Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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Welcome back,'Mohabbatians', to show 'Kitani Mohabbat Hai' iss show se by sharing the analysis and constructive critics and comments;
However, not to forget few rules.
1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
5. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.
6. First page of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for KMH forum"
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.


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Ok really sorry for never updating, but I am always so tired I never feel like writing...and also the episodes are such that I don't even feel like writing.

Can we send them back to the jungle??
ROFL or bring back Chiku ROFL I actually miss Chiku ki Jawani ROFLROFL

ok so before I start with my take, there are a few flaws that I'd like to point out...

- where is DJ? I miss her Ouch
- actually where are the Ahluhwahliya's?? im bored of lovedeep and preeti
- Sanchit and Romit track stretched too much and was not's not even funny
Stern Smile
- where is Makrand? at least we saw Billu, but where was Makrand?
- why is shefali being wasted? the girl's good in acting, has awesome personality, use her! don't waste her CVz...and she knows Arjuns truth since the jungle track, why hasn't she spoken up?
- why did they use PKYEK's tune today?? I HATED IT! IT RUINED THE SCENE AngryDead
- why is an actress like Biji wasted? even Rudra is such a strong character, he has now become a joker LOLLOL
- when will we know about the Ahluhwaliya's truth?
- where is Rajveer? wasn't he finding the clues?
- where is Gauri?? she's the 1st villain that has disappeared LOL

ok don't say that it's ekta's show, she'll forget. these loop holes need to be completed, rather than showing only and only nok-jhok they can show these things...the nok-jhoks are really boring now

ehm yes i do have nice things to say LOL

Arjun's jealousy and childishness with Raj is really cute
Thumbs Up
that RJ was okay least he gave Arjun good advice Embarrassed
Both Karanika looked hot in white
Roop Tera Mastana...after the promo one this was a little pheeka, but it was still hot Day Dreaming
sad that Arjun gave in and Arohi just ran away from there with the letter...I wonder how Arjun will react when he opens his eyes Pinch
I really am looking forward to the old Rudra tomorrow!!!! it seems as if after Arohi entered they haven't aced like gangsters...Confused that was weird to se...cuz before we saw no family bonding and nobody caring about each other....but here we actually do see a different side of Rudra...that he does care about Rashi too which we all were against at first when she became a mother. He surely will keep an eye on Jignesh now...

I don't think the maha epi will reveal to the Singhania's about Jignesh but I think it might just get a little close and Arjun like always will shut up Arohi Confused

anyway this is what I think...will catch ya'll at 10pm? Confused

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Ok! this is my reaction to today's episode..!

Wasn't i suppose to get the feeling of 'awe', 'ooooo' or 'OMG' or WOW! - well maybe i'm defected, but none of that happened...Well atleast not to the extent i expected...Blame it on SBS/SBB that had shown us practically EVERYTHINgG or blame it on me watching it on my cell phone with intervals in between..BUt the epi dint have THAT WHAM affect as i'd expected...
Stern Smile
LOVED the hottness, the moment of silence between the love birds, and the glued gaze, the ambiance of the room, the dashing looks of both heartthrobes, Romance in the air, the song (even though they could've used a better song)...Everything was awsome..Day Dreaming


So sad that Arohi was faking all that.Angry..I felt really bad for Arjun, because it showed his weakside.DisapproveDisapproveDisapprove.It showed how desperate he is for Arohi's love and how deep down, it'll only take a moment for Arohi to hurt him...He's portrayed as very vulnerable, and that doenst go with Don's personality! We wanna see him stron, and sure of what he's doing...I'm beginning to think, that Arjun's character is under the knife now...!Confused was her right to know the truth..understood, but i think the WAY she CHOSE to know the truth was a lil harsh, atleast i think so..Disapprove
WAise overall the episode was good..the new entry can actClap! it was a very nice change...Atleast now we know he told Arjun to go to the cottage..warna us buddhu se kuch bhi nahi hota..lolz..LOL

Our cute lil kid Raj was as usual EXCELLENT..he's just him Inaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sara..Hug
Oh and BTW - Mr. Dhondo..thank you so much for leaving them alone..LOL.the way he was standing there i thought he'ld never leave..but chala gya aur hamare 'love birds' ko akela chor gya..yay! and then begin the fireworks ..Wink
Karan and  Kritika's chemistry is the most hottest thing on this planet!Day Dreaming - no two ways about it..These two can burn the room, by just being there...and i think all the credit goes to both of them for that extent of hotness and ofcourse credit to CV's for creating such situations...!  ClapHug

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Sorry for the late update.. kya karu.. assignments r killng me!!

Loved todays episode!! and I'm liking Jai a lot.. he did a really good job today!! I'm gonna like his scenes with Arjun a lot.. unlike dhondz.. sorry guys but this actor Saurav doesn't impress me at all!!
Anyways!! coming to RJ Jai.. Shradul was very good as an RJ and his dialogue delivery was good too! loved his interaction with both Arjun and Raj.. lekin Jai, tumne mere Raj ko item bola.. very bad!!Evil Smile nxt time se khyal rakhna varna me and chandni would come after u!! hamara Raj to item nahin, cool dude hai, dekha nahin apne dad ko kaise ideas deta hai woh bhi love topics pe!!LOLbtw.. Jai's expression were too good when Raj introduced himself as Arjun's son.. he was shocked like hell!! bechara use kahan pata hai, this is Arjuhi land, yahan kuch bhi ho sakta hai!! Jai beta, wait a while, just enter their land, and u'll know what I mean.. delhi aab durr nahin tumhare liye, pagal hone ke liye taiyaar ho jao!!

Raj beta!! sahi jaa raha hai.. sach ke raaste par hi chalna like today!! Arjun ghumaofy Jai as to why he was there.. but Raj, to the point..
Raj: Dad ko aapki help chahiye ke woh mom ko love karte hai ya hate" LOL good job!!
Arjun: "mujhe koi confusion nahin hai.. I hate her"Shocked jootha kahin ka.. to last part mein emotions 
             bhar bhar ke romance kaun kar raha hai phir..Silly
Raj: "lagta to nahin hai" Wink Arjun dekho aab to Raj bhi samajh gaya.. tumhe kab samajh aayega..
          aur Raj baccha u need to be love guru instead of Jai!!
Arjun: "tujhe pata hi kya hai, chal topi pehen" LOL accha Arjun.. kaal love advice kaun mang raha
             tha aur kisse.. ehsanfaramosh!! ekto mere Raj ne tumhe advice de aur woh successful
             bhi hui thi.. itni jaldi bhool gaye!!Wink
Jai.. bulls eye!! found the photo in Arjun's wallet.. but yeh kya Arjun photo rakhke bhi jhagadti hui photo rakhi hai wallet mein.. god!! gadha.. acchi wali perfect family wali photo hi laga deta D'oh
Loved Karan in this scene.. how he was awkward and was struggling with his tough nut image in front of his friend.. but Raj ne saare pol khol hi diye the.. aur yeh kya.. don se sidha modelling aur woh bhi wallets ke liye???? ShockedShocked Arohi ke saath reh rehke kitna jhooth bolne laga hai yeh ladka!! Ouch anyways!! loved karan in this scene and Rapid fire as well..
Loved the rapid fire trick: Hate - Arohi "banging my head to the wall: ek aur jhooth.. gadha"
Love - Arohi "me jumping Dancing: dekha chori pakdi gayi na!!" aur bahana diya bhi to kya ARNOLD!! vaise, abhi ki Arohi ki personality ke saath match karta hai.. LOLLOL

Big hug to Raj Hug for telling Jai abut dhondz "isiliye aap dhondu se jealous feel karte hai" ClapClap and hugs to Jai Hugfor giving Arjun idea of gatecrashing Arohi-dhondz date!! LOL
I can bet Jai was super impressed with Raj!! dekhna.. he'll definitely take Raj as his assistant RJ!! LOLLOL sahi mein my Raj is champion.. Jr. Love-Guru!!Wink

Coming to dhondz: Yaar, yeh banda sote, jaagte, khaate, pite kya SRK ki hi copy karta hai.. dude kuch to original karo!! anyways!! Jai, dekho isse kehte hai asli item "dhondz"!!  R ke baad S ke baad T !!ROFLduffer!! aur sahi chipku hai yaar.. kitni der tak Arjuhi ko romance karte hue ghuurrr raha tha jaise cinema hall mein baith ke "SRK ki movie dekh raha ho"!! woh bhi ghuur ghuur ke.. I was like yeh jaayega bhi ya phir poori picture dekhke hi jayega! finally, uske khali dimag mein chota sa bulb light hua for a fraction of sec.. aur use laga ki yeh dono love birds.. apne ghosle se nahin nikalne wale.. so, use hi wahan se satak lena chahiye!! Thank god!! btw.. he was a little disappointed bcoz Arjun ne uski love life ki shuruvat mein hi gate crashing kardi!! at least name to batane dete Arjun!! poor chap!! LOL

Arjun, aaj to tum poore SRK avatar mein the.. but dude!! it doesn't suit u at all.. be urself.. ur much better than SRK in romance and love!! (no offense to SRK fans, me holding ears)!! aur Arjun, tum par jhagdalu Arohi ka to asar ho hi gaya hai.. aab plss yeh chalti phirti SRK ki copy ka asar mat hone dena!! I beg of us.. Dhondz.. Angry dekho tumne yeh kya kar diya hamare Arjun ka.. tum to uske dimag mein ghuske baith gaye ho.. u better come out soon.. varna I'm gonna leave CV's for now aur hamari hummer leke.. I'm gonna come after u!! Evil SmileEvil Smile
Arjun.. aaj to bada chipak rahe the apni wifey se!! lage raho.. mujhe yaad hai tumhara dialogue.. "agar aise chipki rahi to pyaar yaad aa jayega" aare.. yehi to hum chahte hai.. keep it up! Thumbs Up
"tum kitani sundar lag rahi ho Arohi", "KKHH Arohi, tum nahin samjhoge dhondu" Thumbs Up aur finally, "aaj ki raat kitani khubsurat hai Arohi, mujhe lagta hai ki yeh raat aur bhi khubsurat ho sakti hai" aare akal ke dhushmano.. hum to kabse keh rahe hai aur kanse intezaar bhi kar rahe hai!! Tongue
Loved it when he was all lost fully into Arohi's eyes!! kaha tha na chipke rehna.. pyaar yaad aa jayega!! Lovely moment!!

Alright!! coming to my phoolan devi!! Full marks to u today for the 2 mins where u were totally in love with ur husband.. Love in ur eyes for Arjun was so visible just like sparkling water in moonlight!! too good.. Best line of today.. which took all the stars from me today "mann to kar raha hai isse rok du, par darr lag raha hai ki rok dungi to ruk jaayega" ClapClapClapClaploved it!! This is the line I wanted to hear for such a long time.. This one line said it all.. she really loves hin and doesn't want him to go far from him.. she herself wants to be as close to him as possible.. it's just the outer revenge shield which is still stopping her from confessing this to herself and to him!! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I must admit that her game plan was fully justified!! she would not have got such a good opportunity later on!! and she was amazingly seductive.. anyone would have got lost in her beauty and ada.. phir yeh to Arjun tha!! Kritika was fab in this seq!! Clap as a seductive tigress!! awesome.. aur uska plan kabhi fail hota hai kya!! finally, she got to know that Piggy is Raj's dad!!

All in all a very good episode!! but I wish we would not have got to see the whole damn seq on SBS and SBB.. they spoil all the fun!! there is no surprise.. due to which the real seq in the episode always turns a bit of downer!! though it was gr88, I still didn't feel a waoooo or aww... bcoz it was all revealed to us before!! But I'm anxiously waiting for tomorrow's episode bcoz KMH's maha epi's.. all 3 of them so far have been magnanimously awesome!! I'm hoping to see that tomorrow as well and to get some sort of surprise or a really good twist!!
lets see if we see Rashi's re-entry tomorrow, Arjuhi confrontation abut Piggy issue and why Arohi supports Arjun in front of the family.. I just hope it's real support and not for revenge or any udhar utaro reason.. just bcoz he once saved her and supported her in front of the family!!

For today, everybody did a good job.. Raj, Karan, Kritika, Shradul.. good job guys!! KMH rocks.. ClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStar

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HeartHeartDay DreamingBlushingthis is for the romantic arjun and uss romance ke thode der ke liye jo behgayi arohi. Embarrassed aur jo baad mein arjun ka arohi ki seduction mein beh jana WinkHeart.  Karan and Kritika deserve ClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStar for the whole cottage sequence. will come back to this part later.Embarrassed
Jay's intro was good Thumbs Up  actor was good at both acting and dialouge delivery,  aur dialouges bhi kaam ke mile the 'jab kisiko pyar ho jata hai to uski neend ud jaati hai, pareshan ho jata hai ...'. Thumbs Up.  Lekin arjun ko isse advice lene ki zaroorat kya thiConfused it should have been shown that jay wanted to meet arjun to invite for his wedding and baton baton mein arjun ki dil ka haal bhi jaan gaya,  wish it had happened that way instead of arjun going to him seeking for advice.  utna pareshaan pareshaan hone ki vajah nahi thi na,  baccho ke saath hangout karoge to aisa hi hota hai LOL,  raj ko chodo arjun aur apni tej dimak se apna problem ka hal khud nikalo.  to be frank when raj was introduced in the show saying he will bring them closer ,I thot that arjun and arohi will notice each other's affection towards that kid and realise they are not as bad as they are thinking, lekin yeh chota love guru arjun ke liye laya gaya tha Confused.  Kid is cute and all no doubt in that Embarrassed today also he had all cute lines. 
Wallet mein muddy wala pic Shocked, chun chun ke ye wala mila tha Shocked,  kitne kanjoos hai BT wale Angry,  jo us din raj dikhaya tha arohi ko wahi use kar liya, cldnt u print the one where they posed for perfect family,   dadi had ordered that photoshoot so that, that pic wld be hung in their room, kaha hai woh?Confused.   well moving on ,   rapid fire round was good,  eventough I did not again like the suddenly hyper arjun in this scene,  still the questions proved useful and it is clear he loves ArohiEmbarrassed.  kyunki nafrat ke liye jhat se bahar aa gaya naam,  when it came to love he became conscious of the name Clap.   I wish jay din tell him what exactly he shld do and it was arjun's idea to crash the venue,  but maine kaha aaj kal bacche ke sath hangout kar kar ke arjun sabse advice lene laga.  kuch bhi ho kaam ki batein jay ne ki 'apna haq jata, tu husband hai  us baat ka advantage lelo, apni territory mark kar le ....' etc . ClapLOLEmbarrassed.  
arohi and dhondz ka convo,  a r s t LOL,  lekin a ke baad to r j u n aa gaya Clap and the way he implemented all that jay said LOLEmbarrassed bechari arohi pareshan ho gayi,  and dhondz in shock arey beta tumhe kya laga tum din bhar arjun ke ghar mein camp karoge to arjun chup baithega? and then what does she do wants to find out the name of that girl from dhondz.  and then tada light chali gayi.Clap
Loved the entire scene that followed,  'kitni khoobsoorat raat hai, tum kitni khoobsoorat ho, isse aur bhi khoobsoorat bana denge' Heart 'iss nafrat ke raak mein pyar ki ek chingari bachi hai ise shola ban jaane do' Day DreamingClap,  romance karna koi arjun se sikhe,  and she forgot everything 'kuch kehna chahti hoon, par darti hoon ki yeh ruk jayega' StarClap from the way they looked to the way held each other and the voice the bg score everything was perfect hereHeartDay Dreaming,  dhondz ko to exit hona hi pada LOL lekin tu kyun gaya if he stood there only then arjun wld have continued some more and then they wld have completely forgotten all that ego and hate.  dhondz leaves and the lovebirds stop flying LOL,  kisse fool kar rahe the, both knew what exactly happened hai na,  (arjun if u were in that competion where saas bahu wanted to know who was careless, you would loose first, coz u are toooo careful and CONTROLLED......Wink itna control kar liya Shocked ) 
control karne ke liye dhondz ka bahana liya, 'ki thank god woh chala gaya' aur arohi bhi dreamland se aagayi bechari Embarrassed, loved her in that scene where she completely lost Clap.   jacket pakadli usne out of  disbelief aur dekha bhi kya,  that report Ouch.   now she had taken up a challenge and shefu had given her an idea , perfect situation to implement it, even though she had not liked it before abhi jo arjun ne baaji palat di uske baad to arohi changed her mind EmbarrassedLOL.   and the much awaited Roop Tera Mastana song for us ClapClap.  I loved it,  eventough sbb/sbs ruined it for us by showing the complete clip ,  when it came as continuation of epi loved it.  they both were gorgeous, graceful and absolutely romantic.  I am happy it was not arjun's dream but arohi actually seduced him,  and her act was well played ClapClap.  It was hotter and more romantic than the promo Embarrassed.   lekin lekin lekin phir se control of the situation ho gaya Shocked apni marzi ke khilaf arjun ko phir control karna pada Unhappy aroooohiiii....hope u realise what u did and make it up to him sooon.
now she knows who it is, but I still doubt he will let her tell the name in front of his family,  may be she wont.  whatever happens I really wish CVs show the continuity of today's episode tmrw. 
KMH team : good job ClapClap  it was very well done sequence and u deserve all the applause.   would like to see some sweet and innocent romance from arohi's side too.   and pls. do not let sbs/sbb show the entire clips of the songs etc.  and abt upcoming another intimate scene it luks good too but I also want to see some innocent and sweet romance in KMH not just intimate scenes.
@all -  Please try to read and like the written updates everyday ,   it might contribute towards the activity of the forum and hence to chaskameter ranking.  Embarrassed

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to start off.. AGAIN .. LOL liked both jay n dhondz.. they r bringing new flavor to kmh's nok-jhoks.. awesome actors both of 'em.. Clap have seen shardul in bandini.. n nice to see him in here.. 

"yeh item kaun hai!!" kya yaar, humare raj ko item mat bol..yeh toh champ hai champ!! item toh chiku tha.. aur abhi dhondz bhi hai!!LOL
"abbe teri shaadi toh kuch din pehle hi hui aur beta!!" Jay, aap toh luv guru hai.. but Arjun toh luv ke baadshah hai!! dekhiye na.. shaadi ke ek hafte me 6 saal ke beta.. Kitani Mohabbat Hai!!Tongue
"jab insaan apne ehsaas ko chupata hai toh", wallets ki modeling karta hai, apne dushman ke saath foto shoot pe jaata hai, aur apni sabse masti wali foto jeb me rakhke ghumta hai!!Wink

Raj: toh hamesha se hi hamara champ hai!! again, hez doing the "beta hi baap ke kaam ata hai" role.. Clap
"mujhe pehle hi pata tha, agar aisa nahi hota, toh dad dhondhu se jealous kyu feel karte?!!" hamesha samjhdari ki baat!! jay ke badle isko bithao radio pe!!
now we have our own two and a half men.. !!LOL but i think woh half, raj se zyada arjun lag raha thaWink
Arjun: luved him struggling with his macho-image in front of his friend n his jealous-lover image.. both were fightin n his feelings were bubbling to the surface.. fab job..
"Actually Raj ko life me issues hai.. love related issues!!" haila!!Shocked Arjun, tune raj ka size dekha hai!!LOL accha size chod, tujhe kal ka convo yaad hai...raj ko bhi pata hai, uske problems ke solution.. aur ek tum ho!!Ouch love guru se bhi jhoot!! doctor se kabhi jhoot nahi bolte puttarji!!Wink

Hate: Arohi - luved it when he laughed out loud!!Embarrassed
Love: Aaa... - i think we all laughed out loud this time pointing at Arjun!!Big smile
(ab chor hai, chori ki hai, toh pakda toh jaayega naTongue)
Arohi ke jagah Arnold!?! kya yaar arjun... tum bhi dostana se affect ho gaye!!ROFL

Chalo bhai, arjun ji pahunche toh, khud ko assert karne, apni territory mark karne, kabab me se haddi nikalke bahar phenkne..Angry aur territory bhi kya mark kiya.. Thumbs Up
check this out: chipko movement v2.0.. ROFL
ek din woh humse chipakk gaye the, Embarrassed
aaj humne return kiya, sooth sameth!! LOL
ek din usne dhondz ko dekhkar hume bhikher diya Cry
aaj humne unko apne bahon me liya samet!! Cool

very gud, tum dono aise hi ek dusre se chipakte raho.. ek din pyar bhi yaad aajayega..!! aaj ek do rang dikh rahe the.. kisi din saara rainbow dikh jaayega!!Wink

dhondz to sahi item hai.. R ke baad S ke baad T!!Wacko

k all of u finally got to me!! "kuch kuch hota hai arohi, tum nahi samjhoge dhondu" haan dhondu, tum nahi samjhoge, yeh arjun ke man ki jalan hai, aur tum usme ghuse ek lakdi ho!! nikal jao, nahi toh jal jaaoge.. dekha nahi dono ek hi baat keh rahe hai "nafrat ke raakh ke neeche dabi ek pyar ki chingaari, isko aaj shola banne doh".. dhondu bhaaaag!!Angry yeh banda, itna der yahan khada tha, jaise ko picture dekh raha ho.. Shocked

finally dhondz took the hint n left.. dun think he was jealous of arjun.. i think he was jealous of not having his A with him whoever that is.. kinda feeling left out i suppose.. Cryki uska bird partner uske paas nahi... dhondz..yeh toh kuch bhi nahi..jab yeh tom n jerry ka team tumhara case lega na.. u will be simply happy to leave chandigarh in one piece!!LOL

Arohi:luved it when she was thinking "lekin dar lag raha hai ki rok dungi toh ruk jaayega".. then teh spell broke when dhondz banged the door shut.. Embarrassedphir arohi ko masti suji.. Winkbut yeh kya arjun.. 'ruk jao arohi'??!! abhi!!!Angry "yeh to sach me ruk gayi".. Shockednahi beta, woh toh trailer tha..abhi puri picture dekh..LOL usne opening di, n she pounced on the opportunity.. fully justified i think..Thumbs Up in my book, its tit for tat for the HM sequence..LOL

roop tera mastana, 
pyar tum dono ka deewana, 
bhool kabhi kahin na kar paaye!!AngryWink (gadhe kahin ke!!)

their chemistry rocks!! Clap luved the sequence.. but thnx to SBS n SBB n watever else tht covered it already.. thoda downer tha.. Ouch

finally arohi acheived wat she wanted.. the letter!! n thank god they didnt freeze on her opening the letter.. jignesh confirmed raj ka asli dad.. finally!Unhappy n yay!! not fake love!!Dancing arjun is NOT gonna erupt like a volcano!! D'ohthey r NOT gonna wake up with regret on their minds!! Partybut nok-jhoks will continue ..Sleepy n will arjun tell arohi the whole story? ya will arohi MU arjun for covering for pignesh?? ya will she use the info to make the chingari between arjun n Rudr into a shola?!?! will rashi show up tomorrow?? can dadi save arjun from rudr n arohi?? time will tell!!Wink

on the whole, luved karan, kritz, sami, shardul n saurav!! gud job guyz!!Clap

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short take from me today cuz i got rlly bad headache.........

so da startin of 2days epi i really lyked so a thumbs up for datThumbs Up.....jay's intro was nicely done nd  lines wer well sed.....den my sweet raj came nd startin disturbing himLOL....jay was gettin all confused who's kid dat wasConfused......

now dis part puts a smile on KMHians....Arjun's entry......ahhhhhh hum toh bas usko he dekhte reh jatey hai.....

so Arjun was really  sweet 2day he didnt want 2 tell his friend dat he had a problem nd started sayin dat raj has a love life issue.........buh raj such a sweet nd innoncent boy told jay dat it is Arjun who has a problem in his love life nd doesnt know if he h8s or likes my mum.......Arjun was lyk der is no confusion i hate her.....Raj den sed "lagta toh nahi hai".....LOLevery son shuld be lyk raj....
oh nd den cums da rapid fire dat was rlly good.........i culdnt stop laughin wen Arjun sed dat he wanted say Arnold not ArohiROFLROFLi wuld say da rapid fire game was nice
Thumbs Up

now da cottage scene.........da was a mixed reaction 4 me so it was bothThumbs UpThumbs Down
yeh CV's na hamesha ek karbar kartey rahtey.........episode theek start hota hain toh phir ek sudden dissappointment......leiken aaj ka episode itna bhora nahi tah.....kyunki humko Arjun owr arohi ka amazin chemistry dekha woh Roop Tera Mastana scene mein.......Embarrassed
Embarrassedyeh pora cottage scene mein mujhe sirf ek baat achi lagi nd dat was wen Arjun was usin fillmy dialouges 2 impress Arohi (which i didnt lyk)  but then he started usin original dialogues nd den came da beatufil eye lock scene dat was rlly nice 2 c dat dey both still rlly luv each other........ek kaam jo CV's ne acha kiya......Clap
owr woh cartoon dhondz bhi un dhownu ko ekala chora....owr un ko love birds kaha......yh baat toh dhondz sai kaha......Roop Tere Mastana kya mast scene tha eventhough SBS/SBB had ruined da moment buh still luved it.......

woh Roop Tera Mastana Scene ko mein paanch stars dhowngiStar
Arjun toh kamal ka tha toh uske liye Star
Arohi ko chaar stars milenge Star
arohi deserves 4 stars cuz woh bechara Arjun was so mezmerised by her beauty....he drove of 2 lala land but Arohi didnt even care nd just went searchin 4 da reports.........

kal ka epi ka sirf so eager 2 watch 2moro's epi i just wish it wont dissapoint us cuz im aspectin a lot 4rm 2morro's fingers crossed.......

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Mariaa.SG IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Res Wink 

Radio Joker Jaay Is Soo Cute Day Dreaming I Like Shardul From Bandini 
There Is A New I-F Video With Karnika On Sets Soo Please Check It Wink


Sorry But Still Have Not Have Forget Todaay's SBS/SBB Dream Sequence 
Just Droowling OVER iT LOLAnywaays 

Baack To Todaay's Episode : It Was A Mindblowing & Mesmerizing Episode Without Any Doubt Wink Finally Our Cute Aro Clear Her Mind ......So She Know's About The Real Father Big smile Bahot Zidi Ladki Haai Hamari Aro .......Jo Chaha Woh PAaya LOL
And Now I'm Really Hoping To See Some Changes In Her Behaviour Toward Arjun 
Bahot Dekh  Liya Arjun Ke Pyaar Ko .....Now Time Is For Arohi To Do Something For Arjun Embarrassed
Jaay Is Too Funny , I Just Love This Guuy And I Was Sure He'll Do A Great Job Even The Acting He Did Was Awesome Atleast Better Than Dhondu LOL......Welcome To The Gaang Yaar Hug His Convo With Arjun & Raj Was Soo Good LOL Just Enjoyed It A Looot Big smile
Aaaw My Cutie Arjun Saays He Loves Arohi But He Hated Her Too ......Soo Confused LOL 
The Most Awaited Thing : Roop Tera Mastana Sequence Day Dreaming...Heart Finally It Comes Wink
It Was A Great Great Great Sequence AND Loved Karnika's Expressions As Long It Rest Big smile Sizzling And Freaking Scene .....OMGGGG Call The Ambulance Noow 
Silly Soo Muuch Intimate Scene This One ......I Felt A Thing During It 
It Waas Very Expressive ...Seems Like Both Were Not Doing Acting But Were Outbursting Their Feelings Even Arohi This Time Embarrassed

Liked All The Episode But Agaain Felt Bad For Arjun Who's Always Waiting To Have A Real Striy With Arohi And She's Alwaays Ouch
He Was Really Cute & Innocent Todaay Again Day Dreaming
But Anywaays As Arohi Knows That Arjun Is Not The Father ........Its Time For Her To Fell Guilty And This Time REAL GUILTY Which Will Conclude As Love Embarrassed
Now Eagerly Waiting For Tommorow .....When Aro Will Support Arjun 
And Hope We Don't Will Be Disappointed Confused Inshallah Heart

Overall Awesome Acting By Karan And Kritika As Always And By Sami & Shardul Too Clap 


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