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Originally posted by lola610

Vibhishan's diary entry just after he is accepted by Shri Ram

Jai Shri Ram.

Even the freedom to utter or pen down those three words ' those three heart-warming, soul-stirring, liberating words ' without the threat of admonition or persecution is truly a blessing. What, then, can I say about the other benedictions this day has bestowed on me? I am aware that words are acutely incapable of capturing what all I have gained today; the limits of language cannot convey the emotions that have filled every fiber of my being since what was verily the greatest moment of my existence ' in this lifetime, or any prior one.

Still, I will try, for the joy is far too overpowering for me to simply contain within myself, and far too uplifting for me to selfishly hold onto without sharing of it with whoever may read this in the future. Text after sacred text has foreshadowed the tragic state of the coming yugas, particularly Kaliyug.  Who knows how many Vibhishans will find themselves trapped in evil, ignorant company as the gentle tongue between sharp teeth, buckling under peer pressure  and abide by the toxic philosophy of "if you can't beat them, join them".  It pains me to imagine how they will prioritize loyalty towards transient ties of blood and country and the term religion in the manmade sense, which change from birth to birth, over the higher calling of the conscience and that Eternal Consciousness of which it is an instrument. 

Thus here I am, to bear witness to virtues of doing otherwise.  And what did I even do, actually?  Simply stood by what I felt was right rather than bowing before the pressures of the moment, and Shri Ram himself did the rest. I barely took one step towards Him, and He Himself came the rest of the way. I left my motherland in the morning, thinking I had lost everything. I gave my mother Kaikasi, my wife Sarma and our sweet children what I thought would be one last embrace, headed towards an uncertain fate at the hands of a mighty army who would view me as nothing but a spy from the enemy camp. While the great Hanumanji had assured me of the Lord's unconditional mercy, I had to experience it to actually believe it, and surely His other associates would not be so trusting.

So yes, I left Lanka feeling like an outcaste, a pauper, and even a fool for thinking there might be a chance that I would someday find a place where I would belong . I was merely content that I practiced my principles rather than simply preaching about "neeti" in that pitiful so-called court, where only sweet-tongued puppets were allowed to speak.  Content, but not happy and secure, and most of all, I felt painfully alone.  I was glad to be heading in the right direction, but unsure of whether I would actually reach the destination (not merely his encampment, but His Lotus feet).

 But from the very first glimpse of that Nayan-anand, all these doubts vanished just as morning mist does in the light of the rising sun.  From the moment I saw His face, my eyes could not be made to look away. It was not because I was awestruck by some 'viraat' otherworldly form, but because He was just the opposite!  Brahmaji had told me that the Lord of the three worlds would be taking this incarnation, but nothing about Him suggested that He was "THE MAN ABOVE".  He looked, quite simply, like one of us!  So gentle, so serene, so benevolent, so welcoming, so humble!  He sat on the same grass platform as his associates, not a finger's width higher.  He wore the simple attire of a forest dweller and not a trace of wealth or superiority or difference' for instance, my brother wears his tilak to proclaim to the world that he is a devotee of Lord Shiv Shankar, but sure doesn't behave accordingly. Shri Ram bears no such ritualistic symbol, and yet he radiates with those virtues attributed to pure Shaivas more intensely than I've ever seen in my life.

I guess that is what this form of Shri Hari is all about; He is taking on the role of an equal and at times even a devotee of his own devotees. Tribhuvan ka swami bhakton ka das hai!  I went to take refuge at His feet; instead He embraced me, sat me at the same level as Himself, and admired me for the strength I showed by holding onto my beliefs a in city of sin'  strength that He Himself kept on giving me!  He promised this exiled outcaste an opportunity to not only return to my homeland with full respect, but in fact serve as its leader and restore its place as a just and virtuous kingdom.  Most importantly, He made me one of His own.  From having to sever my ties with everyone I considered my own and thinking myself to be alone, I now have somewhere I belong' and someone to whom I belong.  He knows that His divine army has the strength to bring evil to justice without any help from me; not only that but He Himself is sufficient to do so, even without any army.  But still, He included me, gave me a way to constantly see and serve Him and make my life worthwhile.  Ek akinchan pe bada upkaar kiya; nij pad seva ka avsar mohe diya!  Now I haven't a fear on concern in the world ' He has me all taken care of.

For those of you whose hands this diary might find itself in the future, THAT is what can result from resisting the pressures of sinful company in a world full of dangerous temptations.  All you have to do is stay away from evil, and God Himself will take you by the hand and lead you towards good.  And on the side of good, there are no fears, no insecurities, no worries, and no loneliness.  You, too, will be all taken care of.  With that, I sign off on this entry. Until next time,

Jai Shri Ram!

I am reading these entries for the first time. Since your entry is the recent I quoted it. Please share some more..all are beautifully written.

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Sema dear, I have a request. :)
I'm having some trouble writing a fanfic for this topic, lol, because it's a very devotional type and I feel weird writing about the thoughts of God...would it be possible to make the next topic more light and family-type, like maybe a scene between the Raghukul brothers while they are at Mithila, or something like that. I can write something that involves family and joking around.LOL
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^^ Sure Lalitha di, I also love Raghukul family scenes Big smile I will definitely keep it in mind. Smile 
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Shivang  & Lola- Very beautifully written. Lovely.Clap Will read the previous entries too. 

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Now you are seriously going to get my scolding.AngryEvil Smile When did you start undermining yourself? I am sure and confident that you can excel in writing every type of scene entry for any character.StarThumbs Up Even in Bhagwad Geeta in Russia thread you undermined yourself.


I am glad you read and enjoyed the entries. Have you seen the FanFic thread? Some of them you will find very familiar if you saw them in CCs. Over there also, just a few days back, Lola's entry is recent and is as beautiful as her recent entry here. Have you written any? If any, I want to see them.

It is our pleasure and honour to see you in this thread reading and appreciating since you yourself write beautifully in WUs devotional episodes. Many many thanks to you for both your appreciation here and in father-mother thread.

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topic reopened in anticipation of renewed activities =D
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Ahilya's story  is a well known one. Ahilya, the wife of Rishi Gautama is duped by Indra who comes to her in the form of her husband when the Rishi has gone for his bath and seeks her company. Ahilya who is unaware that this was Indra impersonating, gives in to his demands. In the meanwhile, the real Rishi Gautama returns and the seeing the duo together, is incensed. He curses Indra to lose his masculinity and Ahilya to turn into a stone till she is redeemed by Lord Rama. This is the story as narrated in the Ramayana.

Somehow I have always wondered whether an alternate explanation was possible- keeping the main points intact. So here goes, in Ahilya's words: 

My husband Rishi Gautama...

...Was not unfair to me and did not curse me. 

This is Ahilya and to set the record straight I would like to narrate the events of that fateful day.

That day dawned like just any other with me getting up before the brahma muhurta and beginning the day's chores. Our ashram, because of  its proximity to Mithila, used to receive a number of visitors - kings, rishis, vedic pundits and common men. RIshi Gautama was very particular that anyone entering the ashram should be courteously received and offered something to eat- before he is asked the purpose of hi s visit. As you can imagine it was not an easy task to run the ashram.

By the time the rishi was up and awake I would have made half a dozen trips to the river and back- filling the water pots and collecting firewood. During the initial days after marriage I would be scared of walking down to the river in the wee hours of the morning- since the path was infested with snakes and scorpions. Sometime later RIshi Gautama called me to him and taught me a few mantras which he said would give me protection from poisonous creatures. How he came to know of my problem I never knew, since I had kept my fears to myself. But it was just one of the many many instances where his love and concern for me came through.

Ours was marriage like no other.  While, for the rest of the world, he was rishi of unmatched intellect and prowess, to me he was a loving and caring husband. He would often signal me to sit beside him during one of his late evening discourses. And I in turn had totally surrendered myself to him. He nurtured me with his love and I nourished him with my devotion. Through every gesture, he would reassure me that his protection would always be with me. And,  I, through every word and action, tried to convey that my heart and soul belonged to him and no one else. This was how our lives were- before Indra and after Indra.

That Indra took the form of Rishi Gautama and entered the ashram is well known. And subsequent generations have been taught to believe that he sought company with me in bed and I obliged. I would like to ask those who believe this story- wouldn't I have sensed something was wrong just then itself? I had been married for so many years, I even had a son and never once had my husband strayed from the moral code of conduct prescribed by the scriptures. Early mornings were meant for prayers and rituals not for lovemaking. Would I have given in to my husband's desires so easily without realizing something was wrong somewhere.

But we need not go so far. What actually happened was  that Indra's disguise did not even last a second. There was no place for dishonesty and deceit in Rishi Gautam's ashram.  My years of service and devotion to my lord shattered Indra's  disguise in no time and he stood in front of me in his real self, eyes downcast. Incensed I was that he had dared to take my revered husband's form, I was about to curse him when one of the ashram lads peeped through the window and saw Indra and me.     


In my husband's absence.     

Nothing could have been worse.

By the time Rishi Gautam returned to the ashram, the place was abuzz with the news that the rishi patni and the king of devas had been spotted together in the rishis' hut. I tried to explain, but my mouth was dry. I could not offer any defence.  But looking into my husband's eyes, I realized I did not have to . Others may have thought me guilty- but I could see that Rishi Gautama believed me implicitly. I breathed easy.

Not surprisingly,the first thing he did was to curse Indra -which is well known- to lose his masculinity and honour. He could have cursed him something worse, but that would have robbed the rishi of all his spiritual powers.

He needed to retain some of his powers. To curse me.

He said, for the transgression I had committed, I would have to turn into a stone. I wanted to beg him to give me a chance to explain, but his flashing eyes told me to keep quiet. I obeyed. He further announced that he would be leaving the ashram and his disciples should prepare for the shifting.  I was shocked. Stunned. Numbed. To be punished by own husband, when even he knew I was innocent?


When was it that the rishi actually left I don't recall, but I do have vague memories of his palm caressing my head and assuring me that as always, he had acted in my best interests. For the first time, I turned my face away.

But since then, I have understood.  At that point my honour and chastity were under question. The simple fact that I had been seen in the company of a stranger when my husband was not around was enough to question the sanctity of my character. And there was no way to prove that I was innocent. And my husband knew that no amount of defence, would shut people's mouths. Till the end of my life I would have to bear insults, gossip and censure.  It was at that moment that my husband took his decision. My honour would have to be protected at all costs. No matter what price he had to pay.

People say that he cursed me into a stone. For the world it seemed he was punishing me. But that was the best thing he did. By turning me into a stone he ensured that I would not be affected by the idle gossip, the condemnation and the blame.  He went away from me so that people would not have a chance to say that Rishi Gautam placed wife before his dharma. By turning me into a stone, by making me incapable of emotions, he ensured that I would be able to bear the separation.

If he wanted to really abandon me, he could have just sent me away. Yet, he left me in the sanctuary of the ashram with all the powers of his tapas to protect me.

One thing that he said before leaving  is etched in my mind indelibly. He said that he would find a way to restore my honour. His spiritual powers had been weakened because of the dual curses on Indra and me. He said he would now go to the distant Himalayas to perform severe tapas and if he gained any spiritual merit out of them, he would ask Lord Vishnu himself to come and redeem my honour. Because it is only when a God certifies that I was made a victim and that my character is untainted will people respect me once again. 

People say that it was my through my prayers that Lord Vishnu , in the form of Rama came and rescued me- but being a stone how could I do that? It was the power of my husband's tapas that made the Lord come to me.

As if to silence the world, Rishi Gautam later on went on to write the Nyaya shastra in which he explains the importance of logical thinking, of evidence, argument,  proof and judgement.

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