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I have an option, till i come back later tonight.. with the update.. here , i want to take you back, .. tell you .. there was this time too..  where Radhika wanted to hear from him about her dance, where he took her for lunch, where  Dev gifted her that sraee,  where he showed the students, ye she is mine... forever....    ...   so .. have a look back,.. and I will be back...  ok...

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First of all a BIG SORRY friends,  i don't want to explain it , but had to go with an emergency situation and just now came back..  so I am really sorry....  kshama karona bhai...

Part 99

It was getting late evening and Dev checked once on Radhika and  found her sleeping, he walked out silently closing the door behind. 

Daadaji and Mohan returned and was chatting in the front hall, Suchi went up to check on Radhika and she was coming down getting all fresh up and with an anxious face.


Suchi: what happened Beta.?


Radhika: I am sorry mom, I slept very badly


Suchi: that's ok, you may be that tired. Come, babuji is here


Radhika : ji


She came down and took Daadaji's blessings and then went near Mohan. Mohan just hold onto her shoulder and made her to sit next to him and started continuing his talk  very loudly, holding his daughter's shoulder very close.  Dev  and all others were sitting and smiling, while sushma brought juice for Radhika, she tried to refuse , but then suddenly her eyes flashed on Dev's serious face, and taking it from sushma, she silently started sipping on it.


 Lechu went out holding onto Dev's hand as the family continued their chat.


Lechu was picking on few small purple color flowers , and basketing in Dev's palms...   they saw a taxi coming in.

Dev holding onto those soft petals in his  palms turned looking at it....

The taxi stopped in front, and a smile appeared as his eyes  as he caught the sight of Birju , coming out and opening the back door.


"how much time you need to open one door Birju" the angry  and frustrated voice of daadima reached his ears. Lechu also stopped plucking the flowers and looked at the scene.


"next time don't call this taxi,  he doesn't know how to drive faster, how many times I was telling him to go fast, go fast, but he never listens to me,  you  people don't know the value of time now a days, everything is slow ...slow ....slow.  And with all that your therapist, , looking at Rohini with her anger face : I am done ok, see now I don't need any support , I can walk without anybody's help, and therapy, ......therapy, next time ask him to come home, ...., suddenly her legs went uneven, rohini extended the  cane , Daadi looked at her with burning stare, ......didn't you hear me, I don't need it.  I can walk, I can.  But then Birju came gave his hand, and holding onto him, but without acknowledging his support for her balance, she again stared at Rohini for holding that cane in her hand.

 Dadi took the steps towards inside mumbling angry words on everyone.  Dev and Lechu came running behind. Daadi walked into that arch door, and she saw everyone standing and staring at them.  Daadi searched for those eyes and found her looking at her unbelievably. Suddenly she felt her body going weak, she tightened her grip on Birju for a moniute and just watched her pothi's face and took her image in comepletely......    and then she slowly releasing Birju's hold , just extended both arms out. Radhika came running and fell into her arms and hugged her tight. The silence engulfed the atmosphere for few minutes.


Slowly releasing their hold to each other ...

Daadi: You don't know anything Radhika, nobody has any value for time, see how late we came and.....


Radhika in a very normal tone : no daadima, you are not late, it is me who came late....

Daadi: you don't know anything, ...
 Daadi tried to walk in holding onto Radhika But then stopping for a second she scanned around : Dev, Dev  kaha hei?

"I am right here daadima"

She turned her face and found him standing next to her. Leaving Radhika's hand she hugged Dev, and then walked towards the sofa, holding both of their hands. Daadi sat making them to sit on both sides too.


Surender: I thought when Radhika see Daadi there will be flooding.


Mohan: flooding!!!!


Surrender: ha ....and he signaled showing rolling tears


Mohan: these two are different species my dosth. 


Surender: mathlab?


Mohan coming near to surrender and in a very secret way: if dadi see tears in Radhika's eyes, she won't be able to tolerate it and Radhika sees tear in daadi's eyes, the same. So only mom is acting all angry and Radhika acting so normal.


Surender: so these all acting only ..Confused                            


Mohan: for sometime,  till they really realize  it  ..they are seeing each other after two years.


Yeshpal: surrender, Mohan, come , let sits outside and talk


Mohan: aur Dev

Yeshpal: let them be with santha for some time. You come


They heard the groups laugh as they walked out.

Dev was observing Radhika who was sitting quiet and  nodding head or smiling light but her hands were  stroking onto her arm that on her side.  He moved his  head and found Birju standing. Dev got up and went and hugged him and they started talking too.


They had dinner at haweli..  and  was chatting..

Mohan: Ok then, let us go. Maaji maybe tired, especially after therapy and all...

Daadi: no,  I am not tired, I want to sit  with my Radhika for some more time.

Dev: No dadima, you look really tired, you need to take rest. Radhika is  coming with you na, then what is the problem?.


Daadi with broken words: Radhika is coming with us!, and you too!


Dev: No dadima, I  have some work to finish, so only Radhika coming, I will come later, we will be here for next one or two weeks daadima, depending on Radhika's health. So today you take your Radhika with you ok. 

Dev saw Radhika's widening eyes listening to his words.


Mohan also got surprised to hear it.


Dev:   I will be right back. One minute


Suchi as if reassuring him: but Dev, if you want to go then...

Dev climbing  stairs: no mom, I have some work to do, its fine..... and he got disappeared upstairs.


Lechu was standing holding onto Sushma. 

Radhika looking at daadi:  Daadi, let me get my bag


Rohini: you don't need any bag beta, all your stuff are there only , in very good condition.


Radhika: no mom, I need to get few things.


Rohini: Ok baba, then go and get it, go slowly ok, no need to hurry. Or do you need help?


Radhika: no mom, I am fine

 Rohini: ok beta then


Radhika slowly walked up and she was hearing the laughter of the group with their  jokes and talks.


She went to their room, she scanned around for Dev, but the space was looking empty. A shadow of black clouds covered her face, an unknown pain inside was pulling her muscles inside.  With that heaviness she turned to get her things.  She found her packed bag on the bed, she got surprised and looked again.


Her eyes caught him, standing  behind that  half way open flap of the door, his eyes were watching every move of hers, and it clearly said that he was expecting her there. a shiver passed thru her.....


His loving eyes,  lightened the pain that she felt inside earlier , without thinking twice, she took her steps towards him, and coming near, she realized  it.  Suddenly she turned as her mind gone blind thinking what to do next.  She thought to go and grab that bag and took a forward step for that....., but then suddenly his hand held her wrist and  pulled her towards him. She felt her heart skipping a beat.  As sliding his fingers thru her wrist to her hand , interlocking her fingers with his, he folded his arm at  the elbow and brought that upto near her neck.


He forwarded his head and then coming near her ears he said: you came to meet me only na, then where are you going, without saying anything.


Radhika: you only decided right .....looking at his face cornering on that side


Dev: so, because of me you have  to go now...?

Radhika: when did I say like that?


Dev: actually Radhika, I also wish to come, but I have some work to finish ok. So  I will come tomorrow.


Radhika: I didn't say anything.


Dev: I know, but still it is my duty to tell na

Radhika: I need to go, they are waiting


Suddenly releasing her hand, he moved to the front and facing her : what?

Radhika raised her eyes to look up at him, but then lowering her gaze, she  tried to say: I need to go....,  they..............


Dev slightly forced her back and her back touched the wall, Radhika stood there with her fast raising heart beats, trying to complete her talk....


Releasing one hand , he lifted her chin up: will you miss me?

Suddenly she stopped on her muttering and  looked at him


Dev making a  childish face: I know you may not, but I am sure my little one will, my little princess.


Saying that he kneel down and wrapped his arms around her waist,  she felt the shivering, and bringing his face closer he placed a soft kiss and started talking to hs little one...

"I know you will miss me beta, don't worry, papa will be there tomorrow Ok, papa can't live without seeing you and you know that, right, ?....... love you so much, ok, I love you so much, ........ so what you suppose to do, let mama take good rest, make her feel hungry  and then raising his voice: if mamma won't drink milk in the morning, let me know, I will give nice punishment ok.  Only you will tell me, no one else,  So when I see you tomorrow, you tell me what all mamma did, ok.. his talk continued .


Radhika  was feeling happy, an unknown pleasure to  feel his arms around her,  she wanted that moment to continue, but then she felt it is releasing, slowly. She stood with normal face as he got up on his feet.


Looking at her face : so ready now, see I talked to my angel and she is going to watch over you, so better give her food on time, ok.  And then , do you want me to tell mom to give it in the morning when you wake up.

Radhika just nodded her head in disagremnt.

Dev: so will you drink it/

She moved her jaw front and back in agrement

Dev as if remembering..: and, then,  be careful while climbing the stairs Ok, hold onto the rail, and don't rush..

Radhika nodded her head again

Dev : and then, ha, if you feel any nausea, tell mom too, don't go alone to throw it out, ok. In case if you need help...

Radhika again nodded her head

 Dev; um, you will nodd your head with everything  and then..................


Radhika: I will be fine

Dev: I know,  you are fine all the time....

Radhika gazed down again

Dev holding onto  her chin, made her to look at him: bura lega?


Radhika  nodded her head in disagreement

 Suddenly releasing his hand from holding her chin, Dev wrapped his arms around her : I love you Radhika..


She closed her eyes as her body touched his, with a relief, as if she waited for him to take her in his arms, impatiently, and  fractionally her hand and wrapped it around him.

Dev felt her in his hold,  he felt the happiest,  turning his face inwardly, his pink lips  pressed against her  neck skin  below her ear. She felt the ticklish that she squeezed her upper shoulder inwardly.  He felt that and it fluttered his heart. And he mumbled : I will miss you Radhika


She just tilted her jaw to the side , opening her neck space for him to rest well, or to fill that vacuum that she was feeling above her chest.  He placed another kiss and his arms were wrapping around her waist tight,  ...............suddenly he released her, But her arms went tightening around him, holding him back, unknowingly refusing to take that loosen grip of him,  she wanted him to tight that around her more and more. Dev noticed her closed eyes, her waiting expression, an unknown smile on her lips' but he stood there helplessly,  unable to proceed.. 


Dev in a soft voice : Radhika, Daadi is waiting for you.

  Radhika flung open her eyes and she felt all embarrassed to look into his eyes. She released her arms from around his shoulder and then tried to adjust her duppatta well, and then looking at the floor, she moved to the side and then walked towards the bed, with her shivering legs,  she extended her hand out to grab her bag, but then he came behind and took it in his.


Radhika: vo mei..

Dev: no, I will hold it,  come..

Radhika waited for few seconds watching him walking in front and then was feeling so embarrassed again to move forward.

Dev stopping on his way, turned and waited for her to  walk with him. : Come Radhika

Radhika: ji

 And then slowly walked towards outside.


Dev was standing looking at the darkness, the veins were all smiling and waving with that breeze. Suchi came near and touched his shoulder..

"what are you thinking?"


Dev jerked and seeing his mom: Nothing mom, I was just

Suchi: missing Radhika?


Dev: no mom, I was actually thinking...

Suchi: why you didn't go beta, why did you send her alone


Dev: she needs that time mom, I mean, she needs time with her daadi, if I go with her, then  my presence may pull her back, and you know how frustrated she was when she heard about Daadi's  accident, and that time I was un able to gave her the time, but she needs it mom.  Even today also when they met, they didn't talk to each other, they were just joining with everyone generally.  I didn't want to send her alone,  especially after all this, but I know she needs it,  and daadi also maybe expecting that. Let them talk mom, whatever they want to say.


Suchi: um, my son is really grown up now

Dev looked at her in ?


Suchi: I thought when I heard that fight inside the car, that my son  is  becoming another kid, but no,  that was the brother in you who played with Lechu, but otherwise you started thinking differently beta


Dev: no mom, I am the same Dev only, but  nowI want to see Radhika happy, I know how much I hurt her, and I don't want that to be repeated.


Suchi: But dev, that is over , then why you have to think about it again and again..

Dev: I don't think mom,  it is not over.....,  it is only the beginning and I may face such situations again, even after all this, I can see myself raising my voice over her, so


Suchi: but Dev...

Dev: No mom,  I know it is not just raising my voice, there are so many things, which can be very minute in the eyes of many but, mom, just imagine, if  I haven't come here at that time, and we wouldn't  be knowing anything about Radhika, and what if  everything went upside down already. That thought is fearful than thinking her drowning..
   ......  her in that water mom.  I thought that is the worst scene I can remember when I look back because whenever that scene comes to my mind, I think what if my  taxi came late, what if nobody was around, what if I lost my hold on the first hand, what if  ......  


Suchi held his upper arm to bring him back...

Dev gulping little bit : ha mom, so many worst things, but  this, this, is worst than that mom, and all that loope holes can be easily filled by  me, but I didn't see it mom, and I don't want to think anything bad, I want to think all the positive thing shappened, I was able to finish my project, I got the first ticket, I came on time,  I heard you, sushma buava had all those letters, which easily took me to her, so I am lucky, maybe it is the result of the prayers you are offering to God, or maybe it is the result of all those minds who thanked you for giving the happiest moment of their life, it is the result of the punya you gained from your duty mom, so I don't want to think anything worst out of it, but I don't want that to be repeated either.


Suchi: so what are you thinking/

Dev: I don't know mom, I need to.

Suchi: are you planning to take Radhika back with you


Dev;: even if I wish, will you send her with me mom?

Suchi dropped her gaze down


Dev: I know, you don't have to look down mom,  I can understand it.  But I know now I can't also live without her,  and I can see her eyes too, she wants me too, she may not say it loud, but she needs me mom and I need her too.


Suchi: then what you are planning to do?


Dev: I don't know, I have few more weeks of vacation, two weeks just flew off, almost 4 more left, I don't know, that is what I am thinking , what to do.


Suchi: Now don't think too much, go to bed, it is getting late...

Dev: ji


Suchi walking back, bringing a corner lips smile, came back and holding onto his upper shoulder: ye, you are not planning to climb on that ladder again , right!

Dev: mom


Suchi  controlling her smile turned to walk away, suddenly stopped seeing the peeked out head near to their back from behind the curtain.

YE..   she scremed slightly , holding onto her heart


Dev turned with a frightened face to look at his mom


'why did you stop there, continue continue, let me hear more about that ladder part, um, continue"  the normal face of surrender (mr. Bachan, you should remember his face his tone, I want him to feel his voice, please ) looked at them curiously...


Suchi: you were listening to us secretly???!!!

Surrender: no no, I was coming normally only, but then I heard you saying ladder, so I thought I may get it this time, but then what yaar Dev, can't you give a proper answer to your mom.  And look at you suchi, not even forcing him to say it completely.


Suchi: say what

Surender bringing his both hands to the front: ye,, ladder ke chakkar kya hei  bhai, hamei bhi tho bethavo


Suchi controlled her laugh


Surender: ha, hasiye aap hasiye, is ladder salom se mera neend kharab kar reha hei, this time I will catch it


Suchi: so this ladder case is ruinning your sleep?

Surrender affirming his words: ha

Suchi: ok then,  I better go to bed now itself, Dev, you also go to bed, or your dad's business talk will ruin your head. He was thinking about his business all thru the way , right, so he might be wide awake, you go to bed.

Surrender: that's not fair Suchi. You don't know, I am a big business man and you know what all goes thru my head , that still I am finding time for all this fun and you are saying...


Suhci: um, um, if you do business this way, then I am sure, there will be so much going on inside, that you won't be able to sleep at all, and along with this ladder thing. So you stay awake and find it out, I am going to bed. Good night

Surrender: arre arre, listen to me

He followed his wife. Dev just smiled seeing his dad.


whreas in dadi's room, Radhika was sitting and rubbing on dadi's feet.

Daadi : enough beta


Radhika:  did that hurt really bad dadima?

Rohini: ha, she cried loud, first time I saw maaji in tears, but now its better, at

least she started walking around


dadi: I thought when you come here after all these years, you will be running around all these rooms, but I know you changed, now you are also going to be a mom, time should bring that change na. I was also a daughter just like you, now see ....going to be great-grandma soon. And your mom will be a grandma. Time is going really fast ,right Radhika.?   I can still remember your face telling me that Dev is not your prince, that his eyes are not sparkling, why you made up all that drama dear, see now, you stopped to call us lately even.


Daadi : Radhika, why are you not saying anything?

Rohini: um, now she may be missing her Dev ha h...a

Daadi: um, anyway, now you sleep, it is too late

Rohini turned the light off and went out from the room.

Radhika was laying on her side, facing away from daadi, Daadi just stroked on her hair

Daadi: your  silence is telling me so many things Radhika, but I want to know what is it.?

Radhika:  nothing Dadima, I am fine

Dadi: No Radhika, I know you and I know you well. So tell me

Radhika turning on to her back and looking up at the ceiling: why people are so selfish?

Dadi tightening her forehead: what?

Radhika: am I selfish?


Daadi also lay on her back and looked at that lightly dark ceiling space: why, because you wanted to be Urmila?


Radhika turned to look at her daadi's face and found her laying, straight looking at the ceiling


Daadi: No Radhika, that is not selfishness,  what you thought?....that I won't understand your question ! I know, at one point , you wanted to come and stay with us, right?..., like Urmila, .....who herself (Radhika) took the avtar of sita mayya, wish to be Urmila at some point. 

    ....Did that separation gave any pleasure to Urmila. She might have counted every minute in those hours . do you think she got the happiness being around her family, she might have smiled and she might have taken care, but her forceful smile was giving pain to her mothers, her near ones, which Lekshman or Urmaila didn't realize.  At some point, they  might have blamed themselves for her painful smile,  so I didn't want you  to be Urmila,  you be sita, be with your Ram, and that gives the pure pleasure to our mind.
    ...... Ha I wished to see you many times, but in all that wish , you were not alone, the image of Dev was along with you. Now also I don't know why Dev stayed back, I am happy to see you both together  dear, and I should have said to you to stay back too and come tomorrow with Dev...... But my inner mind, which is unknown to me, wanted you to come with us, and I can't deny it,  so then you can say I am selfish.

    ....But we all are like that beta, at some point we all need to be selfish, then only we will realize the pain , we will realize the real happiness, we will see the life,  Blessed are those who see this world as one, but then they might be beyond our reach, that is a state of moksha. Which is not suitable for a wife, or a mom.

   ......A wife should be selfish, when she think about her husband, a mom should be selfish when she think about her child. Because when you become selfish you become more careful towards them.. selfish to some extend won't harm anybody Radhika, but when you cross that limit, then it won't be nice.

Radhika: and what is that limit?

Daadi with a small laugh:  I know Dev loves you so much, I saw the desperation of his eyes, when he came to drop us near the jeep.    He is more mature than what I thought of him, his act is not selfish, and not everyone is capable of doing it.  But if  your eyes stop seeing others pain and others feelings, Dev saw my pain, he saw your babuji's eyes, so he was able to let you go.


Radhika: so  am I selfish?

Daadi: why?

Radhika: if I feel nobody is listening to me, or cared about me.


Daadi with a smile: beta, that is not selfish, ok, leave everybody's response, because we can't expect everyone  to react he same way. Take Dev, if you wish him to listen to you and care about you, it is not selfish, but there is selfishness in it, and that is healthy,... we all need it;...... but with that if you think he should only listen to you, and only care about  you  .... is beyond limit, because he is not only yours, he has his dad, mom, sister.  


      .....Always your partner need some space for themselves too Radhika. If I am free that doesn't mean that others are also free, so it is up to us to understand it, and give them that time,  if we love them or if we really care about them... it can be husband or it can be wife. Like Dev , he gave this time for you, just for you, and he knew you need it.


Rahdika tunring to face Daadi: He is really good , right dadima

Daadi turning her face and looking at Rahdika"s face: I doubt

Radhika: kyum!

Daadi: if he is that good then my pothi won't be asking these many questions, so something somewhere  didn't go well, and my Radhika wanted to become Urmila for few minutes  and come to us, right?

A tear drop filled her eyes..................


Daadi: its ok Radhika, it happens  between couples and you need to understand it and realize it , correct it if possible and move on,..... that's what we did, your parents did and you also have to do . Don't think there is somebody who is perfect out there who is  doing all this to his or her partner, that is just a fake belief dear, all have their weakness and strength, but it is up to the couple to find their strength and weakness and fulfill each other in this togetherness... there is no specific equation that one can follow, it is us who bring that equalibrium in that equation.... 


Radhika tried to give a smile..

Daadi: its too late, you sleep , ok

Radhika just nodded her head..

Dadi stroking on her head thought ....' what happened dear, that made you to ask me so may questions, but whatever?......... I know you  two will be able to sort it out too, because we can only show the path, it is up to you to walk on it, maybe it will be difficult, but if you love each other, then together you will make it a beautiful journey' her hand kept on tapping Radhika's shoulder.   
       Thank you for reading my post, if your time permits click the like button, or leave a comment.... thanks and have  a   good day....
part 100

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wow di love the update a lot........................Drag and drop me.........Radh open her heart to her daadi...and now Have to wait to 100 part to get to know the answer of Rad...I love the ladder part.......Dev's dad asked about it and how Dev's mum love it...Drag and drop me
and our Dev wow he is really now he understand what he want to do love it di wow.........Drag and drop me
congrats is your 100 part and hope to Read is soon...Drag and drop me
update when you get time..........

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Lovely update DevikaHug

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Devika like the husband wife mother son and grandmother granddaughter bonding in this update the undercurrents in it and how everyone in their own way trying to solve the problems some knowing the whole story some not knowing.Smile So I am congratulating u before on ur next 100th update

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awesome update

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I can read your impatience about wanting to pen your thoughts down----

Radhika--Dadi conversation was very good---your dadi is pretty smart, understanding the situation and in the process helping to solve Radhika's dilemma--making her feel less guilty and accept what has happened--this is probably what Radhika needs to completely let go; the assurance from those she loves --that they are not upset with her.

Dev-Suchi conversation is always wonderful to read--one can sense Dev's dilemma--all the issues going on in his mind--Loved the part where in his conversation with Suchi, he brings out the fact that he knows, that the family will not send Radhika back with him now---and he has to deal with not only him missing her, but also how he is going to help Radhika cope with that separation---your Dev is just incredible---

Liked the repeat of the "behind the door scene" with a twist and Dev standing in the balcony with tree vines blowing around made me nostalgic about the Dev-Radhika moment with the "worm"...on the night of their engagement

We need to a "Special Maha Episode" for your 100th episode--
Celebrations have already begun------

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LOVELY UPDATE DI but i have to say one thing IF U DON'T MIND please dev and radhika even now trying to understand that and listening to other's thoughts its enough now i think its better if they talk to each other openly now or if want discuss with each other so that they don't have to face that again

di pls am sorry if i am hurting u but what i say to my heart its only demanding happy radev not rushing to past and feeling guilty agaain and again.i know mistake was huge but not one person is responsible for this so better move frward and try to make future better forgetting past

althogh conversations between rads ad dadi was gr8 and suchi-dev-dad was also that ladder partwas also so cuteeeeeeee.our dev is really got more mature now

keep updating
waiting for 100-shtabdi part

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