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WOW !!!! nice part ...the way  suchi tries to compare lechu with her just to make herself believe that her girl can handle hardships of life or not is very impressiveThumbs Up , its a general fear of that mother whose girl is going to married soon..but her trust on them is their main power to over come difficulties ..enjoy this lovely  change in lechu Wink.. radev are finding name for angel .Smile nice talk with angel .. 

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so Lechu is in cloud 9 with his princess is always beautiful..
looking forward to the little princess entryWink

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Thx a lot dig name Sushma how is it for radevs child haha
It was a very good awesome update di thx a lot

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Nice update Devika..Loved conversation between Suchi and surender, Lechukutty and Radhika...Radhika is not missing any chance to tease Lechu...
Will Dev allow Radhika to go to Chandenpur to deliver? How can he stay  away  from his Radhika ? If it happens how will he talk to his angel before sleeping? Even i will be missing papa and angel talk...

Umm!!i know dev will end up with cute name...

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Thank you friends  ruchibabblykscjkAditiDimissourimichmasumasrilankasweetrose92sweetfamilyprakri*Maleena*sushmavinazorinatmDAIRY25suwinsugarandspicevinianilchalhovradha_bilahariradhika5anu17nycsweetie,    for liking part 115
@nycsweetie: thank you so mcuh
@radhika5; thank you so much, yes certain glmips , even if it is heard or flashed once in mind will never fade, and that is the picture of Suchi's dad, sitting on that steps with tear filled eyes.  The same way, one more picture flash in my mind very often "the eyes of that kid who  came, pushing the crowd behind , to see the glimpse of Dev coming ,r iding that balck horse, I can see his face, his unbelievably widening eyes, i can hear his heartbeat, and that  moment, thru that kid's face.. mostly flashes inside me.. don't know why?
yes Rahdika has to leave to chandenpur,and our Dev has to stay back at delhi, he is a responsible employee and it is not possible for him to drive everyday back and forthWink
@anukutty: so you want our Dev to consider Anu.. let me think.. seriously..ok..thanks dear
@ zorinatm: thank you dear
@radha: thank you so much Radha, especially for hsharing that moment. I can't believe dad saying that, especially to his damad..  so sweet and he won too Wink, also  i thought the Dr's never say the sex of the baby, um, that is good to know... so I am sure, he was like confident enough to face the challenge. ha ha.. cute..
yes Radha, in our system by looking at the ladie's abdomen, few (elders) do the predictions, and mostly it comes out right only. i thought of bringing that up with radhika dadi scene, so only i broght their conversation... Wink little Devika secret.. ha ha
@diary25; yes dear. Suchi is more concerned about Lechu than she was with Dev., one thign she never expected this and once she came to know that her daughter is serious in this case, she is taking everyhting ina dn trying to figure out things, what can happen/ will she be able to face the life strongly, as for her her daughter is still a kid, it is that basic nature. The situation would have been different, if the parents seriously think about their kids marriage, but this came unexpectedly, and now it is upto Lehcu to bring the smile on Suchi's face. so let see.. will she change or will she remain same...
@suwin:  thanks chechy. little princess, Yes, ofcourse, there is lttile princess papa time.. and she is going to bring back everything to nromal, but to reach thereConfusedConfusedConfused how many more update, wish i could tell , but let's travel together and see where  these all take me  along with you all...
@sushmavina: thanks you.. oh we have two names to consider.. sushma or anu.. let me see, whether i can come up adding this two  names together.. will surely try  and thanks for liking ti dear..
@vini: thank you so mcuh.. yes Rahdika is going to have her time, but don't know how it wiil be, as now sammy is in picture who even mentioned about saree part.. so let see how this four will mingle and  create head ache for SUCHI and increase her BP...ROFL
@radev1000: thank you friend, for liking this FF, i hope you will love the upcoming parts too
@v3gradev09: thanks for your encouragemnt, hopefully you will be able to catch up with me too...
@masumasrilanka:  thanks you and i gyarantee for that morning tea for  this complete week for sure, hope you will enjoy it..
@charusree: thanks dear, no sorry, it is fine, more than happy to hear from you.. hopefully you will be able to catch up with me...
Thank you so much friends for your precious time to get back with me.. so many left me, i hope few of you will stick with me as i am travelling little faster this week.. please do travel with me if possible.. wish i could pull everyone at with my pace..
next part coming soon... wondering what!!    a chick inside Radhika's  stomach and a rat in kitchen..LOL

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Part 116

The darkness engulfed the  atmosphere and the soft curtains were blowing in with the soft wind. The whole earth was sleeping under the velvety comfort.  The stars were twingling happily seeing the  resting ground.


Radhika moved once in his arms, her eyes still closed. Dev adjusted self to give her more comfort, in his sleep. Soon she moved again, and unknowingly her hand fell on her stomach and she rubbed over it.  Soon she opened her eye flaps to fill her eyes with the darkness around.  She kept on rubbing her stomach.  She turned few more times but was able to hear the growning sound  coming from inside her large tummy. Moving slightly away from his side, she slowly lifted his arm and moved it away.


Sliding softly she dangled at the edge of the bed.  She turned the bed lamp on and sat few more seconds. Then looking once at Dev's sleepy face, she sighed slightly. Slowly getting up from the bed she walked towards the door.


"where are you going?"


Radhika paused as she heard Dev' s voice


Radhika turning and looking at him "aap uthgaye?"


Dev sitting up, in his sleepy voice: where are you going?


Radhika: vo  she paused


Dev: vo kya hei Radhika,  Do you need something?


Radhika  lowered her gaze  and stood there.


Dev getting up form bed , came near her:  you ok?


Radhika looking at his face nodded her head in agrement


Dev: then kya huva?


Radhika: I , I.. I am feeling hungry


Dev: what !!!, hungry !!!he looked at the clock, only 2.30AM, he looked at her : Radhika it is only 2.30AM


Radhika as if reasoning herself: it is not me, it is your princess who is hungry.


Dev hiding his smile, lestening to her childish tone: Oh


Radhika: otherwise  I don't have any problem


Dev: really, ok, you stay here , I will go get something for her.


Radhika: no,you take rest, I will be fine


Dev in a stern tone: I told you, be here..., I will be right back, ok.


Saying that he walked down and Radhika waited , sitting at the bed side, rubbing over her stomach , thinking she should have only gone..

By then Dev came back with a glass of milk, coming near her : here you go


Radhika took the glass from him and tried to take a sip, but her tongue buds didn't catch the taste of the milk, that she giving the milk glass in his hand quickly, went faster to the washroom and spit it out.


Dev following her: what happened?


Radhika: I don't like the  smell, yak

Dev tried to smell: what is the problem with smell?


Radhika: I don't like the taste, yak


Dev, tasting a sip: taste is same and then looking at Radhika: tell me, are you really feeling hungry?


Radhika: heina, i feel like the little chicks are walking inside my stomach.


Dev: Don't you dare to call my little one, chick..

Radhika:  why? it is becaus eof her only na.
Dev  calming down self: ok, then drink this milk


Radhika: nahi


Dev dropping his jaw: what?


Radhika: give that to me, I will go down and get myself .


Dev: get myself what?


Radhika: something else


Dev: something else means what?


Radhika: vo tho kuch tho hoga na neeche.


Dev: Ok baba, chalo...


They both went to the kitchen.

Dev: tell me what you are looking for.


Radhika: I don't know, let me check


Radhika started opening  the cupboard


Dev: Radhika: who will keep the food in cupboard


Radhika: no I thought to take something to munch on


Dev: munch on!! at this time!!


Radhika: let me check inside the fridge


Dev also accompanied her, her hand strolled on mostly few of those closed lids, and shrinking her lips inwardly, she strightned her body


Dev folding his both hands at chest level, raised his brows questioning


Radhika in a sad  affirming words: I am really feeling hungry


Dev: Radhika I agree with you that you are feeling hungry, but you  are not finding anything!

Radhika: you only help me na


Dev: tell me what you want, otherwise how do I know!


Radhika: bethadum


Dev: um bethade


Radhika: I want some spicy golgoppas , and her voice trailed off towards the latter part with drooling mouth ...

Dev with a relief expression: see, that's simple and you were simply wasting time, you want golgappas, right, one minute, he was about to open the fridge door, he paused for a second and then turning , with a frowned face, he asked again: what you want?


Radhika looking at his face, widenign her thristy eyes: golgoppas


Dev repeated: gogop.  What?


She repeated the same very softly: gooolgopppaaasss, yummm


Dev: Radhika, at this time of night, who will make golgoppas!!,


Radhika: I don't know but that's what your princess asking for now


Dev moving closer to her: what! noe chicks automatically changed ot my little princess, and  My princess is asking for golgoppas, at this time!!!


Radhika rubbed over her stomach and very innocently: ha


Dev touched her stomach and  tried to feel his baby, and after few minutes: Radhika, why you are blaming my little one, she is sleeping sound, you are  simply saying , right?.


Radhika: no really, you don't know, she was kicking me all this time, i was unable to close my eyes not even for few minutes, you don't know anything.

Dev: didn't you only tell me that she slept already
Radhika covering her lie: that time she was sleeping , and the minute you went to sleep, she woke up and asking me for golgoppas, I want to have some golgoppas now.


Dev:  now the truth came out.

radhika: what?
Dev; you only told na, I want golgoppas now, so it is not my princess,  but then  keeping his hands on his flanks..ab mei golgoppa keliya kaha javum, that also this late night!!


Radhika: I don't know, but I really feel like eating something spicy


Dev suddenly looking at her : ok, you want something spicy , right?


Radhika: ha, but golgoppasss


Dev: no, let's do some compromise,ok.. I will make something spicy  for you now, you go sit  on that dining area, just  five minutes, your spicy food will be over the table, and about your golgoppas,  I will get that for you tomorrow.ok. deal.


Radhika: but what are you going to make?


Dev: secret, but I am making it for my princess, she will listen to papa, and she will taste and eat it without any complaint, now Rahdika madam go and rest ok.


Radhika: I can help you


Dev: no,  you listen to me, go sit over there, I will be right there in five minutes to catch you.


Saying that he pushed her towards the dining table and went back to kitchen. Radhika waited for him at the dining table, rubbing her stomach occationally.


Time ticked by, and Dev with a smile, showing his mastery over the dish plate, arranging it well, came out from the kitchen with making a background music : tentata, here is spicy paneer bhurji for my little princess.


He chuckled as he saw the  sudden flash of light in that room, and he stood  shockingly looking at his mom's shocking face..


Suchi: what is going on Dev?!!


Dev suddenly stood like a school boy and then lowered his face, holding the plate safely in his hand.


Suchi looked at the clock and then again: I thought I was just hearing noices, maybe rats!!  but when it went non stop, I thought there is something going on more than that.




"what is it Suchi?" soon came Surrender's voice following his wife's path.


Suchi: I told you there is something going on and you said nothing, I may be just feeling, see now..


Surrender trying to his eyes open , looked at Dev's face, who was standing with a hot plate in his hand.


Surrender:  Suchi you are right,  ye tho bediya chooha nikala, and then looking at Dev :what is it beta!


Dev with broken words: vo, Radhika was feeling hungry , so



Suchi: you made food ,!!! At this time!!!!


Dev: vo, she didn't like the milk, or


Suchi: there is fruits, and there is left overs in fridge , or there is snacks in the cupboard, and then


Dev with broken words: vo, she loved to have something spicy


Suchi controlled her smile: then where is she?



Dev looked at the table, and Suchi and Surrender's eyes also followed his, and found the comfortably sleeping form of Radhika, whose head rested well over her folded arms over the table.



Suchi controlled her laugh, and then looked at  pathetic face of Dev ...


Suchi: don't worry beta, wake her up, looks like you took hours to make it


Dev: no mom, actually


Suchi: um um, wake her up , maybe she slept with hungry stomach., you should have called me.


Suchi stood there with folded hands. Dev felt little embarrassed, but then  walking near Radhika, placing the food tray on table,  he called out softly: Radhika


There was no response, he repeated her name two three times, , he  went and shook her slightly along with calling out her name.

Radhika lifted her  sleepy face up, : aap


Dev: see here is your food, have it


Radhika in sleepy tone: I don't feel like eating, come let's go to bed, I am feeling really sleepy.




Radhika trying to get up from the dining chair, with  her partially open eyes: come na, you may be feeling sleepy too na, oh I can't believe I have to climb all those steps to reach our room,   slowly moving in his arms, holding onto his shoulder: I wish if you could just lift me up in your arms, and take me to the room,  that is not possoble na, or, i will just sleep here only in that sofa, if you are feeling hungry,  come, ok.


She turned to walked towards the sofa, still keeping her lids open slightly to give her the vision,  she waddled back and sat  on the chair, saying in sleepy tone: or you eat, I will sleep here only and call me when you done ok, I can't walk upto there.

Dev saw her body going back in same position, he gulped once and looked at Suchi and Surrender, saw Suchi's  controlled teasing smile.


Dev reasoned with Radhika's action : she felt sleepy


Suchi moved her brows and asked Dev to look at the table and his eyes caught the sight of  nicely cut half apple..., he looked back at Suchi. Suchi coming near: poor Radhika, she might have felt really hungry and you made her to wait, she ate the apple and   look how tired she is. You don't know anything Dev.


Dev: but mom, she told me she wants something spicy


Suchi: um, maybe she might have put some chillies over her apple piece and might have eaten it.

Dev looked at the table with dropped jaw...


Suchi anyway, now take her  to your room, she is really tired.


Dev  watched his mom picking the plate and walking to  the kitchen,


Surrender coming near, very secretly: arre, don't believe these ladies, they  will make us fool in this state, they will say I want this and I want that, and when we come with that & this , they will say : no actually I asked for panipuri, not for aloo paratha or golgoppas..


Dev: actually she asked for golgoppas dad, where can I get that, so only I made this and


Surrender:  um, this is called pathi dharm, you don't know anything how to handle ladies... your mom tried to give me trouble like this and all. but ..



" but, but what happned?...ha, I am glad atleast there is noone else to hear your lies excpet your son'


Surrender moving his face back from secreting, tried to walk away


Suchi: don't believe your dad, he didn't even know what I went thru, what I carved for.


Dev looked at Surrender, he shrugged his shoulder in disagreement and moved his lips disagreeing her words


Suchi: showing that  is not going to change anything now.


Surrender: ok beta, good night, I thought to help your mom, incase if she has to catch that rat, otherwise  i won't be able to sleep in this noise , you know..

Suchi: oh, so you came to help me with catching the rats
Surrender: see beta, this is the proof, see I am here to help her,and she..
Suchi: good to know..
Surrender:; oK beta, goodnight  

Dev with a smile : goodnight dad


Suchi: ok, beta, if you need anything, call me next time ok.


Dev: ji mom


Suchi went back to her room too.


Dev sat on next chair watched the sleepy face of Radhika and looked at the time and it was nearing to 4AM. He smiled self thinking "no wonder, so I really took time, but then Radhika, if you had that apple, why you didn't tell me?'

 Dev shook her little


Radhika: done, ok let's go to our room


Dev with a smile  thought "sounds like I was the one who felt hungry, radhika bhi na...: helped her to take those steps safetly, and  the minute she neared the bed, she crawled in , and cuddled self.


Dev just smiled seeing her action, and then laying next to her, he looked at her face, with a smile he placed a soft kiss over her cheek and then wrapped his arms around her, he tried to close his eyes, as he felt himself wide awake.



Morning was very bright, as usual Radhika got up  and had  her shower and jaap and she got surprised to see Dev sleeping still.  She went down and had her milk, she saw the plate with paneer bhurji and her forhead tightened


Suchi: goodmorning beta


Suchi's voice brought her back to reality



Suchi: what are you looking at?


Radhika: vo mom,  we kept everything back in fridge , right?


Suchi very casually: ha


Radhika: but then how this got left over here, also I didn't see this dish yesterday.


Suchi controlling her smile: is dev still sleeping?


Radhika: ha mom, otherwise he used to wake up with me, I don't know what happned today, he is still sleeping, maybe very tired..


Suchi:  ha maybe tired after late night cooking


"late night cooking!!, why?"


Suchi looked at lechu


Suchi: what happened? You wake up early too?


Lechu: no mom,  we have special class and I have to finish few of my college work, so.


Suchi: oh, so now you are not giving any work to your bhabhi !


Lechu: mom, I gave her once, that doesn't mean I am making her to do all my work.


Suchi smiled: um


Lechu: but what you were saying mom, why Bro was doing late night cooking!


Suddenly Radhika remembered her waking up, and she looked at Suchi...


Suchi controlling her smile: nothing dear, actually your Bro felt so hungry last night that he woke up in the middle of the night and cooked food,


Lechu: relaly i can't believe it


Radhika felt her heart skipping few beats, she  understood the teasing, suddenly she : mom, I will be right back


Suchi controlling her smile: um


Radhika went up to her room, while LEhcu started eating Suchi's head and suchi told her  Dev's attempt and Radhika's sleep.



While Radhika went in room, and found Dev still sleeping, she felt so bad, that she wished to wake him up ask what happened?  She waited for few more seconds, and then extended her hands to shake him up, but then remembered his words during their earlier time, that lowering her face, she palced a soft kiss over his cheek, he just smiled once and went back to his deep sleep.


Radhika : wake up na


But that didn't wake him up


Radhika placing her arm across his chest, went  and placed a soft kiss over  his forehead, then to his closed eyelids.


Slightly moving back, she saw his smily lips


Radhika softly: uthiyena


Dev, kept that smile but refused to open his eyes.


Radhika placed again a peck near his lower jaw, and then waited for him to wake up, but it seems like he was more in a mood to enjoy that moment, than opening his eyes.


Radhika  taking her arm away, lay on her back next to him , and then tunred to face him.  She tried to pull on his cheek, on his jaw and with mumbling: unthiyena,  please, tell me what happened yesterday, I can only remember till you left me near that dining table,  tell me , please.


There was no change from his side.


She moved her arms and sat on. And mumbled self: how do mom know about it? She is telling as if she saw him cooking, but then why I am not remembering anything!


"that's because by then you were sleeping so sound"


She heard his voice near her ears. She jerked and looked at him with  moving her face slightly to face his side profile


Dev: Ha Radhika, when I came wiht the spicy food plate, it was dad and mom who welcomed me, you were already in your deep sleep


Radhika: then why didn't  you wake me up?


Dev: ha, now you tell me that,... if I tell everything na, then you won't even go down at all, I am glad it is my dad and mom, so only you escaped.


Radhika: what did I say?


Dev:  first you compensate for what what you did yesterday, and then i will say.

Radhika: please
Dev: please
Radhika: my heart is beating faster, please tell me na
Dev: oh ho, that is not good for my little princess.. Ok then, you are really missing the sas bahu quarrels na, why mom is so nice with you. If it was somebody else, you  will be in chandenpur by now, after seeing her son in kitchen that late.


Radhika with her fatser heartbeats: tell me clearly, what happened?


Dev seeing her thadap , told her everything


Radhika: did I really told all that!!


Dev: what


Radhika: to lift me up and to bring to room!!


Dev: um, in front of dad and mom, that also clinging over my shoulder, and kissing my cheek and then looking at me with that seduced sleepy eyes.. tell you Radhika, you were looking so sexy, if dad and mom was not there na.. then...


Radhika shyly: chi


Dev: what Chi!


Radika: now how will I face them?


Dev: I tried to wake you up , but it was you who made the scene


Radhika : Please help me na, I can' t believe it,  i can't imagine facing dad and mom now.


"Bro, nice paneer bhurji, Bhabhi, please next time, when you ask him na, ask early, so that I can also have it early and go to bed, catch you guys later, has work to complete"


They saw the disappearing face of Lechu from the door side


Dev: she also came to know!


Radhika: what!


Dev: now I don't know what all she will blurt out?


Radhika: but she only knows that you made bhurji right?


Dev getting up from bed: who knows, ask mom


Radhika: no, I am not going down.


Dev  controlling his smile: um, let me see  how long you will sit here inside  this room


Radhika: tell mom that I am not feeling well..


Dev: and dad


Radhika: same


Dev: um, next step will be taking you to hospital for check up


Radhika sitting back on bed with weakening body : then what do I do now?


Dev: now, go down and make a nice coffee for me, and I will be there soon, ok


Radhik: but


Dev lifting her jaw: no but and all, atleast mom and dad see that their bahu is   atleast making morning coffee for their son, otherwise they may  think I am just a henpeck dear, go...


Radhika: aap bhi na


Dev: ha, mei, now go make coffee, I am coming


Radhika: how will you face them


Dev bringing a smile on face: like this


Radhika: Dev


Dev with a  smile gave her a kiss and said: um,  now go


Radhika turning back once to see his face, walked out from the room, with fluttery heart...
Precap:  the guys got into Surrender's office room and closed the door ajar... and ignoring the shocked face of Surrender , they both walked near to Radhika's table with a winning smileTongue ...any guess????
lets have some more fun before the volcano erupts... so catch you tomorrow
take care

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Girls - Wake Up! :)
 No English dictionary has been able to explain the difference between the two words 'complete' and 'finished' in a way that's so easy to understand:

Some people say there is no difference between  COMPLETE & FINISHED  but there is:

When you marry the right one, you are  COMPLETE...

And when you marry the wrong one, you are  FINISHED...

And when the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are ...

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Dev stop troubling Radhika... :)))))))))))))))) LOVED IT! ;D ur so good at this It's like watch CB3 ;D

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