nicely wid him. May be den she can get rid of her weird Imaginations.


Yash nd Meera were happy wid d results yet not satisfied especially Meera. After d Lift incident she thought dat dere Love story will pick up a quick pace but results were not satisfactory except dat Geet has started getting comfortable wid Maan. She has to do sumthing which will help dem. by thinking dis she goes to Yash who was sitting oin his Bedroom. Wen she entered she saw dat he was surrounded wid Lots of DVDs. She couldn't understand wats happening over dere


Meera: Yash, wat r u doing wid dese DVDs

Yash: Searching of any Idea.

Meera: Idea?

Yash: Yes see dese all DVDs r of romantic Hindi movies. I'll watch everyone of dem nd will take sum idea from all nd after dat create a fool proof plan. For example I'll take sum from DDLJ, sum from KKHH, sum From JAB WE MET, sum from MAINE PYAR KIYA etc etc nd den will merge all dat nd our plan will be created. Kaisa laga mera Idea?

Meera (rolling over her eyes): Shut Up Yash! For god sake apna Filmy Dimaag chalana band karo. Tumhara Lift wala idea dekha tha maine

Yash: but it has worked

Meera: ya by chance. But dis tym I cant take risk. Isiliye m going to take help from d person who's not Filmy like u nd will give a proper Idea to me.

Yash: Who?

Meera: Dadimaa.

Yash: wat? Dadimaa?

Meera: yes I talked to her infact she has called us tomorrow at KM so be ready on tym.

Yash: nd wat about dese DVDs?

Meera: just keep it from where u had picked it from nd get ready to cum KM wid me tomorrow.



Next day at KM:


Yash nd Meera were as usual fighting for d ideas nd Savitri Devi was just watching dem


Yash: I m telling u dat my Idea is better

Meera: Oh Pls. its better u dnt use ur mind. Dere's nothing in it except dose Filmy stuffs, which always flops.

Yash: Dare u say anything about my Ideas.

Meera: otherwise wat u'll do ha

Savitri Devi: Stop it both of u! we r here to discuss d plan of getting Maan nd Geet together nd u both r fighting like kids.


Both Yash nd Meera (dipping dere heads): Sorry Dadimaa.

Savitri Devi: Aap dono se kuch nahi hone wala. I have decided wat I have to do.


She said nd started dialing a no. while Yash nd Meera gave her a confused look.




Next day both Maan nd Geet were in office. Geet was working on designs wen Maan came to her cabin


Maan: Geet dere's a Problem.

Geet: wat happen Maan? U look tensed?

Maan: Geet, tension wali baat hai. Humne jo location is Project ke liye finalize ki thi dat was having sum legal Problems nd derefore we cant construct our orphanage on it

Geet: Wat? Hw can it be Possible Maan. I mean we have studied all d Papers nd dey were Perfectly Fine. Den wat happen all of a sudden

Maan: Yahi to mere samajh nahi aa raha. Maine pata karaya to pata chala dat it was a disputed Land nd Land owner was forging d Signatures to buy dat Land to others.

Geet: Oh Shit! Nw wat we'll do Maan. Dat site was appropriate for our Project. Nw from where we'll get site like dat nd dat too so soon.

Maan: Geet dnt worry. I talked to Dadimaa about dis nd she has suggested a Location. Its in Lonavala nd we have to left for Lonavala tomorrow.

Geet: Tomorrow?

Maan: ya. Any problem?

Geet: no. fine I'll reach dere nd call u

Maan: wait a sec. Geet wat do u mean by reach dere nd call u? We both r going together

Geet: But...

Maan: Geet jab humari manzil ek hai to hum alag alag raaste pe kyun chale


Though he said as a matter of fact but it has left a Deep impact on Geet's mind. She felt a deep meaning in dose words. But she soon shrugged off her thoughts


Geet: Fine we'll tomorrow for our destination

Maan: ok den I'll pick u up from Ur home ok.


She nodded nd he leaves for his cabin to gather necessary information for d site. Geet just stood dere thinking about dere Trip tomorrow. She really had no idea wats going to be d next turn in her lyf.

Geet (to herself): Babaji Jane ki ye Safar humari zindagi me kaun sa naya mod layega.

Important Note:

guys m going out of town for few days to attend a family function. its my Bhabhi's Baby Shower ceremony nd as a gud nanad m going 3 days before only. infact leaving dis evening only nd will return after 5-6 days. derefore my next update will be after a week i.e. next week. So dont get mad on me guys. nd one more thing, wen i return i want to see lots of nd Long Comments from u all nd if didnt find den i'll be sad. so do leave ur Long comments whether its gud or Bad. nd is dere anyone who can create siggy for my SS. if yes den kindly create for me. thanx everyone nd will definitely miss u all. Cry

Ok so dis it guys. hope u all r going to like dis part. nd ya dnt kill me for maing dat kiss as a dream sequence. i had my own reasons for it. See u all know d Turmoil Geet is going thru nd if dat kiss would be in real den it can create problem between Maaneet. hope u all will agree wid me. i really hope dat u all liked d Maaneet moments dat i had shown over here. really very nervous for dis part as i had typed dis part overnite because i dnt want u guys to wait for long. so pls forgive me if u all dnt like. Hit d like Button if u all like it nd do leave ur Comment/criticism. its necessary.

So bye to all of u for 1 week. nd pls miss me guysCry

Luv AakritiSmileSmile

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Yay me first.

very angry at you for the kiss sequens, but its OK daadi's plan sounds good. Hope something good happen under this trip.

Pl a reuqest have a rain sequens and let Geet high fever after that and then Maan taking care of her. Pl i would love it.

And have fun on your bhabis baby shower.

Will miss you


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bhanu_rekhag IF-Stunnerz

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awesome dear...

lift scene was sooo cute

though its little but still there is progress...

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ridhz21 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 September 2011 at 3:44am | IP Logged
Awesome update
loved it

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 September 2011 at 3:48am | IP Logged
awesome update everything is going at a very small pace for maaneet so dadi has to kick start their vehicle to move faster
yes dear definately gonna missuCry

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maaneetsangel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2011 at 3:51am | IP Logged
part 19 ...

thnx 4 d pm ...

awesome ... loved it ...

continue soon ...

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RageOfAnAngel IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2011 at 4:11am | IP Logged

Hey Smile
Just caught up with 3 of your updates . I see Geet trying to be her normal self with Maan since she does not wanna hurt him & Maan trying to win her back ... nice .
Well I guess in life you've to forgive n forget & move on . Hope Maan really learnt a lesson of a lifetime to appreciate the worth of Geet .
She's a rare gem n if he fails to realize it this time ... have nothing to say .

Nice parts 
Thanks for pm .
Enjoy the baby shower Big smile

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-AvniNeil- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 September 2011 at 4:33am | IP Logged
Totally awesome update
Loved everything bwt it..
Looking forward 2 their journey n stay at lonavala.

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