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Posted: 23 February 2011 at 10:22am | IP Logged

Hi guys, all Shweta Fanz i  am so happy to annonce that finally i opened a new fan club for our  favorite.Hot. beautifull .amazing .adorable .shwetaTiwari.

From the beginning of my life
I have been looking for your face
but today I have seen it

Today I have seen
the charm, the beauty,
the unfathomable grace
of the face
that I was looking for

Today I have found you
and those who laughed
and scorned me yesterday
are sorry that they were not looking
as I did

I am bewildered by the magnificenceof your beauty
and wish to see you
with a hundred eyes

My heart has burned with passion
and has searched forever
for this wondrous beauty
that I now behold

I am ashamed
to call this love human
and afraid of God
to call it divine

Your fragrant breath
like the morning breeze
has come to the stillness of the garden
You have breathed new life into me
I have become your sunshine
and also your shadow

My soul is screaming in ecstasy
Every fiber of my being
is in love with you

Your effulgence
has lit a fire in my heart
for me
the earth and sky

My arrow of love
has arrived at the target
I am in the house of mercy
and my heart
is a place of prayer

if u have feeling's for anyone so welcome & join this Rocking Fc


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Shweta Tiwari is a popular Indian Television actress. She was born in Pratapgarh (Uttar pradesh), India. The daughter of Nirmala & Ashok Tiwari, Shweta was brought up in Mumbai. She got her early education from the all girls' school ''St.Isabel'' in Mumbai. At the age of 12, Shweta worked in a travel agency with a salary of Rs. 500/- per month. She did her graduation in commerce from Burhanis College in Mazegaon. She has a younger brother by name vaibhav.
Shweta married Raja Choudhary, a co-star of shweta in a bhojpuri movie. They have a daughter named Palak together and now are separated.

         Full NameShweta Tiwari          

Father Name Ashok K Tiwari

Mother Name: Mrs Nirmala Tiwari

Brother Name Kiruna Nidhan

 Other NamesShwet Di. Prerna.aradhna

Martial Status. Single

Age30year old

Date of Birth04 October 1980

Birthplace Pratapgarh .Uttar Pradesh, India

Build Slim.Eye Color .Brown - Light

Hair ColorBlack

Star Sign.Libra



Claim to Fame.Kasauti Zindagi Kay nd Bigboss winner

Height: 5"8" Weight: 59 KG

Education. Bachelors in Commerce.High School.Sain Isbale School

College .Burhanis College Mazegaon  

Residence. Malad Link Road Mumbai

Favourite Person/ideal . Her Mother

Favourite Actor Tom CruiseTongue

Favourite Singers .Kishore & Lata

Favourite Food .Masala Dosas & Indian Vegetarian Foods

Favourite Dress .Jeans & Tops

Fabourate Sports .VolleyballTongue

Favourite Movies. DDLJ Tongue

Favourite Dialouge .'Tere sar ki kasam'

Fovourite Moment. When She Became mother of Daughter Palak

Fabourate Car. Lexus

Most afraid Of.Darkness

Hobbies .Dancing , Speech & Debate , Drawing

 Fabourate bahu , Fabourate  Beti (Kasautii Zindagii Kay)

First TV Serial.  Aane Waala Pal (Doordarshan)

First Stage Show. Khoobsoorat bahu

First Bollywood Break. Madhoshi (2004) side role

1. In 2003, Favorite Jodi award with Cezanne Khan at Star Parivaar Awards.
2. In 2004, Favorite Maa award at Star Parivaar Awards.
3. In 2004, Favorite Bahu award at Star Parivaar Awards.
4. In 2005, Favorite Maa award at Star Parivaar Awards.
5. In 2006, Favorite Maa award at Star Parivaar Awards.
6. In 2007, Favorite Maa award at Star Parivaar Awards.
7. In 2008, honoured for her immense service for Star Plus & the show at Star Parivaar Awards.nd Bigg boss Winner


Color to be worn on Holi .Peach
Colors you can use to play Holi .Red
Print to be worn on Holi . Self design
Shoes to be worn on Holi . Strap shoe
Wallet to be carried on Holi . White clutch
Herbs and Spices to be used in Holi . Peppermint
Divine Message on Holi .Establish high standards, principles, and values for yourself, and then kick it up a level. In everything you do, be true to yourself

Shweta's Words of Wisdom
Always believe in yourself. Strive hard and luck can't run away from you

Shweta Tiwari is all set to essay as many as 13 different roles in a one-woman show, AAINE KE SAU TUKDE. The Big Boss 4 winner reveals as to why she chose such a challenging play at this juncture in her career. The play premieres in Mumbai on March 13, .2011

I am used to being nervous, but this play has brought fear. Its a test to prove myself. The challenge lies in the fact that all the characters I play are different, and difficult to relate to, since Im a simple person. Im also not used to talking to the mirror in real life


Actors Shweta Tiwari and Karanveer Bohra were spotted near Ahmedabad,around Anand,for shooting of Gopal My Bro.Karanveer plays Shwetas brother in the film that releases on Janmashtami this year


And to provide the tadka there are Shweta Tiwari, Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Mahajan and Paresh Ganatra. All the celebrity participants will perform as they make an entry on the show!

How did you land AAINE KE SAU TUKDE and what was your first reaction when you were offered 13 roles in one play?

Writer-director Saif Hyder Hasan first gave me the script to read. When I went through it, I found it to be a very well written play with several characters - two sisters, father, mother, chacha, chachi etc. I wondered which of these characters he was offering me. When he told me that there would be only one actor and I would be playing all the roles - I was totally shocked! I flatly refused to do the play as I thought I am not that talented and I cannot carry it off. But he insisted that I should give it a try. Even as we began rehearsals, I would cry that I wasn't able to play so many characters but he would tell me to go home and relax and that we could discuss the whole thing the next day. Then he would come home and convince me.

Have you worked with him earlier that he has placed so much faith in you with this play?

I have acted in a couple of plays prior to this - SHAADI KI HOME DELIVERY and SHARARAT. But those weren't with him. It is just providence that he should trust my talent so implicitly. He inspired a great deal of confidence in me.

Perhaps your Big Boss 4 win helped you land the play?

Hasan had offered me the play before I went for Big Boss and I had already approved of it. But since the script was in English and it had to be translated into Hindi, we hadn't start rehearsing. When I came off Big Boss - everything was ready for a take off.

What is the range of the 13 roles you are playing in terms of age and characterization?

I play characters from the age of 2 to 70. Also I play both the genders - male and female. I play Minal and Maanya, the identical twins from 2 to 40, and then there are Maanya's husband, son, dad, mom, aunt, uncle, lawyer and the judge.

How did you overcome the risk of overlapping identities in a solo act? How did these varied characters evolve?

We started off with readings of the play and then tried out variations for each character. For instance Hasan would give the character sketch of the father as an educated man who is ambitious about his daughters' studies and that the mother is a bit of a drama queen. I would give him my interpretations for each character and he would approve the best of the lot. All those who have seen the rehearsals feel that each character has a distinct identity.

How rigorously did you rehearse for this one-woman show?

We have been rehearsing six hours daily for over a month now. It involves reading, a run through the entire script, magic tricks, dancing and emoting. It is a simple story of a lady who starts narrating her story by enacting all the characters in it. She's a theatre actor who performs magic tricks and she dances too. She fantasizes that her ghunghroos become sad and happy with her; she feels the mirror is her friend. It is really a poetic character. Mind you, there is no change of get-up at all. There is a scene where 4-5 characters are talking simultaneously and only one actor is performing all the acts. I tell you - after one full rehearsal I get so exhausted that my body starts hurting. It may be a physically draining experience but it is also creatively, a most satisfying one.

How close is Minal's character to your real self?

None of the characters I play bear any resemblance to anyone in my real life and that is why I found this project so challenging. I had to work hard on discovering each character and to play them out of my imagination.

Which is your favourite scene in the play?

 Minal's interaction with her six-year-old son Jubaal as she plays with him. It is such a cute sequence, and full of maternal emotion. I just love it!

What is director Saif Hyder Hasan's forte?

Hasan is a true director. I have been around for over a decade in the entertainment industry and I felt that I pretty much know everything about performing but he proved me wrong. He taught me afresh to emote just right. To give example- Minal breaks down completely in the play but Hasan hasn't made her cry even once! The subtlety of emotions is his forte.

After the Big Boss win, what can the audience expect from their darling?

Sweet of you to call me the darling of the audience! AAINE KE SAU TUDKE offers them complete entertainment and a unique theatre experience

Are you having a tummy full of butterflies?

(Laughs) I am excited as well as nervous just before the opening of the play

How's life after Big Boss?

Nothing much has changed except that earlier people would recognize me as Prerna from Kasauti Zindagi Ki (tele serial) and now they know me as Shweta beta! People relate to me as a person now.

What are your future plans about TV and movie projects?

not doing any TV or movies right now. I am on the lookout for something new and challenging now. Over the last decade I have played pretty much all the possible roles- ranging from lover, mother, mother-in-law to a ghost as well! I have anchored shows, danced and participated in all types of reality shows. I have to grow beyond. Come April, I am launching my acting academy. I was inspired by the fact that many youngsters approached me to train them for auditions. Never mind all the acting classes they attended. They asked for my help and after my training, all of them got selected in their auditions. That's because of my vast and varied experience with the practical aspects of screen acting. So all those who attend my three-month course will emerge as pure and complete actors. It will be a practical school of acting.

Describe your life at this juncture.

My life has always been a complete roller-coaster. At the moment I am at the highest point but soon I will come down and then go up again

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Does your daughter Palak want to be an actress like her mom?

Oh not at all! Right now, she is not interested in acting. She watches historicals and Discovery channel - at times she wants to be a pilot, at times, Jhansi Ki Rani. She's discovering her own path.

Last but not the least, your message for the Women's Day please!

 am inspired by all those women who fight the adversities of life without any social or financial support. I salute their undying spirit

*Deepa Ranade is a film and theatre reviewer. She has been an entertainment journalist for over fifteen years.

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         Have you seen the latest photos of Shweta Tiwari? Check out  gallery 's of Shweta Tiwari images, pictures, and photos. The talented Shweta Tiwari has worked in many films and our gallery has the latest photos, pics, and photographs of Shweta Tiwari. We have the largest collection of Shweta Tiwari pictures and our photo collection of Shweta Tiwari is updated daily. Which photo of Shweta Tiwari is your favorite? Well check out our extensive Shweta Tiwari photo gallery and don't forget to join the fan list of Shweta Tiwari on Shweta FC            


Shweta Tiwari - Hamara Photos



        Shweta Tiwari | Shweta Tiwari Photo Gallery | 37078            



                               Shweta Tiwari Photo Gallery                                    



Watch Hot & Sexy Shweta Tiwari Photogallery 2010 Watch online ...  



Shweta Tiwari : Photo Gallery, Photos and Picture Gallery 



                   Shweta Tiwari at 'Aaine Ke Sau Tukde' Play Press Meet (6)


Shweta Tiwari Photo Gallery, Shweta Tiwari Images ,Wallpapers ... 


          Prerna Basu (Shweta Tiwari) Gallery, Gallery of Prerna Basu ...                   






                              Shweta Tiwari_223

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   Shweta Tiwari got noticed by a well-known director while she was playing "Khoobsoorat Bahu" on stage. Once her television career was launched with "Kaleerein" there was no turning back for this actress. She played the role of Prerna in Balaji Telefilms's popular soap Kasautii Zindagii Kay aired on an Indian television channel STAR Plus, for which she has received a few awards too. She has done several commercial advertisements, dance shows, plays and cameos in other Indian soaps, like, Aane Wala Pal, Karam as Kajol, Khoobsoorat, Gaz Foot Inch, Kiraayedar, Shararat, Kaahin Kissii Roz as Anita, Rishtey, Daddy Samjha Karo, Dost, Yatra as show Host, Nach Baliye 2 as a contestant, http://img576.imageshack.us/img576/3713/sana10.jpg

Jjhoom India as a contestant, Sanjog Se Bani Sangini special dance performance, Dhamal Express as a contestant, Yeh Hai Jalwa as herself along with Ronit Roy, Ajeeb as Ms Sapna Basu, Jalwa 4 2 ka 1, Jaane Kya Baat Hui as Aradhana Sareen, Comedy Circus - Chinchpokli To China, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 as show Host, Dance Sangram as a Judge, Is Jungle se mujhe bachao as a Contestant.Shweta was also seen in some movies like, Madhoshi (Hindi Film) as Tabbasum, Abra Ka Dabra (Hindi), Dahek: A Restless Mind (Hindi) as Shalini, Hamar Sayian Hindustani (Bhojpuri), Kab Aibu Anganwa Hamar (Bhojpuri), Ae Bhouji Ke Sister (2009) (Bhojpuri), Apni Boli Apna Des As Raman Kaur (Punjabi), Benny And Babloo (2010) (Hindi), Trinetra (Nepali) as Madhu.
Recently, Shweta was declared as the winner of Big Boss 4.
She is now also growing as a bhojpuri film actress. She will be one of the judges in Star Plus's  reality dance show Aajaa Mahi Vay.. Now she will be producing serials & later on she will be producing films    


Shweta Tiwari is going from strength to strength these days. After winning the latest season of the reality show Bigg Boss, the popular TV star will next be seen on stage.

"The moment director Saif Hyder narrated the story of Aaine Ke Sau Tukde, I identified with it instantly. Since I finished the reality show, I have been busy with rehearsals for the play. In fact I was offered the play even before I could get into Bigg Boss. 

"The role is quite difficult. I play nine different characters; of males, females and an old man too. Initially I was not confident whether I would be able to portray all these characters. But Saif insisted and I am happy that I took up the challenge. There are scenes where the characters interact with each other and I have to transform myself into these characters. I derived enormous pleasure enacting them," she says.

Winning Bigg Boss has not made much of a difference to Shweta personally and her life is pretty much the same as before. "I am recognised more as Prerna. I do not think Bigg Boss has made much of a difference as far as fame is concerned. Life has been good to me in many ways. Having a husband beside you is not necessary. Life is beautiful and we should learn to live it happily," she adds enthusiastically.

She doesn't want to dwell on her unsuccessful marriage. "Yes. I went wrong the first time. But it does not matter. One never knows what the future has in store. I am a child of destiny and I am happy with what God has bestowed upon me. Yes, I am planning to get married but haven't decided when. I am happy that I have a reason to go ahead in life and that reason is my daughter Palak."

Does she ever admire herself in front of the mirror? "Lately a fan told me: 'you are so pretty'. It was then that I looked into the mirror and asked myself, 'he finds this shakal (face) beautiful'? I have never stood in front of the mirror and spoken to it. I always like to do things which are uncommon," she says with a smile.

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Shweta Tiwari is looking sexy, slim and very different these days. She shares her khoobsoorti ka raaz with us. Be warned though, there are no hardcore workouts or diets included 

1) Most actors work 15-18 hours a day. I don't work that hard or over exert myself

2) I can't exercise as I am very lazy. I prefer sleeping to exercising and sleeping burns more calories than watching the idiot box.

3) All my dancing on reality shows works for me. I don't get time to do anything else. I also eat a lot. Like on the sets of Jaane Kya Baat Hui, I would finish all the rasmalai. I don't worry about my weight.

4) Biotique Morning Nectar, MAC lipsticks and Shisheido P22 lipstick are must haves in my make up kit. My beauty regime is simple: I drink lot of water, I remove make up properly and I moisturize my skin well. When my skin gets extra dry, I apply malai on my face and go to sleep.

5) I wear whatever looks good on me, whatever I like. I am not a brand or trend junkie. I go to my designer and ask him to make something for me. I prefer jeans and western outfits but people say I look better in Indian outfits so I wear a sari to proper Indian functions otherwise I love roaming around in jeans and tees

Shweta Tiwari's Pizza cravings
A pizza brands just might have an unofficial brand ambassador! It will certainly surprise you to know that the lady with the perfect bod ? Shweta Tiwari loves pizzas! Sources reveal that on the sets of reality show Comedy Circus, Shweta has been seen eating pizzas non- stop!


Shweta Tiwari is the first woman to win Big Boss 4 trophy and a price moneyh of 1 crore. She is the first woman to win the title of the Big BOSS.

Shweta Tiwari's mom & her daughter Palak and her close friend Abhinav Kohli were present on the sets of BIG BOSS 4 to cheer the winning woman.

Shwetha intended to spend the entire amount on her daughter's higher education. Ex-participants of the show were also present at the Grand Finale and graced the occassion with their presence and wished Shwetha Tiwaari. http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/8468/sana14.jpg

Shwetha is eagerly looking for a Bollywood break for sometime now. She hopes that this huge success would definitely get her some good offers in the Bollywood.

Let's wait and watch how this success translates into BOllywood offers and wish her 'All the best'

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DelightedHeart IF-Stunnerz

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I saw ur performance in Comedy circus nd u simply simply rockked.. nd wer lookingg sooo soo hawwt nd sexy in dat purple dress.. nd i liked ur dance toooo tooo much on tinko jia..u wer looking sooo soo beauutifull in dat, dat i really dont hav words to explainYesterday i saw ur 1 article in which u r coming with Manoj bohra in a movie nd i was sooo much happy to see dat.. coz 4 alooong time i wanted too see u both together.. bt da sad thing is dat pehlay KZK mei Manoj aapka beta tha nd ab movie mei bhai...D'oh bt i wanted to see both opposite each other..LOL bt is say bhi kaam chala longa.. after aloong time u both r working together nd i'm really excited to see dat..!!!
1 more my fav video of urs in which u met with ur daughter palak in dance sangram.. it was a really really touching nd my most fav scene

 It's awesomeee to see you back in Comedy Circus.
I must say you look beautiful in that purple dress just gorgeous.
I'm sooo happy you're opening your own acting school. I wish it was here in London then could cum and visit you EVERYDAY.
Shweta you have to open up your own dancing school like Saroj Khan cuz you're equally the best dancer (actually a little bit better)
Shweta I don't know how to tell you about how much I respect you and love you. I've being through a lot in life and in wars with me health but after I saw you and heard about you I just couldn't compare myself with you. I'm sure Faraan, Guddi, Nitu, Fazy and everyone else will agree with me. You truly are a remarkable woman and you are and will be forever in my heart. I truly love you from the bottom of my heart and respect you a lot.I also brought you something to add my collection of things I'm going to give when I meet you. It's a hot pick shawl with stone work on it. I really wanted to buy you a saree but the ones I want to buy you are way too expensive so I'm going to save up too but you one that I like. I also brought Palak this really cute pendant cuz I brought my little sister one and I remembered Palak. (I hope you don't mind)
Last of all I MIGHT be coming to India. (ahhhhhhhhhh)
I'm soo excited that I can't explain. If I do come then the only reason will be too meet you and tell you how much I love you.
I pray for you every night before I go ...

ur an amazing actress, superb dancer, strong woman, and a great mother!!!
im soooooooooooooooo proud of you! ST you showed ppl the strength and grace of a woman on bb4!!
wishing you all the success and happiness in the world!!!
looking forward to all your new projects!!
from ur biggest fan from Canada,
Nitu aka Shweta Deewani!!!....

Shweta, hv to ask u one question why u are so beautiful? Ur beauty always allures me to love u forever .u are such actress of tv whom i love much .cant express my love by saying i hv ur many pics or hv seen ur all shows so far .its about me as a fan loved u always and wanted seeing u happy with ur palak . Whenever u cries or gets sad for trivality .i get sad to see u and dont want to see u being desperate for those who dont a bit care of u as many did with u in big boss . I can say u are nice person always loves her fans !

Love u Shweta, glad to hear ur still in Comedy Circus. I thought it was for just for that episode but at least we'll see u again this week doing comedy. Gotta say u looked beautiful as Ghumrao Jaan. LOL!Please let us know about ur future projects(the play and also film projects), we are all very interested to know coz we're all crazy about u. We sit all day hoping to get some news of u. Most of us, actually all of us want to see u in a new show(daily). PLEASE!!! I know I say that a lot but again PLEASE!!! :-D
All the best for ur acting school all ur future endeavors and may u become successful in all of them. Inshallah!

hi di i miss u alot plz come back i m sooooooooooooooooooooo happy u won biggboss mery dua ha ap or apky beti hamesha khush rahay plz blog ma palak k baray ma bhy batana she iz soooooo sweet u r best mom n daughter in the world May God bless u n ur daughter i will lov u till my death n plz telme abt ur new projects plz ap koi drma karay i miss u alot as a prerna i want my prerna back my pray is alwaz wid u

So happy to see you Shweta :) You are truly an angle and am overjoyed hear that you will be updating your blog soon :) Aww... please do update your blog sooner than later. You may not imagine how desperately we have been waiting for your wonderful update :P You are looking gorgeous as usual and love you loads. I wish how you come in a regular TV show :) I miss seeing you in my TV screen daily so my family. My entire family loves you including my granny....hehe. I wish you all the best for all your upcoming projects and I just hope and pray that you will get what you deserve. You deserve the best. I hope, you will update something about Palak too coz I love her as well :) Palak and you are the best mom-daughter of this planet. I get emotional every time I see you two together, and my mom cried out loud when she saw you and Palak in BB finale. I don't know what else to write as I am getting overwhelmed while typing this message lol. So, wishing you all the best for your future (professional and personal) life. Good luck and take care Shweta =) With lots of love, Sabz

Hiiii Shweta ! Big smile Finally darshan mila LOL..

Yeah PLEASE keep blogging woman ! The only way to get in touch with ur fanz ya ! And thanks for the short and sweet vid Big smile Nice hairstyle Tongue..

Hopefully we will be able to get the vid of ur Theatre act ! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee get it recorded and uploaded for us !
Guddi <3..Heart

 shweta..we suggest u to do a daily soap once again :)...it is hard not being able to c on our tv screens everyday.
actually if it was in the hands of us fans we would have created kasauti zindagi kay part-2...lolzzz
but dat is too much to ask for...haha..
it is really awesome dat u are starting ur own acting school..I wish u all the best!!..I hope u succeed in this endeavor too..
again I hope everyone in ur family is doing good...love u
take care
God bless :)

OMG thanks for the video u look stunning as usual..
Please keep blogging love u alot God bless you Muhuaaa

heard u r planning acting school for kids.
dance school is better idea, kids r more interested in learning dance
than learning acting.
waiting for ur response.

Urooj Sifaat


Naz Angel

 Great to see that she is back to blogging 
Link  http://shwetatiwari.india-forums.com/

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Shweta in Mahayatra

Shweta tiwari in karam apna apna

Shweta in Seeta aur Geeta..

Shweta in Dhoom machale..

Shweta in black saarhi on baahoon k darmiyaan (JKBH)..

Shweta Comic performances 4rm Teen Ka Tadka/Comic shows

Shweta in 4th march epi..

Shweta performance in 5th march epi..

Shweta performance in 11th march epi..

Shweta performance in 12th march epi..

Shweta performnace in 18th march epi..

Shweta Scenes in 19th march epi..

Shweta performance in GRAND FINALE Epi..












In kaante ki takkar

Shweta Songs Scenes 4rm da movie "Apni boli apna des"

 Shweta Songs 4rm "Apni boli apna des"

Mennu pyar hoagaya lagda way..

Gidda gidda..

Sajni Deewani..

Sohni lagdi..

Shweta in Madhoshi..

Shweta in Pyaar ka humaar lekay song..

Shweta Adds/Commercials

Shweta in Kalazone adds..

Shweta Latest Reborn Add 1...

Shweta Latest Reborn Commercial 2..

Shweta Latest Srilankan Commercial..

Shweta "Save the Girl Child" Add..

Bafna Ji Tea Ad Featuring Shweta Tiwari

Shweta glamour gold add..

Shweta Progressive Paints Add..

Shweta in soap commercial..

Shweta in dabur commercial..

Shweta in deemark commercial..

Shweta tiwari in Star Pariwaar Awards

Shweta won fav jodi with cezanne in SPA 2003..

Shweta in SPA 2004 nomination special..

Shweta in SPA 2004 red carpet..

Shweta won fav Maa award in SPA 2004..

Shweta won fav Bahu award in SPA 2004..

Shweta hosting SPA 2004..

Shweta kisna dance in SPA 2005..

Shweta hosting SPA 2006..

Shweta in SPA 2006 Parody's

Shweta in SPA 2006 (ending song)

Check dis video 4rm 3:05.. Shweta tiwari got an award 4 fav Maa in 2008..

Anurag Parerna i.e Shweta nd Hiten dancing on Hulchul Hui

Shweta in SPA 2009 after getting award..

Shweta in SPA 2010 title song..

Shweta in SPA 2010 interview (full part)

Shweta tiwari hosting SPA 2010 Part 1

Shweta tiwari hosting SPA 2010 part 2

Shweta tiwari hosting SPA 2010 part 3

Shweta tiwari hosting SPA 2010 part 4


SHWETA IN PAK SERIAL DOST (Extended title song)




Shweta scenes in Kahiin kissi Roz

Part 1...

Part 2..

Part 3..

Part 4..

Part 5..

Shweta As Prerna Scenes..




Kzk - Prem comes home with Prerna


Anuag-Prerna-Rishab Romantic Rain Scene on the song Hum Bewafaa

My most fav scene of Shweta with Manoj..

Both acting were tooo much good in it..

Prerna in Black saarhi in da haveli..

Shweta Promos 4rm different Shows

Shweta promo 4rm Holi ke Rang colors Ke sang..

Shweta "Ganga Ki Dheej" Promo

Shweta tiwari Promo 1 in Comedy ka jaadu..

Shweta tiwari Promo 2 in Comedy ka jaadoo..

Jaane kya baat hui Promo..

Shweta Tiwari in Seeta Aur Geeta Promo..

Amazing HQ Kasautii Zindagii Kay Promo...

Shweta yeh hai jalwa Promo..

Shweta JKBH 3 Promos..

Shweta Ajeeb Promo..

Shweta Sanjog say sangini Promo..

Shweta Bigg boss Promo..

Shweta Manoj promo..

Shweta Music Videos

Shweta daler mehndi Music Video in HQ..

Shweta balkar siddhu "Mehndi" Music video..

Shweta tiwari Sizzling Dance Performances

Shweta dance with Krushna.. (comedy circus) 25th march..

Shweta dance with every1 in Comedy circus GRAND FINALE..

Shweta sizzling holi dance in Chajje chajje ka pyaar..

Shweta dance on Mungra, Tinku jia nd Munni badnaam hui in Holi k Rang colors k Sang..

Shweta hawwt dance on tinku jia in Comedy circus..

Shweta ITA 2006 Kajra re dance..


Shweta dance on darling aankhon say aankhein char karnay do.. Aaj tak..

Shweta on Beedi in dance sangram..

Shweta dances in Red in Dance sangram..

Shweta dances in Pink in Dance sangram..

Shweta dances with aatamjeet (dance sangram)

Shweta dances on mere dholna..

Shweta funny dance 4rm YHJ..

Shweta Kaisi paheli dance..

Shweta dance 4rm dance sangram with gauri chatri..

Shweta hawwwt dance in 8th ITA..!!

Shweta dance on aaj nachle in bidaai..

Shweta in 'Tyohar Ki Bahaar' with Eijaz khan..

Shweta tiwari CINTA Dance on Mehbooba looking hawwt

HImanshu Gadani Choreographer Bollywood jhalak with Shweta Tiwari dance style salsa n samba

Shweta-prerna Dhamal Express sbs Coverage1 in green dress..

Shweta raja performances in nach baliye

Shweta Tiwari(Prerna)- Dancing in "Yeh Hai Jalwa" Promo!

Shweta Tiwari ( Prerna ) dancing in a tiny tiny skirt..

Shweta Tiwari performing on Jhalak Dikhlaja

Hot tiwari on krazy kia re..

Shweta and Raja - Nach baliye 2 (chhori ki baatein)

Shweta and Raja Shaadi dance performance..

Shweta and Raja on Disco 82..

Shweta tiwari on beedi..


Shweta Tiwari babuji performance in.YHJ



Shweta and Raja - Nach baliye 2 (taal se taal)

Shweta and Raja 2nd performance in NB2

Shweta Tiwari Performance At Mauja Hi Mauja

Monoj tiwari and Shweta tiwari


SHWETA TIWARI performance RAAT Baki

Shweta tiwari sizzling performance YEH HAI JALWA

Shweta Cezanne on Tere naam Song

Anurag Parerna i.e Shweta nd Hiten dancing on Hulchul Hui

Shweta Rockkking dance in red saarhi in taj mahautsav..

Shweta tiwari hawwt rain song..

Shweta tiwari Ravi kishan on bhojpuri song

Shweta tiwari dance in pink saarhi on bhojpuri song

kzk- dola re dola

Bigg Boss - Related Links

Shweta Introduction Promo..

Shweta journey in Bigg boss..

Shweta journey in Bigg boss (by Guddie)

Shweta celebrates her birthday in bigg boss..

Shweta celebrates her Lavu (palak) birthday in Bigg boss..

Shwet cutoo expressions nd cute smile on manoj dialogues..

Salman to shweta: Vodafone customer asked ur khoobsoorti ka raaz..EmbarrassedLOL

Shweta talks abt her life nd childhood in Bigg boss..

Salman talks abt da guy in Shweta's life..

Salman to Shweta.. aapnay tiwari ji ka dil q tora..

Shweta dance full dance on white white face dekhay..

Shweta nd every1 in kitchen.. 1st week uncut..

Shweta playing hrishant GF nd Begum saut in BB task..

Shweta tells dat some people even connected her with mahesh manjrekar.. manoj appreciates shweta..

Shweta: i like older guys..LOLROFL

Shweta talks abt seema ji with sameer..

Shweta Veena saara discuss in kitchen dat who works nd who deos'nt..

Shweta talks to sammer abt his GF..

Shweta Veena Aanchal Saara planning to slap Dolly..LOL

Shweta dance on Gal mitthi mitthi bol..

Shweta big bhadaas on manoj tiwari..

Shweta commentry with Begum Part 1..

Shweta commentry with Begum Part 2..

Salman to Shweta: Aaj kal gaal boht khenchay ja rahe hain..

Shweta cute dance on "Meri pyari behanya banegi dulhaniya"

Shweta cutely talking to kajri..

Shweta nd sameer spray water on each other..

Shweta nd Veena kabaddi..

Shweta tells Veena dat Seema G calls Pamela "Parmeela"

Salman asks Shweta to put her jacket off nd Shweta immitates veena..

Shweta immitates Veena full part..

Shweta immitates Manoj tiwari..

Shweta calls khali Cuteeee...

Shweta as cute bacha in BB

Shweta puts haldi on Veena nd dolly

Shweta in black dress on sasuraal ja k banno..LOL

Shweta puts haldi on Ali merchant face

Shweta dance on saara ali mehndi in blue dress

Shweta dance on aik kawaara

Shweta in black dress giving batashas to every1

Shweta asking questions 4rm ali merchant

Shweta.. Mai nomination say nahi darti..

Manoj tiwari makes shweta cry..

Shweta to ashmit: sameer bathroom boht achi tarha rakhta tha..

Shweta discuss with khali nd ashmit abt night task..

Shweta dance on aa dekhein zara..Part 1

Shweta dance on aa dekhein zara... Part 2

Grand finale.. Shweta won Bigg boss..

Un-edited Video of Grand finale..

Salman declares Shweta safe in 4th week..

Shweta in full form..LOLROFL

Salman appreciates Shweta nd tells her dat Palak classmates parents called her best Mom of da planet..Tongue

Salman asks 4rm Shweta to tell her made parody..

Salman to Shweta: how would u rate ur puppy..??

Salman declares Shweta nd Seema ji safe nd both hugs each other..

Shweta is declared 1st female captian in BB4..

Shweta reads polly ball task..

Shweta nd every1 doing polly ball task..

Shweta dance on dhak dhak karnay laga..

Salman asks 4rm Shweta to describe da ween nd asks Vodafone caller Q..

Salman nd Pamela appreciates Shweta..

Shweta to salman: Sameer k janey ka boht dukh hai..

Seema ji to salman: Best gaonwali was Shweta tiwari..

Salman gives machar marna task.. Shweta makes weird expressions..

Veena nd Shweta play kabaddi infront of Salman..

Salman plays a prank with Shweta dat she is eliminated..

Shweta confronts manoj nd tells him dat u r playing game with me..

Manoj asks 4rm Shweta: Vodka peeti ho..

Salman asks Vodafone Q 4rm Shweta abt Dolly..

Shweta tells salman dat i'm disappointed with tiwari..

Shweta says sub artist hain yahan pe except me..

Shweta reads Seema ji being human Shirt..

Shweta explains her being human shirt to salman (looking soo cutoo)

Salman to Shweta: Aap Veena ji say bari hain..ShockedLOLLOL

Salman to Shweta: U wer not satisfied with da reason of khali nominating u..

Shweta woke up on da song tees maar khan..

Salman gives Shweta degree of BSC (Biggest Super Chorni)LOLROFL

Salman to Shweta: Shwetaji mai jhot acha bolta hun..

Salman asks Shweta: Who will go.. (in dumsharaz)

Shweta started crying wen she get to know dat both seema ji nd sammer eliminated..

Shweta crying wen Seema ji eliminated..

Salman to Shweta: Shweta ji koi bhi naam lijiye jo mind mei aye..

Salman to Shweta: 1 naam btaye jisnay task subsay acha kia..

Salman to Shweta: Kya dolly ji ki complain theek thi..

Salman to Shweta; bhai aapkay muuh say boht spontaneously nikalta hai..

Salman asks abt Chori task 4rm Shweta..

NOTE: 4 more Shweta Bigg boss Videos visit dis channel..


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