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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 1:19am | IP Logged

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I am a new person to ur dream world. bt i never forget read ur story. ur story is very fantastic. i like ur story very much.

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Loved your update.Very nice.Liked Sammy & Radhika conversation.

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Thank you friends for your valuable response.   The time is passing quick, and i hope i am not too late to update, I know now  a days everybody is busy and so many good things are happening in CB, and it is all radev moments.. I am also enjoying it very well with you all. But along with all this,  hope you will be able to find sometime to read the next update too.
thujaa.. welcome to my dreamworld. thanks for letting me know you like it too. so blessed to have few many friends here, so only I am moving on.
Friends, I am sorry, I couldn't make it upto that precap,  maybe with next  update for sure, I am really sorry..
next update ocming soon.

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Devika. IF-Dazzler

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Part 123


Radhika was reading a book , sitting  over the hard floor of the varanda, while dadima was strolling her hair , along with lightly massaging her scalp.


Dadi: Now your hair  looks healthy. Can't believe how badly you treated it when you were away. Now onwards take care of it well, ok.


Radhika: um


Dadi: what um


Radhika keeing that magazine down on her lap: Ha dadima, if somebody do this massage everyday for  an hour and then tie it well,  it should grow better, but where  can I find time like that.


Dadi: if you really care, then you can find time for it too


Radhika turning slightly: ha dadima,  but I need to feel your hand too ..along with it, then it will stay like this.

Daadi:  um


Radhika: see now you are saying  just 'um


Mohan  climbing up the stairs:  Maaji, I am going to Birju's place tomorrow,  if you need anything from there, let me know


Daadi: ha


Radhika:  Birju bhayya's son is so naughty, right?


Daadi: ha, wish they were here too, I know sasural needs him, I am glad he  is settling there well too.


Daadi: Radhika, now go take bath, ok.


Radhika: ha dadima


Radhika went to her room, before stepping onto that bathroom floor, she felt adding weight down her tummy. She paused for a second. Suddenly she jerked hearing the  cell  phone ring.


She went and picked it, supporting her lower tummy.


"doing ok right?"

Dev's confident voice made her to pause for a second.


Dev:  Radhika, you ok?


Radhika in a doubtful voice: ha, but


Dev 's concern voice: but what?

Radhika: vo, patha nahi, I feel some difference


Dev: Radhika, your date is nearing and I will be there in two days, almost  completeing my work, and


Radhika: there is nothing to worry, I am fine, I was actually getting ready to take a bath.


Dev: no no, if you are not feeling well, then take rest, call mom


Radhika: listen I am ok


Dev: no no, now you listen to me, don't do anything, call maaji,  then after pausing for few seconds: do you want me to call her


Radhika  with a smile: no I only will call her, don't worry


Dev: ok then call, I want to talk to her


Radhika: meine kaha na, mei theek hum


Dev: aur meine kaha na, maaji ko bulane keliye


Radhika with a smile: ji theek hei


Radhika called out for Rohini and she came up


Radhika: ma, I felt some pressure over my lower tummy and that time he called and  I just  told him, and now he wants to talk to you


Rohini with a smile took the phone from her and started talking to Dev while checking on Radhika


Dev: now I feel better,  maaji I will be there  on day after tomorrow.


Rohini: ok beta, let me give to Radhika


Dev: now after bath you call me ok, I will be waiting, don't take too long


Radhika: aap bhi na


Dev: ha mei, I need to complete my work,otherwise i should have been there by now.. anyway  quickly finish your bath, ok


Radhika: ji


Turning the phone off, she smiled at Rohini


Rohini: Radhika it  looks like your tummy has dropped well, are you ok


Radhika: ji mom, now you also don't start like Dev, ok.


Time ticked by and she called him after bath, and Dev felt a relief after  listening to her voice.


Suchi was noticing his tension filled face, and was smiling inside, seeing his concern being away form Radhika.


That day at dinner  table at Delhi house


Suchi: dev when are you leaving to Chandenpur


Dev: day after tomorrow


Suchi: I don't think you need to wait that long, looking at your face ,I, myself feeling uncomfortable, as if this is the first time happening with me too. 


Surender: what? What are you trying to say Suchi?


Suchi: what else?, look at your son's face, I never seen him keeping that phone down for a second from past  two months, and I don't think he is sleeping well either these days.


Suddenly dev kept the phone down on the table


Surrender looked at it and smiled


Suchi: when it was my case,  I don't think I was even tensed like him, I feel like it is him who is  going to deliver, not Radhika


Sudden burst of laugh, made the food particles to spill around, from Lechu's mouth and she chocked on it and started coughing


Dev looked at her


Suchi: Lechu


Lechu: or nahi tho kya?  Mom, first time you said something so true. Even I had that doubt for long,  you noticed it just today, but he was like that  only.


Suchi: um, when your case comes let see, how Sammy will be


Lechu: anyway he won't be this tensed


Suchi: why?


Lechu in a very cool way: I won't let him go away from my side


Suchi:  Oh God Lechu.


Lechu: but dad, I am telling you the truth, if Bro goes this way,  tomorrow itself he will burst out.


SUrender: in that case, Dev , you can leave tomorrow itself


Dev: no dad, I am fine


Suchi: no you are not, go tomorrow afternoon, what you are going to do staying back one more day ,except   increasing my blood pressure


Surender: that's what I am not getting , why your BP is going up


Suchi: because I also want to be near by, I know everything is fine, but still, she seems to be ready and I can make the difference  from looking at her face


Surender: then why you didn't tell  us at that time


Suchi: how can I tell, it can go both way, then if nothing happens


Lechu: mom, look at Bro's face now, I don't think he will wait till tomorrow


Suchi with a chuckled throat: nothing to worry beta, you are talking to her everyday right, and me too talking with Rohini and Radhika, and she said she is not feeling any difference, and also this is the first baby, so high chance for delay, i mean takes it time, so nothing to worry.


Her sound was so shaking that she was convincing herself  than to convince others.


Dev: mom , but today Radhika told me she felt something different and


Suchi: what?


Dev: no but Rohini mom  said, everything is fine


Suchi: then it will be fine only.


Dev: no, let me try to talk to her to confirm it


Surender: can you both stop talking like this now. Radhika is doing fine, I think it is better Suchi also leave with Dev, atelast I can stay peacefully.


Dev started dialing the number


Surrender: Dev, told you, give them some peace yaar, what is this? You can leave tomorrow.ok

Suchi: but I have  to report  for  duty ,next three days


Surender: suchi I said, to him, not to you

Suchi: but you told me earlier to go with him, so I was kind of thinking whom to give charge.


Surender: so that is why you remained silent. Ok baba, do what you can and you all can go to chandenpur at your conveniene, no problem.ok


Suchi: and you


Surender: I need to  attend one important meeting tomorrow, then I will give charge to Mr. Patel, and then it will be fine


Suchi: oh so you are all set


Surender: ha ,why not, what you think, I am not tensed to see my grand child.


Suchi: I am glad atleast you will be there for to see the grand kid's face.


Surender: um, now leave me, and think of yourself.


Dev: dad, can I leave early morning


Surender: you don't have anything to fix


Dev: no dad, the left over thing I can do online and it is manageable

Surrender: ok then

Lechu: Bro, tomorrow, don't leave tonight itself ok


Dev held the phone more tight in his ahnd.

Standing near the window he thought: Radhika might be sleeping now with Daadima, or I should have called, and if there is anything, I am sure she will call me. He again looked at the phone, and held it tight. She will be very happy to see me near her tomorrow and I can't wait to be near her.  

with a smile he went to bed,  checking the cell few times, he tried to close his eyes for the morning to come as quick as possible.


Radhika was  feeling very tired from  the mid night. Many times she thought to call Dev and just tell him, but then she knew how tensed he will become, so she kept that cell tight in her right palm, laying on her bed, closing her eyes tight. Her left hand was unknowingly stroking over the nicely dropped down stomach.


Down at the dining area

Daadi: Rohini, I think she is ready, did you talk to her at all?


Rohini picking on the used glasses:  I also thought there is something wrong,  otherwise she never lay like that,  and didn't even come down for breakfast.


Daadi:  didn't you ask her?


Rohini: ha Maaji, and she said she is just feeling little tired,   she didn't eat anything well yesterday, saying feeling to throw up, didn't sleep well  either it seems like. She wants to rest for some more time.


Daadi: I think it is good to tell Suchi about it. Date is nearing and from her look, she look slightly pale.


Rohini kept the glass down on the table: ji, you saying


Daadi trying to climb those steps to  upstairs: I will go and sit with her, you just call and talk to Suchi once,  I don't think we need to wait anymore.


 Suddenly a shiver passed thru rohini's head down to her toe  and she stood there shockingly, watching her mom climbing those steps slowly.


 After few minutes, jerking herself Rohini walked near to the phone hurringly

Mohan was all ready to go to Birju's place and was folding back the long sleeve.


Mohan: Rohiniii


ROhini was listening to the dial tone at the other end


Mohan: Rohini


Suddenly she kept the phone down and came near Mohan: ji


Mohan: I will be back quick ok.  Tell Maaji, I couldn't find her here. Is Radhika still sleeping?


Rohini just stood unable to voice out anything


Mohan tucking the sleeves back, looked at his wife, and noticed her nerveous face: Is everything ok Rohini?


Rohini as if coming back to reality: ji, ha, jiii her voice trailed off


Mohan walking near to her: what?


Rohini: no, actually Maaji told me to call Suchi, so I was


Mohan tightening his forehead: maaji told to call Suchi behan! Why?


Rohini: vo  Radhika is not feeling well na


Mohan: Radhika not feeling well! What happened, you said she is sleeping


Rohini: ha, but Maaji is telling to just inform Suchi about it, and


Mohan   turning towards the steps: oh, let me check

But then he stopped for a second and said: actually Surrender called me yesterday and he said Dev is coming today and most probably Suchi behan too.


Rohini with a relief: really


Surrender: ha


Rohini: oh then no problem, let me just call and tell her.


Mohan: um

.Few minutes later Rohini came up saying nobody picked the phone back in Delhi house, I think they left already, so let's wait . i tried   to reacj on Suchi's cell too but, engaged tone is coming. so may be they will be here at any minute.

Mohan: anyway they are coming to here only right, so wait. Ok
Rohini: ji

 Dev was surprised to see Mohan at the front door, as if he is waiting for him.


Dev: Babuji, is everything ok


Mohan: ha beta,  I thought you all are coming, suhci behan didn't come?Surrender told me  that you are coming so I waited, I thought


Dev: did dad called already?


Mohan: yesterday night he called me


Dev paused for a second thinking 'so dad already made that call, and who is really tensed? He was acting all normal yesterday'.


Mohan: come beta


Dev: ha babuji, mostly mom will be here by night.

Mohan just nodded his head
Dev, looking around asked: " where is daadi and Maaji?"


Mohan:  Daadi is with Radhika,  as she is  feeling little tired, so. And  rohiniii he looked around


Rohini: I am here'


Dev with a concerened face: Is Rahdika Ok?


Rohini: ha beta, but she was feeling very tired, so resting in her room, just now I talked to suchi and she said she will be coming later today.


 As if taking the  silent permission, Dev went inside , climbing the steps with the fatsest pace, he reached his room. Saw Radhika laying in Daadi's lap, and Daadi was strolling her fingers thru  Radhika's hair.



The voice of him made Radhika to startle and she held that cell phone tight in her hold one more time.

Then comprehending back to normal she raised her head to see his face


Daadi looked at Dev with a smile: um, Mohan told me that you are coming.


Dev coming near , took the blessings of Daadi and then  held Radhika's hand to support her, as she was trying to sit down.


Dev: you ok


Daadi: she is fine, but I think the time is nearing, maybe good to take her to hospital  for a check up.


Radhika looked  into Dev's eyes


Dev recognizing her pale face: why you didn't call me?raising his voice slightly up: didn't I told you that?


Daadi: beta, I only told her not to call  you and  give you tension, this just happened today morning and Mohan told that you are coming, so only I asked her to wait till you come, who knows, maybe in few minutes she will be fine.


Dev: phir bhi


Daadi getting up from the bed: Ok beta, now you be with her,  I need to check on something , ok.


Dev still holding onto Radhika's hand watched daadima walking away.


Dev just wrapped his arms around Radhika and in his husky voice he murmered: are you ok ?


Radhika: ha, but


Dev moving his head back: but? Looked at her in question


Radhika: I don't know, I feel very tired and angel is sleepy too, not moving much. 

Dev raised his voice: what?


Radhika: no, I mean


Dev: come let's go to the doctor, that is it.


Radhika: listen


Dev: no more listening , just come


He almost forced her with him , without much resistance she walked along with him.


Seeing them coming down

Daadi:  Rohini will be ready in a minute.ok


Dev:  ha Daadima, 


Mohan:  come beta, I pulled the jeep already.


Within minutes they reached the hospital.  Mohan stood outside as Radhika, dev and rohini went inside the consulting room.


Doctor did a quick check up and asked: Radhika did you eat anything today?


Rohini: no, I tried to feed her, but she refused.


Dr with a smile: no wonder, you are not feeling that baby movements, baby may be hungry and tired too.


Radhika looked at Dev's  concerned face


Dr: get her something to eat, she will be fine


Radhika: I don't feel like eating anything, I may throw up., I tried little milk in  the morning , but everything came out.


Dr: ok then, let's try some drip, till you feel better ok, anyway you came all the way up to here, so


Suddenly Dev: ha Dr. Anything to make her better


Dr just smiled and gave the order to the nurse.

Soon Radhika was shifted to a  private room, and she grinned as the small needle pierced her fair skin near her left hand. Soon the fluid started flowing in and  with tiredness Radhika closed her eyes. but then a strong kick from inside her tummy woke her up, and she looked at Dev and he sat there , near her holding onto her hand, with a relief sigh.


Thanks and take care


part 124

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Wow, I could feel their emotions! thanks for the update! :) loved it!

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Amazing part! Loved the way the two were always conected by phone,didnt realease it while sleeping or she staying in dadi lap LOL Liked his concern and the way he sensed her not good and dragged her to hospital!! Parents reaction too verry well described!!

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Aww... Devika. That was a very sweet update.Clap
Memories came back of the time I was expecting my daughter...Big smile
Please do update soon.Smile

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