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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 8:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by laxmi_avinafan

Story is becoming more interesting day by day now Radhika is trying to find out  what connection with Malathi./priya that is  creates very suspense in the story  it would be more interesting to watch next part...
 thanks laxmi, it is really good to know it is interesting.. so only i stopped sending pm's .. why to bore soemone everyday. :) so thanks... hope you will find th eupcoming drama also interesting.. would love to hear from you..

Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 8:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by harianjana

really nice update di ,
now come the guavas again well that kids didn't forgot black beauty even
i wanna see the cute naughty radhika before marriage again please show her like that climbing trees, enjoying chandenpur's nature. i loved her a lot.
so the past started to haunt again and radhika was geting more closer with malathi. well i am eagerly waiting to read the next part as the story right now was very interesting
Thank you hari.. so you are really catching up witht he story. yes, the kids did not forget the black beauty, the circle should complete,
the naughty radhika, dev is still in search of her only, he is missing her too,  so will she come out, will she change.. if she, then how? glad to know you are interested dear.. thank you for finding that time.

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 8:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by vinianil

Guava is there in this part  it was nice  conversation  between  Dev and children liked it they say Deal..
Past is coming out slowly  and Sushma is very disturbed with that photo... 
guava,,yum... yes the past is coming out, it did.. so no more deepening in that.. but how this will change the behaviour of each charactors is what i will  try to portry...  now onl left out is Sushma's past.. so i may brush up on that, but otherwise it is Dev and Radhika and their destiny...

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by ekta-avinafan

u know devika di i was reminding u and radhika when i was plucking guava as there is one tree outside our house too and today u wrote about that again
so now dev wants to believe in all those rads talks but rads has far away come out in reality
waiting for our chudki name and then entering into delhi house and ya mystery about past also to be opened up in front of all.
Ekta.. yes, you said right.. but it is not a conscious try of Dev, it is just happening with him , nobody is forcing,  nor he himself forcing.. it is all coming his way..
so have you had guava.. oh dear, i had many when i went to inida. so many.. whenever i sat home, my stomach was loading with either jackfruit, or mangoes, or goavas or one kerala fruit..  oh God... it was all yummy.. also this time got a chance to  taste  riped dates.. never seen that anywhere. had dried ones, but not riped dates.. so all is good...
chudki name? don't put me in trouble.. i am very bad with names... can't you see that.

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suwin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 8:21am | IP Logged
thanks Devika, nice update and now the past is on the way to the present.. waiting for the next  episode...

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by suwin

thanks Devika, nice update and now the past is on the way to the present.. waiting for the next  episode...
thank you chechy.. more than happy to know that you are traveling with me... 
Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2011 at 6:39pm | IP Logged
This update may be shorter, i want you to read it completely if possible, it is the dream , it is the belief,  the trust, the body -mind play... hope you can make out that relationship..  what i want to stress is" if you have  strong mind then you can fight back anytthing and transmit that energy into a weaker body/mind.. but if you go weak on your mind, then your body reacts the same way, and none of the magic in this world can bring it back. It is not a debate, it is my own experience.. i have seen it thru my eyes, how people fight with certain situations, and still keep that smile on their face.. and it is a small transmission of that state of mind.. I might have  gone weaker with my words, but i am trying to say something, dont know  how  it will reach to you, but it is coming up.
Please read the above note  sattement prior  to jump into the next part.. please..just a request..

Part -134

Delhi house

Surender arranging the dolls on the shelf: Suchi , I don't know , but now I want to smile all the time, whenever I close my eyes, it is the smiling face of chudki that is coming in front of me. I can't even concentrate on my meetings. Next month I need to go  abroad, maybe I will send Dev only, let him slowly take the charge, he is capable, and he knows, and  it is my belief that he  can take over everything , and then I  will get the nectar for  my years of hardwork.


Suchi: um, again started dreaming


Surender: why you said  'again', see everything happened as I dreamed ,r ght?. He married Radhika, and I said she will bring him back to us and that also happned, and now he is more responsible and he has that talent to move forward and I am sure he will  surely bring glorious achievements to our business world. I can see that.

Suchi looked at those dreamy eyes, his smiling lips, an said in mind: ha I have seen it, whatever you dreamed , it all came  true, and I am sure oneday this will also happen


But then with a smile she said: what if he say, he will go with Chudki

The smile disappered from his face: how can that be possible, she s svery small, and how can he manage her, I am not going because I want  to spend time with her, so don't even put such ideas in his head , ok. Did I go with you all when I went for business tours? then


Suchi with a smile: um um, noone has to instill this in his head, he only will say.

Surender looked at Suchi with a serious face, but then Lechu appered in front of their room.

Lechu was looking at the changes in  Suchi's room.


Suchi: so what do you say Lechu?


Lechu: what can I say?


Suchi: you think she will like it?


Lechu: I like it


Surender: here is some more


Lechu looked at  the pointed cupboard and found the shelf full of dolls.


Surender proudly: you wait, and see what is coming next?


"tantadaaa" Sammy came in with two large stuffed animals


Lechu with parted lips looked at those animals for few minutes and said


Lechu: Oh my,   are you planning to scare her?


Surender: what scare?





Suchi: what is this?

Lechu: nothing, mom made her prchanse while coming, and dad made his purchase little bigger as  he got an assistant with him


Sammy coming near: ye, don't try to put cockroch in my meals ok. Somehow I am  trying hard to change this tiger into a rabbit and you


Lechu softly: so now  he  is tiger, earlier you said Hitler


Sammy: Lechu, I said that only once right, and that applied when I mentioned how he is at the  office but generally he is ...


Suchi: what you both are talking about


Sammy suddenly changing the topic: no mom, so are you going to keep everything in this room only!


Suender: no  Sammy,  let them come, and let chudki only pick the one she likes


Lechu: and the rest


Sammy: you can have it


Lechu: Sammy


Suchi: Lechu


The phone rang at the Delhi house and Lechu ran to pick it up

Suchi ran behind her: maybe it is Sushma, she told me Radhika and Chudki is there at haweli, now I can't wait to get them here, no need to wait till namakaran, we can have that here


Then looking at Sammy: come, I will make coffee, ok and thne looking at Lechu: if it is Sushma, tell her I will call back later ok.


But Lechu was standing silently


Suchi paused: lechu


She didn't reply


Suchi walked near to Lechu: Lechu who is it?


 She just stood there listening


Surender was coming out from hs room


Sammy also noticed the color change in Lechu's face


Suchi went and took the reciever from Lechu"s hand and said: hello


Mohan: ha Suchi bahan, so now  Sushma is regaining the consciousness,  Dev is busy getting things, and we all are around.  Babuji is here too.



Suchi tightening her forehead: what, I did not get it, what happened to sushma?


Surender came in : who


Suchi: vo Mohan bhayya, he is  saying something , I am not getting it, he  is saying Sushma gaining consciousness, what something... ha, dev is there, Babuji is there, I don't know


Sammy suddenly took the reciever  from Suchi: Babuji, Sammy here,


Mohan: Sammy, one second, let me give to Dev


Soon Sammy took charge of the desperate Bhatt family , and made few calls to his near ones and within an hour he took the driver's seat,  leading the family to the hospital.


Surender was trying to clarify with sammy while Suchi was in phone with Rohini


Rohini: ha , it was all fine, but then Rahdika heard a loud  voice and when she went down  to check she saw Sushma on the floor, and by luck Dev and babuji also came to the scene at the right time.  Dev and babuji took sushma right away to the hospital. Radhika and chudki is here.   I am getting ready to leave to hospital, Radhika's babuji is coming to pick me up.


Suchi: we will be there soon too. Sammy is with us. So


Rohini: ha, vo,


Suchi: is it the first time happening?


Rohini:  I think so,  Radhika's babuji is here, let me go ok,  I will call you back once I get to the hospital.


The Bhatt family shared their   thoughts while Sammy tried to make the situation light by stressing the presence of Dev and   Radhika's babuji near by.



Back at the hospital:

Sushma was slowly opening her eyes, and she saw the blurred image of her babuji sitting near to her.  Soon the vision got clear and she met his concerned eyes. With a smile she said: did I scare you babuji


Yeshpal tried to bring his voice out, and he cleared his throat once, but the lump did not move...


Sushma: babuji, don't give me that look, I am simply fine, I want to see my strong babuji back


Yeshpal: ha,  but then a tear drop rolled down his cheek: but how long I can show that strength. My strength is you and if...


Sushma again with a smile: Babuji



Yeshpal: I am trying to bring the smile because I don't want to leave you alone in this big house, and you are giving me that smile back to give me that strength.  Why didn't you tell me when you were not feeling well beta


Sushma: babuji, it is not just me, you also hide it from me , right?


Babuji: beta


Sushma: I know, I can make it from your face, I understood it, so only I did not ask you much. You don't want to ruin the happy moment  in our life, right?

Yeshpal looked at her: beta


Sushma: me too babuji, after how many years I am seeing the smile, I am seeing the happiness around,  if athma exist then I am sure my mom's athma will be the happiest seeing her son back, his  lovely family, his son Dev and  his pothi.  I still feel it like a dream babuji


Yeshpal: but then what happned now


Sushma: nothing babuji, the black smoke of  our past just tried to swallow me,  and for that one moment I lost myself


Yeshpal: but it took hours to come back


Sushma: I know babuji, this time it left me for hours, but still it returned back to  be near you.


Yeshpal: don't leave me beta, I can't


Sushma with a smile: babuji, how can I leave you now, when we have our chudki nearby, when our Dev is with us all the time, how can I  leave , I want to live in this happy moment too babuji, just like you want to.


Suddenly they heard the foot steps, and  went in silent


Nurse: I called the doctor,  he is coming in


Sushma: can you ask him to discharge me today itself


Nurse: today!  Don't know when doctor comes, you only talk  to him.


Nurse: is your grandson is back, I send him to bring some medicines


Suddenly Dev  jerked his head, and then walked in from behind those curtains,  holding the medicne bottles in hand


Nurse: there you are

Dev shook again: ji


Sushma: oh Dev  what is the need for all these, anyway we are leaving na, poor radhika and chudki,  they maybe waiting for us, how could you leave them alone and come like this,

Trying to get up form the bed: you should have sprinkled some water over my face


Dev: we did


Sushma sat back to bed with her weaker body, and she found how badly her hand is chained to that plastic tubes


Sushma: oh my God, what's going on? what is the need for all these?  You should have poured a bucket full of water on my face, than bringing me here


Dev: ji


Sushma: what ji, come now let's go


Dev: dad and all is coming


Sushma: you told them too!! Why? I am fine beta, I was standing near that  firepit, that when it got little added fuel, it just suffocated me little bit, that is it.  For that you called your dad.


By then the doctor came in.


Dev and Yeshpal walked out from the room. Dev was extremly silent, suddenly he noticed the waddling gait of his dadaji as he took his steps outside the room


Dev just held him by his shoulder and then helped him to stand straight.

His dadaji stood for few seconds to regain his strength, and then looked into Dev's eyes  thanking him silently


Dev did not say anything, but helped him to move further , near to a chair. Yeshpal sat there with weaker body, Dev stood next to him, but then he noticed his dadaji's forehead sweatting lvery badly.


Dev sat on his knee: Dadaji , areyou ok, Buva will be fine.


Dadaji looked into Dev's eyes helplessly and said: I thought I am strong, but her one fall, made me to realize how  old I am, and how weak I am


thanks for reading my post, will meet you on monday here.. for now have a good weekend.



Part 135

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di superb updates shushma's mystery going to reveal...I think there isa connection  malathi and shshma...what can be...
thanks di lovely update

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