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NiVren - Daily Discussions/POV/Analysis (Page 6)

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Posted: 25 February 2011 at 3:02pm | IP Logged
Hello Everyone!!!!!
A massive NivRen hug to all of you!!! Hug
We made it, we knew this week was going to be ever so tough, but we still made it, and for that, we needed immense paitence and a very strong heart to watch each episode, and we have, and now, I'm so sure of it, its DEFINETLY time for a change, making the CT's take us away from the sorrow and grief and into happiness and delight!
First of all, I seriously NEED to salute Kinshuk and Neha! They both litreally have proved just how worthy of an applaud they are. So what if they never won any award, they don't need one, its what the fans of someone or something think of that person or thing, and we all know exactly how AWESOME Kinshuk and Neha are. With each passing episode, seriously, they are increasing better and better, and I just feel like ripping my laptop screen and hugging the pair, they are SO mega AWESOMEE!!! HugClap
Aaah, so finally, the stress week is over, I NEED TO DO THE VIREN SOOD COKE DANCE FOR THIS CELEBRATION! Dancing
So, first of, some life lessons, teachings and morals!
1) The strongest isn't he who can face his every fear and obstacle without nervousness and apprehension, the strongest is he who can't face his fear or obstacle, but makes an effort with apprehension and nervousness anyway.
2) No matter how bitter relations get, but those filled with love and built on trust and pure faith can never break, may it be father and child, mother and child, or a husband or wife ... love knows of no such barrier that it cannot overcome.
3) Love is to feel what the other is feeling, without the use of words or actions, or touch or sense, it just happens, as 2 heartbeats tie together and feel what the other is feeling.
4) If love means to shed a tear to make the other smile, then that is love. If love means to do something for your other that you yourself fear, then that is love. If love means to hug death for your other, yet still remain alive, then that is love. If love means to distance away to know just how much the other is needed, then that is love. But if love means to never tell your other half just how much you love them, but instead get hurt within yourself, then that isn't love, it's cowardice.
5) Real eyes, realise, real lies.
Okay, so today's verdict ... There's so much to say regarding just one half an hour episode, but I'll try ...
So, Nivi is hoping, wishing, praying, and just begging for somone, anyone, but just someone to end this nightmare, and speak in the name of God to stop this torture, and BS finally speaks up.
NT, who now has found the reason as to why Viren to divorce Nivi, tries every possible reason to remind Viren to not give her one, even if it means to remin him about the time she told Viren to go away when he came to ask for Nivi's hand in marriage, because even NT knows, that THAT was the real Viren, the Viren she knows off, and not this one, who is burdening the divorce upon himself and Nivi. NT thinks that maybe, just maybe, by reminding Viren of how badly, eagerly and desprately he wanted Nivi, it might just remind him of how much he loves her, since sometimes, people do need to reminde about how much they truly love someone, as this will make them realise just how incomplete they would be without them, and NT further goes onto say, that who gave YOU the right to wreck up my child's life? NT says this for a reason, to remind Viren that YOU are Nivi's HUSBAND, therefore, you have every right as a husband, over Nivi, your WIFE, to do anything, but it isn't in the husband's rights to destroy her wife's life by divorcing her.
Viren eyes are to die for in this whole scene, the amount of inflicted pain that can be seen in them, and the amount of things he has said only with his eyes are heart peircing. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words, and only a VERY few people would be able to read Viren's eyes, the main one being Nivi, since only real eyes realise real lies.
Sid is next in making his declaration, since deep inside, because of Nivi being his first love, even he would feel really sorry for her, but een so, out of humanity, Sid tries explaining to Viren how it is not right for him to "use" someone in such a way, and then throw them away, insultingly an along with Nivi, her family like that too.
All the while CC, YD, HL, VD and BS' expressions are constantly shown, that maybe, just maybe, there hearts will melt towards either Viren or Nivi, or both of them, and they realise how much of a family's support they both need,and what happens when a family doesn't support a member of the household.
When Sid says to Viren "Who are you to do such a thing?", the REAL Viren bursts suddenly and abruptly into life, as he says that to Sid, who are YOU to interfere in personal matter between me and my wife! I couldn' help but let out a HUGE smile when Viren said "Meri Biwi". God knows for how many days I was dying to here Viren call Nivi his wife/life, or his possesion or his own, and FINALLY, we got to hear it.
You see, when a person's in full temper and anger, all his inner feelings and thoughts come out in a sudden rush, without him realising that he has done so, and Viren, who said in total fakeness and helplessness just a couple of days ago that he doesn't think of Nivi to be his wife, has today, with true love and affection proclaimed that he STILL regards Nivi to be his wife, even now.
Keshav then speaks next, and about time too. Finally, even he couldn't resist in holding back his love and affection and care for Nivi, since that isn't in the nature of father to do so, and he finally takes a stand for Nivi. Keshav begins by saying that had Viren been his son, he would have slapped him straight away (OOOO, beware Yash!), and then Keshav reminds Viren of how much respect a son in law is given in the Sharma house, and all the while, Viren has the most guilt ridden face on ever, as he realises how much pain he has given to Nivi and Keshav, and how could he hurt Nivi, who's father willing to do so much for her?
Nivi for the first time, is in the most confused position ever. Should she be happy, that finally, MY father has taken a stand for me, and I got to realise today how much he STILL loves me, or should I weep, cry and break down, because the love of my life wants to go away from me? Why does it always happen to Nivi for, that when she gets one happiness, a sorrow comes with it? The 2 most important men, Viren and Keshav, in her life are playing hide and seek with her. A daughter could never have her father without her husband, is this what I am destined for?
And as soon as Keshav says that he himself will make Nivi break her relation with Viren, the carpet from underneath Nivi's feet has been pulled away again, as she hears her father say to her that HE will pull away her Viren from her. And even in this, Viren out of pure respect and modesty, cannot even look at Keshav in the eye.
Keshav further continues with the fact that Nivi isn't alone until I am alive, and that by Viren saying that he will go from her life, will not make Nivi lonely and isolated, since she still has her father alive and breathing.
Viren's integority then get's questioned by Keshav, that he knew from day 1 that Viren was never compatible with Nivi, and hearing this, Viren lowers his gaze, since he knows just how much truth there is in what Keshav is saying.
How weird is it, that in a matter of time, whilst one bond is being formed, another is being broken? And whilst such a strong bond of a parent and child is being reignited, the one that is made in heaven, a husband and wife one, is being extinguished?, and when Keshav says that he won't let another teardrop come into Nivi's eyes, Viren straight away remembers that promise he made to Nivi on the night of the wedding, at the temple, how he will always safeguard her and never let a teardrop come into her eye. And funnily enough, when Nivi got married, that night, again at the temple Viren said that she left a fathers finger and held a husband's hand, and today, she's held the father's finger, but left a husband's hand, as today, it isn't Viren's hand who is cupping Nivi's cheek or stroking her hair, it is Keshav instead.
BS', who cannot bear to see that such a day will also come in his life, pleads for forgiveness and says how he is cursed that Viren shares the same blood as him, and Viren, once again feels the rejection and the pain of not being wanted again, and that deep inside, he knows that he is doing all this for Nivi's betterment, yet still, he thinks that what kind of a world is this, that even if I do something for the betterment of someone, I still get cursed? And this time round, Nivi feels what Viren must be feeling, and BS says that the Sood house has given Nivi nothing but pain. When NT says to Nivi that it is time for her to leave, since Viren has declared her freedom for her anyway, Nivi finally manages to gather the strength in her, and speak. And what an awesome speech she speaks.
Nivi begins with the fact that she cannot leave, and suddenly, everyone is shocked to know why. Viren then looks down, and lets out a slight smirk/smile (almost invisible), as he knows that Nivi all too well, isn't going to leave, and knows every reason why she won't, because he's loved her, and she has loved him back, and love needs no reason to understand each other. Then Keshav and NT tell Nivi to go, but Viren knows she won't, and Nivi knows that Viren knows she won't go, but she looks on to the other side and see's HER sasural, her in laws, her family that she has created such a beautiful bond with via Viren, and then, begins her oh so inspiring and breath taking reason.
Nivi says that I cannot go, since it is even more necessary for me to stay here,and Viren looks at her, looks at her bravery, her persistance, her love, her support, he looks at that girl who once upon a time, couldn't take a stand for herself alone, and how today, she is reasoning, he looks at his wife. Viren Sood looks on at his love, Nivedita Viren Sood as she says with due respect to her father that everything you have said is sincerely true, but there is one MASSIVE truth that only she and Viren are aware of. One truth that only they have known and lived, only one truth that they, as lovers, as partners, as soulmates have shared, and no one else, and that is that Nivi declares, though indircetly, but she proclaims her love for Viren, how only she, as a wife knows her husband, Viren. How only them 2 have shared those moments, where Viren has been the REAL Viren in front of her, and how she wants to bring THAT Viren out in front of everyone, since no one would be able to hate that Viren.
And the most sweetest thing about this one beautiful scene, is that Nivi looks at Viren whilst she is saying this, and Viren, who knows all too well that he and Nivi have shared these moments, out of pure humbleness and love doesn't look at Nivi, but looks straight ahead, as he remembers all them times, and is weeping from the inside on how beautiful them times where, and how bitter times have become. Nivi looks at Viren with the eyes of a proud and pride filled wife, and in that one scene, you can so clearly see how much NivRen love each other. Nivi says, that she has felt Viren's love, and that all of you have seen Viren's rudeness, but only I have seen his wounds of emptiness and pain. (CC at this point feels oh SO challenged!). Nivi continues, that yes, Viren has done wrong ever since he has came here, but I don't, and won't believe that my Viren is bad! I Have seen Viren's goodness, he may well give hurt, but he has the ability to, with love, erase that hurt. The Viren I have seen is oh so different, and he has made ME into a different person.
Viren at this point is feeling so broken, yet he still managing to control his sorrow by showin such a stern face, but he can't, with each passing word that Nivi is saying, his ego is breaking down, as his eyes tear up, and Nivi, at the perfect moment says that if Viren was happy, I would have gone, but Viren isn't happy, he is so sorrowful, he needs my love, and if my husband needs me, then how am I suppossed to leave him and go? At this point, Nivi makes sure she says "My husband", to show just how much she loves him, and how much she is obliged to him, and that Viren also has a bond with me that I cannot leave and break.
And with that, Nivi pauses, giving everyone a moment to take in all she has said, as YD, for the first time, naturally gives into what Nivi says, as she see's just how sacrifcing she is. 
Nivi ends of by saying that to NT, that you haven't taught me this, have you?, so how do I act upon something I haven't been taught?
Eyes of pride and symapthy look at Nivi, as the youngest one from the whole gathering speaks pearls of wisdom, making a place in everyone's hearts.
Nivi then goes back to what she first said, that I know I've made a mistake, but now I need to rectify it, and that is by showing everyone that this unstable marriage can also be converted, and made with love and affection, trust and care, respect and faith, into one successful and stable marriage, because all I need is everyone's blessings, that I can carry out my every duty and resposibility.
Viren, who cannot bear to hear anymore of Nivi's sacrifice and word's of honour, feels as if, how can she be so strong? HOW can she, what is she made of? but then he realises that she loves him.
Nivi says that she knows they married alone, but now she isn't alone, and in such a loving way, she explains how she isn't just Keshav Sharma's daughter, but a member of the Sood house, because she is a Sood Bahu, she too has obligations with her sasural, and here, the Sood's realise how wrong they have done to Nivi!
NT then indirectly tells Viren again that she knows how much Viren loves Nivi, so why divorce her, by saying that THIS is my daughter, who remembers every vow of the 7 vows of marriage, but you, even after making them doesn't even remember one, although Viren does, and NT says that you want to divorce THIS girl? REALLY? Curse you Viren! And Viren, all the while knows this, and he doesn't want to give Nivi the divorce because he loves her so so so much.
Viren cannot bear this anymore, he is too ashamed to face anyone now, since he realises that he shouldn't have done this in the first place, since he has fallen so badly in everyone's eyes, that he doesn't have the courage to face anyone, not even Nivi, and that is why, when Nivi looks at him, he doesn't even look at her, and heads straight upto his den, the NivRen bedroom, as Nivi follows him with her eyes, and knows deep inside, exactly how guilty and bad Viren is feeling, and she knows how much he loves her, because if he didn't then he wouldn't care and would look at everyone in the eye, but he didn't, which shows his modesty and his love. CC, seeing this gets the perfect chance to brainwash Viren as she races upto him, and YD finally gives in, and blesses Nivi, forming another new bond.
Viren in pure shame and guilt throws the papers on the floor, and build up the anger he has within himself, and the person he lastly wants around him, CC, comes to him. Viren who already is so angry at himself because he has done so much wrong to Nivi is disgusted when he hears his own MUM, talk about Nivi in such a way, and questions buld up in Viren's mind: How can CC even think of Nivi like that? Did she not just hear Nivi downstairs? How dare she speak ANYTHING of that sort about Nivi? How could she raise a finger at my wife? Did she just insult my love by saying that I'm much better without her? And he reassures himself by knowing how much he LOVES Nivi, and tells CC to shut up, as he storms out of the place to God knows where, as he is full of shame right now, and CC is left confused on what Viren wants. Viren oh so much loves Nivi, the hurt he had in his eyes when CC was talking to him about Nivi in such a way was so apparent. Viren cannot and will not tolerate a word against Nivi, we all know that from the past aswell, and nothing has changed in terms of how much he loves Nivi!
Atleast thats cleared, so a NivRen reunion is for sure!!
When CC said that for a boy, after his mum, its upto his wife to look after him, but Nivi didn't even give you that!
I BET YOU, Viren must have even thought: "What the hell woman! NIVI DID look after me!! You, YOU WOMAN, you have NO room to talk!"
The last scene, Nivi's breaking down, is actually the build up to her strength again. Everyone needs to break down in order to build up again. Everyone has to face weakness before strength, defeat before success and tears before joy. Nivi holds the damned papers in her hands, and remembers the time when Viren said how hw would keep her every smile close to his heart, and how her smile has gone and has been replaced with tears with the thought of a divorce.
Nivi then remembers all those beautiful moments where she finally gave into Viren, where she began to love Viren, where Viren was being the Viren she knew off, remembering the times when he held her, where he would do anything to see her smile, where they fell in love, and if that wasn't enough, then the flute that connected them, that same flute with which she accpeted Viren's token of friendship, and how that friendship turned into love, and then into the brink of being broken. Nivi's breakdown was because of the sheer thought of her's and Viren's love being broken, it was an after effect, the after shock, and that is why Nivi was crying uncontrollably, because she is dreading the thought of such a thing. Nivi then notices that smile, those times of happinesses, where she first started crushing on Viren, and how their friendship is still to be turned into pure love and union. Nivi then puts the papers away in the wardrobe and completely breaks down, and lets all her fear and all her apprehension out, as she gets a reality check of just how much Nivi needs to work on her marriage and on Viren, and how lying will not do anymore, as BS said, and how change has to be bought now, and quickly. Which leads us onto next week. One AWESOME way to end this week!
OH NEHA, I LOVED YOU IN THIS SCENE SO MUCH. It didn't even look like "acting", it looked SO real!
Now the precap, I'm not sure what the CT's are doing, and why Viren is so sad by seeing Sid being shouted at by BS, either he has realised his mistake, or I don't know. But it looks RELLY intresting.
And hopefully, a MUC brighter next week, and hopefully, next friday's episode should be a nice one, because it will be March, 4, 2011, NEHA SARGAM'S BIRTHDAY!! Surely we MUST get a GOOD epsiode as a gift! Wink

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lams Goldie

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
Need to get this post in the 1st 2 pages
-Namita- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
Faizu, that was a brilliant analysis. Loved it sooooooo much!
moniluvskinshuk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 February 2011 at 12:58am | IP Logged
faizu awosme n lovelyyy analysis . Lovedd it dear  ur morals r just awosome
lams Goldie

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 9:55am | IP Logged
I really liked today's episode for the following reasons
a) Nivi's ability to talk to CC , for the first time she had the courage and I think she must thank Viren for it Big smileBig smileBig smile
b) YD's sudden transformation , the kangan were the same as given by VD though ;) ....common CCBM producers stop being kanjoos Big smileBig smileBig smile
c) I liked Nivi's dialogues to Viren , they were really good ...
d) Viren's regretful attitude masked .

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vids08 Goldie

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lams

I really liked today's episode for the following reasons
a) Nivi's ability to talk to CC , for the first time she had the courage and I think she must thank Viren for it Big smileBig smileBig smile
b) YD's sudden transformation , the kangan were the same as given by VD though ;) ....common CCBM producers stop being kanjoos Big smileBig smileBig smile
c) I liked Nivi's dialogues to Viren , they were really good ...
d) Viren's regretful attitude masked .
Yes, Lamya - I also like NT dadi's confidence in Nivi - the way she said. It can't be worse than this - things have to get better now on and Nivi has to win.

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Anisha_91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 11:59am | IP Logged

OMG I always mean to post here but end up posting on the other NivRen thread silly me hehe LOL

Hello Sweeties!!!  HugHow are you all doing?? Perfectly fine i assume after all its a MONDAY meaning CCMB and NivRen and especially VIREN!! hehehe


Anyhow guys, the episode was absolutely cute not very dramatic an not too much tension but cute indeed and this is because well i'll tell you guys…chill…chill!! HeheheLOL

I won't be writing much today 'cos it was the first day back at college after a  WHOLE WEEK of holiday… so my teachers decided that it would be overwhelming if they showered us with TONS of work *sigh* Yep so i have a massive work load that has to be done by the end of the week. 

Oh the highlights of today's episode:

YD and Nivi's bond aww how cute was that.

Sid yelling at the worker for saying something about Viren!!

And last but not least Viren cos he is VIREN/KINNU!!! hehe HOT!!! Day Dreaming

Okayyyy so the episode began with YD walking into the room  looking around her and eventually she asks her husband BS in a concerned way, isn't it time for you to take your medication? BS a little surprised an a little confused replies I am not sure, why? And our YD hesitantly and uncomfortably replies back No it's because Nivedita hasn't come yet…thats why, as she says it she is unable to make eye contact with BS and she also looked a little ashamed. after a moment of hesitation she confidently replies back, why are you looking at me like this?? I have released my mistake, I have understood that Nivi was never wrong, as she is saying this her eyes are full of tears and regret. Furthermore she says after whatever happened yesterday she could have gone back to her house, she could have pointed fingers at us however, she did nothing of that sort. Because of this one misunderstand, i have till date not spoke to Nivi in a nice manner, she looks down with guilt and  tears running down her eyes. (awww bless her, deer se hi sahib but at least she realised her mistake) BS happily stands up and says what do you wish to do now, YD sweetly replies I was thinking we should give Nivi a pair of khandaani kangan from our accustomed jewellery. BS replies is there any special reason to do so? And again YD with full emotion answers of course there is a special reason the first is because i want to convey to Nivi that she has  been accepted fully as the daughter in law of this house, And secondly i want to make Viren realise that Nivi is not alone in thie house anymore we all are there for her. As she says this last line she anger and frustration appears of her face.

The scene moves on, and Nivi is in front of the mirror and opens the sindoor pot and gets the sindoor looking very upset and hurt, he eyes were full of pain. and hesitates while she is about to put the sindoor (Viren ke naam ka aww) on her forehead, she stops and just then YD come in and says why did you stop dear? And she turns to YD looking a little un eased. YD carries on saying you have full right on thin sindoor, and till i'm alive, no one can snatch this right from you. And smiles at Nivi then BS enters the room. YD gets the bangles out and says this is the symbol and evidence of the fact that whatever i am saying not for the sake of just saying but also that form today me and this house has fully accepted you, and no one can snatch this position from you NOT even Viren. She then puts the bangles on Nivi and  then hugs her and both have tears flowing down their eyes. Aww its such a emotional scene and i'm soo happy seeing this bond between the two. YD has done what she should have done way back and Now also Nivi having the support and blessing from YD will enable her to carry her mission out with more confident and at least she got a little share of happiness, i'm extremely happy about this. 

Next Viren is sat down on the terrace looking tensed or worried about something or thinking and his cute si music is playing in the background AWWWW. Nivi approaches him confidently and says Viren. He looks at her (OMG SO HOT) and pulls and irritated face and looks away, and she carries on saying i wanted to tell you something Thank you Viren (and he looks at her surprised). Your hatred has given me soo much love, Yes Viren because of you, my father accepted me by heart and blessed me Thank you Viren, Due to you hatred daji accepted me as a daughter in law and hugged me because of you i got what i didn't have before (at this point he looks pretty hurt  aww Viren doesn't like hearing about Nivi's painful past)  if only i could explain to you that whatever you are doing is wrong.  He then gets up an leave as he has nothing to say awww bless him. Aww how i loved this scene even though it was small it still said a lot about Viren. 

Next is the Work place: Sid ask one of the worker is everything going okay any problem? The guy replies back no, no problem at al and leaves. Then Viren arrives in HOT AND SEXYY sunglasses and stands with a hot attitude. OMG Anisha faints!! hehe and this dude is showing him something. And the two workers taunt and make pathetic reamers about Viren saying Here comes the Chote malik and the second of the two workers says no, not the chote malik but the spoilt son of a rich father both make further remarks and laugh amongst them and this irritates Sid a lot and he becomes extremely angry AWWW. Sid asks the worker whoever you are saying these remarks about do you know who he is at this point he is fuming.  How do you know how he is? The worker replies everyone knows about him he is a drunkard what flow does he not have, everyone is talking about him, Sid replies however he is why do you care? Has he done anything to you?? (so true) NO so stop your ridiculous comments , If you say anything against Viren then it will not be good for you. Sid in anger grabs one of the worker by the neck and says he is my brother and after the fight, Viren is left looking regretful and Hurt and ashamed. He realises that his brother actually loves him and cares for him verymuch and won't tolerate a word against him and this touches Viren and he looks upset. OMG I LOVED THIS SCENE Soo much!! Viren is realising that he is doing wrong soo cute!!   Awww Viren and Sid!!! aww so cute!!! *claps* for Sid for this scene. 

Nivi is then sat putting some clothes away and adoring her kangan and CC enters and gives he a horrible look and taunts her. CC why do you have to always do this why do you noe realise your mistake Nivi doesn't deserve this crap from you. LEAVE HER ALONE!! and she loves your SON!! CC says to Nivi if you want to see Virn happy then lose, leave him alone he feels suffocated with you. And Nivi replies wonderfully I loved her reply so much!! He doesn't like you either not anyone in this house does that mean we all leave him. Din't get me wrong but Viren's pain is the fact that he just hates one of us he hates all of us and this can only be eliminated when we all stay close to him and make him realise that we all love him and care for him and that is what i am trying to do and the day i succeed he will change until then i won't give up i will not leave Viren and this is my last decision. LOVED her reply. Shows she has become very confident and i really wanted to see this in Nivi since ages. 

Newspaper article scene: Aww i loved it so much Sid your doing an amazing job you left Viren speechless and he just looked down all that time. aww this made Viren realise that Sid loves him very much and this is a first step to solving the problems between the two brother. and Sid had no regret about getting into the fight nor did he think once about the reputation on their business all he though about then was his brother Viren and no one else. its super cute!!!

Outcome of today's epi:

YD the better person who is now going to be there for Nivi step by step and support her. Nivi now has another elder person's hand on her head to bless her in her mission.

Changing Viren: He is realising what he is doing might be wrong and that people do love him that to a LOT in that house and his bro is always there for him. 

Aaaarrrggghhh!! Sorry i wrote too much i just loved today's epi. x x 

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moniluvskinshuk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 February 2011 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
Amazingg Analysis Anisha . LOveddd it . n Yes Epi was veryy gd , me 2 loved it n VIREN SOOD , Well Do i need 2 tell u anythng abt my feelings 2wds dis guy .? lol

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