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Originally posted by vinianil

  DEv  has found out     where radhika is now  through her letters .....please update soon ....
edeeeeee  pisukkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, njanum pisukkuveLOL update soon cheyyan manasilla...Evil Smile
just got up, back into normal sense... next update coming soon...LOL chekuthante kombokke oori poyi, onnu urangi ezhunettappom.. eppo pavam aa.. just like a tiny cat... myavu.......

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Originally posted by Devika.

Originally posted by vinianil

  DEv  has found out     where radhika is now  through her letters .....please update soon ....
edeeeeee  pisukkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, njanum pisukkuveLOL update soon cheyyan manasilla...Evil Smile
ROFLROFLOH My God!!!! Devikaaaaaa  ethrayum  venamayirunno  in this forum Bakki njan  PM

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Originally posted by vinianil

Originally posted by Devika.

Originally posted by vinianil

  DEv  has found out     where radhika is now  through her letters .....please update soon ....
edeeeeee  pisukkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, njanum pisukkuveLOL update soon cheyyan manasilla...Evil Smile
ROFLROFLOH My God!!!! Devikaaaaaa  ethrayum  venamayirunno  in this forum Bakki njan  PM
Havu.. now i took deep relief sigh... u know why? i post it in a humor way, but after my nap, when i am in full sense , I thought you took it seriously, so i was writing a mahabharatha now with my daily thank you note, saying the readers not to misunderstand me, now i am feeling better especially after seing that ROFL
next aprt coming soon...  no kanjusi... it is little longer., i think...  ha ha
catch you soon
p.S: for those who didn not get my convo and interested to know what it is
arrre kanjuse......., i will also do kanjusiLOL don't have any mind to do next update soonEvil Smile 
just responded to her fewer words... (why we have these >20 languages, wish we all speak one language and just one)

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thank you ruchibabblysweetfamily5armadprakriwissenkscjkavina_radev48Nabesaimissourikhus1973udeshi91tukliimarti_rubishalinikanagu,  sugarandspicevinianilradhika5sonia122DAIRY25radha_bilaharisuwinlaxmisIndiangirl09bvs7691abhilasha_dreamanu17radev_foreverchalhovnycsweetie,  for liking this part
Thank you radev forever, abhi, aycsweeti, ekta, imrati, radhika5, sahra, v3gradev09, gauraniti, chechy, anu, chalhov, vini and diary25.. for ur time to leave me a comment.
so the weekend was long.. so can i just update on weekends, because we have on visual for mon-to fri-- any thoughts..? just checking....and yes ekta.. i may get sticky like a snail or run away like an ostrich.. so unpredicatble , depending on the response i get.. but sometimes even if i wish, i can't walk in a normal way, i go all over from chandenpur to delhi to U.S. to GC, anywhere that my mind takes me to.. so i am all over everywhere... the editing is happening in my mind which is a scttered thought  of it.. so..
becasue with the leap, i left a  gap and depending on its depth , i need to fill it in , or my flow will get stuck in that pit and won't come out easily, so now i need to be a snail, without my choice.... but will walk normally , as soon as i fill it... ok
storm of thoughts, and unspoken words.. yes, that's right.. so mcuh going on.. suchi trying to reason herself..suchi understood "she" refered to U.S' but who is  'me'  with black thick hair? is that Radhika!!!! or the place she grew up, or in other words India.....
U .S giving opperutinty to people where as i take what comes to me,..... for giving that oppertunity U.S. change colors (don't want to elaborate it, but yes its bends nicely to accomodate its people, giving them comfort, assuring safety, making new roads,, whatever... they are ready), but me  always remain same......, SHE keep everything neat and clean for him(dev) but i remain dusty... so yes, so much going on in the mind of Radhika with those words...
and also Suchi thinking "am i just a mother-in-law' for her. after all she gave all that unconditional love and support to Radhika, and when it comes to so personal to Radhika,  she is not trusting Suchi , or not open enough to discuss with Suchi, so the difference exists, no matter how hard one try. it is not anybody's fault....
     .... sushma trying to satisfy thinking she is in a travel and soon will be coming after the trip, and inviting her also to join.
   ... Dev reasoning himself with the small situations, so when it comes to radhika, she my also reason why she behaved that way,
and for  Radhika till today that is right for her.... and for Dev he is right till today (he is not finding any fault in his deed, only thing new to him is, Radhika's past , but rest all is same , may be he is loving her more now(is that possible, i don't know, but he can't wait anymore, to tell her that he knew her better now)..  but it is for an active thinker/or reader  to go that beyond, for passive reader it is just madness....
so is my, the driver's talk.. may irriatate you for now, thinking why he needs to talk like this, maybe irritating Dev, but he will give him an answer too, all i can see now is that this driver is not a stranger, he has his place, and hope if you are a keen reader then at the end of this FF, atleast one will say, i like that charactor, he'll make his place in your mind just like other charactors, but i won't be able to carry him till the end, i need to let him go, because he is a stranger, so few charactors may come and show their face and disappear, but they will make their impact in Radev's life..ok.. so hold on.. it is coming.. i mean the next part.. adn my Dev is at the destination  now.. so ready for it..

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Part 86

It was getting dark outside and Dev kept on looking at his watch. Seeing that;


Driver:  it looks like you are in a hurry


Dev sat straight and asked: aren't you tired?

Driver : tired? , he shaked his shoulder alogn with a shrug and laugh  who me!!! No way, I love driving, and it is my passion & profession too,  I am doing my duty which I love for more than 35 years now.  After a pause seeign his impatint check on time : is anybody waiting for you over there?

Dev : I don't know, maybe

Driver: um, isn't that a good feeling to know somebody is waiting for us somewhere? Like we are waiting for our son, next time when he comes, I am sure he won't let me do this job anymore, these kids are so crazy, they love us so much that they want us to take rest all the time. How can that be possible? I worked for all these years and still healthy and if he ask me one day to sit back at home, is difficult, how we will pass time. Even though I am not making big amount like him, still I can buy some sweet for his kids daily from my small income, which he can't do....

Dev looked at him doubtfully...

Driver: I mean, he can send money to buy it for them, or send with his friends, but I am the one enjoying seeing them eating it. Saying that he laughed loud with a conclusion : one way he is a fool. What is the meaning in making that money when he can't see his own enjoying it. So my low income sweet has more meaning than his gulf money.


They stopped over for their dinner and then continued their journey.

Driver: we need to fill the tank, so will stop at next station.

Unfortunately the petrol station got closed and they had to stay over at a nearby small lodge to spend the rest of the night. Getting freshen up quick, he rested on the bed  'why Radhika, why it is taking so long to reach to you, I was counting hours and now I need to wait till tomorrow evening. Why the distance is getting longer with each passing time. You are still at that place only, na..... I am coming, now, .....only this night to pass and tomorrow you will be in my arms. I can't wait Radhika, I can't wait for that moment. He tried to close his eyes but his mind was still trying to find a reason, a reason for her hiding.....


Dev: it's Ok Radhika, they all are there with daadima, and they are doing everything possible. Didn't you hear what babuji said..... after the surgery daadi is feeling much better. So now they will start therapy and all and I am sure she will be back into her normal self soon.


Radhika listened to him silently and her soft voice came later: phir bhi

Dev:  Radhika, you should be strong, it is not possible for me to get a vacation at this time and  there everyone knows about us and daadi too. Holding onto her shoulder he said: Radhika please cheer up. Everything will be alright. And bringing her closer to him he continued: all are there na, you should trust me, dadima will be fine. Ok.

Moving slightly back he said: now you go take rest, I have so much work pending, also has a meeting with the team too. They will be logging in soon and I need to prepare for that too. Saying that he guided her to the bedroom and helping her to bed, he covered her with the soft blanky, he placed a soft kiss over her forehead and said: now good night, no more over thinking, ok. Just try to sleep, everything is fine with daadi, ok. Goodnight.

Saying that he turned the light off and came to the front hall and resting his leg on that fluffy sofa he logged into his office site. Everything got settled around 3 AM only and by the time he went to bed, she was in her deep sleep.  so he closed his eyes within fraction of seconds too....


Slowly she lost interest in attending any parties or outings, which he tried to squeeze in with his hectic schedule for her. But still she was around, doing things in a normal way, his forehead tightened with that thinking, no she was changing, she was doing things, but she was  found more silent, it was hard to find to  that smile on her face, she was just agreeing with everything with a nod or a 'hum' sound. Or disagree by saying not feeling well, or a smal headache,. She was  trying to settle down in her own world, even I tried to encourage her to do some drawing and all, but the canvas remained blank just like her face those days.  Hardly I have seen her  standing at that patio and looking at the park , he even insisted her to go to park and walk around, but she refused and preferred to just lay in bed covering her face in that blanky.  Yes she was changing, but I didn't see that at that time, the pressure from work and meetings at odd times, limited my time with her, I was mostly asking everything in a passive way and sometimes just for the sake of a question.., and not even heard what she really said back. His thoughts continued'..



Sametime in U.S.

Rema on the phone: ha Padmaja, even I came to know late only. I think Dev was expecting this vacation, so he was almost prepared, by evening itself he left.


Padmaja: even Radhika left the same way, without telling to any of us.


Rema: I think she was concerned about Daadi's health and all.... and she was almost quiet towards late.

Padmaja: ha, first time she was away from her family na. and Dev was busy too.

Rema: no wonder the other lead left at the beginning itself. But Balaji was telling me that Dev was totally into it and it was really a hard one to huddle with, but he managed very well. He hardly slept i think.


Padmaja: um, but anyway, did you get a chance to call Dev's mom

Rema: not really, maybe soon

Padmaja: I also want to talk to Radhika,  if possible she can visit Uma's house right. It is not that far away from delhi and now Dev also is there, so ...

Rema: When I call, I will tell them

Padmaja: um

Rema: did you meet Uma recently

Padmaja: no, actually I am going there tomorrow.

Rema: I hope she is recovering fine

Padmaja: time will heal everything. Now its been over six months We all have gone through all these situations one or the other way na..

Rema; ha, but Uma was so close to her mom

Padmaja: ha, she only had her mom , now her uncle is at her home, and few relatives around, and in that situation it was not possible for her to leave, you know.  They didn't even had passport for their second kid and ...

Rema: when things comes unexpectedly, we all find some excuses.

Padmaja: but those excuses are genuine.

Rema with a sigh: ha, but still...

Padmaja: I am glad at least Radhika was able to go and be with her family this long.

Rema: ha, she is lucky, who knows when she comes back, she may also join somewhere, then she will also follow the routine of us, then who gets much time to think about everything, everyday.


Padamaja; true, now for me, after work, I hardly get time with Vikrom, then cooking and everything, it just eat my time, and sometimes the days and weeks just flew by so quick, and then I get call from home, asking why I didn't call ? how do they know about our stuff here, my cousins used to say, they have everything handy, dishwasher, oven, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner; life is so easy  here per their words... But they don't know that we need to load up each of these machine to get the work done, we do everything for ourselves; whereas they have servants for everything and just tell them what need to be done.

Rema: same here too, my sis-in-law always say this, ...for you everything is so easy, as if, we just say and the machine acts like robots.

Padmaja: ha, when we look from there, we think the life over here is better, and when we look from here, life over there is better.

Rema: Padamaja, , I forgot to  tell you, I made brownies, so if you can stop by.

Padmaja: um, for sure, vikrom will love those.

Rema with a smile : remember Radhika  tried to make brownies, and what a disaster it was.

They giggled remembering it and their talk continued on the phone.



 Dev was unable to get a nice sleep, he kept on checking his watch for passing time, he felt the night is unusually long. He got up early and waited looking at the horizon to change its color.

"good morning'

The driver's sound caught his attention and he replied: "goodmorning"

Driver  : ' I am ready, let's go, may be the petrol station is open by now

Dev: ha, I am ready too...

Driver:  ok then

They climbed down the  stairs. One lady was sprinkling water over that muddy place, to welcome the morning and Dev and the driver passed thru that. Soon the tank has been filled with petrol  and they started continue their journey. Dev passively listened to the driver's proud talk on his son and then as if remembering something  driver said "I am sorry"

listening to that , Dev: why?


Driver: vo, yesterday  I asked you something and you felt bad?

Dev: when? I didn't feel anything bad..

Driver: I asked you whether you are also sending money to your parents.  I saw your uneasiness and you closed your eyes .  I am like that, because my son is outside, whenever I see my son's age kids, I automatically think they are also like my son and works outside.  then after a pause ...The lady who came to drop you was your mom, right?


Dev nodded his head in agrement...

Driver with a smile: I know, isn't she the lucky one,  I saw you taking her blessings too. Now a days where will I get such good scenes. Now a days the kids of your age just fly behind their dreams and hardly get time to look back at their parents, and whenever they  (the kids) get time to talk , they try to advice their older parents , don't do that,. Don't do this. But then who will do all this, will they?  He laughed looking at the front road. but I know they cared about us, so only they are saying it that way.


Time passed quickly and  traffic here and there blocked their way too. And finally towards late evening  they saw the yellow painted welcoming board "swagath to santigiri'


Reading the board, the driver: have you been here earlier?

Dev: no

Driver: um, me too first time, so now we may need to ask somebody for the destination.

Dev: ha.

Driver: can I stop at the next store

Dev: ha

 Dev was hearing his hopeful heartbeat, I will be there at any minute and she will be there, I am sure, she will be there. He waited inside the car as he didn't want to waste an extra minute anymore to reach near her.

Driver came back with a smiley face: it is nearby only.

Dev smiled lightly

Driver looking at him curiously: I think this is the first time you are smiling from within.


Dev looked at him surprisingly

Driver: that is good, I think whom ever you are going to meet will be very dear to you..

Dev nodded his head completely agreeing, but Dev didn't want to tell anything further about it, looked at the road in front with the same hope.

It was dark outside . Soon the driver parked the car in front of a huge tall gate which was holding an arch shaped welded name tag.

Driver: finally we are here..

Dev got out quickly and in rush almost ran towards the gate. He stopped seeing the big lock that blocked his way to getting in. He looked inside and saw the long path that is leading to  inside, and  a 5 cemented wall on along the side blocked his inside peripheral vision, and the darkness didn't let him see anything further. He shacked  on that big gate once  and then he called out "is anyone out there?'.

The driver also came out to check and he also curiously looked inside to that empty straight path leading to somewhere inside, he also checked on that big lock. He looked at Dev's face as he heard him shouting loud for someone to respond from inside. Driver looked on that big tall cemented wall that was blocking the vision from the roadside which was about 8 feet high, he looked for a calling bell, or something to reach inside, by the time Dev's voice started echoing around and he started shaking that gate loud, and did hopeful attempt on that lock to open.


Finally one pedestrian heard them and came near: you need anything?

Dev: ha, we need to go inside

Pedestrian: no, that won't be possible , they close the gate at 6 PM and then no one is allowed inside without prior permission.

Dev: but....

Pedestrian: go now and come back tomorrow after 8.30 AM. Then this gate will open. But now there is no hope.....

Saying that he walked away. .


Dev looked inside, he can't wait anymore, why should he wait, she is inside, his Radhika, why should I wait. He called out her name from the loudest possible voice to wake her up, to reach her ears, to make her to listen to his heart call. "RADHIKAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"


The driver looked at Dev shockingly, he saw him going wild on that gate, even he tried for climbing those up but the design of the gate didn't let him, he called out again.

The pedestrian came back , and looked at Dev strangely and then looked at the driver conveying "no hope'

Finally they saw the lights turning on at a  distance. Driver looked at the pedestrian with a winning smile and then held Dev's shoulder to assure him he has been heard by someone and they are coming.


With a hope he said to the driver, taking deep breath he said , with tear drop in his eyes and witht he most beautiful smile possible : that's my Radhika, she heard me, she heard me, she is coming to me....


Driver also smiled seeing his hopeful voice.


He saw the flash light coming towards them.  The figure of a lady in white saree and  another lady in orange color saree started  showing  up from the darkness as shadows at a distance , comign near to them...


Dev's face got shrink, mumbling to self 'that's not my Radhika'


Dev to the driver; that's not my Radhika, tell them I came for RAdhika. Tell  them, to call Radhika, my  Radhika...


Driver looked at Dev, and thought is he the same person who was sitting silently in my car for more than a day, who nodded to my talking all this time, who patiently waited till morning to start our journey, what happened to him, now he is here and he is acting totally hysteric.


Taking deep breaths, Dev waited for the ladies to come near, more closer..


The lady in orange saree: the gate is closed, it will open tomorrow at  8.30AM. Please come back at that time


Dev: no, no, no, I can't

The lady in orange saree: that is the rule, and we are only  few women and kids inside, we cannot allow strangers or anybody else from outside , to enter this late into our premise , especially at this time.

Dev: but I am not a stranger.. and then looking at the driver: tell them I am not a stranger, you know me, tell them I am not a starnger.... please

Driver looked at him and then looked at those ladies with his pleading eyes..
Lady in orange saree in a very calm way: Mr. Who ever you are, for now, you are a stranger, so please do come tomorrow.

Dev: no no, that is not possible..

The lady in orange saree looked at the lady in white , as if understanding the meaning of it, the lady in white : we are sorry, but we cannot break our rules. If you don't have any other place to go, then just walk 1 KM from here, and you will find Sri. Ramakrishna aMatt, they will be able to  give accommodation to you for the night, and come back in the morning...

Dev,  lowering his head down: no, no, I can't go anywhere else.

Lady in white saree: please, you need to understand

Dev raising his head up , in a pleading voice: you need to understand me too, If you can't open this gate in front of me, then send her  out here,, please, send her, tell  Radhika Iam waiting here for her... his voice trailed of to the lowest voice when he said that..


The lady in white saree took few steps to the front and looked at Dev's sweaty face in  that cold breeze, and she looked into those pleading eyes , her heart skipped few beats and she stepped back and almost hide behind the orange saree.


The lady in orange saree: you can meet anyone, but you need to wait for tomorrow, we cannot open this gate, nor we can send anyone out at his time. And this is a request from us. We are only few women and students living inside, so don't create situation here,  we are only asking for you to wait till morning. And we don't have anything more to talk...


Saying that they turned and walked away, at a distance the lady in white saree pausing for a fraction of  second , turned and looked at Dev's posture in that darkness,  and then walked behind that orange  saree obediently.


The driver touched Dev's shoulder: come let's go to that nearby place, they mentioned. You waited this long, let's wait for the morning, maybe it will bring your Radhika in front of you.


Dev went along with the driver and went and sat in passenger seat with his weaker body, he doesn't have any more energy left, he tried to show that up, but now it is getting weaker, he needs to see her , to get his streangth back. The pedestrian was still looking at them strangely. Driver asked the pedestrian about any nearby lodge...

Pedestrian:  there is one in town, but Mathaji told you to go to  sri Ramakrishna Asram, right?, so it is just after that curve, they will give you one night accommodation, go there and see.

Driver nodded his head  and then drove the car towards the Asram, looking at Dev in concern seeing his wet face and drenched body.  He handed the towel and before getting down, he wiped of dev's face and then trying to give a hopeful smile he, shouted out  from near the gate "anybody there" ......, looking into the darkness, the same path that was leading to somewhere  inside. Soon the light flashed, as if they were waiting for him, and one person wearing a white rounded neck under shirt  and payjama bottom, came and opened the gate and welcomed them in. Parking the car on that road side, they went in along with this person.

The person guided them inside, passing a big hall, they went in and he showed them a room with minimal facility and asked them to freshen up.  After that he guided them to a big hall and turning one light on, he placed two plates on the floor  and served them little rice and curry  and one glass of water. Dev gulped hard to get it down through his throat. Soon they guided back to their room.

The man in white dress: abhi arram keejiye, you may hear the bell ringing around 4 AM for the students to wake up,  wake up at your convenience but , the prayer starts at 6AM, and I will be here to take you to the hall  "subhrathri"



 so here the ladies didn't hear the name that  he mentioned, maybe the lady in white, but he went to his lowest possible voice when he said that. so please note that. dev was mostly saying it loud when they were at a distance, he was tellign her name to the driver, and he is the one who heard the name  for now, ok.. or may be that white saree too, i don't know for now, but will find out tomorrow , ok...
 Now are you thinking about this new place where dev got trapped.. this is the most beautiful place, where you will see life in a different perspective, it is not meant for everyone, but for few, but tell you , the most beautiful place I have ever seen or experienced , a new world within its boundary which follow strict rules and regulations, yes there is angry people inside , but not all, who are beyond words to describe.. so get ready to explore this new world, which I want Dev to experience before he meet his Radhika, but will complete  in next episode, so it won't take much of your time, and why I need this new place and an additional episode before their meet , to give answer to your one of the initial question & or Dev's recent confusion how Radhika got here' so hold on, its coming  up in next update' but for now, Dev is near to his Radhika'.
but tell you one thing my ladies, avi can act superbly, it is easy  for me to imagine and write his facial expressions, his helplessness, his shock, his tears, his smile... OH he is awsome..... thanks avinash for being the face of my charactor....
Thanks for reading my post, have a good day...
part 87

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great update as always. well i c dis is gonna b a slow n bumpy ride but i'm wit u all the way. continue soon....Heart

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Great update!!!

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Thanks devika for the update...just can't wait for radev meeting in your next update Big smile

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