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Stardust - Link to thread 2 on pg 1 (Page 51)


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Posted: 04 August 2011 at 6:21am | IP Logged
This is perfect!!! just beautiful...i know it was not a happy ending but the way u wrote it...brilliant!!!!! just superb Sanaa!!! Armaan didn't really loved Riddhima, as first love is always beyond everything else!!
he'd done soo much for Neha... she's stupid to not respect that!!
It was Awesome!!!



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sweetie_angel IF-Dazzler

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sanaaa whr r u??
no updates for the ff
no os??
come back fast

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Surreal Moments
"Sia, let me go answer the door and I'll be back. Promise!"

Riddhima smiled as she rushed to the door, in their bungalow. Knowing her five year old daughter, she wouldn't be able to wait any longer than twenty seconds for her mother to be back, so they could continue their never ending marathon of her favourite game, Ludo. Adjusting the dupatta of her suit on her head, a habit she had developed thanks to her mother's constant rants about a married woman not showing her hair to strange men, she finally clicked open the lock, and swung the door inward.

The sight in front of her made her gasp. If it hadn't been for the door handle she was holding on to, she was sure her knees would have given in to the turmoil her inner self was going through. Her breathing stopped short as her forest green marbles found their way to the blue, stunning oceans, which looked remarkably like Sia's. He was there, in front of her. Heart thudding against her chest, she couldn't tear her gaze away from his. Why is it that at the most crucial times, one loses their senses? The only thing that keeps you alive at that point the rushing blood, being pumped severely by that one organ in your body, screaming one name out to you. Just the one that always has control over this same organ which despite belonging to you, is never under your orders. Similarly, her whole body seemed paralyzed, with only one name that had hidden itself deep into each living cell inside her, but had now gushed out, forcing itself out of her mouth in a whisper.


She could feel her tendrils giving in to the furious wind that howled around her in the dark, the words in her throat disappeared before they could form themselves. Her mouth opened again by itself for a second time, but his name failed to emerge this time. Just how many times had she wished for this moment for the past three years? Just how many times had she begged and pleaded and sobbed, whispering his name over and over again with the hope that he will appear in front of her miraculously? Till she had given up. Till she had lost all hope, and stopped herself from ever even mentioning it, and in the process burying it deep inside her, solely because it killed her a million times.   

Her body made its own decisions as she saw everything blur in front of her, then become crystal clear after the drops fell down her cheeks of their own accord. She noticed his eyes darken with slight grief, and maybe that was the small cue for her to move. To move forward and touch him, feel him, experience his love again in those strong arms that always used to embrace and shield her from the worries of the world. But as willing as she was, her feet remained glued to the ground, while her eyes searched into depths and depths of emotions.

Her mind flashed back three years ago, replaying every little scene, feeling and torture she had been through without him. And since the moment he had gone, life had seemed worthless. Pointless, if only it hadn't been for Sia. Sia had been the one to bring her back down to earth. To show her there was still hope of life. Her reason to continue living in this ruthless world. The same ruthlessness that Armaan was forced to be part of.  

She felt her lips curve slightly as she took in his appearance. He had slight stubble, which made him look, well, sexy was the only word that fit in her mind. He was also more built than when he left, or maybe it was just the worn out uniform that looked like it had taken a trip to hell. However there was a hint of exhaustion in his eyes, and the couple of scars that covered his gorgeous face did not suggest otherwise. Her slight smile faded. Automatically, her hand gently, slowly and carefully made it way forward until its warmth made contact with the fiery, rough flesh on his face.

She saw his eyes close in satisfaction and consequently, she shut her own while letting continuous tears flow down her soft, tender cheeks. The mere feel of his skin against hers was so over whelming, like a dream which she had dreamt a thousand times and now that it was real, it was so hard to believe.

He bent his face as his lips found her palm and she found herself shuddering with delight at this longing thirst finally being quenched.


How she had craved to hear her name from his beautiful voice. Three years of no news had left her in distress, and suddenly, out of the blue, there he was, all right. Ages and ages of prayers had finally spread light in her world!

"No one won. Kashmir is still divided. But there's peace. They'll announce it in a weeks time." He whispered, his voice getting hoarse. She could not reply. What would she have said? That the governments couldn't have done this before? That they had put millions of lives at risk, not to mention thousands they had already given up? Three years of brutality when this problem could have been solved? She was saved from an answer when she felt a pair of arms hug her around her legs.

"Mamma? Papa?"

Riddhima smiled when she heard that voice. Her daughter knew her father. And she had made sure of that by showing the five year old pictures of their small, happy family. She saw Armaan look down at their daughter's curly hair and a glint replace exhaustion in his eyes. She was his daughter. Their daughter! She found herself nodding, with her smile widening and her heart so full, she was sure it would burst.

"Yes, Papa."

A shy Sia very carefully took small steps towards her father. Would he take her in his arms, like all the other friends' dads did? Would he kiss her and pamper? Would he buy her chocolates and lollipops, and when she insisted, ice creams too? Would he agree to her showing him off in front of her friends?

Riddhima heard a thud as the worn out duffel bag on Armaan's shoulder dropped to the floor and he scooped her daughter, their daughter, into his arms, flinging her up as she squealed in mounting joy, her un-asked questions answered.

"She's beautiful.." he whispered, kissing her while all Riddhima could do was watch and capture this moment in her heart for ever. There was no way she would let go of this. Which air-force pilot came back practically unscathed, from a three year long war? She had faith. It was there. And she knew she would have always waited for him regardless of the time. But maybe that faith had been hidden deep somewhere within her, with all the realities, fears and insecurities that concealed it. She turned, not sure of how she should react, what she should do. Maybe crying for this long was a sign of weakness, which he wasn't used to seeing. So why should she display that in front of him. Sniffing, she took one step away from him, uncertain of how she should hold herself. But she felt a tug at her dupatta, which had long slid down off her head.

Memories came back. He used to do the same thing when she was his attending doctor, and he had fallen hard for her, obviously not without the classical hatred at first. However, after knowing she had to see him every day for at least a whole month while he was recovering from nasty wounds from a plane crash, they developed a mutual bond, which blossomed into something gorgeous that it was today.  

"Abhi bhi naraaz ho?" he asked as her back was turned, while Sia ran inside, her shyness getting the better of her. She turned, exhaling deeply, as she reminisced the moments when she begged him not to leave her. He had sat down, and held her close to himself for hours afterwards, explaining his helplessness. It was his job after all. And his country at the end of the day. She found herself shaking her head. And how could she be angry at him? How, when in actual fact, she was so, so proud of him? When she was so relieved, so surprised and elated that he was back in front of her, unharmed?

Without another word, she closed the distance between them, as her arms pulled his body tighter towards her. The moment she felt his strong arms crush her into himself further, she let her sobs break through. It was the same. She felt the same warmth, the same security, the same love only deepened by a thousand miles.

"Three years?" she questioned more to herself, wondering how she had ever survived. How he had survived! With tears gushing out of her eyes non stop, making up for that long time in between when she had felt nothing but emptiness within her, she found herself slapping his back slightly, but clutching his jacket all the more, as the whooshing rain that had just started sprinkled on them.

"I missed you." He managed to bring out in a thick voice, while he bent his head into her neck, taking in her presence which he craved for all those years. She was the only one who could bring out the emotional being inside him. The being that hurt, the being that felt and the being that could love incredibly, with passion he never knew he possessed. "I love you..I love so much."

And with that knowledge, she stayed, with her arms wrapped around him, and his enclosing her, content, that finally they might just lead a happy, normal, life that she had dreamed of.

"I love you too.." And the rest of the details could wait. Pictures of Sia as she had grown up, her videos, her birthday parties. Everything could wait. Right now, all she needed was to be in the bliss of knowing that the one man she loved the most in her life was all right and in front of her. And at that moment, she felt like never letting go of him.


Hii guys! I'm back, (LOL) as you may have guessed! Smile Back with an OS that was inspired by the movie I watched recently, Mausam. Shru gave me the thumbs up sign because I was very hesitant to post it up at first as I think my writing skills have gone down after the lack of writing over the holidaysConfused.

Honest comments, I really won't feel badSmile

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I'm FIRST!! :D :D :D
*Dances - Armaan's happy wala dance!* ROFL

You knw when i started reading this OS,
I was like zaroor Mausam se inspired hui hai Sanaa.. :P
Did you like the movie?
I toh LOVED it! Heart

Now back to the OS,
It was a sweet one...
Brought tears in my eyes but then,
I just LOVED it!

And Sia,
Nice name... Adorable daughter! :)

All in all, it was a CUTE one! :)
Do write more BUT,
Update LOOC and WK soon... :P


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-Jhalli- IF-Rockerz

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okay first of all aslam o alikum and

now about os
it was marvellous os honestly,i always wonder man how you describe the feeling so well sana,it alwys make me haww ,the way you described riddhima state after arman leaving and no words!!!
as usual love your work to core
may allah bless you
keep it up

for pm

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sweetie_angel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 October 2011 at 8:30am | IP Logged
that was sweet 

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Aanya. IF-Rockerz

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Sanaa Hug


Man, its been eons since I commented on your work!!! Umm can I please not comment on LOOC & WK? Just this once? I swear man, I have loads to do, not to mention studying :| Please, Please, pretty please? :(


Anyway, coming to the OS, it's :O << Okay it's way more that that, but that was my reaction when I first read it. Speechless. In a good way ROFL But now I shall comment, wait karo.


OMG it was utterly beautiful! Stunning <3 Definitely one of the best things you've written!!  The flow of emotions, the way you've written each sentence...everything, was beyond awesome. Her conflicting emotions when she saw him after all that time, standing in front of her, the way you wrote that, magnificent.  Seriously.  I don't even know what to say, because whatever I say will never be enough for this OS Ermm It was just that good! Even Sia's emotions were so genuinely portrayed! The things she felt, the shyness, the joy et al was so so so amazing! And when he lifted her up just like all those other dads, I could picture the moment.


And then the end bit with just was so beautiful. Words didn't matter between them, their love oozed from each gesture! The way she hesitated in showing her tears, the way they touched after all that time, the way he clasped the end of her dupatta, and of course their "I love yous"! Each moment, each emotion, it was all described in such intrinsic detail! I was/am awed :D


And then you go on to say you've lost your writing skills Ermm I'll tell you what you've lost in Africa. Your MARBLES, that's what! Are you stark raving mad???????????? :O That OS up there, is friggin' fabulous!!! Pagal hai tu! :P


Needless to say, I loved this OS :D Has to be one of my favorites on AR! <3


Write more, soon! And please forgive me for the LOOC & WK comments, I'm seriously sorry about those Ermm


Love you! <3




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aww dat was sch a sweet os ...

thanx 4 d pm ...


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