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suwin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 2:06am | IP Logged
thanks for the wonderful update devika Clap

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DAIRY25 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 3:38am | IP Logged
Nice part Di ..its really difficult to present one's inner feelings and his dreams but you did it very gracefully Clap sammy - lechu love story is as interesting as they Smile lets see how her family digest this shock LOL .

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vinianil Senior Member

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 5:06am | IP Logged
Lechu and Sammy  these two are very smart no fear at all  to present  their love in  front of Dev..what  will be his next step ?

Enjoyed Dev's talk to angel... loved the update...

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radhika5 Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 6:41am | IP Logged
HI Devika---

So Sammy-Lechu secret is out---
So Dev has become a responsible brother and will have to tell his parents---

Sammy's conversation seems so real--like he is a "real" person and something someone would say in real life----

Liked Lechu's reference to DDLJ---that girl has spunk

And love papa-princess talk---this is one segment, I look forward to every day...

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
Thank you  friends ruchibabbly5armadmichNabesaimissourikhus1973sweetrose92shalinikanagusweetfamilyradha_bilahari*Maleena*sushmavinasugarandspicevinianilDAIRY25laxmisv3gradev09suwinchalhovabhilasha_dreambvs7691radhika5Tilashini-Madhu-Indiangirl09anu17nycsweetie,    for liking part 112.
@ekta: thnak you, yes Lehcu si ready , but not her family.. so let see how her Bro will tackle it, will he make them to wait or will he let her run away...
@nycsweetie: thank you friend
@sushmavina: thank you so much dear.. especially to know you loved sammy's charactor, he is new int he show,  and will join the bhatt family soon, so  happy to know it.
@anukutty: thank dear< yes dev need to talk wiht his dad and mom, is that easy? because they never talked about it or not even thought about it, so how he will deal , maybe radhika can help him. so let see
@radha: thank you so much Radha for liking the new team, hopefully together they can bring more fun into this story line, with their natural self..
@madhu: thanks madhu, hopefully you will like upcoming part too
@suwin: thank you chechy
@diary25: thanks, aap ko hum kya kahe..!!
@vini: thank you, what'll be next step, Poor Dev now he is in his sis trap, so maybe Radhika will help him to come out of it, let see..
@radhika5; thank you so much dear. ha ha, so  sammy's conversation real,wish i could find one lechu also !! thank sofr liking the nagel talk, more coming, with Lechu's blackmailing..
OMG! thanks for the PM too  friends.
Thank you  friends for the quick response.  so let''s move on with Dev's next mission.. and Lechu's blackmailing... ready... coming up soon Part 113..

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 4:25pm | IP Logged

Part 113

The arch of sunshine dipped into the west sea, and the  earth was covered by the blanket of darkness.  Radhika was checking on next days general work flow at the office.Now she almost knew what is  happening all around the office in a daily basis, and who is in-charge of what. She smiled looking at the monitor when she saw Mr. Agarwal's project , which will be starting next Monday onwards, and the project lead will be Sammy, and they will be working from on-site.


Radhika jerked as she felt the hold on her shoulder, and she turned to look at him.


Dev: what happened? Today you are on office page!!!, not tired!


Radhika with a smile closed the monitor, and got up slowly, holding on to her stomach.


Dv with a smile: um, so my angel is growing big.



Radhika: um, she is growing big  and giving me troubles too.


Dev: I know Radhika, but only few more months na., then I will carry her in my arms, and you can take rest.


Radhika with a smile walking with him towards the bed: very nice.


Dev: any doubt,  then with another smile: no Rahdika, actually, I will take leave,  and I will compensate your struggle time by holding her in my hand ok., you take only rest.


Radhika: compensate, that menas, after angel comes out ...for the next 10 months, you are not going to work.


Dev: what?


Radhika: otherwise how will it compensate?


Dev:  not like that Radhika, I will be off for few weeks, you think dad will give me leave, even if dad gives, Mr. patil won't let me get me out from hsi sight, what I mean is  after that I will be  back home early and will take care of the baby the rest of the time, and play with her.


Radhika: um, let us wait and see.


Dev halped her to settle in bed, and slowly joined with her.


Dev: how is your feet feeling now?


Radhika  revealing her slightly swollen feet : better


Dev  touching and rubbing on her feet : Remember what Dr. Sulochana told,  not to stand on your feet  for long,  I was watching you today, all the time you were walking around or listening by standing on your feet, I thought to interfere you many times, let me see, if you won't take care from tomorrow, then I will tell dad to cut your office visit.


Radhika: walking is good she said,  also sitting simply at home, I feel bore too.


Dev looking at her face: remember how two years you were sitting simply at home, that time you never complaint.


Radhika: but now I am getting used to it and time passing quickly. Also next week Mr. Aggrwal's project team will be here , and I have to make sure their space and all.


Dev: um, so now you are more responsible  than me.


Radhika smiled.


Dev suddenly: Radhika, Sammy is the project lead , right?


Radhika: um


Dev went in trance

Radhika: so  how is the jassosi work going on?

Dev smiled and said: what jasoosi!


Radhika with atease smile: what else?


Dev: Radhika


Radhika: um, tell me na


Dev: I enquired his details. Munda sounds like a good guy, will match our Lechu, but


Radhika: now what is this confusion?


Dev:  but how we will introduce this to dad and mom?.


Radhika: um, Lechu told me today, if Bro is not  telling it by tomorrow evening, she will step in.


Dev: I am not at all surprised, she will do that also. I can't believe how much she changed within this two years.


But then they heard a knock at the door , Dev looked at Radhika and  then looked at the clock , almost 11Pm, and who is at the door now!.


Dev went to open the door and within fraction of second , Lechu came in and closed the door behind, Dev stood there with confused face seeing her actions. Lechu ignoring Dev at the door, went straight to the bed and crawled in with Radhika.


Radhika: what happened?


Lechu: I am feeling sleepy


Radhika looked at Dev, who was coming near to bed


Radhika:  did you watch any movie, are you afraid?


Lechu: nope


Dev looked at Radhika


Radhika: then , what happned?


Lechu: I am going to sleep here tonight


Dev looked at Radhika shockingly, and nodded his head in disagreement

Radhika with a smile, stroked on Lechu's hair and asked: tell me Lechu, what is it?


Lechu sitting back :  Dad came back this afternoo , and still  Bro is not presenting my issue to Dad or Mom, and  sammy's parents will be here this weekend.


Radhika:  oh, then looking  at Dev: and taking her eyes back on Lechu: so that is the reason


Lechu: ha, how much time he need, see my Sammy how smart he is, just came and told you both na.

Dev controlled his anger on his arm.

Radhika; don't worry, your Bro is  going to talk to papa and mom tomorrow, at breakfast time . Let papa settle first ok.


Lechu looked at Dev and found his shocked face, staring at Radhika


Lechu very calm way: I don't think so


Radhika: no Lechu, trust me, if he don't then, I will talk to mom and papa, happy now.


Lechu with a smile : sure?


Radhika with a smile: um

lehcu: Pakka

Radhika: pakka


Lechu giving a quick kiss on Radhika's cheek: my sweet bhabhi, I know, you can only handle this.

She stood from the bed and looking at Dev: you see, when the baby comes out na, he will be a boy only, and not just one, two boys,  and  I will tell them all about you. Wait and see

And she walked away.


Dev just stood in shock and then saw her clsoing the door behind ajar and disappearing.


Dev in trance: what was that?


Radhika with a smile: nothing, she just want to make sure that you talk to dad and mom


Dev shaking his head; but then why she was scolding my angel?


Radhika with a smile: she was not scolding , she was just irritating you, for not doing what she expected from you.


Dev: but  Radhika, that's too much.


Radhika: think over it, or she will occupy this space tomorrow


Dev  laying next to her and covering his arms around her stomach, bringing her more closer: no way


Radhika: then you better talk to papa


Dev kissing over her upper arm: she really knows how to blackmail me now


Radhika : just like her Bro


Dev with an innocent face: when did I do something like that?


Radhika : Remember, you made me to dance , that college program, you made me to do all those what you wished for till now, right?


Dev covering his expression: but that's because,


Radhika: wrapping her arms around his upper shoulder, bringing him closer: um, that's because..

Dev just smiled hiding his face over her chest, but then after a pause , he raised his face and said: but then why she should say that our angel will be a boy


Radhika: that's because she knows you are wishing for a girl.


Dev : ha, and I am sure our baby will be my little princess only

Radhika: ha, and you better hide that princess frock in cupboard, if Lechu sees that na, she will make a big scene here,


Dev: what scene?


Rahdika: what if it happened to be a boy!


Dev with a childish tone: Radhika, you too


Radhika: no , I am sure it will be a girl, but


Dev: what but?


Radhika: nothing


Dev: I know what you are trying to say,  you are also with her only, let me talk to my little princess, let her come out  into my arms, then I won't even give her in your hand, and I will tell her, you two are boyish'


Radhika: boyish, what is boyish!


Dev: that you two wished for a boy


Radhika pulling on his shoulder to look at her: you know what,  I don't care, let it be a boy or a girl, its our angel, and

She smield shyly


Dev looking at her smile: and what?


Radhika: nothing


Dev: tell me


Radhika; no


Dev: Radhikaaa


Radhika in a shy tone: you only told that , you have more chances, so there is hope na

Saying that she covered her face


Dev's face coming near her face, and then digging near her neck space, just called her softly: radhikaaa



At the breakfast table. LEchu was rolling her eyes up , and it was moving between Dev and Radhika, and Radhika and Dev were looking at her expressions and then munching on the food pieces. Suchi was surprised to see the silence.


Suchi: Is anything important going to happen at the office?


Surrender: why?


Suchi: nahi, you came yesterday afternoon, and everything was fine until our dinner time, but today before going to office, your employees are so silent, so , just asked?


Surrender: in my knowledge there is nothing specific,  and I don't know looking ta Radhika; is everything ok beta


Radhika : ji papa


Lechu: no dad, everything not ok


 suddenly Dev: how do you know Lehcu,  then looking at Surrender :everything is ok at office dad


Suchi just looked at her kids surprisingly with the fraction answeres.


Surrender looking ta Lechu: how do you know Lechu?


Dev: no dad, she is simply


Lechu: no dad. Not simply, this Bro is


Suchi seriously: Lechu,  we are asking about office, and you are  going to college right? Not to dad's office


Lechu: What is this mom, all the time college, study,college ,study


Suchi: at your age, that's what  we expect, ok, once you complete your studies, we can think about office


Lechu mumbled: who is talking about office, mei tho


Dev: Mom, vo


Suchi looked at Dev: vo what?


Dev: vo, then after a pause :kuch nahi


Lechu  as if reminding: Bhabhi

Radhika looked at Lechu and tried to give a smile


Suchi: o what bhabhi?


Lechu with  a smile, getting up from her seat,  went near Suchi, and then pulling on her one cheek, she said: that bhabhi will tell, and  I love you mom.


Suchi: esse kya hogaya


Even Surrender looked at his daughter's strange behavior and his eyes followed her actions along with Suchi's.


Lechu coming near Dev and in his ears, very secretly : ok, now I am leaving, but when I come back, I need to see a positive response, or else, don't even think about stepping back into your room, ok.

She moved her face back but then noticed the shocking face of her parents, to ease their shock, she suddenly placed a quick kiss on Dev's cheek and waving her hand she disappeared.


Dev sat there shockingly, surrender and suchi sat with froze face too


Radhika controlled her smile hard.


Suchi in broken surprise tone: vo vo, lechu hi tha na


Surrender: um, and I am sure she is buttering her brother and her bhabhi so much, that means she has to present something so important to her then looking at Dev: what is it Dev?


Dev coming back to reality, looked at Radhika


Suchi also waited patiently


Dev: vo dad,  actually there is nothing


Surrender: don't say there is nothing, there is something, um


Dev: vo


Suchi: what is it Dev?


Dev looking at his watch: mom, will tell you in the evening, you know it is Lechu, its all her silly things, don't worry, I will handle it.


Somehow he completed his sentences and got up and went to his room.


Suchi: I know, this lechu, might be  her professor scolded her for something, or she might have did something wrong at college and professor is asking us to be there.


Radhia: no mom, nothing like that


Suchi: how do you know?


Radhika: vo mei


Suchi: um, whatever it is, better tell us OK, I don't want  her to get into any trouble later. And then looking at Radhika; don't try to side her with filling her work book and home works ok.


Radhika , just like a school kid: ji


Suchi  got up and left the dining room'


Surrender looking at Radhika: ye,sabko kya hogaya hei bhai, everything was fine till I left, and when I came back it was looking fine too, then what happened in one night?


Radhika with a smile: nothing dad, everything is fine


Surrender : um, that's good

But then they heard Dev's call from the room


Radhika got up taking the permission from surrender and went upstairs


Rahdika: what is it?


Dev: Radhika,  where were you? Get ready fast, we are already late


Radhika: ha  I am ready, but, why you look so tensed?


Dev : nothing,  but then walking near to her and holding onto her shoulder: Radhika, how do tell them?, I don't know. I mean, if I get a start then I ,for sure, but this is, and mom never even thought about this, and I don't know how they will take it, and that Sammy, when I asked him to wait, he is giving me time for a week. You remember how long we waited, and this two!!!, just met and ...


Radhika holding him loosely: so you just need a start, I can help you with that.


Dev  with  a surprise look : how?


Radhika : don't worry, leave that to me, I can talk with mom, mom doesn't have clinic afternoon today, she will be back early and i can try to come early too..


Dev: but be careful, I don't mom to faint, or get panick, I mean she just overcome formt he shock that I gave her, and I don't want her to believe her kids got spolied so much, you know, I  really don't know Radhika, how she will take it, she is thinking about her studies and mostly seeing a fun daughter in her and ...


Radhika holding him tight: just trust me, i will take care


Dev giving a kiss over her forehead: I trust you


And then hugged her.


Dev: get ready quick then


Radhika: ha


Dev: how is your feet feeling now


Rahdika: better


Dev: let me see

He looked at her feet and found the swelling reduced.


Dev: um, now if I see you walking around,  that time you will hear me for real.


Radhika smiling:um


Dev: I am serious


Rahdika smiled  and went to get ready.



Radhika came early , saying some excuse to Surrender.


Suchi was sitting on the couch reading some book. Radhika came down and she sat with her feet rested over the sofa length, she tried to read Suchi's face to check in her mood.


Rahdika: mom


Suchi looked at her face


Rahdika  clearing her throat: mom, vo


Suchi kept the book away: is everything ok beta


Rahdika resting her hand over her stomach, as if trying to get her little ones support too: vo mom, I have to tell you something


Suchi: bolona, why you are giving such big introduction.


Radhika: vo mom, Lechu


Suchi: lechu! I know she did somehting, so only you two are playing this hide and seek formt he morning.


Radhika : nothing like that mom, but still lechu


Suchi : ha, lechu! What happened?


Radhika: vo mom, she is in love.


Suchi: ha,  so


Radhika felt a relief after saying it out


But then Suchi's forehead tightened and she looked at Radhika and Radhika noted her frowned expression


Suchi: what did you say?


Rahdika  rubbing over her stomach: vo mom, I want you to listen patiently. 

  then within few minutes she said everything to Suchi about Sammy's visit and his parents plan to visit that weekend


Radhika looked at Suchi and saw her  flat affect posture,  Radhika's heart was beating faster,  she kept on stroking over her stomach, making sure that she said all right.


thank you friends for the response and hopefully you will like this part.

have a goodday
Take care

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laxmis Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 6:52pm | IP Logged
Devika, loved the last 3 updates so much. They are very entertaining. Looks like Sammy is perfect match for Lechu. Hope he can help Lechu with her sariLOL. Poor Dev is being blackmailed by sister now. Loved how Dev and Radhika are so close to each other now. Can't wait to see Surinder and Suchi's reactions. 
I was just giggling away reading the  updates. Thank you very much Devika.

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2011 at 8:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by laxmis

Devika, loved the last 3 updates so much. They are very entertaining. Looks like Sammy is perfect match for Lechu. Hope he can help Lechu with her sariLOL. Poor Dev is being blackmailed by sister now. Loved how Dev and Radhika are so close to each other now. Can't wait to see Surinder and Suchi's reactions. 
I was just giggling away reading the  updates. Thank you very much Devika.
Thanks Laxmis, I was so eager to know.. so thankyou so much for your response...

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