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charushree Groupbie

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Posted: 02 May 2011 at 9:51am | IP Logged
Excellent FF devika. Thank u so much for this beautiful ff.I took 1 week to read ur beautiful ff fully,and i cant hold back myself after reading ur ff,so i jumped into the forum after a long time.The way ur description about each and every relationship is nice,keep up the good work dear.And one more thing,i want many scenes between dev/his little princess/his radhika after little princess came out and i am eagerly waiting for little princess to come out.

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nycsweetie IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2011 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
lovely update

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laxmis Goldie

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Posted: 02 May 2011 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
Devika, very nice updates including the ME( a special thank you for that). Finally the whole family is together. Can't wait to see what Radhika has to go thro between brother and sister. Glad that  Dev learned to close the door now, otherwise Lechu will have a field day . Since Radhika is also working can we expect some office romance?
Take care.

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 8:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by laxmis

Glad that  Dev learned to close the door now, otherwise Lechu will have a field day .
OMG! laxmis...  LOL I never thought of that.!!!..   I am  also glad  that Dev locked the door... ha ha... or our LECHU...  ROFL

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tukli Senior Member

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
nice update

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2011 at 9:29am | IP Logged
Thank you friendsruchibabbly5armadkscjkAditiDwissenimissourirmonte72tk1730sweetrose92avinaalwayscharushreesweetfamilyradha_bilahariDEE2803DAIRY25sugarandspicesushmavinav3gradev09suwinzorinatmchalhovbvs7691radhika5Tilashinianu17_Sahra_radev_forevernycsweetie,    for liking part 108 and 109.
@sushmavina: thank you dear, especially for liking the trio combination.
@radhika5; thak you so much dear. MN is too good for romance now, becasue the tupils are blooming and the crab apples are spreading the scent and colors around, a beautfil scenery coming up here, so welcome.
@anukutty: thank you so much. i love it when anyone say that were able to get into that radev world. my dreamworld, then  i think, i  got the result. sot hanks dear.
@vini: thank you. yes, angel gave that kick to papa, and papa got surprised, so now he is not going to miss that kick anymore, so let see how that brings another smile on his face.
@diary25: thaks for liking radev moment dear. next part coming up soon, hopefully it wll bring another smile on ur face. let see.
@suwin; thanks chechy, hope you will like next part too.
@tilu: thanks dear, i am so happy to knwo that you liked it.
@ekta; thnak you ekta dear, and i am so happy to know that you lved the ME episode, don't know when i will eb able to do another one, but i had time to do it on that weekend, so.. thanks
@charusree: thanks charu, and welcome to my dreamworld, I am so happy to know that you reached here  with taking  a week's time  (for thread 1 and 2)only. your words means so much dear, and inspirational too. thanks and i hope you will like upcoming parts too. because  it came all this long because of support only. so thanks.
@nycsweetie: thnaks you.
@Laxmis: thanks dear,even i never thought of that Lechu coming in, thnaks to her TV show craziness. so she didn't interupt by waiting tillt hey open the door either, and gave Radgika space to  hide her face too. ha ha..
@tukli: thanks, good to see you back dear.
so now Dev back in Delhi and things are settling down well.  Thanks for allt he support  friends. small update coming, hopefully you will like it.
thanks and take care

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2011 at 10:22am | IP Logged

Part 110


Radhika opened her eyes, as she finished  the jaap.  As usual they shared the time with a hot morning drink. Radhika told him how Suchi used to be there at the door step in the morning. They exchanged their little talk.


Time passed by and soon they all were at the breakefast table.


Surrender looking at Radhika : beta, today,   there is a project presentation around  12 noon and I have another meeting also to attend which is very important, so I want you to attend that project presentation and Deb can guide you with specifications, ok.


Cough, cough ,  cough..   as a reflex Dev tapped on his head.


Radhika extended the water glass.


Sureder: dev, are you ok?


Suchi controlling her smile : aap bhi na,


Dev settling down slowly


Surrender: what did I do?


Suchi: Now Dev is here, then why you have to take Radhika, she won't be alone at home.


Surrender as if realizing it: oh, ya, then it is ok. I , I never thought of it, but still if Radhika feels, she can come. Dev may have something to do na, why he need company. His voice trailed off towards the end.

Dev looked at Radhika and nodded his head secretly conveying not to go. 
Radhika smiled , but it caught Surender's eyes .
Surender picking a piece of food from the plate: or, let Rahdika also stay back, Dev is here na.

Dev took a silent  relief  of sigh, and looked at his mom thankfully.


Soon the house was empty leaving the couple behind.  Dev was watching TV,  resting his head over Radhika's lap.


Dev:  Radhika, we should have gone to Chandenpur , right?



Radhika: what?


Dev: no, actually we have  three days and would have come back on Sunday.


Radhika with a smile: so now you started liking Chandenpur.


Dev: um, I always liked it, and now I love it more.


Radhika just smiled.


Dev talked about Padmaja and Rema, and that he invited everyone to Delhi with their next trip.  Also later they went up and unpacked everything and rearranged the room again with new & old stuff. 

Dev: Radhikaaa
Radhika placing her dress in cupboard: um
Dev: we may need to rearrange the room na.
Radhika looked at him in ?
Dev: for our angel.
Radhika smiled.
Dev: we may need to by baby furniture, right?
Dev looking around.: first I thought i will settle my office stuff in this room only, so that Ic an be with you all the time, but no, that won't be good,  then going near her and wrapping his arms around ehr he said: because when i am in this room, I just want to be your prince, not that workholic. So I better use dad's office room only.
Radhika looking at his face: its ok,  maybe sometimes seeing you near me itself is a pleasure, so you can work around how ever you wish. then resting her head on his chest she said in trance: ha, I did felt left alone at some point, but now I know, don't worry, and now I am not alone also, our angel is with me, so it is actually you are going to miss us, I am sure.
Dev held her tight  exhaling his cold breath thinking self; i won't let that happen Radhika. I want to be with you two, too.

Suchi came early, Radhika was in kitchen.


Suchi looking around: where is Dev ?


Radhika with a smile : taking a nap.


Suchi: this late!


Radhika: was working on those stuff and I think he  got tired .



Suchi: um


Later Dev came down with his sleepy face and  directly went to kitchen seeign the empty hall.

He saw Radhika working in kitchen, facing her back towards the entrance.
He smiled to self and went behind and wrapped his arms around her waist line and then rested his head over her back.
Radhika: leave me na.
Dev in sleepy voice: muhum
Radhika: please
Dev: no, is my angel resting.
Radhika: ha
Dev: wake her up, tell her papa is here now.
Radhika: chodiyena, mom is
Before she could finish she heard
"what is the plan for dinner beta?'
Dev flung open his eyes and as if getting an electric shock he moved away.
Suchi looking at Dev: so you woke up.
Dev: ji, i came for a coffee.
Suchi:  um
Radhika pouring the coffee in cups, gave one to Suchia dn then to Dev.
She cornered her eyes on him , and he mumbled why she didn't tell him.

The time passed quick and Monday Dev left to office. Suchi  smiled seeing the three going together, and Dev felt so happy that Radhika is with him around at the office too.


As they got down at the office.


Surrender:  Dev come to my office  first and Mr. Patil will meet  you at my office, ok.


Dev: yes dad.


They walked in together. Few of the employees wished the trio as they walked in, Dev looked around as an employee this time, and felt proud to walk in.


As they got into his cabin,  Deb came in.


Radhika went to settle  near the corner chair. Deb and Surrender were discussing on that day's plan. 

Dev  adjusting his tie went near Radhika and  secretly said: so are you my boss here now?


Radhika just smiled silently and said: don't you know what do I do here?


Dev: what, did she give you more work?


Radhika smiled again saying: no, once I comepleted that she didn't give anything else to work on.


Dev: um, be careful, she will be getting more work loads soon. So we go for lunch and snacks together ok.

Surrender coming near: sorry Dev, that si nto going to happen. I will take care of Radhika, and you better concentrate on your work ok.
Dev gulped once looking at Radhika ,trying to give her a look saying: meine kaha tha na.

Mr. Patil (actor anupam Kher) came in and the men greeted each other.


Dev went along with Mr. Patil  who is in his late 50's, and started his work with exchanging informal talks.


The days went quick , Suchi was happy to see Surrender coming back with kids on time, and it started once Radhika started going to office, mostly Surrender tried to be back with her, but then  slowly the timing got different, and Surender went back to his old routine.

It was an exciting day for Dev as he drove his new black color safari to work,
 He smiled at Radhika as they recollected their talk on second hand camry back in U.S.
In a week, his routine also got changed, that  chander  started picking up Radhika around 5PM as Suchi was so strict to see Radhika back home around 5 PM.,  Surrender just made RAdhika to fill out something and slowly get into his work,  and help with  attending small small meetings, or attend the presentations, or being in  recruiting group. But she was getting the overall picture of how the company is working.


Dev was getting busy with his work too,and during the intial period he preferrd to stay in his room, and slowly he moved down with his dad's office. But he preferred the after dinner time, spending with Radhika, feeling the baby movements, and just resting next to her, and also got used to the habit of getting up early along with Rahdika and after shower, he started fixing his homeworks.


On one such weekend, Surrender went to Australia with some business meeting, and Suchi went for her weekend hospital visit. Radhika was resting in her room, Dev was in office, and lechu was walking to the kitchen area to get some cold water.


The  door bell sounded. Dev went and opned it and found a n young guy standing at the door , smilingly, with the goggles on.

Dev looked at him in question and as if understanding the meaning of his expression, the guy took his goggles away and extended his hand to shake hands with Dev, saying :Hai.


With doubt, Dev gave a shakehand, replying : hai


The guy in most smileful way:  Hai,   is this  Lekshmi Bhatt's house?

Dev in a doubtful voice: yes, it is.


Guy : good,  finally. He stood with a big relief, and htne keeping the same smile (drums beating in back ground):   why you are looking at  my face like that yaar, just call her, tell her  that I am here.


Dev was about to open his mouth ,  he heard a loud cheeek voice coming near ..

"Sammyyy" and with the same excitement she just jump to reach his shoulder and tightened her arms around his neck. The guy just wrapped his arms around her waist with another 110volt smile.


Dev just stood there shockingly, and was trying to digest what he is seeing is  real!!1.

Lechu loosening her grip on him, looking at this guys face: where the hell you go, without telling me,  no calls, no replies,  and then moving slightly back  and holding onto his shoulder: next time if you do this na, I will surely kill you.


Guy:  Lekshmi, calm down and tell me  how is my surprise?


Lechu bringing a childish face: I told you many times not to call me Lekshmi, call me Lechu ok.


Guy: Ok baba, lechu, is this the way you behave when somebody comes to your house, you won't greet them inside.

Lechu coming back to reality: oh yes, I am so sorry, then turning and looking at Dev: bro you suppose to welcome him inside na.  look at you ,  then with doubtful voice :Bro, are you ok.


Dev stood still with his jaw drop, and no  voice was going inside his ears. everything in front of him appered very dark.


Lechu looking back at the guy and holding his arm:  you come inside, I think Bro may be thinking about his business.


The guy walking in, passing dev , looked at him and softly said to Lechu: you think he is thinking about business!!


Lechu very casually: that's what mom always says.


Guy shrugging his shoulder :  um, ok. Strange people.

And he casually  scanned around.


Lechu making him to sit on sofa, sat next to him,  the guy still was looking around. And then his eyes caught the posture of Dev


Sammy softly: Lechu, seriously, is your Bro is Ok?


Lechu looking at Dev: oh dear ..and then leaving his hand  and going near, shook his shoulder and loudly: Bro , are you ok?


Dev coming back to reality : um?


Lechu tightening her forehead: what happened to you, why you are standing like this?


Dev looked outside at the open door and saw the empty space and then shrugging his shoulder and with a relief said: nothing, I thought somebody was at the door.


Lechu not listening to him much, went back to sofa . Dev  walked more towards outside door and scanned the outside area and then looked at his hand , he thought to self:  strange, I thought I gave a shakehand to somebody. He just gave a small whack on his back of neck with a smile and closing the door behind , he turned.


His eyes gone wild seeing the same person sitting on sofa , and his hand was in Lechu's hand and they were smiling and  Lechu was talking something.



As a reflex Dev turned back and found closed door and then his look hooked back to  the couple.


Sammy cornered his eyes to Lechu to look at Dev.


Suddenly Lechu : Bro, come, this is Samerbir Grewal short.' Sammy', and  Sammy, this is my Bro, Dev.


Sammy with a smile: we already met.


Lechu: met!! When?


Sammy: just now.


Lechu: Sammy.


Sammy:  Bro, come sit.


Dev was still staring at them, and then went and sat on next chair, Lechu was talking nonstop with Sammy. Few minutes ticked by,  Dev came back to reality : what  is  going on? This is my house, and he is asking me to sit, who is he?.


Lechu was trying to talk to him, but Sammy  as if reading Dev's mind..


Sammy: Lechu, I think your Bro...


Dev was about to question, but then Lechu looking at Dev's stare : Bro, can you make a cup of coffee for Sammy , he loves coffee.


Dev getting up from  the chair: what?


Lechu ignoring it , to Sammy: you know my Bro makes very good coffee.


Sammy: where is babhi?


Lechu: no no need of babhi, she is taking rest, me , my Bro makes good coffee.


Dev looked at both of them, and  his right arm  which is hanging ont he side, went into a fist mode, and soon he started bringing all the energy over , and his veins started showing its prominence, and his lips shivered.

thanks dear.. I may catch up with short updates mostly from now onwards, depending on my time availability.
Thanks and take care

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..sush.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Di it was an awesome update thx a lot

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