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awesome update

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waiting for the next update!!!

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wow wonderful update.keep up the good sis is blackmailing her bro.very well written.thanxs

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Thank you so much  ruchibabblyAditiDmichimissourikhus1973sweetrose92charushreeshalinikanagusushmavinaDAIRY25sugarandspicevinianilsuwinlaxmischalhovbvs7691radha_bilahariradev_forever_Sahra_radhika5anu17nycsweetie,   for giving such quick response. That's th espirit , feel like I am back into my action ground, ha ha..
thanks  for liking part 113.
@laxmis:  thnak you so much. especially for liking sammy , the new charactor.   hope you will like next part too.
@radhika5: thank you dear.papa-princees took over my radhika dev.. oh my... anyway that si good, as the show is full of radhika, let's see our hero here, right?  but next part is not princess papa time.. but i hope ou will still like it.   let me know
@anukutty: thanks dear, um lechu superfast in love,  i agree with you, it came in limelight now, but they didn't mention when they met and all, they just said how they met each other, but for how long, but you are right, it was love at first sight, whereas my Dev took his time to relaize it, becaus eof radhika's irriating behaviour..  so let' shave two different love stories to deal with , ha ha. He tried to climd th eladder, what will our sammy do? there is no ladder here!!!
@suwin: thank you chechy, i also hope that everything will work out for Lechu, and she will get her love, and she will eb able to convince them that she is serious too. ha ha.. thnaks and hope you will like next part too
@radha: thnak you so much dear, especially to know that these are light mometnts. Suchi may be shocked when she heard it first time, butt hen how she will really react, coming up sooon.  and i do believe there is Lechu inside all of us, who is just liek this, vey bubbly whom we lost on our way of life's journey of a kid , to studnet, to lover, to wife to mom, or maybe grandmom.  so she is in all of us, and she is true. right?
@sushmavina: thank you so much dear for liking it.
@ekta; thank you dear,  for giving the clear picture, yes soemtimes we nees words to say it all out, and you are right, Dev's reasoning was needed for his delima ot just say it out. Smamy was able to come and  introduce it, but for Dev , he has o handle it carefully,  i can imagine my own bro's situation, he may be free with both os us, but then relaizing that his siter is in a relationship and to tell that to parents, he  will take his time. so thanks for letting me know dear.
@vini: thank.. lechukutty.. ha ha.. i love her so much, she is like our own little sis ,right, or a close friend,  or may be a rep of our own childhood..  but yes, now bhatta fmaily has to accept her as a grown up kid, so let see hwo they will taek it..
@diary25: thank you dear. mom-daughter talk, may come later, i don't know how that will be, but for now i want suchi to realize her own daughter's growth, so hopefully you will like it.. more of family togetherness comign up next.
@nycsweeite: thank you so much dear
@radev-forever:thank you so much, next part coming soon.
@masumasrilanka: thank you and welcome to my dreamworld, a crazy place  where imagination floats around your head  to pull n your hair.. hope you will prefer to stay back here.
Thank you to sending me that PM my friend. I really aprreciate it.
Thanks for responding and waiting for me.. next part coming soon, hope noone will interfere me in next one hour around, then i will catch you soon.
Thanks once again

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Part 114

Time ticked by, Radhika's eyes moved on Suchi's face, she saw Suchi taking  a deep breath, then to her surprise;

with a smile , Suchi looking at Radhika:  nice, so our lechu is in love, and what is his name you said?



Rahdika mumbled: Sammy


Suchi getting up from the sofa: I  am glad it is not her that hero?


Radhika also got up from the couch, with slightly parted lips as she was not understanding what Suchi is saying


Radhika: mom!


Suchi: ha, what is his name? oh ya, Ranbir Kapoor, I was really scared, maybe she will come up with his name, seeing her craziness for  while watching his movies, and at one time i thought  your papa may have tos to start producing  films too now.


Radhika following Suchi to dining room: mom, what? i don't undertand


Suchi:  What Radhika, you took all her talk seriously, you know her well right? She is like that, and tomorrow she will come up with somebody elses name, some other hero, and now I listened to you completely because you sounded so serious.


Radhika: no mom, she is serious


Suchi looking back at Radhika: who? Our Lechu!!


Radhika: ha mom


Suchi: Radhika, I hope you know her well by now, right?


Radhika: but that guy, he came here and he talked  to both of us.


Suchi: um, then he will be another nuts just like her, otherwise who will go behind her.


Radhika ; no mom, he sounded so serious,  he is not like that.


Suchi: not like what?


Radhika: I mean, I met him at dad's office and then here also ,when he came, lifting her wrist up and showing the thaveez, see his mother send this with him, and also they all know about us, and also he gave his address and all to Dev to enquire about him and all then...


Suchi interfered : Oh Radhika, I thought you are little smart atleast.


Radhika stood in pause, waiting for suchi to continue


Suchi: you only told that he came to present some project at papa's office , right?


Radhika: ha


Suchi: and the next day he is coming here and telling you both that he is loving Lechu.


Radhika: ha, and lechu..


Interfering Radhika to continue: and Lechu also saying she is loving him too


Radhika: ha mom


Suchi: and when she comes back from college you ask her what that guys name, either she will ask :which guy, or she may say some other new heroes name. Thum bhi na and walking down to the kitchen. Suchi paused for a  second and asked: and to tell this you three were playing kathakali in the morning at the breakfast table?. Suchi flaring her both hands out; I can't believe this, and for that what all she was doing, kissing her brother and then looking at Radhika: all these past 21 years, I never seen her kissing her brother,  I think when she was about 2 yr old, she started pulling on his ears and  poor Dev even if he go nearby she simply cry loud and we used to think Dev did something, and he was getting the scolding unnecessarily and later only we caught on her act.  and you people are takign her childish act so seriously!!! I should have taken it seriously when I saw her doing it, then we should have closed this chapter then and there itself. And for that you are smushing your  brain, thinking how to tell me!! Let her come, I will handle it ok.


Radhika just nodded her head in agreement and then looked at the Thaveez


Suchi saw her doubtful eyes, then with a smile: don't worry, anyway this thaveez has blessings in it, and who ever tied it, he said something good only na, so keep it, ok.


Radhika jerked first , but then nodded her head in agreement.


Suchi: tell me, what you want for dinner?


Radhika: anything mom


Suchi: um


Radhika: mom, I will be right back.


Suchi understaood the intention, so she said: um,  careful


As she saw Rahdika walking speedly towards the main hall


Radhika nodded her head and slow down her steps, and then  as she got the freedome, she walked faster to the room. She closed the door behind and took her cell phone  and dialed Dev's number.


Time ticked by, Lechu came in with excited face.  She ran upstairs to Radhika's room


"did you tell mom?"


Radhika turned listening to Lechu's excited sound


Radhika in  a very normal tone: um


Lechu coming near: my ache bhabhi,  did she agree


Radhika: um


Lechu hugging her from the back , lifted herself on her toes and gave a kiss on Radhika's side cheek: you are soo soo sweet


Radhika: um, I know


Lechu: what is this bhabhi, , for everything um um,  tell me exactly what mom told you?


"why you are asking bhabhi, ask me directly'


Suchi's voice surprised Lechu and she turned and leaving Radhika behind, she ran towards mom.: mom,  then tell me na


Lechu reaching near, as if unable to know how to proceed: what you think?


Suchi: now you two come down and let's have some hot bajis, and regarding this we will talk once dad comes home ok


Lechu: mom,please


Suchi: what please, anyway it is  my daughter's love metter , right, I think let dad also come and let us discuss about it and then we let you know ,ok.


Lechu tried to show her zidd: mom please

Serious tone of Suchi came out: Lechu, I said once, and don't let me repeat it ok,  I am noticing it, now a days you are not walking on your feet, for everything there is  so many questions, so many explanations, um, now listen to me and come down both of you.


Lechu slowed down and looked at Radhika and found her  smiling face, as Radhika came near to walk  down, lechu mumbled: um, hasiye, hasiye,  if anything go wrong na, I won't spare you both, beware,  and then in warning tone: I will call Sammy, and he will come here tonight itself and talk with dad and mom, you see


Radhika while passing her: um, then you better call him, after seeing dad's face, his legs will shiver, I know.


Lechu lost her patience: bhabhi


Radhika tunred and smiled at her and walked speedly to reach nearSuchi


Lechu after a pause , followed them slowly, thinking :bhabhi se , bro is better , atleast I can blackmail him,  with bhabhi nothing works out.



Suchi's voice pierced her ears that  within fraction of seconds she sat on the dining chair.


Lechu expected Suchi to talk about it, but that didn't happen, they were talking generally about other things, except her love, and she thought to self; when it comes to my thing, nobody is serious, now how will I convince them, for Sammy it was so easy, but for me, now I have to wait till dad comes and atleast I am glad Bhabhi told mom everything. She looked at the watch  and unknowingly looked out at the door. She felt  like the time is moving just like a snail  for the first time in a day.



Dev and Surrender came back together form work.  Dev felt some relief seeing Suchi's normal face and her usual teasing.    He went to their room to settle down.


Radhika stepped  in.


Dev unbuttoning his shirt: I can't believe it Radhika, did you really tell mom about everything!!

Radhika coming  near and taking it over form him: ha, even I also got surprised to see mom's reaction.


Dev stood there with his hands over his  hip side: but he sounded so serious Radhika, even it is just Lechu telling me this, I may take it light too, but I don't know, I don't think it is just her another spang around.



Radhika: anyway mom said she will talk once  you two come, so you only tell mom . Anyway I initiated the talk as I told you.


Dev: um, but I wish mom is right this time.


Radhika just looked at him in doubt.


Dev as if reading her eyes: no Radhika, that doesn' t mean he is not good,  that way atleast mom's trust will remain intact na.


Radhika  just looked at his face  and  said: everything will be alright.


Dev: um, let see


Dev went to freshen up and Radhika went down.  Lechu came to know they are back, that she came down running and found Surrender already in his office settling something.


Lehcu looked at Radhika's face disappointedly.


Radhika: As usual his pacth up work.


Lechu coming near Radhika:  deedi, why it is building so much tension inside me.


Radhika holding onto her shoulder: Lechu, relax,  anyway, mom said she will handle it , right.


Lechu: is that what mom said?.

Radhika: Lechu, don't worry, there is time,  mom will discuss about  it, ok.


Lechu mumbled: um, she better


Radhika in a warning tone: lechu

Lechu: what bhabhi, aap bhi...


Radhika tried to give a smile



Lechu: and now onwards you need to support me ok, please.


Radhika: sure


She looked up and found Dev coming down, Dev looked at Lechu's face, as he neared she said: see I told you, I can trust bhabhi, she is the one who finally said to mom.


Dev just looked at Radhika once and then holding onto lechu's shoulder: ha baba, you know everything well , ok, I agreed


Lechu: ha you better.


Soon it was their family time, and LEchu was looking at Radhia impatiently as mom didn't talk about it at dinner time either.


 suddenly, Suchi: few people are coming to see our LEchu this weekend


Surrender: who is coming? very casually


Lechu with  a big sigh relief: havu, now I feel some relief, then looking at suchi: why mom, why you took so long to say it out, as if some mountain walking down to here.


Suchi: Lechu


Lechu looking at Surrender:  vo dad.


Suchi: let me finish


Lechu: ok , baba, I will  keep quiet.


Surrender looked at suchi


Suchi: our LEchu is in  love, and that guy's parents are coming in this weekend, to see her and all of us.


Surrender: what what what.. say it again


Suchi repeated what Radhika told her ,and with each full stop, Lehcu nodded her head in agreement , affirming "yes"


Surrender in his casual , soft tone: oh that is a big thing, so we need to be prepared , right?.


Lechu realized the tease tone behind it: dad, it is not funny ok.


Suchi controlling her smile:ha, its not funny ok,  our Lehcu is so serious.


Lechu: I am always serious


Surrender: ok baba, now what you want us to do? just tell me that


Lechu: dad, why you are asking me like that?


She was getting irritated, seeing the light response, first time her eyes filled up with tears,  and soon it rolled down her eyes.


Surrender looked at Suchi in confusion, and Suchi looked back at him in surprise.  They got up form the chair to go near her, but then she stood and looked at Radhika and said: I  thought you will side me, you also smiled with them na.



And before anyone could interfere she ran up the stairs to her room, and heard a big bang.


They stood in shock seeing Lechu's response.


Suchi coming near Radhika: what happened to her? I never seen her like this,  with everything she had a back answer, and difficult to stop her, and now what happened?!!


Radhika held Suchi's hand , telling her that I am listening.


Dev looked at surrender and said: dad,  let me check on her , one minute


Saying that he went up quick.


The silence engulfed the main hall.


Dev went and knocked on her door and kept on calling her and asked her to open the door, but she didn't,


Dev: Lechu, I told you, we are serious too, let's talk about it


Dev continued his manipulation with words and finally got her  to open the door, and he followed her to the bed side.


 He saw her not stopping, just walking in trance to bed, he held her shoulder to stop her and turned her and found her  red swollen eyes. He was unable to believe his eyes, he just wrapped his arms around her, and bringing his sister closer he said: Lechu,  what happened to you? Don't do like this, we are here with you.


Lechu just mumbled: but I know you all are teasing me only.


Dev moving her shoulder back and looking at her face: why do you say like that?  I am here na, I will talk to dad and mom.


He noticed her silence and he clearly read her face.


Dev to convince her: see, they didn't see Sammy that is why., and they don't know how serious you are, ok. I will talk to them, see I have full details of him and his family, I enquired everything, now dad and mom doesn't know about him na, so only, once I tell them about everything, they will also like him, ok. You trust me, I am here for you , ok.


He saw her eyes shedding tears, he never   imagined those drops in her eyes , that he wiping it off, he tried to console her with his support words, and finally she stopped.


Dev: ha, ye hui na bath, mei hu na, I will take care,  now you see how   serious mom and dad will be ok.


Lehcu just nodded her head in agrement.


Dev: now you take rest ok.


Lechu mumbled: can I come with you too.


Dev: not now,  once I talk to dad and mom, I only will come and take you, ok.


Lechu: pakka


Dev with  amsile: um


Lechu: ok thne,  and  in  achildish tone: then now only go and talk to them.


Dev again with  a amile: don't close your door, ok.


Lechu just moved her jaw in agrement.


 Giving another comfort look, Dev walked out from her room, but then the minute he turned to walk down, he saw his dad's unbelievable eyes staring at him.


Dev paused for a second, and closing his parted lips, scanning the floor once , he said: dad vo


Surrender just showed his palm to the front asking him to stop.


Dev stopped there and looked at his dad's face


Surrender turned and walked down and sat on sofa. Suchi's eyes were looking up at the scener and she lowered her gaze as surrender came and sat on sofa with that serious face.


Surrender sitting back: Ok Dev, tell me what you have to tell now.


He understood the tone of his dad's voice, and  sittig next to him, he repeated everything what Radhika told, and this time both Suchi and Surrender listened to him as they are listening to it for the first time, and then  he gave the details of Sammy's background.



Surrender sat with his  eyes fixed on dev's face, reading every expression of him, with his statements.


Radhika held on Suchi's hand.



The silence again engulfed the main hall, and Dev sat there for a response from  his family.


Surrender getting up from the sofa, in a serious tone: anyway they are coming this weekend, right?, let them come and let  us  forward from there then. I need to attend a call, so need to go.  Saying that he walked to his office.


But on his way he stopped for a second and looking at Radhika: beta, did you mention he is the same guy who came to present the Aggarwal project the other day.


Radhika: ji papa


Surrender: um



They watched as he walked away.


Dev: mom, come and just talk to LEchu once, please mom, she is sitting and crying like anything.



Suhci looked at Dev and said: why me,  she has you all , right?, go and talk to her, also crying one time won't hurt anyone, maybe it gives time to cool down too.


He realized the wetness hiding behind her throat.


Suchi trying to give a forceful smile: sometimes parents fail to see their kids real growth right?, for them ,  their kids are the best in the world and nothing  will happen around them without their parents knowledge and then coming near Dev , looking straight into his eyes , she said:  Why beta, why? Where are we failing to see what is happening around our kids? After learning one lesson, why I am still not seeing it, not realizing it.  But I am glad, she told us about it early, than hearing from any third person.


Turning and walkig towards her room ,  she paused and turning once she looked at Dev again and said:  till this moment, she was just a kid  for me dear, I need this night time, to see the growth of my own child and to take everything in, I hope you understand that.



Dev looked at his mom's face helplessly , and stood there with weak legs.


Radhika tried to follow Suchi, but suchi said: I will be fine beta, its just matter of time, I am fine, there is nothing wrong in anything, only thing  that I failed to see it with my own eyes, that's all. But now I know,  and I am not weak, I will be fine, you go to Lechu and tell her we will wait for the weekend,.


Radhika: but mom


Suchi trying to bring a smile: goodnight beta, you might be tired too, go to bed.


Radhika standing there: ji


They watched Suchi disappearing into her room, Radhika looked at Dev's face , Dev slowly walked near to the office and found his dad sitting with his head rested back on that big revolving chair, and his eyes were closed too. He just rescripted Suchi's words : I need to see her growth and I need to take that in.


Radhika touched his shoulder and then she signaled her to look at LEchu's room. They both went up and as she found Dev coming in, she ran and looked at his face : Is everything ok, is dad and mom agreed!!


Dev didn't say anything, LEchu looked at Radhika and Radhika nodded her head in agrement


Lechu's excited voice : Oh thanks Bhabhi, I knew it, if Bro say na, then mom and dad will listen. Oh thank you so much bhabhi.


She hugged her loosely and then hugged her Bro tightely , thanking him.


Dev looking at Lechu's face: now, you go to sleep ok.


Lechu looking outside at the hallway:  let me go down and meet mom, I thought they may come up too


Dev: dad has to attend a call, and mom already went to bed.


Lechu: Oh dad, his office calls na, no wonder mom is telling like that.


Dev: um, now you also go to bed, we will talk tomorrow , ok.


Lechu with  a smile: um, thanks bhayya


Dev giving a comfort smile, went to his room. Radhika, you come too.

Radhika: just a minute, she stayed back watching Dev , giving permissison.


Lechu called Radhika: bhabhi


Radhika turned and looked at her: Thank you so much bhabhi


Radhika felt the truthfulness in her words, she tried to smile : don't worry ok, we all are here na, mom siad that we will wait for weekend, now you don't worry and go to bed,  goodnight


Lechu with a smile: goodnight bhabhi


When Radhika entered  the room, she found Dev already settling in bed.   Closing the door behind she went and joined him and rested her head over his chest.


Dev: Radhika, Now I am seeing  dad & mom's mind, I never thought that our actions can hurt them.  I know that it will pain  them, but that feeling, how they take it, .. seeing and realizing it, is different Radhika.


Radhika listened to him actively


Dev continued in trance: Ha Radhika, when mom kept on calling me, when mom asked all those simple things especially when we were away, like, did you had food?, what did you eat?, how are you? , all those simple simple things , sometimes I felt how silly,  and when I saw her number repeatedly blinking on my phone, "I am like mom, I am alright, why you are calling  again" but  as a son for me it was simply and silly and I gave that call many time into your hand, and I do still remember you used to talk to them for hours, all those silly things and even many times  I asked you, why you  need to tell all these, but now I know.. all those silly things brings us all together na, I don't think it is what we ate, but it is that care feeling behind that question, need an answer, a simple answer and I am sure that can surely bring a smile on every mom's face.


    ...Why I failed to understand that?  I don't think by loving someone, LEhcu did any crime, but still I know it may hurt them, then think of me , his wet throat mumbled  how much pain I gave my mom.


Radhika wrapped her arms around his chest: it is not just you, it was  me too


Dev stroking on her back, in trance: ha Radhika,  it is us, and  if we compare Lechu's case to us, I think it is us, who gave the biggest shock, and  even as stamped as mom's best son by almost everyone in our circle, even though it was not a conscious effort, I falied to recognize it. It was so painful for me when mom asked me about that Why question, looking stright into my eyes.  

  ...It did pain me when I came to know you are not around, it did pain me when mom raised her finger on me, sushma buwa raised her hand over my cheek, but  I was in a delima, thinking where i went wrong, what did I do wrong, where you may be? And  thoguht why they are not seeing my state of mind, but now when my mom questioned me or raised her hand on me, it was actually paining her,  and I failed to see that.


Radhika felt  the wetness falling on her forehead. She looked up, and trying to wipe it away she said:  ha, you are right, and you are talking my mind too, that how  much it all went in us, but now we know that right?


Dev: um, Radhika, now we know that, we won't repeat that to happen again.


Radhika: ha.


Dev trying to give a smile: how is Lechu now?


Radhika: she is ok, might have slept now.


Dev: um, poor her too, all her talks and actions we took for fun too.


Radhika: um, but atleast I am glad dad and mom agreed with her.


Dev: ha,  not agreed , but atleast ready to welcome them, hope now everything will be alright.


Radhika: um


Dev: you may be tired too, right, and then resting his hand over her stomach: is my little princess slept already?.


Radhika smiled saying :um


Dev: it's ok, it is too late,  you also sleep.


Radhika: and you?


Dev: I am going to rest too, holding my little one in my arms.


Radhika smiled settling in bed.


Thank you friends, hopefully you will like this part, too busy , so don't knwo whether i will be able to send PM's , hope you will catch it here
take care and have a happy weekend
part 115

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Thx a lot lechu was so serious it was a funny + serious epi thx a lot waiting for the next parts.

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lovely update

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Devika i realy appreciate ur hard work n tym... its  a pleasure 2 read...thnx  a lottt yaar 4 such a wonderful update again...

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