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charushree Groupbie

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 1:22am | IP Logged
Devika,sorry dear for late response.I try to comment on last 3 updates,but dont know what happened to my PC,it got struck in the middle of my typing,and all my efforts of posting a reply to ur post went in vain!The lastest updates are as usual very good dear,tension, nervousness,shock, tears,comforting etc.. Once again Sorry for not commenting earlier dear.Ok...about updates,now all know about lechu and her love matter.Can't believe lechu in love with someone!!!!Poor suchi&surrender,they didnt expect this from lechu who plays and speaks like a kid always!Somehow both dev&rad gathered all their courage to open up lechu's love matter&finally they did open up!!Now waiting for night to pass&next day to come to see suchi&surrender's talk towards lechu.

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--Ekta-- IF-Rockerz

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so our lechu can be serious like this actually she cried which made her mom and dad serious
how dev managed was really awesome but he till now feels bad for that separation
and i think suchi is mad not bcoz lechu is in love with someone but again she told to dev and dev enquired all things himself and not shared with his parents na
but she also has to understood that dev thought best to enquire first and if everything is good then need to share with them
our radev are being mature more and more good to see their thoughts

ok will wait for suchi's thoughts
thanks for the update

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 May 2011 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Excellent work Di Clap Clap Clap very well written emotional update ..growth is natural process but sometimes knowing it very well we deny to accept it , when realization falls it make us numb for sometimes exactly like suchi - surinder of radev show how much trust and support of parents matter in their kids lives ..THANKS YOU .. 

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 3:21pm | IP Logged
thank you ruchibabblykscjkAditiDwissenmichNabesaimissourimasumasrilankasweetrose92charushreesweetfamilyprakrisushmavinasugarandspicevinianillaxmisv3gradev09suwinDAIRY25chalhovradha_bilahariradhika5RADEV1000bvs7691anu17nycsweetie,  for liking part 114.
I appreciate your time to respond to my post friends, i know i am taking too much of your time, no more demands ok, i told you if you really want to convey something to me then use your precious time.
I may be sending the last PM today with this episode . I will surely edit the topic with updated part or date, so many personal reasons, and I have no clue what I am going to do now, maybe i will update everyday, may be twice in a day, or none in a day, who knows!,
 but need to cover few things, before i get into that destination, so only i said, no more PM's after this update. hopefully you will be able to catch me here as your time permits.
I am sure, when i don't see response, i may  send that PM  again, or I may bug, or request to give me some response. But will restrain myself from doing it, this time. 
Thank you for all the love and support..

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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                                                                 Part 115


Mohan and Rohini left after tea time along with Rahul.   Lechu was on phone with her friend all the time. Her face was glittering and her voice was holding the happiest voice possible, and she was sitting near window for sometime while talking,  then coming back and laying on the bed continuing her talk, she almost acted like she is in 9th cloud and floating around happily.



Surrender looked at Suchi who was sitting silently inside the car.  Horn from other vehicles were made the environment noisy as usual.  He didn't say anything either, except  glancing at Suchi's face once in a while. He parked the car near the temple, and they got down.  They did the offerings to the Lord and then taking the blessings, they went and sat  in  a corner away from the crowd. The wind was blowing around and  was cooling down the warm atmosphere from the days.


Surrender looking at the darkening pink shade of the horizon sky: Suchi, why wanted to come here today, especially after this hectic day, that also just us! and sillting all silent.



Suchi looked at her husband and said: I may look silent, but i am talking a lot inside me, i am seeing a lot inside me.I am not silent, I was just...



Surrender: what is it Suchi?  I was watching you over from the minute Mohan and all left home, you are looking so serious! are you not happy with  Sammy's family, or is there anything else that bothering you?


Suchi looking at the horizon: nothing like that,  actually I was thinking about our time, how we met.


Surrender with a smile: oh,  then you should surely share that with me, so my wife has gone back to those days, so only wished to come to Temple, leaving kids behind.


Suchi: not exactly, but I wish to come to Temple because everything went fine. Sammy's parents sounded very positive, and even they agreed with my demand of having this marriage after she completes her studies, and more than anything I am happy to know that 'it is Sammy's and Lechu's wish too'. 


    ...Even though Lechu sound so silly, I know she is a very intelligent girl, and she studies well too, but for her after  apause she continued... life is so light and simple, and she behave that way, and take everything that way.  I still can see those tears in her eyes when we smiled at her feelings, and then I realized she is only this much, if we say something, it hurts her very badly. I hope she also will learn to face the life strongly, and never go weak on her heart.



Surrender: suchi, why you have to think all these now?



Suchi with a smile: because  Lechu is a girl, and she never faced anything challenging in her life, for her everything was available at her foot step, there was nothing impossible in her life so far, what she wished, she got it , or she manipulated others to get it her way.


Surrender: why you are saying so/


Suchi: no, I am not saying she is manipulative in a wrong way, I mean, for simple things., let it be a dress,  remember  looking at Surrender when Dev  did scold her for wearign that mini skirt, she didn't cry, instead went and  made him to buy 5 or 6 of new dress for her, when  I asked her to complete her work book,she made Radhika to finish it for her.


Surrender: but that and all


Suchi: that's what I said, everything is simple and reachable for her, but will the life be like that for her. After marriage she needs to take the responsibility, she may need to face different problems, and that time?


Surrender: you know what, when such situations comes, she will face it accordingly, and now we know how Sammy's parents are,  and we heard how he is, a guy who can leave everything behind and come back giving importance his family and his place, then I am sure he is not just an oridinery guy, he will make her life good only or he will help her to overcome tomorrow's difficulties.


Suchi: ha, but  my inner mind  has a fear, don't know how to tackle it.


Surrender: do  you know from where that inner fear is coming,  and you tackled Dev and Radhika's life, and now Lechu's life, your mind is worried about your children, thinking about their future, and that is natural, it is not inner fear Suchi


Suchi: I know , when such things comes in our life, I always have the image of my dad, sitting on that step, with tear filled eyes, when he send me with you.


Surrender looked at Suchi as Suchi looked at the horizon


Suchi continued: I cannot never forget those days,  our early days, you came along with my dad to my house oneday, and I was doing  second year of medicine at that time.  He introduced you to me, and that time you were just an employee at my dad's small business firm. And when he introduced we were just strangers and never thought it is us who are destinated to travel together for the rest of the life time.

    But remember, how hard it was for you, you were totally into business world as if there is nothing exist around you, and was working hard to bring more profit to dad's business, and for dad, he slowly started depending on you for everything,  you became a daily guest in our house, and along with that our friendship also grew, and your hard work showed the result in big numbers. But  more than anything your hardwork won the heart of my dad and slowly slowly his praising words went in me too and destiny brought us together, you told me everything about you , and with my demand you took me to chandenpur. I still remember,  you took me with my request, but you kept your head down,  you sat next to me with coverign your face, but then the same destiny brought you back there with  holding your head high.


     ...But along with all that you were all set out to build on more wings to dad's small firm and for that you stayed awake during night, you worked hard on weekends,  your focus was business and its success, and along with that time passed , I got pregent, and I had many issues , but you were not near me to share anything, as for you , you were at the crucial time of  meeting people and getting new contracts, and all. 

     ...But I had a strong mind to overcome all those situations, maybe because that's how my dad brought me up all by himself.  Then  Dev born, and LEhcu came to our life and I decided to specialize in gynecology. You enjoyed being with kids , as you rarely got those opportunity but you utilized it well.  For me I also grown professionally as you gave me that support, and you always looked at me with that smile, and enjoyed sharing my success than your business growth,  your biggest support was just  agreeing with my goals, and I learned so much from life.

  ...But when it came to our kids, they are dreaming so much, they expect everything to go according to their wish and that is creating all these problems, they go weak on their legs easily and instead of sharing it with their friends or with elders, they just come to conclusion by themselves, not giving a chance for a 2 nd thought, or another option.


Surrender: Suchi what are you trying to say


Suchi: nothing, I think I was unnecessarily underestimating our kids.


Surrender: thum bhi na


Suchi: everything will be alright, na


Surrender: um


Their talk went on while the  Holy bell made its sound filling the air.

The  next day Lechu was excited to know about Sammy in dad's office,  and was eating Radhika's ears to know more.


Lechu: Bhabhi, kahona


Radhika with a smile, braiding her hair, looked at Lechu's impatient face


Lechu: why you are smiling now?


Radhika: why you are asking me Lechu? I  know you might have already  know everything from sammy , don't tell me you didn't call him at all.


Lechu with  a disappointed face: bhabhi, I tried, but vo bhi na, he told me that he is too busy, that he cut the phone quick.


Radhika: that is because you called him when he was settling everything in there.


Lechu: tho kya huva?, you people won't get any break at all!, I tried to call him on my break time.


Radhika: Lechu,  your break time, he may be sitting in front of   your papa.


Lechu: but then he can call me on free time na


Radhika: and that time maybe is your class time.


Radhika: also next week your exams starts and there is no excuse for that, even Sammy told me the same "Bhabhi, just  make sure she is studying well, and strictly told me, not to do any studies for you?"


Lechu bringing a childish surprise face: did he tell like that!


Radhika: not really but somewhere it sounded like that only.


Lechu: bhabhi


Radhika: but I can tell you something good


Lechu: what  is that Bhabhi?


Radhika: After your exam, but then after a pause, : leave it, maybe later


Lechu came and strangled Radhika in her arms and said: no way bhabhi, say what it is..


Radhika: maybe when Sammy call , then ask him


Lechu: no you only tell me


Radhika : no , if I say then it won't be nice, anyway wait till he calls you , ok


Lechu: so did he tell you when he will call me?.


Radhika: aha ha,  so all this time, did he was telling me about it?


Lechu as if with  caught face: no deedi, I thought;


Radhika: um, no baba, you better finish your college work before he calls ok


Lechu gave a shy smile


Radhika: look at you Lehcu: are you feeling shy!! What happened? You miss him!!, somebody was teasing me the other day.


Lechu shrinked her lips quickly : Bhabhi, don't tease me now.


Radhika coming near and seriously holding onto her shoulder: so is this called real love Lechu? And then moving her face to  the side and looking at her side profile: you better  go and study ok, otherwise mom may cancel the engagement


Lechu suddenly widening her eyes: engagement !!!


Radhika bite on her tongue and then pausing self, she tried to walk away


Lechu held her: tell bhabhi, when is it?


Radhika turning and facing her: not tomorrow for sure, and not  coming weekend either,


Lechu: then???


Radhika: that mom and dad and Sammy's parents will decide, for now that is what is going to happen prior to your final years .


Lechu: really!


Radhika: umm, but don't tell Sammy about it , he told me he only will tell you, I have to meet him tomorrow at work and if he comes and pull on my ear, I will do the same to you.


Lechu just smiled and tried to run away to her room


Radhika: Lechu, I can see the pink shade on your cheek


Lechu with a shy tone: bhabhi aap bhi na


Radhika just smiled watching her  disappearing into her room.


Radhika went near the phone and rang to chandenpur,she was so happy hear that dadima started walking without anybody's help.


Dadi:  so when you both are coming?


Radhika: dadima,  one more month, then I will be near to you.


Dadi: um, I can't wait anymore beta, when Rohini told me about how you look now, feels like just come and see you near.

Radhika:  dadima, once I come there  then I will spend the rest of the time with you only, I won't be going anywhere else.


Dadi: you better, and  how is your leg feeling now?


Radhika: good dadima, what to do Dev is at the office only na, you don't know his eyes are mostly on me only,  where I am and what I am doing? and he does his rounds too, and if he see me standing around,  he wll look at me, as if I am doing a big crime, so no escape, but I am doing great dadima.


Dadi: um, you need somebody like that to make you obey.


Radhika: you don't believe dadi, even he sometimes raise his voice on me, in front of papa, and I have seen many times papa and others  hiding their laugh.


Dadi listened with a smile


Radhika: and when I tell him this , he tells me, for them it is ok, they can smile, but it is my princess who will be suffering.


Dadi with  tease smile: so he is calling you princess!


Radhika: Oh dadima, not me, he calls the baby, his little princess


Dadi: so it is baby girl!, nobody told me


Radhika; no dadi, even we don't know, but he is believing it is baby girl and calling "his princess"


Dadi chuckled and said: um, then it will be  a baby girl only.


Radhika: um, and Lehcu saying it will be a baby boy, to irritate him


Dadi: and what you think?


Radhika: I don't know dadima, but now I am also wishing for a baby girl


Dadi: um , um,  and my prayers are with you only, take care beta


Radhika: ji dadima


Dadi: so after Lechu's engagement, we will look for a good time, to bring you ok


Radhika: ji dadima. You take care


Dadi: ji beta, say hai to Dev when he comes


Radhika: ji


They kept the phone and  dadi walked to the kitchen.


Radhika was folding the dress and was keeping it inside the cupboard. Dev , who was laying on his stomach in bed,  was checking on the laptop  monitor.


 Few times radhika's eyes fell on him,  and found him in same position ,  but found him totally into it.


Radhika came near and tried to peek in to see what he is looking at so interestingly.


 Her eyes gone in surprise mode  looking at the monitor.  Her hand went to touch his upper shoulder, while adjusting herself well in bed comfortably.
Suddenly Dev turned and looked at her face


Radhika: what are you looking at?


Dev with a baby smile: didn't you see


Radhika: um, so only I am asking.


Dev  turning to his side, by forcing his elbow on bed, smiling at Radhika: we need to select na


Radhika: ok, and what is your choice


Dev: I don't know Radhika.   When I see one name, I love it and then I may see another one and then I love that too, so I am totally confused.


Radhika with a smile: ha, so you are confused to select a name for your little princess now.


Dev closing the monitor and keeping it away : ha


Radhika: so tell me so far what  you found


Dev:  can I tell you


Radhika: tell me na


Dev: what about "charu"


Radhika just looked at him


Dev: sunaina


Radhika: too long


Dev: arushi


Radhika's face looked blank


Dev:  hasini,. ..lata,... Lalita,... Yamuna,... Gita,... Gitanjali,... pari,... Radha, ...Meera,...


Dev looked at radhika's widening eyes

Stopping with a  long exhale: see this is the problem, nothing catching my heart, these all good names only, but I am confused, and I don't know. He lay back with disappointed face


Radhika stroking on his back: don't worry, it will come to you, ok, and your princess will like it too.


Dev: but so far, you didn't like any of these names , right?.


Radhika: I love all those names,  and I am happy with whatever you come up with.


Dev: um, he adjusted self and rested his head on her lap, and looked at her face.


Radhika:  when dadi called , she also said the same thing


Dev: what?


Radhika strolling her fingers thru his hair; that babuji also looking for names.


Suddenly Dev sta up: babuji! Why?


Radhika: don't worry, for Birju bhayya's boy.



Dev with a relief tone : oh, you scared me


Radhika: kyum?


Dev: kuch nahi, and resting back in his position


Dev: how is bhabhi's mom now?


Radika: still same,  and , earlier birju bhayya used to go there on weekends, but it seems like they need him more over there, and bhabhi can't take care of everything alone.


Dev: did babuji decide on something


Radhika: ha,  you only told me the other day , right.


Dev: Ha Radhika, but I didn't get a chance to talk to babuji after that


Radhika: I think yesterday also they went to check on some lands near bhabhi's place and babuji liked it somewhat, so waiting for Birju bhayya's opinion.


Dev: um, that will be good, then bhayya can start his own life na.


Radhika:  it will be difficult for him, away from dadi. Mom and babuji, but he has no other choice


Dev: I know Radhika,   but he can come at any time na


Radhika: ha


Suddenly Dev felt a feeble movement near his  cheek


He looked up Radhika in question and she just nodded her head in agrement


Dev: hai my princess , are you awake


Radhika: may be she was sleeping , then hearing her papa's voice this close, she woke up, and then she is hearing her papa talking about somebody else  and not about her, so she may decided to give you that kick.


Dev turning his face to her stomach: Oh really!, is that true my little one, don't worry ok, now papa will talk to you only, you know what happened today?, your mama got little scolding from papa, how can I not scold her, when ever I see her, she is either standing with  a file or she will be walking around, and what will happen at the end of the day, she will come back and  she mumble herself that it is paining and her legs will be all swollen up, and who is seeing and hearing all these, just me only na..



Radhika: I heard that


Dev: um, better hear it.  If not, I am getting ready to talk to dad,  just waiting for next week check up, and let me see what Dr. sulochana has to say, everything deped on her words.


Radhika: aap bhi na


Dev: what? No excuse ok.  Better take care of yourself, then the rest.


Their little arguments along with the baby talk continued, whereas next to that wall, Lechu was  having a  long conversation with Sammy on her cell phone.


Thank you friends, Thanks for reading my post.

Take care


Part 116

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 7:58pm | IP Logged
Thank you for another beautiful update
Really liked Suchi-Surender conversation--It is truly amazing how you incorporate situations and conversations that seem so real---as if they happened to me..There are so many parts in this FF and  in this episode that I can completely relate to--Smile---So THANK YOU

Shy Lechu---is a new treat..Now others will get a chance to tease her---

And Sammy must be really happy--that everything went smoothly---

Radhika-Dev-Princess conversation--always my favorite..So Dev is trying to come up with names----I am sure it will be cute---So Radhika will be going to Chandenpur to deliver??????Shocked...Hope Dev follows--how can he stay away from his two princesses? ...

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anu17 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 10:01pm | IP Logged
di how is my name Anu...for RaDev's child ha ha ha ha ROFL
di love it.hope one day we can see this lovely dialogs in our
waiting for the next part...

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zorinatm Goldie

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very splendid update my dear

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