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Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli
Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli

Feb 23rd 2011 - Written Update

Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

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Posted: 23 February 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
Hi guys. Hope I haven't been forgotten. haha. I want to thank deadly-kiss for doing such a great job! :) I'm back for today though. Tongue

Jaggu takes Pratibha in her room. Pratibha asks what is the matter? Jaggu opens the chest and shows Pratibha the stuffed animals. Pratibha says these toys are my Karan's right? Jaggu takes two of the stuffed animals out. Jaggu says no Pratibha. These are Ranchod's. I used to cry so much during his birthday because of being separated from him. Only my heart knows how much I went through. Every birthday of his I used to bring the same stuffed animal that I brought for Karan. At that time there was nobody with me. Today you are with me. Ranchod, Veer, Vimal, Karan will be so happy when they find out that they have one more brother. Pratibha says this will be Ranchod's first birthday with his entire family. Jaggu says yes Pratibha. I am eagerly awaiting that day.

Veer comes to Karishma with some kind of ointment. She says since you have brought it apply it too. Veer says ok. I'll sit down. Veer hesitates. Karishma says come on put it on. Veer starts putting it on her. Veer says sorry. Karishma says apply it a little slowly. Veer starts applying it on her whole leg. Karishma says its only at this place. Veer says sorry.

Abha and Siddharth arrive at this place. Siddharth says abe why have you brought me here? Abha asks some random person what God's temple is this and why are you going barefoot? The random person says it is Maa Sherawali's most reputed temple. There are a 1000 steps. Today is Janmashtami. And if you go to seek her blessings barefoot then she will surely answer your prayers. Abha says thank you. Siddharth says abe don't think. Climb it. You'll find Karan. Jai Mata Di. Siddharth says one minute I'm getting a call. Siddharth walks away to answer his call while Abha gets ready to climb the stairs barefoot to the mandhir. Abha asks someone if they can lend her some holy offering (i think that's what she asked for). Siddharth is talking on the phone. I told you nah I'll talk to him tomorrow. Forget about me you tell me how are you? How's your foot? Meanwhile Abha is walking towards the temple. Karishma says you don't worry about me. Woh 'gopu ram' is taking good care of me and in that he's so lost. Abha begins her journey to the temple. The background score of "Yeh Hosla" is playing. Karishma says I've been trying to call you for so long but Veer wasn't even ready to leave me alone. Abha continues walking the path barefoot with something that looks like a diya in her hand. Flashbacks are shown of her and Karan. Karishma says I've gotten rid of him with so much difficulty. Anyways listen...Siddharth says yeah...and suddenly he notices Abha gone. Siddharth says I'll call you back later. This sindoor wali has gone crazy. Siddharth hangs up and runs the path to catch up with Abha. He tells oye pagal...Siddharth says what are you doing? Get rid of this stuff. Abha says Siddharth ji my life is nothing without Karan. And for his love I can go to any extent. Siddharth says you'll going to injure yourself and then I'll have to take you to the hospital. And didn't you hear even there is no space in the hospital. Come on get rid of it. Abha says let me go Siddharth ji please. Siddharth says nothing will happen by doing these things. Abha says I told you naa. Go away from here. Abha walks up the steps and Siddharth just looks at her.

Back at the SB everyone is praying. The aarti Prabhu Ji Sade Hi Kripa is playing. Abha keeps walking. Her hand seems to be badly burnt by what she was holding. Abha seems to be in pain but she continues and finally reaches the top of the temple. Her feet are bleeding. She says maa I only wish to ask you for one thing. My Karan's life. Wherever he is, whatever condition he is in, he be alright. Now please reunite me with him. I can't live without him anymore. Siddharth comes to the top and prays. He says Maa please give her back her Karan. And quickly. Please. He turns to Abha and says let's go now. Please.

Back at where Abha is staying she is sitting there thinking and looking at her hurt hand. Siddharth comes and says cream. Put it on. Abha wipes her tears, takes the cream, and thanks Sidd. Abha has trouble putting it on and Sidd just stares at her. He then says I'll put it on for you. Abha says no I'll put it on. Sidd says what was the need to be such a heroine? I told you not to climb those stairs didn't I? And still you went...Now are you having fun? This pain is nothing in front of Karan. Siddharth hits his head and says what sample this is. Wonderful. He says you're just like those 'sati savatris' who would jump in the fire for their husbands. Now even I pray to God that you find your Karan as soon as possible otherwise I don't know what else you'll do. Abha says Siddharth ji you had to go for that audition nah? Sidd says yeah. Abha says you can go tomorrow. Siddharth says and who will go to the hospital? Abha says I'll go alone. I've seen the hospital anyways. Siddharth says sure? Abha says yeah. Siddharth says ok now I'm going to sleep. Let me know if you need anything. Flashbacks are shown. Karan is telling Abha that every girl needs a boy in her life. More flashbacks are shown.

Pratibha is talking on the phone and saying yes yes I remember. Just like always we have to do a pooja for both of them at the temple. You come back from court and then we will go. Veer is helping Karishma out. Pratibha hangs up the phone. Veer says come here and sit down. Veer says you were stuck in the room since morning. Now you're out and have some fresh air then you will feel better nah. Pratibha watches all of this. Kanika comes and says Karishma you are Karan bhaiya's friend but you are making Veer look after you. By looking at this house I hope you haven't gotten spoiled. And I hope you haven't made the decision to make your friend's brother your husband. Karishma says Kanika husband, wife, marriage these words sound very strange from your mouth. Because as far as I remember that day you had insulted your husband a lot. Kanika says who are you to say all of this? Pratibha says Kanika..You shouldn't talk to Karishma in this manner. She is our guest. If you felt bad by her words then maybe you gave her the chance to say all of that. Kanika walks away. Pratibha says Veer take Karishma to the garden. She'll feel at ease if she walks a little. Veer says ok mom. He helps her up.

Abha is getting ready. Siddharth says are you done? Abha says yes. Siddharth walks in and says wow you're looking nice. You're meeting Karan today nah. Abha smiles. Siddharth says I'm ready too. How do I look? Abha says bilkool mast. Siddharth says the picture will be mine. Abha says def. Siddharth says ok your car has been set. Whenever you want to go call the reception desk, take the car, and go to the hospital. Abha says ok and you too call me when you get time. Siddharth takes out a gun and points it at her. He says you are my wife. Abha says what is this? Siddharth says its a horse. LOL Abha is like huh? Siddharth says its a gun. Hold it. Abha says no...Siddharth says its for protection. Remember last time when you came to Mumbai and what happened. Karan got attacked nah? So this time you have to be safe from your enemies. Here hold it. Abha says but I don't know how to work it. Siddharth says its easy. He shows her. LOL But doesn't really pull the trigger. You can never trust enemies. Here hold it. Abha says but......Siddharth says its fake. ROFL He takes it and pulls the trigger. Nothing happens. ABha says don't you want this fake gun? Siddharth says I'm a hero. A hero can touch a bullet, not a heroine. Understand? Abha starts laughing. Siddharth says abe you're laughing. Siddharth says chal bye. Abha says one minute. She brings a plate of yogurt and sugar. Siddharth says why? Abha says its a good sign that you'll succeed with your task. Sidd says will I get the picture? Abha says yes. Sidd eats it. Sidd says you dont' look that old. You just do stuff like a dadi would. Till now no one has ever sent me away like this for a look test. He starts crying. Abha says are you crying? Sidd smiles and says I will get the picture right? Abha says you'll get the national award. Abha says all the best. He leaves. Seconds after he leaves someone knocks on the door. He comes in and says listen give me some advance. I have to go in a 'cool cab.' Its a look test. Abha gives him some money and asks will that work? He nods and leaves. Seconds later there is another knock on the door. He says listen. Abha says now what? He says Did you apply the sindoor? Abha says yeah. Sidd says who's going to put the cream? Your father? LOL What are you going to do with a burnt hand? Abha says thank you. He leaves and she closes the door. Seconds later there is another knock on the door. Abha gets irritated. She takes the fake gun and says now if you bother me anymore I'll shot you with a gun.....Her eyes widen. It is an inspector. The inspector asks who are you? We want to search this place. And where did you get this pistol? Do you have a license? Abha says no inspector......Abha suddenly sees Dushyant. Abha thinks to herself Dushyant here? Dushyant must have sent he police. Abha says why should I show the license? How am I to believe that you are a real police officer? Show me your id proof. The inspector says you'll look at my ID proof? You have the pistol and you're asking me for the ID proof? We got information yesterday that some terrorists have come. If you want to save yourself then show me the license of the gun and tell me who you are. Or I will arrest you. Abha says listen I am no terrorist. I've come from ujjain. And from a good family. My name is Abha Karan Prasad and this pistol is my husband's. The inspector says wah you're from a great family indeed. IF you're from a good family then why do you or your husband need this pistol? Where is your husband? And how did he get this pistol? Abha stares at Dushyant.

Precap: Abha is walking on the roads, tears streaming down her eyes. She hits an ambulance. Shocked

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Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

Joined: 14 June 2007
Posts: 40210

Posted: 23 February 2011 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
Angry that inspector thing was so random. what the heck? so messed up. Thumbs Down
alamelu1970 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 February 2011 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
They are dragging this. now. looking at the Precap Abha got hit with the ambulance that is carrying Karan so more drama and this will not end till next week,,
Cutiepie Rani IF-Stunnerz
Cutiepie Rani
Cutiepie Rani

Joined: 14 June 2007
Posts: 40210

Posted: 23 February 2011 at 2:29pm | IP Logged
at least i think it was an ambulance. LOL
pritilove55 Newbie

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Posted: 23 February 2011 at 3:33pm | IP Logged
Re. the Precap , I think Abha will end up in the same hospital where Karan is or Karan is in the same ambulance being carried to a different hospital. So, Abha will see karan
shalini01 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 February 2011 at 3:58pm | IP Logged
oh crap now abha is in a fix.thanks alot for the update.
pooh1612 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 February 2011 at 4:16pm | IP Logged
cute_mona Senior Member

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Posted: 23 February 2011 at 6:10pm | IP Logged

Makers need to proceed from the Yasho saga....comeon guys heard of the saying "when one door closes another opens"?? Move on please.........

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